I've got my sensible head on

Which is rare.  Now as I'm sat here in my jamas on the sofa for the second day in a row, pretty much the last thing I want to think about is a fancy dress. (as in a dress that is fancy, not a Princess Leia sort of fancy dress)

But I know that to not do so is foolish.  Really foolish.  This occurred to me last night as I was having a mooch through the New Season clothes that are filtering through now and, let's face it, are much more exciting than traipsing through the dregs of the sales and finding nothing in your size. 

And do you know what?  The difference between the new season dresses and the A/W sale ones is negligible.  Seriously, if you threw them all up in the air and they all fell down, I think most of us would be hard pushed to sort them out into last season and next season. 

Which means that it's an excellent opportunity to think ahead to any more formal occasions we may have coming up and invest now in a dress.  Being ridiculously sensible, it also makes sense to look at sites that perhaps you wouldn't normally look at as they're just too expensive at full price. 

The other advantage of a less typical High Street shop is that the chances of you running into someone in the same dress as you are greatly reduced.  Plus I also find the quality better and at my favourite site for this sort of shopping, loads of the dresses are actually handwash. 

And that will be at By Malene Birger.  They have an amazing sale.  Proper reductions and whenever I've ordered from them in the past, really quick delivery. 

So look away now if you're not in a dress mood, but if you are in the market for a new dress for New Year, for work or for that special occasion coming up, these are definitely worth a look. 

Nilcolla Party Dress was £186 now £111

Or again now at £111 print version  And both go in the machine!

Another machine washable easy to wear and dress up number in a great neutral blush shade.  Similar flattering shape to the ones above.

Cristiana Feminine Dress was £215 now £129

Another LBD - adore the zip detailing at the back. 

Tytti Asymmetric Dress was £155 now £93  I love the neckline of this dress, they scream hair up which are the perfect dresses for when you can't be bothered to wash your hair (I shouldn't admit that, should I....?)  Huge pair of earrings is all you need to add.

Another super handy black number here and this is actually in sweatshirt fabric.  But I think it would work perfectly in the evening with some bling.  Or during the day now (with, dare I say it, over the knee boots...?!) and come the warmer months with sandals.  Also comes in grey. 

Truvah Sweatshirt Dress was £145 now £87

Handwash again - in a great print that is ideal for the Spring or Summer.  They team it with a grey cardigan for this time of year - I'd also think about wearing it with tan or camel ankle boots (or black footwear and a camel coat).  And in the Summer - it would go with a whole host of coloured shoes or sandals.  I'd wear it during the day for the school run with white sneakers.  One of those fantastic versatile dresses. 

Casimira flower printed dress was £215 now £129

I rarely do long dresses but this has really turned my head - more of a midi than a full length dress.

Muloca Tailored Evening Dress was £399 now £239 - yes it's expensive but guess what... oh yes, in the machine it goes.  So I would in fact take this on holiday and wear with flat sandals for a warm evening out.  

Also available in black   The back is open but I think with a silk loose strappy vest underneath it would be perfect.  Personally with my pancake boobs and the draping of this dress, I'd be tempted to go without (but I appreciate that the more fortunate amongst us who are blessed with some description of boobage wouldn't be able to stoop that low) Actually a contrasting colour vest would look gorgeous.

Now totally contradicting what I said about looking further afield than the High Street but I can't not mention Reiss.  Their sales are fantastic.  They (usually..) have loads of sizes available and the reductions are really good.  Plus, their dresses really are wearable all year round - not to mention their shoes.   Free delivery and free returns, when I've ordered from them after Christmas in previous years, it's been super fast.

Ones that I have my eye on from the sale (and again - totally indistinguishable from their new season range, honestly) is this fantastic fit and flare monochrome dress.  Handwashable and I think this is the perfect dress to dress up but you could also easily wear this out for a lovely lunch in the Spring/Summer as well. 

Cleopatra Black White Textured Dress was £179 now £110

Another fit and flare number - a gorgeously bright colour that screams warmer months to me.  

Hira Emerald fit and flare dress was £179 now £110

Navy and cream - this would be ideal for a party or smarter occasion - I'm thinking First Holy Communion... gorgeous teamed with silver or gold accessories and shoes.  But I do think it works really well with the black as well.  Don't get me started on navy shoes.  I'm over them and then some.  And this, yet again, is a handwash number.  I'm on a roll here.

Leila Dark Navy Fitted Floral Dress was £169 now £110

Even more summery - a navy Gin painted bloom floral print midi dress was £159 now £79 (and machine washable)  

Staying with navy and we are talking super dressy here but oh my lord this is gorgeous.  I'd probably have to buy the shoes as well as I think they are perfect with the dress. 

And another dressy number, again in navy, that would be ideal for any smart occasion. 

Louve Navy Pleat Detail Dress was £195 now £145

There are also amazing shoes in the sale and I haven't even started to look at the accessories but I'm sure they're fab too.  I shall be back...... Still ordered NOTHING in the sales *polishes halo* though I am ridiculously tempted by the KG boots from yesterday still.  Am heading to Covent Garden potentially tomorrow with the three small ones as The Husband has to work.  This seems a good idea today from the comfort of my sofa and a huge mug of tea in hand.   Whether or not it will seem like such a sterling idea in the cold light of day, I'm not sure......  

We've had yet another duvet day today although The Husband and the 8yr old have made a trip to the bottle bank and on a "my parents are idiots and only bought one controller for the new Xbox360 therefore we need another one urgently" hunt. (futile by the way so they're coming home armed with another game.  And still only one controller.  One year we'll have the present thing sussed - we have batteries coming out of ears this year, remembered them - didn't remember to buy something to put the darn things in though.)

To prove that I am none of the glamour, here I am today with no make up, hair unbrushed although I have had a shower and have clean slobs on. 


White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Grey Lola joggers - Whistles
Grey leopard sweatshirt - Jaeger
Black ponyskin skater shoes - Next 

I have realised there are a couple of other things on my wishlist for Spring that I could probably get sussed in the sales, so I'm off to have a look and will report back.  By the way, if anyone is thinking about watching Noah, let me do you a favour and tell you not to bother.  I was moaning earlier about there being sweet fanny adams on TV, saying I'd rather boil my head in burning oil than watch the Catchphrase Christmas Special.  So we put Noah on.  Suffice to say, I'd rather have watched Catchphrase.

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7 comentarios:

  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas Kat & are back on form! I've was nursing sick younglings before Christmas & I'm so thankful they were on the mend before the big day! I so wanted to see Noah...is it really that bad?! I've just done my sales shopping but have my eye on a dress in H&M that I can't get out of my mind! Love the Truvah dress! x

    1. God no I really wanted to see Noah but oh my lord it was such a disappointment! GUTTED! So what did you get in the sales? And oooh which H&M one? The Truvah dress is gorgeous isn't it... I keep thinking how useful it would be - especially with the over the knee boots I don't own. DOH

    2. http://tablet.hm.com/gb/product/53863?article=53863-C I'm going to order it as its a bargain! I tried it on in-store a few weeks ago & loved it! x

  2. Wish I looked like that in my slobs!!!!!!'
    Ps ..Noah...what was that all about??????? (I totally agree with your analogy)

    1. oh thank lord, someone else who thinks it's pants! And I had had a shower..!

  3. God, I'm so glad that I'm not the only lazy ass slobbing around in pjs & tracksuits at the moment! Lovely choices ... I swear, when my skin is clear (this year looking likely!) I'm going to sign you up to take me dress shopping. You have it so sussed at this stage and I'm so utterly clueless! Loving these Christmas posts by the way - keep 'em coming xx

    1. I'm dreading having to get dressed tomorrow....!!