It's another of my seasonal must haves.

The mid heel boot.  That is also pointy.  And it's an ankle boot.  So it's really a mid heel pointy ankle boot.  Which I could have said first time round, thinking about it but, truth be told, my brain is fried. 

On a scale of "I could do without Christmas being next week", I am currently sitting at "I could do with Christmas being about three months away".  The final stages of our (and yes it has been forever and yes it would have been quicker to knock it down and start again and no we didn't realise how much work there would be and when you're on a budget this all equals time.  More time than we thought) house extension and renovation. 

I say "final stages", when I really mean that the snagging list is probably almost as long as the list of requirements in the first place but but but things do seem to have come together this week and I can finally see the end in sight. (typing this, I'm still thinking of the myriad of things there are left to complete but details, schmetails)  We have had all our old furniture and goodies (ie old crap I packed away and have lived without for a year and am now wondering what the hell I did packing it away in the first place) delivered yesterday and so I have spent two days unpacking and attempting to put stuff in places (where I have no storage furniture to put it as that's been moved to other rooms or skipped.  Which idiot skips the furniture but keeps the crud from inside?  Oh yes, me)  It's been joyous.  I honestly cannot think of one thing I've unpacked and thought, yippee.  Actually I lie.  The ice cream scoop, my Emma Bridgewater fig serving bowls which make me happy just looking at them and my check Zara coat from last year.  To be honest, the ice cream scoop is probably the most important as I have bent every other dessert spoon we own. 

It has meant though that I have got ZERO wrapping done.  Which is important as I spent two days prior to the furniture/crap unloading escapade finishing the Christmas shopping.  And I am done. *punches air*.  I now need to find a spare day between now and Christmas Eve to wrap it all *deflates*.  Which means that yet again I will spend Christmas Eve wrapping.  Big fat Christmas fail for the 10th year in a row. 

But most importantly it has meant that I haven't had time to blog.  I am so so so so sorry.  Especially as I have a couple of things on my mind that I feel the need to write about.  

Starting with the one revelation of the season for me and something that I'm constantly being asked to blog about.  And back to the first sentence - yes, it's the mid heel pointy ankle boot. 

I have too many boots.  There, I've said it.  Too many in that I don't wear enough of them all of the time but not *too* many in that they don't make sense in my wardrobe.  On a boot inspection I did earlier, there are, in fact, only a couple that I haven't worn this season - criminally my Acne Cypress boots and my LK Bennett suede and leather black boots.  And the reason why?  They are vertiginous in their heel heights.  

I like to think it's not because I am turning into an auld giffer, but more that it's a style thing.  I've not dwelt on this subject matter too much as I'd hate to come to the conclusion that I am actually just verging on geriatric.  That would be appalling. 

So my two favourite pairs which have sparked the interest are firstly my M&S wedge leopard print boots and secondly, my new this season, Toga Pullas.  Both are hugely versatile (to be honest, the first pair more so as they can also be worn with boyfriend jeans which I've struggled to do with the TP's - maybe I just need more practise but I can't stop feeling like I've escaped from Bronski Beat when I do wear them with looser jeans and a turn up)

These are the ones I have, currently sold out although they will be getting more in for the new season. (these are never reduced in the black by the way) 

The most similar I've found are probably these from Ganni. 

Ganni Asya Texas Buckle Ankle Flat Boots were £190 now £114

More Western at Blink and in the sale again. 

Blink Buckle Ankle boots were £50 now £30

M&S though have really done an amazing job yet again with their footwear this season (and thank goodness we have no dodgy styling shots to put us off our game) 

These are an amazing Toga Pulla tribute - adore the red, they also do them in a blue shade online as well. 

Flat Buckle Ankle Boots with Insolia £39.50

Block Heel Strap Ankle Boot with Insolia £45 Love this grey colour and totally on the money thinking about Spring (I said it....) 

They also do these in a blue which I think is gorgeous, also ideal for heading into Spring £45

Black is always a classic colour and these are a simple version of the theme. 

Panelled Pointed Toe Chelsea Boot £39.50

Stain Away Leather Triple Zip Ankle Boots with Insolia £59  Sticking with the mere whisper of an 80's vibe.

I just have to mention these whilst we're talking about M&S as these have been my not so secret find of the season.  No-one can ever believe they're from M&S when I wear them and they've been my go to shoes for nights out and parties.  Amazing and the reason I'm featuring them is that they're back in stock having been sold out for weeks.

Stain Away Suede Shoe Boot with Insolia £59 - also available in black 

But now moving onto the leopard print.  Mine are wedges but these are like rocking horse poo this season.  However nothing beats a pair of leopard print boots with a wearable heel that you can throw on every day, with jeans of all shapes, skirts and dresses. 

Report Signature Toby Leopard Leather Mid Heel Ankle Boots £125

Grey Leopard at ASOS in the sale - ASOS Real Thing Chelsea Ankle Boots were £35 now £24

Love these (ok so I do love them all but....) 

Senso Paloma III pointed leopard boots £199

The ones I would go for though are definitely these from Kurt Geiger, now in the sale. 

KG by Kurt Geiger Scamp Pony Effect Leopard Shoe Boots were £140 now £84

Similar at Mint Velvet Tommie Leopard Ankle Boot £149 now £119

And more almond toed at Hush. 

Leopard Boot from Hush were £185 now £165

Or you could the whole hog and get a leopard print pair of Toga Pullas. HA! 

Calf-hair buckle boots from Toga Pulla were £400 now £280

And here I am in my Toga Pullas this week once I had recovered enough to leave the house.  I had my first glass of wine last night - just half a one actually and just one more today.  I've missed three nights out this week but on the upside I am raring to go tomorrow for a party at ours.  (after rugby.  *rolls eyes*).  Proof that I really really have been Not Well. 


White linen tee - Zara
Silver jumper - Zara
Black triple zip skinny jeans - Mint Velvet
Black boots - Toga Pulla 


Navy and white longline top - Joules
Black oversized square jumper - Reiss
Pleather leggings - Toshop
Black boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Off for my takeaway as still surrounded by boxes.  And the last ever Newsroom.  I may cry.......

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11 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, I am new to your blog and love it - I have spent the last few nights going through all your old posts like a favourite box set (just one more!). I love the Deigo bag you have but unfortunately that is out of my budget - are there any good copies around that you know of? The closest I have seen is a Zara bucket bag. Thanks.

  2. I hear you on the house stuff - been there! Actually our snagging list never got completely finished and we ran out of steam as something that was a bit more urgent with one of the kids happened! It is so worth it in the end though - your floor tiles look identical to ours. Beautiful! I'm still getting rid of the rubbish - I , to my horror, have recreated another " cupboard of crap" to be sorted at some point in the future ( never) . Happy Christmas! XXX

  3. Auld Giffer ? That made me laugh a lot! Thanks for this boot blog. Am taking two aunties to do their food shopping tomorrow in M&S (qualifies for halo) and think I will slope off and try some of those boots o. Pining for the wedge leopard but might be tempted to another. Good luck with snagging! Great to see you feeling better!

  4. Hi Kat, I remember you mentioned a while back that your daughter had made a gorgeous gluten free lemon drizzle cake. I was wondering if there's any chance you could direct me to where I'd find the recipe please? My husband is coeliac and I know he would absolutely love it.

    1. If you want a quick fix have a look at a company called Delicious Alchemy. I went to a Macmillan coffee morning at there offices at the cakes were fantastic . They have an online shop

    2. I should really check my spellings and auto correct before pressing ' publish' sorry

    3. Thank you ZoeB. Good to know!

  5. Weirdly, the black Toga Pullas do nothing for me - despite looking fabulous on you - but if I had a pair in the leopard there'd be no prising them off me. Slap a bit of animal print on something and all sensible judgement seems to go out the window! Good luck with sorting out the crap - we've been in our house nearly seven years now and I'm still finding stuff that I thought I'd got rid of before we moved :-s

  6. Hi Kat, love your blog - and loving your Toga Pulla boots! My OH has offered to buy me a pair as a last minute Xmas pressie and I just wanted to check whether yours are the all leather version or the croc leather and suede? I'm not sure which to opt for!

  7. There is am amazing american brand called Modern Vice, if you love Toga Pulla you will love these. Great blog!

  8. I think you can never have enough boots as if they are well made, you can go back to them. I had a pair of tan ankle boots that I wore to death last year and haven't had out at all this year but the Kurt Geiger boots have never been off my feet this year. Boots and bags - always a good investment in my book. Hope the house is all sorted for Christmas and thanks for a fab blog Kat.