Getting the legs out

I seem to have forgotten how to do this during the day.  As soon as the temperature drops, it seems that my braincells freeze over slightly too and I go into hibernation mode.  As do my legs.  Clad behind jeans and trousers.  

Randomly I do remember to don a pair of opaques (or sheer nude tights) in the evenings, in fact, it's become my go to look for nights out, but during the day - hell no.  Legs, get thee selves behind fabric. 

Which is such a shame as I'd made such inroads into getting them out during the day in the Summer.  Something I never thought I'd say but actually I find it easier to go bare in the sunshine than I do in the A/W when wearing tights is a must. 

I have a new mission (clearly my main mission of the Winter to wear skinny pleathers has fallen flat on it's leather clad arse) and so I am going to get the legs out in skirts instead. 

These are also another great idea for dressing up should the occasions require it (I am aware that at this juncture we have had rather more posts dedicated to dressing up than dressing down....).  However skirts should give you the opportunity to do both.  There's also the chance that you will be able to wear them in the Spring come the warmer weather (which is impossible to imagine as I'm sat here listening to the rain lashing down outside) 

I'm going to start with shorter skirts.  Lots of these are perfect for during the day with jumpers, opaque tights and boots.  Or even loafers or brogues.  (or heels if you're working and need a smarter look?)  In the evening, I love them with a little blouse or top.

Starting with ones that could take you from day through to night.  Cost per wear, these are definitely your best friend. 

This from River Island is actually textured.  They call it fuzzy... I think it sounds rather more elegant to call it textured.  I don't need to be reminded I'm wearing the skirt version of a cuddly toy. 

Black animal print fuzzy skirt £30

Black and white geometric print would be perfect with shades of grey, taupe or camel during the day and keep it black for added drama at night. 

Black geometric Print pleated skirt from River Island £25

A line is definitely my favourite and easiest to wear shape.  I love the ease of wearing it during the day as for me, it's that perfect combo between not too formal and easy to wear with flat shoes or boots.  Throw on heels for the evening and it really is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

Evidence can be seen here - one of my favourite looks for ages. 

Hayden Black Textured Leather skirt from Reiss £245  I know it's a lot of money but when you factor in cost per wear and the longevity of style, if you are after a skirt then it would be a great investment in your wardrobe (compared to a dress for example...)  Imagine in the Spring with a white tee and birkies....

A cheaper option at ASOS - real leather although no suede detailing.  But a great price for real leather. 

ASOS A line leather skirt £85

I absolutely love this one.  Completely adore it but alas, it's real leather and it's not cheap.  This would be so stunning with a simple top.  Let the skirt do the talking.  The detail is in the cut, I love this. 

Merron black leather wrap skirt from Reiss £225

A perhaps more practical option is available at ASOS.  For the money, it is perhaps a no brainer....

ASOS Wrap skirt in leather look £35

Pencil skirts.... now I won't lie - I struggle with these but I absolutely adore them on other people.  I think it is because I am too tall and essentially my life is really divided into the casual and the dressy.  I don't ever need to do formal and I know that other people look amazing in them both dressed down and up but I always seem to somehow look like I'm going to court. (not that I've ever been to court but if I were to go I would wear a pencil skirt as they make me look very very sober) 

But if you are one of those lucky individuals who is able to wear a pencil skirt and not look like a librarian or a solicitor then there are some amazing ones around.  I still think they look amazing with a slimmer fitting boxy knit on the top but I just can't quite ever find the occasion to wear them.   However if you're more of a skirt person then I bet you have a host of these in your arsenal.

Lace Pencil Skirt from M&S £39.50

Or in the gorgeous dark purple shade

Monas Embellished Black Pencil Skirt from Reiss £110 This outfit is to die for. (fear not, I have earmarked those shoes)

Back to the pleather and not in black but in a deliciously different chocolate shade is this pencil skirt from M&S at the bargain price of £35

I'm boring myself with the party talk now BUT by buying separates you can actually either make a smart dress like outfit (see the Reiss outfit above), or you can dress them down - the top over jeans and the skirt with a far more casual contrast knit. 

This one is now on offer at Coast and has been on my radar for a while. 

Harper Skirt was £75 now £55

I'll also show you the top as well as it really does make sense to get both so you have more options. 

Harper Co-ord Top £29 was £45

Sticking with the midi option and this is where I can hold my hand up and say ME ME ME! I have my leather one that I got (for the ridiculously bargain price of £70) from Whistles last season and I need to wear it more.  I have a lunch next week in London (I have two actually - small skip) and I am definitely planning on wearing this with a black fitted polo neck.   Shoe wise, I'm going to wear my leopard print wedge ankle boots and a camel loose wrap around coat.   I am in love with this outfit (in my head..... will it work?  Note to self, do try it on before Tuesday morning....) 

This pleather one from Next for £38 is the perfect option if you don't want to splash out on a full leather one. 

If you are after a floral version then this one caught my eye at River Island - again ideal for taking you into the Spring. 

Blue Floral Print Structured midi skirt £60.  Perfect for the party season with black and silver.  Or navy - navy and silver is gorgeous together (silver shoes... oooh)

Finishing with a quick reminder of the amazing Boden one I posted yesterday in pink.  I didn't mention that they also do it in a navy..... This is simply perfect for all year round, as jolly as the pink is, I have to say that the navy is probably more practical.  I'm just grrrr (which is Boden appropriate talk for seriously p*%(£)$d off) that they don't do it a longer length.

Pleated Full Skirt with 40% off at the moment now £77.40 was £129

So to skirt or not to skirt.....?  I have a confession to make.  I did have my leather tan skirt on earlier but hells bells, it was such miserable, vile weather and I had nothing smart to do, I got changed.  I needed something warming and snuggly - ever have those days?  So hope I'm not coming down with something - we've all managed to swerve it so far this time round (I've so jinxed this, haven't I...... cue a house of lurgy by the weekend for sure) 

Anyway an outfit of old favourites with some new additions. 

image image

Navy Off Duty jumper - Boden
Navy, white and grey tie dye jeans - H&<
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Land
Grey poncho - Simply Be
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Hospital appt tomorrow with the 8yr old's Autistic Consultant which is never the easiest so finger's crossed it goes ok.   Wonder if the 8yr old will fancy a quick twirl around the shops in Tunbridge Wells afterwards?  (I'm going with no, he'd rather have a piece of cake and go back to school.......)  I am going to get cracking on painting my dining room chairs - a job I have to start otherwise we'll all be sitting on wet paint come Christmas Day. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Loving the off duty jumper on you though I am surprised it isn't massive on you - I have the regular ones from previous years in a small and they still feel oversized. I ordered the navy and charcoal versions on Friday with 30% off but not the cashmere - I love the shape of them - so easy to wear.

    1. Honestly it's not at all!! It's oversized for sure but not ridiculously so. Just looks like a baggy jumper! So so easy to wear, I may have to order the charcoal one...

  2. I've just been standing in front of my mirror in ankle boots and pj's rolled up to the knee, wondering if I can do bare legs this winter. It does look great(on models, me I'm not so sure.) but will I freeze? Can I tuck cosy socks down in the boots where they won't be seen? Best of luck tomorrow. Did you ever read The Rosie Project?

    1. Not bare bare legs but with 15 denier on? To be totally honest I struggle during the day as yes I am too cold but at night it's fine!

      I got half way through The Rosie Project and honestly I had to stop. I found it really quite distressing - my 8yr old is very similar in his total Mind Blindess - the complete inability to see anything from anyone's point of view. Although on the upside he does manage for himself which we can't ever envisage my M doing. I might finish it when it's not so raw!

    2. I completely understand....once I get that feeling with a book its put down immediately.

  3. Love the River Island skirt! Perfect for winter with opaques and boots. You've inspired me to get my poncho out. You look fab! Lynne xx

    1. Oh I love my poncho in this weather - I got this from Ebay about 5 years ago and it's so so so so amazing. Actually to be honest, it's the crappest acrylic ever but I've seen another one I like better!

  4. Ooooh that animal print is just divine!

  5. On no, I'm in love with that leather Reiss one...and John Lewis has my size, damn it! When do they have their sales, maybe I should hang fire...decisions, decisions

    1. It is honestly gorgeous. if I were you, I'd buy it, hang on and return it if it gets reduced......

  6. I absolutely have this nightmare with skirts too. to be totally honest, my Whistles one has stretched and I should have got the 10. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGH It's ok so long as I wear a super fitted top with it...... I am starting compiling my Jan list as we speak. And yes, that star jumper from Hush is so so so so amazing. Exactly the sort of thing that's perfect for this weather. Hospital went well, thank you xx

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