So you didn't buy anything new....

....for those couple of nights out for the party season as you have a wardrobe full of stuff you can wear. 

Well done you. 

Except.... except..... that now that push comes to shove and they're next week, you sort of wish you had something new to wear.   We have a Winter Ball next week and in the last couple of days more than a few people have bemoaned to me that they wish they'd bought something new after all. 

Fear not.  Yes, there is still time to go and buy something new but I have an idea that doesn't involve an entirely fresh out of the bag outfit.  A sneaky new pair of shoes, pardon the pun, can totally make you feel like you're walking on air. 

As Cinderella taught us, shoes - like a pair of boots that I mentioned yesterday - can make the biggest difference to your wardrobe.  I was also asked yesterday for footwear ideas to make an evening outfit.  Well look no further, I have some great value shoes here (who has the money to spend a fortune on footwear merely for a night out at this time of year). 

Shoes that are perfect for dresses and perhaps even more perfect for jeans and skinnies. Or even culottes if you'd managed to make them work (note my lack of culottes....) Cigarette trousers, peg leg trousers, these would transform them into an evening outfit. 

These are The Shoes that would be my pick.  Gold glitter - what's not to love?

Pointed Toe High Heel Court Shoes from M&S £35 

I spent last week perusing the High Street for evening shoes and the store that came out the best was.... Dorothy Perkins!  Who'd have thought it?  They had some really great options and they still have some great offers on.  For a cheeky little pair of shoes that don't take much thinking about investment wise, these are all winners. 

Navy Lizard High pointed court shoes were £25 now £18.75  I honestly can't believe these are less than £20. I defy anyone to think they're from LK Bennett.  These would transform a black outfit - pure class on the end of your legs (I'm not going to say a navy bag would work wonders but... - hmmm that's research sorted for tomorrow)

Rose Gold High Pointed Shoes were £25 now £18.75  Bring on the glitz. The perfect metallic colour.

Grey patent - unusual but again, a gorgeous neutral to add to your wardrobe and give a different look to black, grey, navy or silver outfits. 

Grey high pointed Court Shoes were £25 now £18.75

I know I said I loved the navy but oooh, these?  Stunning.  (I keep coming back to these......£20??!)

Black T-Bar Pointed High Court Shoes were £27 now £20.25

As well as Dorothy Perkins, my top tip of the day is this range from M&S.  For £25 these are amazing. 

Pointed Toe Court in black glitter £25

Or in the natural - I'd say this was snakeskin, again £25

A classic black patent (you would have these in your wardrobe forever) £25

Or a festive red 

Slightly off piste but sometimes, it just takes a nudge of colour to give an old dress a whole new lease of life.  Love these with black.  

RedViolet3 from Nine West at Shoeaholics were £95 now £29

There are some alternatives if you're not looking for a traditional court but do still want black. 

Leather Asymmetric Bar Court Shoes £55

And there are of course some lower ones if heels aren't your thing, although to find ones that are evening appropriate and don't cost squidillions (slight exaggeration) isn't that easy.

Pointed Toe Mid Heel Animal Print Shoes £18 from M&S

And a rose gold pair at Dorothy Perkins - were £23 now £11.50

So definitely food for thought - I am Definitely not buying a new dress and I have my M&S shoe boots that I love to wear with my old sequin number from All Saints which is 4 years old now.  Or I do have an even older Whistles number in gold... Or maybe I might go for my Patrizia Pepe black dress with a bling necklace and some leopard print shoes.  Ooh decisions decisions but I am definitely wearing something old. 

However I do have a number of parties/drinks before and after then and I *may* have some new trousers to report.  Which could definitely work with some new shoes... I'm thinking it would be rude not to buy those navy ones... Anyone else?

Outfit for today.  This morning, on my Autistic course and this afternoon on a TV hunt, lunch with one of my loveliest friends (oh how we love Five Guys!) and then playdates for the kids after school.  Glass of wine with The Husband finishes the day off nicely - we're like passing ships in the night.  Fingers crossed he manages to get home early tomorrow night and we can have a conversation that's more than 5 minutes long! 


Longsleeved white tee - H&M
Bat sweatshirt - Zoe Karssen
Black boiled wool coat - Ronit Zilkha
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow, tomorrow... hmm what to write about?  I may do a trouser reveal.......Oooh or I may let you in on my winter warmer coat secret....

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8 comentarios:

  1. First the boots ; now the navy shoes too - I need more feet.
    Loving the Karssen (been a while since we saw that) & grabbed my own from TK Maxx over the summer, alas not a bat print though. And will the promised 'trouser reveal' contain sparkly/formal joggers?! Seem to be seeing everywhere at the moment...Am loving them even though I struggle a little to know what to pair them with for fear of Exposure of My Expanding Behind. Bloody Christmas snacks offers.

    1. AHA! It's not... Watch this space, I may wear them tomorrow night..... (however due to expanding waist line I have something else to explore today)

  2. Love the gold sparkly from M & S - thanks for idea.

  3. Dammit - those Navy Lizard shoes aren't *that* dissimilar to a pair I bought in Reiss for a LOT more than £18!

    1. Oops. Recently? They're stunning aren't they?

    2. Summer sales. The Manhattan pump I think. I mean, the Reiss ones are nicer, but also 3 figures and I won't get to wear them that often. Oh well..

    3. Oh we've all done that. You're in excellent company. I've even done it in REiss with a pair of gold shoes that are so high I look like a Tranny in them.