A definite wardrobe winner

Especially when the Summer is doing its usual "Summer" thing of err.. raining.  

And I've got to pack for next week which, as I'm going to the seaside here in good old Blighty means that, whatever the forecast, you need to take clothes for every eventuality.  As the weather never does quite what you think it will.  What am I talking about?  We know at some point it will rain.  That's code for movie night, fish and chips and popcorn in our holiday house.

Not to mention, new boots.... 

Perfect timing therefore, for another of my must have items for a modern capsule wardrobe and that's a pair of tan ankle boots. 

I have already got mine sorted - a simple, low stacked heel, classic version, new from Seven Boot Lane.  I've supported Seven Boot Lane for the past couple of years now and have been over the moon with the boots they've been kind enough to send me.  Last Winter, I think I pretty much wore their Caitlyn Biker boots every day. 

And this season - just in time for holiday - I've chosen the Delphine ankle boots in tan. 

These will go with shorts and dresses now in those wet days when sandals just won't work.  And perfect for into the Autumn and Winter with boyfriend jeans, skinnies, midi dresses and with flares.  

This season, as I have my Toga Pullas in black which are rather detailed (to put it mildly), I wanted a pair of tan ankle boots that weren't overly complicated - just simple and elegant and these fitted the bill exactly. 

The idea with my capsule wardrobe is that they are all pared back, classic pieces that you can then put together as your basics.  Then add *jazz hands* in the form of whatever takes your fancy from all the on trend bits that are going to start flooding the stores shortly.

Definitely going in the suitcase.  And perfect to wear today when the heavens opened.

The Delphine boots in tan £165 from Seven Boot Lane.  Currently there's 15% off these boots with the code Delphine15 till August 31.

Lots of other options out there though if perhaps the shade isn't your colour or you'd prefer suede.  Or even more detailing.  

For example at Boden - the Keira Boots £129 - 20% off with A2T5.   Darker shade of tan (to be honest, for me this is brown but they call it tan...) and straps.  I'm going to keep my straps to my biker boots and I was after a 70s style stack heel but these will offer the best of both worlds to some. 

Personally I prefer the lighter classic wood toned heel but this is more of a take on a heeled Chelsea boot and slightly higher.  Useful cleat sole for those wet leaf days.

KG by Kurt Geiger Saloon Block Heeled Boot in tan £160

Sublime in suede at LK Bennett Fenick Suede Ankle Boots £275 in Sand (dear lord, make sure you spray these ones with protector before you go out there)

However there are still some bargains left to be had (which is a relief after not much success on the biker jacket front yesterday) although the sales seem to have all but disappeared.  And there isn't the hugest amount of new season stock yet, so thank goodness we can shop clever which is what is left. 

More suede but in an interesting two tone effect.  

ASOS Reema Pointed Suede Boots were £45 now £31.50

Sleek and all leather at Topshop - no these aren't in the sale but the prices in Topshop seem to have really levelled out over the last year or so and they now offer amazing value for leather and suede.  

Megan Chelsea Boots £69 and yes they are leather

Super pointy and again with a dark heel and this time a back zip at Topshop. 

Midnight (that's the name - your eyes are not deceiving you, they're not in fact any sort of shade of dark blue.  Only me who was confused?  And not, it doesn't take much) Leather Zip-back £75.

Suede again but with leather detailing reduced from H by Hudson at ASOS.

H by Hudson Lumo Suede Tan Ankle boots were £160 now £112

Not in the sale, but finishing with bargain suede strap numbers (and yes, real suede) at New Look.  They don't have many real leather boots but generally the ones they do have are always a really good buy.  Again, not simple simple, but the colour is perfect, the heel height is the ideal day height and some people love a strap or two.

Blanche Ankle Boots £44.99

Now if you did want to let your boots do the talking, I shall be back shortly with boots that tell their own story.  Today though, it was all about a classic, tan, simple boot.

Do you own a pair and if not, how have you managed to live without them so far?  

Here I am in mine today and yes, what did happen to Summer today?


Chambray striped shirt - Mango
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS 
Navy fitted blazer - Me+Em
Delphine tan boots - Seven Boot Lane
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

I'm on a classic roll with my outfit today and I still have to pack so inspiration still swirling around as I'm waiting till the last minute to see if the weather might stay vaguely consistent (one can dream....)..... tomorrow I will hopefully be back as my day in London has been totally kiboshed, thanks to the tube strike.  I'm saying nothing as I now have the rest of Bake Off to watch with a glass of wine.  Although we're playing Mary Berry "Laire (layer)" bingo so I may need a bottle.

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29 comentarios:

  1. What was the asos pleather jacket like?? Was considering it

    1. It's this one...http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-biker-jacket-with-waterfall-front-and-zip-detail/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4759040&clr=Black&SearchQuery=biker+jacket&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=122&gridsize=3&gridrow=4&gridcolumn=3&affId=5497&WT.tsrc=Affiliate&pubref=78888 I got it in the tall (which is on the blog yesterday or you can just search on ASOS if you wanted tall). I'll take pics later. Really really pleasantly surprised! I shall be keeping and taking on hols x

    2. Thanks for the reply have just bought it and will also hope to wear on my staycation in Cornwall

    3. I've got a pic of it on today's blog. I am SO pleased with it - not nearly as shiny as it looks in the pic x

  2. Those H by Hudson boots are divine!! I have dark brown ones at the min but tan is def something to think about....
    Found these http://www.dunelondon.com/mobile/november-sm-zip-detail-leather-ankle-boot-0617508150035511/
    which look cute??
    PS I resent holidaying in the same country I live in, I always feel like it robs me of holiday clothes shopping before I go!!

    1. I think tan is more versatile than dark brown personally, definitely you need a pair! Those Steve Madden ones are lovely but this season I'm definitely preferring the block heel as opposed to the cuban. Classic but just that little bit more modern.

      And nooooooo I think it's better holidaying in this country as you have an excuse to buy clothes - but ones that you can actually wear again and again!!

  3. I had the Kate Bosworth for Matisse Charlotte boot in Fawn (tan) suede shipped in from the States. Absolutely adore them! https://www.singer22.com/matisse/charlotte-boot.html?sku=charlotte-boot-kb4&ref=CJ

    1. oh. My. Lord. They are BEYOND BEYOND divine. So I don't officially need them (at all) but I may just have tried to search for them.. but they're sold out anywhere! Trying to think of a colour I can justify (failing miserably....)

    2. I'm trying not to get the black! I love the textured leather. Silly expensive but my sister is in the US so gets them at the dollar price for me. Useful! In case you do decide to go for another colour I was advised to size down half a size which was the right advice. Xx

    3. Sorry me again! Not sure what size you are but Singer22 seem to have just added a UK size 7! X

    4. *hyperventilates*.... in what colour.. off to look.

  4. Love ankle boots and I definitely have some that I wear more late (very rainy) summer and early autumn in pale greys/taupes. The tan still looks summery too. I'm too chicken to wear suede in lots of rain, though, even with lots of spray. My best rainy day footwear was inspired by plumo's short rain boots, but cheaper, I have some chelsea boot style wellies, look stylish and keep your feet dry too.

    Talking of capsule wardrobes, I quite like the advice from unfancy, which is have 3 versions of things: 1 statement, 1 plain and 1 in between. Although I'm sure I have more than 3 pairs of boots, or sandals, or jeans...

    1. oooh interesting concept.......I'll have a think about that one! Although I think perhaps 3 of everything might be slight overkill! But it's definitely one to explore. xx

  5. I do not understand why you always have to stand so awkwardly..like you are so camera shy- well this makes you look like a shy kid on a nursery photo clutching a piece of a skirt..
    If this is the case and you so scared of camera why on earth you are blogging??????
    The photos are bad- can hardly really see the outfit...

    1. Oh gosh I am sorry. I must have missed the bit in the blogging manual about all bloggers must be of professional modelling standard.

      May I suggest if you find the photos so offensive - find another blog to read?

    2. Dear Anonymous, I don't understand why you feel the need to leave a comment like this. If you really don't feel that you can see Kat's outfit as clearly as you would like by all means let her know. But really? The rest of the comment is unnecessary and makes you come across as deeply unattractive on many levels. Hiding behind the written word and leaving an anonymous comment only compounds this. Life is too short for such negativity - if you don't like what you see just move on. You're welcome to your own thoughts but please don't feel compelled to share them. Beth

    3. Check out Kat on her Instragram.
      A lot more photos on there.

  6. Love these! I got some tan rag and bone numbers when the outnet had 20% off - they are quite a bright 'timberland' tan but I am hoping they will tone down a bit after some wear...

    1. Rag & Bone boots are so ridiculously fabulous if slightly high of heel! I'm sure they'll tone down!

  7. Love the delphine boots and am so jealous of the chloe bag combo, just perfect together. Elizabeth

  8. Love tan boots - I have three pairs in different styles

    1. They simply go with everything, don't they? Like tan bags.....!

  9. Well said Beth!
    Kat, I like the poses you do, I think you try to bring the pictures to life rather than just standing with arms by your side.
    We play the lair game too, bless her she usually says it at least 5 times :)

  10. I like your blog very much and look forward to it every day

  11. Awesome post really i was waiting for this kind of post so long.thanks for the post.sharing with us.

  12. Oh I also love boots an have a large collection of shoes. In fact, when I had my fitted wardrobes designed by a wonderful wardrobe design company, they incorporated a space entirely for my shoe collection. I was so thrilled that they did that for me. I can now quickly find any pair of shoes that I need.

    Angella Frasier @ 4 Wardrobe