It's the lust list...

....from hush.  I've been asked by numerous readers on comments here, via email and on twitter (oh and instagram) would I put together my favourite things from this season's collection.  Oh what, so you want me to sit back and drool over the catalogue with a cuppa for half an hour?  Go on then... just because you asked so nicely (and I might be criminally hungover today.  I am simply too too old for a 3am finish anymore.  I will confess, today I/we have done absolutely nothing.  Sat in and listened to the rain whilst watching the athletics and a bunch of movies.  There are definitely worse ways to spend a Sunday)

And of course, have a peruse of the latest hush collection not forgetting the 10% discount with free delivery and returns till the end of the month with the code AWXX15.

I shall be going up to see the collection in the flesh as soon as my beloveds are all back at school as I missed the A/W Press Preview earlier in the year.  I love being able to see, touch and feel the clothes but because I've seen the collections for the past couple of years, I'm more than confident in knowing how great the things I've picked will be.

Size wise, they have changed their sizing this year but I would say most things are usually on the ticket or slightly generous in their sizing.  I used to be a S/M but now I'd definitely go for a medium unless I wanted something oversized in which case I'd size up (duh - nothing like a bit of hungover logic, is there) 

So starting with what I think hush have done best this season and that's knitwear.  I love their knits - they're perfect for this time of year but ideal to layer up when it gets a bit chillier.  
Ok so this one is probably better for the cooler months and I think I'd oversize it.  Yet again this year, I am planning on being Queen of polo necks.  

Contrast Rollneck Colourblock Jumper £99

However a cashmere jumper can be worn all year round.  I simply love this and just wonder which is the best colour (all three would be ideal of course...!) 

Cashmere Boyfriend Jumper £185 in Brown Sugar

Or the Ivory version...

Or a grey cashmere hoodie... simply stunning.  I love the idea of this with a leather jacket over the top. 

Cashmere Hoodie £200

I have to say though, I think the most perfect colour of all the jumpers is the Hazel shade in the essential crew jumper.  

Essential Crew Jumper £55

Also super useful in the grey (or the white, or the ink.....) 

It also comes in a classic black again £55

The most important pieces though that are an absolute must for A/W for under all your winter woolies are the longline tees. 

L/L Stretch tee in five colours including black £30

Mustn't forget bottoms and for me, special mention goes to the Fiona skirt (pictured above).  This would work with biker boots or heels.  Can easily take you from the school run to lunch, then out to dinner.  Can I get over my skirt phobia??

hush Fiona Skirt £55

Trousers - well, first up has to be the coated jeans £75.  Love the look of these and I definitely definitely have a coated jeans gap in my wardrobe.  Will be ordering these to see how they fit as I love them.  Fingers crossed they're not too low cut....

But of course I can't not mention the Leather Leggings £330.  These look divine.  If only I wasn't such a total tightwad when it comes to dry cleaning. 

The obsession with black continues and a new item for hush but one that I think is set to become a classic.  I absolutely adore mine and can't believe I waited so long to get one.  I think perhaps a longer sleeve version for A/W is a must. 

Jumpsuit £75

And from new to an old favourite - if you don't have one of these, I can't recommend them highly enough.  The Black hush Blazer.  Amazing.  I wear mine at least once a week - it's the best fit (I have a 10 in it and it's more than roomy enough - certainly wouldn't want any bigger) and the perfect cross of smart/casual. 

Black jacket £65

Haven't done accessories yet (will come back to that another day) but one thing that I urge you to fling in your basket as a small treat, is a candle. 

This is honestly my favourite candle of all time.

Pomegranate and peppercorn £25

They also do a diffuser in fig and blackberry which I haven't tried but I think I'm going to try it for the A/W.  And definitely worth stocking up on whilst they have the 10% discount on (hopefully you can use it on all items.....). 

So I'm off to eat my way through the evening but just a quick pic of last night in my hush triangle dress from the S/S collection.  Dinner party at ours.  


Triangle black dress - hush
Leopard print lace up shoes - Zara

Will report back tomorrow on my rather wonderful day out in London on Friday. 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

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19 comentarios:

  1. I also can not wait for proper Autumn to kick in, although we'll have the obligatory Indian Summer to deal with once the kids go back to the way your hair looks fab in the pic!

    1. Thank you! I'm going to embrace the Indian Summer with ankle boots... dresses and blazers, this is what I did last year and loved it! And thank you - have to say i'm loving my hair, although dare I say it, I might go a tad shorter......

  2. I'm having such a thing for Hush at the moment and may have just bought the 'Etoile' T-shirt mentioned on here recently. But my absolute best buy of recent months (years, even) was a pinstriped jersey blazer at the tail end of the sale for the princely sum of £20. Considering I had been actively preventing myself from parting with a small fortune for a deeply coveted Armani pinstriped blazer, this was no small triumph. Next stop, Harems (their merino ones are gorge, now to get some in jersey).

    1. Oh wow fab buy. I haven't seen their merino harems... how have I missed them?! Their usual harems are my go to uniform every single evening.

  3. Oh no Kat, stop showing me such gorgeous things! This is exactly how I dress but my leggings are pleather not leather and my boyfriend jumpers are certainly not cashmere - so this is all dream wardrobe material for me! May justify getting the harems as no one ever seems to do a more affordable copy of these - think it's down to the extended ankle cuff. The rest though will just be inspiration!

  4. Ha ha ha! RIGHT - ring them/email and order now and I'm sure they'll delay delivery for you xxxxxx

  5. Fabulous fabulous fabulous. How is it each autumn I suddenly have nothing to wear? What was I wearing last autumn - I have no idea, but I do distinctly remember thinking I had enough, how was that possible?!
    I have a random question........I have been stalking your Leon & Harper lobster sweatshirt - could I please check what size you went for? I am a size 8/10 up top and am also a tallie at 5' 10'. I have found a medium, just slightly concerned it may be too wide.......what do you think......? (finger hovering over 'buy' button)

    1. you're SO right. Although all I remember wearing is my extensive collection of oversized jumpers (ok all three of them....) and skinnies. I genuinely have no idea what else I wore!!

      RIGHT - GET the jumper. I have it in a Medium and I'm a 10 on top... I don't think it's excessively wide. I'd also worry that a small might be too short? DO IT! I love it soo sooooo much x

    2. Brilliant! I wanted a relaxed fit, but not so much I'm drowning. Yours looks exactly the fit I'm trying to achieve. Right. Fingers, hover no more.....Thanks so much for enabling :) x

    3. You're more than welcome. Probably the best thing about it is the super long sleeves! Amazing x

    4. Where??! I have stalked, but have not yet found. A medium would be perfect...

    5. I would say google may be your friend? Try on the Leon and Harper website and see if there is a list of UK Stockists perhaps?

  6. Ordered the black jumpsuit ��. Hoping comes in time for my husbands work do this Thursday evening - smart/casual. Love my hush camo joggers. Might need to order harems - like too much in A/W range!

    1. you could literally not shop anywhere else, couldn't you?!

  7. Must get that black blazer have been trawling the shops for months for one, thanks!

    1. I love mine so so much and haven't found as perfect a lightweight blazer anywhere else ever!

  8. Ooh the perfect combination - Hush AND a bit of autumn dressing! Love both. Have yet to receive my catalogue which is odd but I will be sure to spend a good 30 minutes lusting through it...

    1. You will lose a lot more than half an hour to it!! Enjoy x