Standing the test of time

So following on from yesterday with one of my favourite buys of the season, it got me to thinking, what are the best buys from the last couple of seasons that have stood the test of time. 

There are in fact a couple but first up, it has to be the logo top.  Be it a sweatshirt, be it a tee, I think I got my first one of these a couple of years ago.  From Captain Tortue of all places (I did actually type Torture first of all.. oops).  Which isn't exactly cutting edge fashion (essentially it's French clothing run like an Avon party.  If you haven't been to one you are missing nada) but I was more than impressed with my tee.  It's also not cheap - I think the the shirt was around the £50 mark (they're those sorts of those parties where you feel obliged to buy something.... or is that just me?  Normally I buy one of the children something but I was more than happy to come away with my logo tee) 

It has served me very well and I wear it often (to be fair, it does wash really well and hangs beautifully - it was definitely worth the money)  In fact I loved it so much that I upped the ante and started on the sweatshirts.  Two from JCrew (who seem to have moved away from this style, which is a shame as I absolutely love mine and they're always commented on when I wear them - positively may I hasten to point out....) and blowing the budget with another from Zoe Karssen. 

Made up for my excesses by then managing to snag two Karssen tees from TK Maxx.  All of which I have worn loads.  

I don't care if people say they should only be worn by les enfants.... I don't agree.  There are certain styles I wouldn't wear - I would possibly raise my eyes at a Frozen number on a 42 year old but hey - each to their own and if it makes them happy, who am I to judge?  (if they wore it with matching leggings a la my 3yr old niece, I can't lie - I'm not sure I'd give my seal of approval to the outfit.. but then again if they're happy??  Can't say though that I'd be seen dead in it)

But I think these are here to stay (not the Frozen versions).  I would go so far as to say they're here to stay for the long term.  I've just ordered some new smarter trousers to try and ring the changes from jeans and I think a logo/slogan top teamed with those and a pair of sneakers - loose coat over the top, that's one of my Autumn looks right there.  (can I please point out that this works in my head.  This happens a lot.  Outfit looks amazing in my head and I look like a total tool in it in reality.  But every now and again it works........ ok so it's not often, I won't lie.  I have HIGH hopes for this outfit though.  And yes, I am a glass half full bod)

However one look I know does totally work and I wear exceptionally often is a pair of jeans - be them skinny or looser, grey or black tee and a black blazer.  Sneakers or skater shoes to finish.  I love this look.  I do tend to keep mine monochrome.  Hmm maybe that's because it just sort of *adults* the look a bit??  Navy is about as exciting as I get.  (whoop whoop) 

I have though come across some at Uniqlo which are just that teensy bit more colourful and a total bargain to boot.  One of their newest collaborations is with the Parisian Designer Barbara Rihl.  Having trained with Karl Largerfeld and Kenzo she created her own brand and is becoming well known for her unique illustrations on mainly bags.  Personally, much prefer the pics on a sweat. 

Barbara Rihl Long Sleeved Sweat £19.90 (hardly screams Disney Store levels of colour, does it?  I swear to god I'd keep my sunnies on in that shop if it didn't look super dodge)

A grey version also £19.90

You definitely don't need to spend a lot anymore on logo tops and maintaining my love of all things dark and without colour....

Little Black Sweat from New Look £14.99

King of the High Street when to comes to sweatshirts though, has to be Mango.   And this season, they yet again, don't disappoint.  Love the styling as well - fab ideas to be inspired by.   Yet again - a riot of colour, not.

Paint Fight sweatshirt from Mango £19.99  Lovely detailing on the hem.

Heather grey sweatshirt at Mango £19.99

Back to the sales rails and some bargain reductions I've found. 

Maison Kitsune Logo Print sweatshirt from Farfetch was £112.58 now £67.55

Zoe Karssen See You In Paris tee - was £125 now £62.50  Ringing the changes with a navy... and what is it with all the French references?  I think it's to make them seem more chic.  That's what it is, isn't it?  To dekiddify them and transform them into sophisticated day wear, you have to add Parisian chic.   Sussed it.

Moving onto tees though and I have to say I can't get enough of mine.  As I said, I got two from Zoe Karssen last year and I love them as much now, if not more, than when I first snagged them. (from TK Maxx - I was very very lucky.  99% crud in there now but there's definitely the odd, rare bargain) 

This would definitely be my first choice from the new hush collection.   AND there is 10% off with the code AWXX15, free delivery and free returns till the end of August.  Oh my lord I better get a move on with my wishlist.

hush Etoile tee £30  (more French...)

Which reminds me that I don't have a white slogan tee in my collection.  Lots to choose from.

Not A Fashion Victim tee from FCUK £30

Another for the school gates.... ?  Love this one

Anarchy tee from FCUK £25

Adore this one from Whistles - Et Toi? Logo Tee £45 although I can't justify another grey one.  Super useful.  And back to French....

And a navy one as well from Whistles - Beaute £45  et voila?? (although I fear we're missing an accent... correct me if I'm wrong.  It's been a long time since A Level French)

If we want to kill two birds with one stone - we can do a breton and a slogan.  Perfect for under a blazer or a biker jacket for a casual day out. 

Pure Cotton Love Fun Smile tee from M&S was £19.50 now £12 (clearly M&S hold no truck with needing to go French)

Embellished Breton from Boden - on offer now £27.30 (ditto the very British Boden)

But finishing with the best bargain of the day from Zara.  I swore I wasn't going to get sucked into the dregs of the Zara sale.  Well, I lied.  In my defence, I was stocking up on jeggings, vest and tees for the 10yr old who has a week's residential activity holiday at the end of September where they are supposed to take old clothes.  Well, as my eldest, she doesn't have any old clothes so whilst everyone has recommended a trip to Primark, in fact, the sale at Zara is a shed load cheaper (and the quality is a gazillion times better)  Some serious bargains to be had - tees for £1.99, jeggings for £3.99.  Alas nada for the boys.  

In fact it was so cheap, I had to find something to bump the amount to get free postage.  And lo and behold, a couple of bargains (which I hadn't planned to keep....) may have fallen into my basket. 

And one of them is this sweatshirt for... £6.  Actually you get a penny change - £5.99.  And oh my lord I love it. 

Combination sweatshirt from Zara £5.99 was £25.99

Loved it so much, put it straight on for very casual day, hanging out at home, dodging the rain and going to the supermarket.  All the glamour.   It's not thick fleecey sweatshirt fabric - more of a thick jersey.  With a thinner cream cotton panel across the shoulders.  I've got the Medium.  Absolutely perfect. 


Brave khaki sweatshirt - Zara 
Paint splattered khakis - Zara
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

And reporting back on the pleather biker jacket from ASOS that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  A number of people have been asking about it and here we go - when I wore it on hols.  I love it.  It's genuinely not as shiny as it looks online.  I have the tall version which is now sold out but link here to the normal version which is now only £22.  Highly highly recommend.


White linen tee - Max Studio
Khaki cargo trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Black pleather biker jacket - Asos
Delphine tan ankle boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Mario Ankle Boots - Jerome Dreyfuss

So tomorrow I'm off to Chessington with all three children.   Yes you read that correctly.  It is the only thing the 7yr old wanted to do for his birthday.   How bad can it be?......   I may be wearing my new sweatshirt as I am that much in love with it.   

Has everyone bought into the logo fad?  Not you or are you planning on succumbing this season?  

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22 comentarios:

  1. How did I miss that 'Brave' jumper when I was surfing the Zara sale the other week?!!? Love it on you - and you wear it so much better than the model does x

    1. Hi I noticed it was still available this morning

    2. oh N, love you thanks! Honestly it's worth looking at - I LOVE it. Yes Em, it's still available (or was yesterday!)

  2. Noooo, I disagree! Captain Tortue, yes it's strange having to buy the clothes at a party and yes they're expensive. They do last though. And in a nod to your recent post I've had some cracking, non-girly dresses from there. Granted, there are some things I wouldn't touch but I always manage to find something. Give it another go?

    1. Really? I've been to loads and it's all "ok".. but I think v expensive really for what it is. Having said that, the last couple I've been to they have had some really lovely boucle jackets...... So yes, I'll give them that! And the kids clothes are excellent - expensive but they really do last. My boys have had shorts I've passed down and they're now 6 yrs old!

  3. Love, love these. Sincerely Jules do some lovely ones too. Lorraine x

    1. ooh I thought SIncerely Jules was a blogger - I didn't know she did clothes too. Off to look!

  4. When did those sweatshirts appear in Uniqlo? I swear I scoured the place on Sunday, but there was nothing, nothing like that *sob* Would have bought that 'Paris' one in a heartbeat ...

    1. Hmm these may be online only? I saw them over the weekend... I'm going up there on Friday, do you want me to see if there's one?

  5. I just can t join in with this one! I ve tried but they just make me think about shopping for the kids

    1. Oh it would be so boring if we all did all the trends! I'm sure there are loads of other things you're embracing!

  6. Ooh I'm so cool, I already have the Boden 'hello' one, am doing my smug face!!

  7. Just tried to buy the little black sweat one from new look and it's sold out in nearly every size! Boo, couldn't find it instore today either! Double boo!

    1. oh lordy what a shame, I'm so so sorry

  8. Boden smile Breton already purchased, had to be done as soon as I a saw it!

  9. I used to hate sweatshirts with slogans on them. Now I bloody love them!

    1. oh god me too. I'm a total eat my humble pie volte face, last one to the party fashion follower!

  10. Did I email you about the kitchen? If not, I'll do immediately. and yes, go and have a look at the dregs of the sales although there was v little instore. Is there nowhere you can send it to?!

  11. I got the Zara sweatshirt for £3.99 lol