It's getting chilly

So if there's anything that's going to send me into full on A/W research, it's biblical rain. 

Boy is it raining here.  So much so that the football mad boys, both said "we think we'll miss football today".... Unheard of.  Hence a day on the Xbox whilst the poor poor 10 yr old is going on a revision course for her 11+ exam. (anyone else currently in 11+ hell?  I absolutely HATE this ridiculous system but there you go).  I know of people who are expecting their kids to do an hour plus a day work.  Well good luck to them, but we've stuck with ten questions a day week days only (so ten minutes) with no extra tutoring in the hols just to try and keep on top of things.  My heart absolutely goes out to her and all of them as it's such a cruel fate to be judged at such a young age on ONE day's work.  Admittedly at the same age I did have an entrance exam but there was also an interview and your body of primary school work with a letter from your head was taken into consideration. 

Anyway, rant over (can you tell it's forefront of my mind....) and I'm taking my mind off it with talk of trousers. 

As I said, it's bucketing it down here, I've done all my chores, I am sat curled up in a jeans and a comfy tee with a cup of mint tea (don't mention decent coffee to me.....fingers crossed my nespresso machine and I are reunited on Saturday....)  Oh and catching up on Suits (with a very wet dog sat next to me I've just realised.....).  Pure bliss.  

And taking time to have a look at a perennial favourite - the coated jeans.  I need new ones.  I haven't had decent ones in years - my favourite two pairs were an ancient Cos pair which were bought pre baby number 3 (who is now 7 so that's truly ancient) and I literally can't breathe in them. They simply do not stretch over my hips anymore and I lose circulation to my legs after wearing them for half an hour.  

The other were a 2nd Day pair which said they were coated but to be honest, they weren't coated coated but vaguely metallic.  However there are the best fit and I do still wear them as a pair of dark grey jeans.  

I just want more coated.  I want super shiny (well not super super shiny but ones with a definite waxed look to them)  And I want them high waisted.  No more muffin top on show for me thank you very much. 

So starting with the more expensive versions.  Now I'm not going to lie - I am really on the fence as to whether or not it's better to splurge on these. 

On Friday, I went to the King's Road to meet the people at Eileen Fisher which was super interesting and boy, do they have some gorgeous gorgeous things.  I'll be back with some more gems another day but for the moment, one of the things I did have my eye on was the coated leggings. 

These are certainly less leggings in the truest sense of the word and definitely more jeggings.  Fabulous fit, fabulous stretch and a lovely waxed look to them.  And most importantly - oh my lord they were comfy.  These would be your go to every day throw on trousers with oversized jumpers, shirts and sweatshirts in the A/W.  

Only concern I had was I couldn't decide between the XS and the Small (so I got some boots instead.... as you do.  Will report back another day as I LOVE them) 

Eileen Fisher Coated Organic Cotton stretch legging £160 And they now sell them at Harvey Nichols, where I also went (BLISS) and they are randomly cheaper than buying them from the EF site. (although they are the same price instore)

I haven't had Diesel jeans for years but I remember them being great quality and I don't think this is too bad a price for jeans, if they do their job amazingly well and turn me into Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease.

Diesel Debbie High Waisted Coated Denim Skinny Jean £150 

Another excellent bet I'd say would be the Madewell Coated high waisted skinny jeans from Net a Porter for £135.  Although they don't look that long... but I have to say I do quite like an ankle grazer (as opposed to a pedal pusher....) 

Now having a look at some mid range ones.  I have to say my money would be on the Boden ones. 

High Rise Super Skinny Black Waxed jeans £69

Now I've never got on with FCUK skinnies but to be fair, I haven't tried them for ages.  I've always found them very short and very low rise but that may have changed.  These ones certainly look like a runner. 

Metallic Coated Second Skin Jeans £80

And if you didn't want the leather look, this are more of a dull wax.

Matt Coated Second Skin Leggings from FCUK £80

Some in the sale at The Outnet which makes them mid range now. 

Jeans 22 Coated high rise skinnies from BLK Denim were £145 now £72.50

Slightly cheaper at ASOS with the brand Cheap Monday. 

Cheap Monday High Waisted coated skinnies £55

Another mid range brand that I'd usually try would be the River Island Mollys but funnily enough they're sold out online unless you're a 6.  There is an ankle zip pair but honestly they don't look that coated to me.  I want to be metal mickey shiny.... (ish)

Moving onto the bargain basement.  These are the ranges I'm most interested in trying and I will do and will report back.  Quality wise, do you get what you pay for?  I have tried a pair of cheaper coated jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and whilst I do like them - they're not the best.  When you first put them on, yes they're great, but they have that super irritating trait of growing throughout the day.  So much so I took them back first time I wore them - I swear they stretch a whole size, so I got the size down. 

There does seem to be a much better choice this season - these will do for starters.

Black High Waisted Coated Skinnies from New Look £24.99

Five Units Penelope Skinny Leather look jeans were £80 now £24  A few of these left at John Lewis.

Noisy May Tall Coated Slim Leg Jean £28  Again, these look high waisted and the range of lengths also make them really interesting. 

Now we can do super super bargain and I've just ordered these.  I have VIP delivery at ASOS which was a barginous £9.99 for next day delivery for a whole year and so it's so easy to just press buy - regardless of how much the item costs. 

These may be amazing - they may be mingerama.  But they're worth the free punt for £16.

ASOS Ridley Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans in coated indigo was £32 now £16 I like the fact they're long, I love the fact they're not black (even though I know, I know the post is on black coated jeans.  Duh.  But these are essentially an extra...) - I think with a huge navy jumper (still have my trust Boden jumpers from last year - lordy I hope they do them again this year as I am desperate for a black or graphite one) and a khaki scarf/cape thingy - will be amazing. 

So the plan is to order a few pairs and do a trying on session.  These things are simply impossible to find instore and with all the free delivery and free returns you can now get - it's definitely the easiest option.  Any other suggestions I should try, I'd be over the moon to hear.  There are some at Next I want to have a look at but my concern is that in the past, Next jeans I've had have been "growers".  I don't care how cheap they are anymore, I simply want ones that fit and stay the same shape throughout the day.  My arse is saggy enough on its own thank you very much without being given extra sag by a pair of jeans with a soggy bottom.

Nothing so exciting today with regards to the outfit today though - a super dress down day but I did crack out the new Golden Goose trainers.  Quote of the day from the 10 yr old.... "Are they new?.......*pause*.....  Did you get them from a charity shop?".... Clearly she's not buying in to the whole aged look.  

I, on the other hand, couldn't be more pleased with them.  Plus they make my feet look small.  And that, with trainers, is a reason to keep them. 


Saxby jeans - ASOS

Grey tee - T by Alexander Wang
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Dog - Ginny the Australian Labradoodle (six months old now. HOW?)

We've got people coming over tomorrow which means no more Suits for me (darn it....)  And will it stop raining.... Plus I need to think about packing again as we're off on hols again on Saturday.  Yes - on manic weather watch yet again.  They assure me it's going to be warm again come the weekend... but I've noticed they have a habit of saying this and once it gets nearer - oops sorry about that, it's going to pee it down again.  On the upside, I get to ogle lots of yummy knitwear to take away with me...*cue new blog*

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22 comentarios:

  1. Ordered the Boden ones, arrived on Friday.. So pleased with them, lovely coated finish, looks quite luxe not too shiny! And in a petite which is great for little me with short legs so they will look great with ankle boots. If this grim weather keeps up I may break them out on fri night for drinks with the girls

    1. That's great news! But those weather people have honestly assured me it's going to be better at the weekend... *eyes skies suspiciously...*

  2. Each to their own, but the Golden Goose are very pricey and do look... a bit shabby!? Not a criticism of you at all, this is a great blog and you are giving me good ideas x thanks!! X

    1. Oh my lord they are so not for everyone and I'll absolutely admit there is an element of Emperor's New Clothes about them - why would you pay all that money for trainers that look old? Well I guess the same could be said years ago with the advent of ripped jeans? But they do seem to have cemented their place in the fashion hall of fame so maybe these will go the same way.

      Regardless, I LOVE them - and as I always say it would be an exceptionally dull world if we all liked the same thing. I will say I wouldn't (couldn't) pay full price for them but they are exceptionally comfy and the fact they make my feet look diddy, I do rather love!

    2. Good points!! I don't like ripped jeans or distressed clothing generally, which I know a lot of people love, so it's part of the same look. Where I grew up it was a sign of poverty, I still have that association. I loved your recent dresses blog, thanks!! (no ripped items, lol) xx

  3. Oh, love the Golden Goose trainers! But then I am drawn to "distressed" looking boots, jeans, leather jackets etc. I am aware that it seems a bit silly to buy stuff that already looks old, but I don't care.


    1. Welcome to the party! Yup, I"m with you. I remember years ago buying a Coccinelle battered leather satchel - actually I should dig it out - I'm sure it's in the loft!

  4. The ones I've had have all been cheap Next and M&S ones and the coating washes off after a while. Maybe it is worth paying more for these. Who knows. Answers on a post card.

    1. yes yes yes. But then I had expensive ones and they too weren't a stayer. Hmmm. Jury is still out. DARN IT

  5. Last winter when I was looking for black coated skinnies there wasn't a pair to be found! I ended up finding a pair on eBay, I was clearly ahead of the game (not!) I love your Golden Goose trainers but sadly they are way out of my price range but Im looking forward to seeing how you style yours xx

    1. Well done you! Yes they are silly money even in the sale. I'm sure there will be lots of copies around soon!

  6. Given the extraordinary rain yesterday, I decided that autumnal dressing was totally ok. Wore a pair of Zara indigo wide leg crops, together with heeled knee-high boots, a simple top and a big scarf. It was an unashamed copy of one of those Pinterest looks you featured a couple of weeks ago. I felt completely right in this outfit, kind of Scandinavian, maybe ever so slightly cool but not overdone, and even the husband said that he really liked it. Just wanted to say thank you. I would never have had the confidence to buy / wear that outfit without this blog, because the trouser shape initially feels quite new and quite tricky, but am really glad to have it in my wardrobe and know that I'll wear it loads x

  7. I love kids, they're priceless ;-)

    1. What - as in no one would give you any money for them??!!

  8. Hi Kat, what size are your new trainers? I'm normally a size 40 (7) but take a size 39(6) converse as they run big. Thanks

    1. Love your Zara paint splashed khaki jeans, I'm a size 10 jeans in top shop. May I ask what the sizing of these Zara ones are on you? Thank you!

    2. So sorry, I've only just seen this! Mine are a size 10 and are totally true to size x

  9. Love your blog, normally a lurker but I had to ask - why havent you posted the Hush Coated skinnies? I am lusting after those and I seem to recall you said you wanted to try them too - I was just wondering if you got them and didnt like the fit of the Hush ones?

    1. Only reason is because I just posted them yesterday!! Haven't tried them yet but will do (although I might just go straight for the leather leggings.....)

  10. Hi there, I know it's not fashion related and you may not want to share but would love some details on your kitchen, it looks great in the pictures! Thanks :)

    1. Email me on and I'll give you the details xxx