The start of the wish list

Drum roll.... 

Oh just simply too exciting.  I ADORE A/W clothing.  So much more so than S/S stuff.  There's just more to it.  Which means more to buy.  More to accessorise.  The very fact it's just more is probably why I like it so much. 

Where does one start?  

Well.  A while ago I did start off on a capsule wardrobe and everything from there still stands.  I can't remember how far I got (fickle, yes that's me...) but I do remember that it was all very devoid of colour.

Which, to be honest, is how I do like the majority of my wardrobe.  I am a huge fan of collating lots of basics, plain and simple that you can mix and match and from which you can collate a huge variety of outfits.  

For me, versatility is the key.  And whilst yes, the majority of my wishlist is going to be dark and minimalist, before I get stuck in to that, I have one slightly off piste number to explore. 

It's the colourful cardie.  I have come to realise I am a big fan of these.  Really really love them and am drawn to them like a moth to a flame (admittedly the same can be said of coats... something years ago I swore I would never buy but I appear to accrue one a year at the moment.  Something for another day) 

Last year one of my favourite cardigans was the pink Nessa cardi from hush which they've bought back again this year... but this time in blue shades. 

Nessa Cardi from hush £110 Don't forget the 10% off with the code AWXX15 plus free delivery and free returns.  The pink version sold out last year ridiculously quickly so it's worth ordering if you want to try it.  

A similar version in navy that I came across from.. Betty Barclay of all places.  Now I'm not going to lie, this isn't somewhere I frequent At All but this cardigan - hell, I could totally wear this and when I came across it online, I couldn't believe it was from Betty Mum's Wedding Outfit Barclary.  Throw it on the model above or below and it would look easily as good as the hush or the FCUK one.  Ideal if you're looking for some detail but don't want to go all out in pattern or a multitude of shades or colours.  All the detail is in the knit.  A simple two tone number. 

Better Barclay Chunky Knit Cardigan £75

The other cardigan I have from last season that I absolutely adore is the chunky knit red, camel and blue one from Zara last season but fear not if you didn't get your hands on it or it wasn't your shade.  Or maybe it was too big (it's very oversized and very heavy).

There is a similar but I think more generically wearable one at French Connection this season (who have some gorgeous gorgeous things - I may have to peruse this in more detail...) 

Olive Oversized Wool Cardigan from FCUK £110  An example of how these bring to life your basics.  Honestly, I can't recommend them enough. 

Clearly the 70s are inspiration for much of the knitwear this season and Starsky would be fighting you for this one. 

Cotton-blend Cardigan from Mango £39.99  This one is actually super wearable (and a great great price).  If the full on colour isn't your thing - the nod to the theme in the pattern is just ideal.  The more I look at this one, the more I love it.  Really love it.   Personally I would oversize in all of these, but that's because I'm 5ft10 and I think they need to look like a generous fit.

To prove what a bargain the Mango one is - you could always blow the budget at Max Mara.

Abelia cardigan from Max Mara £498

However there is a far more palatable to the purse version at FCUK which isn't too dissimilar from the Max Mara one (bar the price tag...) 

Fran Fair Isle Wool Cardigan from FCUK £110  I'll be honest, this isn't chunky enough for me.  I want full on 70s stylee heavy weight knit.

Slightly boho now at Anthropologie.  More texture than print now. 

Belmar Cardigan £120 from La Fee Verte at Anthropologie

And another number from La Fee Verte (Green Fairy - how fab is that?). 

Confetti Stitch Cardigan £100 at Anthropologie

Another trend does seem to be geometric patterns - I first saw the Vince Sleeveless Gilet in Selfridges at the beginning of the Summer, when chunky knitwear was very far from my thoughts but it clearly made its mark as I keep coming back to it....

Draped open front gilet from Vince £295  This is slightly thinner in the knit but is perfect for this time of year.  Ideal for layering over biker jacket or simple knitwear.

And a heavier version in a more unusual colour palette, again from Vince (eye wateringly expensive mind you)

Graphic block print open front cardigan from Vince £425

However clearly the holidays are getting to me as I have come over all super print.  Whilst thoughts of monochrome and colours less errr colourful are the theme of the rest of my wishlist, I am drawn to cardigans on drugs. 

There is really no other word for them - full on, psychedelic student type cardigans are really taking my fancy.  We're talking colour, print AND texture.  

Superdry Avoriaz Tassle Oversize cardi £84.99 (I actually don't think this is too bad for a Superdry cardigan considering the price of their tees, which, for the record I don't wear but the 10 yr old does.  A reason, if one was needed that they're not for me) 

I don't wear red but if I did.... this one is a bargain (although I have to say still prefer the Superdry one...) 

Vero Moda Aztec Cardigan Fringing with £38

Now these last two are wrong on so many levels I LOVE them.  I absolutely and utterly love them.  I will have to have one of them even if I just wear it round the house with my jamas for the next five years (which actually would make it worthwhile.....).  

The jury is out as to whether I love this with the jumper as well - I have not reached total breaking point yet so I should probably reserve judgement on this.  There is a part of me that does think, in for a penny, in for a pound but I'll probably get more wear out of the cardigan over plainer layers.  Having said that, the jumper could come into its own under a plain coat of course....... The modern day twinset perchance?  (I have just copyread the article and have had to nip in to say, the more I look at this, the more I adore it - jumper AND cardie)

Samsoe & Samsoe Kimy Cardigan £135 from Coggles

And the cardigan which, truth be told, started me off on this mission.  The Autumn Cardigan from Plumo.  Although having said that, I think... I think I'm actually preferring the Samsoe one... I'm sure most of you think both of them utterly ming.  This suddenly looks very sensible compared to the Samsoe pair (on reflection maybe the holidays are having more of an effect than I had thought....)

Autumn Cardigan from Plumo £89

So there I am done with my foray into colour.  Fear not - usual crepuscular shades will be back shortly - maybe once I get over the shock of a whole day at Chessington yesterday with the three children on my own.  

To be honest, it wasn't actually *that* bad.  It's really not that bad at all - it certainly does help that I love theme parks (I know - go figure).  Plus it's a place the 8yr old Aspie has been loads, knows and is super comfortable with.  I'm not remotely worried about him getting lost or wandering off as he knows it so so well (he has studied the map at home for years although he doesn't need to as he knows it from the last time we went).  And he's happy there.  None of them were too happy that SIX of the major rides were shut but fair play to Chessington, they've given us free tickets for another day.  (I'll fess up - at the time, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as, as easy it as is, it's all relative and it's exhausting.  BUT it's a free day out so I can't complain!) 

We were super lucky with the weather although it did start raining at 5pm when we were leaving.  Outfit chosen as it was muggy and I needed something cool, loose and comfortable.


Linen top - Massimo Dutti
Turned up jeans - Zara
Tan lace up sandals - Forever 21
Medium Marcie Satchel in Whiskey - Chloe 

It's movie night for us and then tomorrow I'm off to London for the day.  We have my lovely sister in law staying with us at the moment and so she is doing Aunty Day Care.  To say I shall be skipping onto the train is a teensy tiny understatement.......

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21 comentarios:

  1. I NEED the Samsoe Kimmy cardigan, immediately. I adored the grey/pink version they did last A/W but the colours just weren't me. This green version definitely is though and I can't wait to get my hands on it! I totally agree with you on the whole A/W vs S/S excitement. I just love clothes shopping at this time of year - so much more fun, plus you get so much more wear from the clothes as, lets face it, we get the weather for them! Great post. x

    1. oh lordy it's amazing isn't it??! I need BOTH !

  2. Can I ask, are you doing a wish list / round up for the new Hush collection? I'm itching to order a few things in August to take advantage of their 10% off and free delivery and returns, but I'm always swayed by your opinion and would love your thoughts on the key pieces!

  3. I adore the samsoe cardi and have been very tempted since the plumo brochure dropped through my door. I've just bought this from zara - gorgeous.

    1. oh that is gorgeous. Really really gorgeous

  4. The Samsoe one, ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  5. I do love a cosy cardigan, completely adore the Plumo one, I lust over their brochure every season they have the most gorgeous clothes. We are off to Chessington next week (arghhh our school holiday must!) Have a fab day out in London tomorrow - I am popping up there tomorrow eve to meet R for need to get out!! Have fun xxxxx

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? I could wear everything in it! Hope you had a fab evening out. We ended up staying in town - great great night. And may possibly be going back to Chessington as we have the tickets to reuse....! May bump into you!

  6. Drool! These are lovely... Plumo has lots of these and the samsoe one is lovely, as was the pink/grey one last year. The hush one is gorgeous too. Another place that does gorgeous chunky cardigans is Celtic & Co, though I'm not so sure they are massively colourful. I am definitely in the market for a blue one, but think I want it shorter than the hush one, so I can wear it under big coat in winter too (fussy).


  7. Hmm...this is my 'logo sweatshirts', can't get on board with this one!! No doubt you will make it look terribly cool and stylish, I would look like local cat lady who talks to bins :-(

  8. arrghh i am literally awaiting payday to splurge on the Hush one, which i think will be a good investment piece. But hold the phone.. the plumo one is divine also!!
    And i actually really like the twinset too.. i think i would look utterly ridiculous in it but however i know for a fact with some coated skinny jeans and your gorgeous boots you would so rock that twinset!!X

  9. Plumo one definitely as it's more coatigan than cardi , cardigans always make me feel like mum who's given up and gone on school run in PJ's!

    1. H aha ha! I see where you're coming from but I do already have a number of coatigans and I feel about ready to enter my cat lady phase...!

  10. i love the plumo one and could see myself getting a lot of use out of it, love the colours and style. i am lusting after so many items from the Hush A/W collection i can already see my bank manager weeping in to his overpriced latte and the husband heading for the wine fridge. i hit over £900 on the wish list so thought i might as well make it a nice rounded £1000. :) Love the Tara dress which was obviously named after my first born ;) just cant decide on the colour. Out of interest has anyone used any of the candles as i am loving the sound of the Pomegranate and peppercorn candle for the winter nights so any feedback would be great.

    1. AHA! the candle is AMAZING. I've just included it in my hush round up. Absolutely love love love it. I would have it on permanently if I could afford to! I'm also going to get the diffuser. Gorgeous x

  11. oh that's so so true isn't it?! How long have you got left?