So it seems that....

...they're not just holiday favourites.  I started the week going through my holiday heroes and what I've realised is that my best bits I take with me (and admittedly we're not talking dressing for 40 degrees in the Med here - we've got more of a Northern European Climate wardrobe chat going on) are in fact, my all year round must haves. 

And up there at the top is my most beloved - the stripe top.  Be it a breton, be it a jumper, be it a tee, it must be striped.  For me, my current favourite which I've been wearing non stop since I got it last year is the Hush black and white jumper.  This works on its own or with a tee underneath.  It's a jumper but it's a thin knit so is ideal for layering and slim enough to slip a blazer over the top. 

Can't recommend this highly enough and is perfect in this crazy weather when it's clammy and muggy one minute and full on chilly an hour later.  A must for my suitcase, especially as it's a black and off white so perfect for my mostly monochrome themed selection - obviously with the odd khaki thrown in for good measure and obviously the leopard print scarf.  In fact, whilst we're talking leopard print - my fave *print* combo (even though in my rather warped brain, I genuinely think of both of them as neutral....) - stripe & leopard.  And yes, The Husband does actually come out in hives when I wear these together.

Stripe Boatneck Jumper from Hush £65

Another bargain jumper in linen at Uniqlo - perfect for those rainy days on holiday when you still want to feel vaguely summery.  And also gorgeous with grey (I might mention this once or a gazillion times more....) and navy come Autumn. 

Premium Linen Sweater was £29.90 now £9.90 from Uniqlo

Another bargain to be had at ASOS - this time more fitted.  For me, this is ideal to wear under a blazer in the A/W.  Or now thrown on with shorts and a scarf. 

ASOS Tall jumper in Stripe with elbow pads £22 and 100% cotton. 

Instead of a jumper - a sweatshirt is a great alternative.  I am a huge huge sweatshirt fan (guess what's coming shortly in my capsule collection...)

BDG Stripe Sweatshirt in Ivory and navy £39

On a jumper roll now and an oversized version at Abercrombie.  A wide white stripe which some people may prefer. 

Abercrombie & Fitch Stripe Oversized Knit Jumper £36

However I have to say I can't do a striped top blog and not mention the iconic Petit Bateau Breton.  Admittedly less of a jumper and more of a top....

It may seem like a lot but it really is a fabulous investment.  One of my closest friends has one and every time she wears it I do think - I *really* need me one of these.  However I am scarred by the hideous story of a Joseph Breton that I owned.  And wore once.  And then handwashed.  In the machine.  Which a certain small 2yr old (now 8... how he has got to 8 is a minor miracle to be frank with you) decided to change from a cold handwash at 15 degrees to a 90 degree wash.  I can't even stand to relive the rest of the nightmare but suffice to say, 6yrs on, it still makes me WEEP when I even contemplate recalling it.  And no, the top could not be rescued.  Sob.

Were I to purchase one of these, I would be reminded every day.  Of a Breton I had that was very similar but dare I say it, nicer and more expensive.  (I spent absolutely ages justify its purchase.  But I must move on....)  However if you're not the (occasionally) proud owner of a busy (we now know Aspergers/ADHD and no we weren't surprised) and button obsessed small boy - this should be your go to Breton. 

Iconic Women's Breton Top £58

Or in the alternative colourway 

If we're talking about tops, then I have to say winner of my stripe tee shirt challenge would be Me+Em. 

Obviously the darling of Princess Kate (is that what we call her?) for the classic striped tee - I think she has the navy and white and also the cobalt and white.  My choice would be the black and white.  Really unusual to find a breton top in this combo. 

Breton top in black and white £48

I have to say my choice though would be this completely bargain box tee. 

Stripe V Neck Box Tee was £45 now £13.50

However this is new in and I simply adore this.  No need to layer it up with anything, just throw it on and go.  Perfect for work or the school run. 

The 2 in 1 Breton Shirt £88 from Me+Em

A sneaky last minute summer purchase could be a stripe dress.  Layer these over skinny jeans and a blazer, chunky cardi or biker jacket for Autumn. 

Stripe long sleeve tee dress by Boutique at Topshop £45

Another version in grey at Urban Outfitters BDG Slouchy Stripe Marled was £39 now £22

Finishing with a sale bargain though and it doesn't necessarily have to be a breton to be a stripe though - this would be as fab over shorts and a tee at the seaside as it would with jeans for travelling in or for the cooler months. 

Cashmere Stripe Jumper from hush was £120 now £85 with an extra 10% off with the code EXTRA10.  Last day of the hush sale today!

And here I am in my fave stripe jumper.  Home from hols now.  It went simply too too quickly.  


Grey tee - T by Alexander Wang
Off white jeans - All Saints
Black buckle sandals - Zara
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Can you believe that we left the coffee machine on holiday?  Ok confession time,  I am such a sad caffeine obsessed freak that I take my Nespresso machine on holiday with me.  AND WE LEFT IT THERE.  It's say on the side in a bag.  Along with a shed load of pods and milk. 

Luckily we're going back to Suffolk in a couple of weeks for another week so hopefully we should be able to pick it up then.  Is it really really wrong to admit I think I might miss it more than had I left a child...? (OBVIOUSLY I'm joking... - spot the person who's not had a coffee since this morning.  I have resorted to prosecco instead....)

Smallest boy's birthday tomorrow morning.  He's requested Chilli for breakfast....

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15 comentarios:

  1. I cannot believe you left behind your Nespresso, I'd have been sobbing!!
    Stripes & leopard though, YES!! Wear them together all the time, love it! X

    1. Honestly - I am such a tit. *obviously* it was my fault.......

  2. Stripes I love, but please not a blog on them, I have way too many already. But have to agree live leopard and stripe but then I love most things with a stripe top x good luck with going cold turkey without the Nespresso .

    1. Oops sorry - you asked too late!

      Have had to use my old Dualit Percolator today which normally only gets dragged out at coffee mornings and Christmas. Just TOO much caffeine though! (and no frothy milk... SOB SOB SOB)

  3. That's amazing. I saw a girl in the BDG sweatshirt today in St Pancras and almost asked her where she got it (but was worried at coming off as a bit sad. And old.) And then here it is, as if by magic. Thank you.

    1. SPOOKY! So pleased - it looks like a gorgeous one x

  4. They had special Nespressos in the US that made a tall cup and whirled it around to make a foamy finish so no milk needed. I was all set to buy one in Macys and haul it back but they told me that the voltage was too different and pods only available in US - my sobs echoed through the store! Nice stripes!

    1. OMG that sounds amazing.... so no milk at all? Wow.

  5. Can never get enough stripes, my closeT is filled with them! Love your Alexander Wang striped tee and immediately went on a hunt. It was a toss-up between yours and the Hush striped jumper and I ended up going for Hush one as it was cheaper. Hope I end up loving it as much as you love yours!

    1. Oops, reread your post and it turns out yours was the Hush one, yay! Weirdly enough though, Alexander Wang has a similar striped jumper on Shopbop.

    2. Ha ha - yes, sorry about that, I did have on a tee which you can't see in the pic really now that I look at it but you definitely could in the flesh!

  6. Aargh nooooo, I could live in a Breton and jeans every single damn day. Your blog is my inspiration to mix it up a bit!! Am closing this window immediately...winds up buying a me&em top...

    1. But think what you could put over it... and wear on your feet....... or what bag you could get to go with it...... !!!

  7. Hush jumper Kat, XS or S/M for a size 8?

    1. Well I'm a 10 and have the S/M so I'd say you can get away with either size.. sorry, not the most helpful x