My holiday essentials

Part one.  Well of course it's part one as the list is enormous. 

And truth be told, we've already had part one as it was really the denim/chambray shirt. 

And and and and whilst we're here, if you're holidaying in the UK, I've come to the conclusion that you're onto a bit of a non starter.  It pretty much doesn't matter what you bring, it won't be enough of the right thing.  Holidaying in Ireland as we do every year is a shed load easier - you just bring warm stuff and lots of it (well as much as you can stuff in a Ryanair style suitcase - both yours and the space you steal from your kids')

But oh my lord, it is warm here in Suffolk.  Dare I say (THE SHAME) sunburn (I'm going with a redder shade of tan....) warm?

If it stays this warm - and yes, I am all for hoping that it does - the slight downside will be that I will run out of clothes by errr, tomorrow.  Ok so that's not exactly true - I have a number of little vests I can wear with shorts.  It's "shoulders out" weather for sure.

So in fact what I really mean is that I will probably have enough to wear to get me through to the end of the week (without having to wash anything) but it does mean that I won't get to wear 75% of what I've bought. 

In other words, the things that I usually get to wear on hols in the UK - jeans and the obligatory sweatshirts and jumpers aren't expected to see the light during the day. 

But... but but but.... as a typical half Irish, half English gal, copious amounts of sun doesn't necessarily agree with me.  This combined with an exceptionally old English stone cottage that we've rented, with walls a metre thick, I get a tad cold at night.  

And so - yee ha - I need something to snuggle in.  And more importantly, something to wear to the pub.  Now I have packed a plethora of (rather lovely I will say) sweatshirts, but the one thing I really wish I HAD packed as it would be perfect for this glorious sunshine which does turn slightly chilly of an evening, is my white jumper. 

I searched high and low for mine earlier in the season and it was a real find.  From Kin by John Lewis and now sold out but I have finally found a reason to trawl the dregs of the sales and unearth some total gems that are perfect for pretty much every holiday.  As well as being the ideal jumper to take you into Autumn - something light which you can team with darker colours (you can put with every colour or neutral to be fair) and still maintain a hint of warmer times.

There are some complete crackers around.

Selected Femme Waffle Knit in jet stream (cream to you and me) was £45 now £13.50  They also do this in an amazing orange shade - obviously called Sky Captain..... the mind boggles.  But it is a completely gorgeous colour - on link above.

And another Selected Femme one but this time in a sweatshirt style - oh my lord this is such a bargain.  I am so so so so so tempted... even as a throw on for in the evenings with sweatpants come kids' bedtime (we've discussed this before, I know loads of you do it.....).  Or dog walks... ooooh.  Rude not to.  I'm not even going to mention upcoming Rugby training.

Selected Femme Sweater in Jet Stream was £50 now £15   This is also available in an orange shade, this time entitled Tigerlily.  Vaguely (I said vaguely) more comprehensible as a shade of orange and again only £15.  Either the orange or the navy with greys, navys and blacks in the A/W... totally justified buying both colours.  Honestly you will thank me for this.

Mango Chunky Knit Cotton Jumper in light beige was £34.99 now £13.99

Another waffle textured at Linea from House of Fraser. 

Linea Weekend Aurora Crew Neck Jumper was £55 now £22

I do think my bargain waffle jumper of the day though, would be from East. 

East Waffle Stitch Jumper was £79 now £23

More beige shades at hush and again in the sale (which is genuinely only going to be on for another couple of days)  Another great investment for A/W - layer over a white or denim shirt.

Crochet Jumper from hush was £65 now £30 in biscuit 

A smidge more crochet at Warehouse in the sale at House of Fraser.  This is gorgeous and would work just as well with jeans, ankle boots and a huge scarf.

Warehouse Crochet Shoulder knit was £40 now £18

Complete bargain in white from the Matches' brand Raey.  This could be thrown over a tee with jeans on holiday but could also be worn with smart trousers (I have these coming up when I get back from hols) or a skirt to work.  I'd also put this with a leather skirt or coated skinnies or peg leg trews with heels for a night out.  Super versatile and a steal with this reduction. 

Oversized draped-front knit sweater was £225 now £67

Another 70% off little gem from Matches - yes this is chunkier, but I'm sat here after a tad too much sun and would be more than happy for one of these right now.  I would size up in this as well as it looks like it should be quite fitted. Chunky and quite fitted = never a great idea in my book.

Heavyweight knit sweater was £318 now £95 from Maison Kitsune at Matches

Finishing with a slight ringer - this isn't going to carry you into Winter with aplomb but it will be a regular Summer staple for years and years and years to come. 

East Lace detail jumper was £79 now £39

So I'm off for a quick dog walk on the beach with the 10yr old (did one this morning at 7am with the 8yr old - honestly - this is SO up there with things I thought I'd never write) and back for prosecco and tapas with the family.  All in all pretty bliss and the perfect hols for us.  Yes, it is definitely better when it's not raining.

This is the travelling outfit from Friday. 


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Khaki cargos - Tommy Hilfiger
Black Tux blazer - hush
Black lace up sandals - Forever21
Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

And yesterday - out for dinner with the family.  Much more casual during the day when I had shorts on instead of the trousers and a beach bag in lieu of the (yes I will fess up shortly) Jerome Dreyfuss bag.


Black v neck knitted tee - Zara
Linen cargo pants - Tophsop
Black lace up sandals - Forever21
Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Today was ridiculously warm, pic on Intagram - finally I'm back online after having no wifi for a couple of days.  We had to talk to each other.  It was really not it's all cracked up to be (joking...!)  But in all seriousness, 24/7 only with each other (especially when you throw a gorgeous, but oh my lord challenging, 8yr old Aspie with ADHD into the mix) is an *interesting* concept.  We have worked out we all need some space from each other at some time during the day.  Some space and doing our own thing works for us.

As much as I loved the time to read, I missed writing.  I really missed writing, I really missed researching (the "really" being a slight exaggeration seeing as it was only two and a half days).  And I am really glad to be able to escape to here.  Thank you for having me.  And I'm now off to order the two Select Femme sweatshirts for click and collect at Saxmundham Waitrose.  Genius.  

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14 comentarios:

  1. Clicked through on your links to order one of the off white waffle knits and my 2 faves sold out! Boo.... Did manage to order a black boxy waffle knit instead though so I have my 1st piece of my A/W wardrobe and at a vastly reduced price £21 instead of £70 ! Result

    1. oh nooooooooooo! Oh fantastic - which one did you get?!

    2. It's a Betty Barclay one ... So hopefully a decent quality, and like you say, better to get a decent piece at a reduced price rather than a bit of tat for the same price. Looking forward to A/W now, which seems so wrong.!

  2. the bag ..... the bag .... gorgeous!!!!!! Jealous. Enjoy your holidays and glad you are back online. x

  3. And it's just lovely to have you back, miss your writing even for a day! Glad you're having a wonderful time, it sounds blissful x

    1. What a lovely thing to read, thank you so much xxx

  4. Love your fringed bag - it is gorgeous. Lorraine x

    1. I am so very pleased with it! Not that it's getting its proper usage here....! Thank you xxx

  5. Enjoy your holiday - just back from mine (Corsica) where I was still able to check your posts on the iphone despite very temperamental wifi;-) and already back at work today so reading you is a treat! Wanted to say that your post on fashion/what we wear means so much more than just 'fluff' in terms of confidence - completely agree. Also for me it has to do with feeling 'together' and 'organised'. and I think your ideas about dresses fall into that. Thank you for sharing and your writing! Catherine

    1. Thank you - so lovely to not be a lone voice in the wilderness on this subject. Hope you had a fab fab holiday x

  6. I do so enjoy your blog, just ordered two of the Select Femme tops, also for delivery to my local Waitrose while I'm on my hols - such s good idea. Hope they live up to their interesting names, jet stream, really?