One of my best buys from this Summer

I give you the unexpected hit of my Summer wardrobe.... the off white boyfriend jean.  These have been the hugest surprise - I have loved them.  Mine are a distressed pair that I paid the ridiculous bargain price of £22 for from All Saints at Kildare Village back when we were on holiday in Ireland at Easter.

I did buy them on a whim but I have been surprised by how much I have worn them.  And I still will wear them into the Autumn with my sneakers (my Golden Goose haven't arrived yet...missed the postie today - I shall be going NOWHERE tomorrow) but I'm a big ankle boot fan - especially those of the flatter variety - and I have yet to master the looser jean with a flat ankle boot. 

It just looks wrong diddly on me.  A cross between a hillbilly and a binman.  It's simply not a good look.  

With flat ankle boots, I need skinnies.  Last year I couldn't get enough of the oversized jumper, skinnies and ankle boots.  This Autumn - with the host of blanket wraps and capes around, there is simply no excuse not to overdose on the same look - it would be simply rude not to.  (I have so many knitwear itches I need to scratch - you have been warned)

Dare I go so far as to say I think it's easier to wear white skinnies in the Winter than the Summer... ok so don't take my word for it, have a look at these pics. 

My thinking behind this is because normally, when we try and buy white skinny jeans, the fit is a mare.  Too tight on the bum, too see through, too sausage leg enducing - let's not even remind ourselves of what happens if you're not blessed with great knees and try a pair of super skinny Topshop white jeans with rips on the knees..... little Les Dawson faces spewing out of the rip is what happens.  Never seen that highlighted in Vogue as a must have wear, so we'll swerve them.   And let's not even start talking about the muffin.... thin tee and a muffin = all sorts of not very attractive or comfortable.

But seriously though, we can be slightly (albeit only slightly...) more forgiving with our fit if we're going to drown our top half in a chunky knit.

And there are a couple of bargains around (in the sale or just bargains to be had) which it's worth looking at trying if you're a white jean winter novice.

Admittedly these aren't a bargain in the truest sense of the word although they are a good reduction.  I'm not sure you need to spend this much but if you like a Marant jean.... and they are a slouchy skinny which may appeal to some.

Isabel Marant Etoile Toya slouch skinny jeans were £175 now £70

This is absolutely the perfect colour for me as opposed to white white - an off white.... one could even say (if one were a ponce... a mantel I wear with pride), a winter white.

The Briana high rise skinny jean by Alexa Chung for AG were £218 now £130  Again, not cheap but a great reduction and I have to say that AG jeans are an AMAZING fit.  The perfect balance of stretch - try them on and weep. (with joy.  Or not, at the price...)

I say winter white - also known as Ecru and one of the best places I found to buy skinnies this year during a huge trying on session was good old M&S. 

Absolutely love these - slightly distressed too.  

Ripped (I'd hardly go that far but hey) Jeggings from M&S £29.50  Seeing as the chance of me getting coffee on a white pair of jeans is exceptionally high, this is the sort of price point I'd prefer.

Another off white pair at ASOS.  The all important title of High "aka muffin encasing" Waist jeans.  Although the nearest the 14yr old model has ever been to a muffin will obviously be of the blueberry variety.  Three kids and a world of wine later and she won't be embracing those crop tops with nearly such aplomb.  Pah.  Chunky knits all round methinks.

I will say though, I have always been very impressed with ASOS denim.  As opposed to their own brand knitwear... mind you, I should take that back as I was over the moon with my huge blanket scarf that I got there last Winter.  That is definitely going to be a major player in my wardrobe this season.

ASOS Rivington High Waisted in off white Jeggings £28

A pair of my very reliable (and therefore favourite) coated jeggings which work like a dream under oversized jumpers are the Eden jeggings from Dorothy Perkins.  Best thing about them is that they are super comfy - essential for those blobby days we all have now and again.

Which they don't do in a coated off white version (there is a camel version that looks ever so slightly like half of Mr Tumnus' costume from a local Am-dram production of The Lion the witch and the wardrobe - not great), there is another pair - the Frankie legging that looks much better.  

Ecru Frankie Jeggings £22 An ideal starter price point from Dotty P's if you're not sure about these and are looking to just try them out.  Or miss your mouth with your coffee/wine as often as I do.  I'm sure I'm on my own with that though....

Now some of my favourite skinny jeans are from Boden and I think *inhales* that these are coated..... Perfect, simply perfect. 

Super skinny jeans in Pearl £69

Another pair at Boden which look equally as perfect and are definitely waxed (clue's in the title...) 

High Rise Super Skinny jeans from Boden £69  High rise again - what's not to love?

More coated versions are at another of my highly recommended "go to" places for skinnies - River Island, discovered this year.

Beige Skinny side zip leather look trousers £40 from River Island

White coated leather look Molly jeggings £45 from River Island 

So there's some food for thought.  Am I on my own with my planning of my A/W wardrobe in minute detail?  Must put together a proper wish list...... 

Finishing with outfit from today - didn't get round to doing one yesterday with the now 7yr old's family birthday party all afternoon.  Amazing time was had by all although feeling every so slightly shabby today, I must admit. (there may have been a trip to McDonald's at lunchtime today..... a treat for the kids of course.... and it would have been rude for me not to eat too......)  Even my hair looks hungover here....


Print top - Kenzo
Straight leg jeans with oversized turn up - Zara
Black lace up sandals - Forever 21
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So of course now I'm on a mission for knitwear.  Be it jumpers, cardies, chunky or thin, I'm obsessed.  And don't get me started on scarves, capes and wraps.  Totally wishing the end of the Summer away but I seriously can't stop thinking about them.........

However the weather is set to be gorgeous for the rest of the week so am making the most of my Summer wardrobe.  Had totally forgot how useful tops like this are - love this one from Kenzo that was an amazing buy in the sales last year.  Normally I keep these for the Spring or for nights out but they're perfect for this not scorchio but warm enough weather.  Anyone else find tops like this useful?  A smarter version of a tee...??

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19 comentarios:

  1. God I love white skinnies and mine never get put away come winter. Totally with you on chunky knits - think I planned a whole wardrobe around this very look last year. I bought a pair of those thermal skinnies from Uniglo in the most perfect winter white I've ever seen. Sadly they don't fit right so have never been worn. Interested in the Molly leather look ones. I've got the normal pair (well as normal as can be) and they're ace x

    1. I was going to say - thermal skinnies don't sound the most flattering....!! Ski wear comes to mind....! You'll just have to look into the Molly pleather ones in stead - look amazing. Can't WAIT!

  2. This has reminded me how much I love skinny jeans in general, not only white ones. Have recently branched out into slim boyfriend jeans and am finding it so tricky to work them into a 'pulled together' outfit. Certainly my ankle boots just look weird with them. That first image is just so gorgeous x

    1. They just don't work, do they? Although randomly super high heeled ankle boots can work... and some with a higher heel. But low or flat heel? Just weird looking.... Isn't that first image to die for? I now officially have an obsession with oversized knitwear

  3. I just bought ripped white skinnies from Mango and can't wait to wear them when the bloody weather cools down (Middle Eastern humid summer is a nightmare).
    Kat, I wanted to ask how you like your new Asos biker jacket. The regular fit came down to 22 pounds and I'm thinking about it. Does it feel plastic-y at all? It looks great on you by the way!

    1. omg I LOVE the biker jacket - I actually have a photo from holiday that i'd forgotten to put on - I'll put it up on the blog today. Even the husband said it was lovely and he's very hard to impress....

    2. Thanks Kat, I've ordered it today. Hope to get lots of wear out of it during our very short winter.

    3. Thanks Kat, I've ordered it today. Hope to get lots of wear out of it during our very short winter.

    4. Thanks Kat, I've ordered it today. Hope to get lots of wear out of it during our very short winter.

  4. THANK YOU for this post! I was looking over your outfit with the cracked Stan Smiths and your AllSaints off-white jeand and was going to ask you where to find something similar.

    Btw I finally managed to snag some cracked leather white Stan Smiths (yay!) but they only had one size UK7 left. I've scoured the net for equivalent US sizes and it appears that for Adidas women sneakers, that's equivalent to a U.S. 8.5?? Pls say it's so...

    1. I'll have to go and check.... I will be back!

    2. Thanks! I've gone ahead and ordered so fingers crossed it'll work out!!

  5. I've branched out a little bit into boyfriend jeans this season although I still totally love my skinnies in all colours, I think you can dress them up or down, you just need the right footwear and jacket and you're good to go... Much harder to do with the boyfriend ones, only really suitable for a relaxed look! I'm getting interested in knitwear too now... And dress down lounging pants/trackies too. The list goes on

    1. Yes, it's weird - shoes are much easier with skinnies but I think you can probably wear less tops. I now have to swerve anything vaguely fitted as my midriff is not what it used to be - even this time last year! More exercise needed (project Autumn.....)

    2. Loving the oversized knitwear and skinnies look though! Am waiting for an oversized knit to arrive from Mint Velvet, I'm hoping it will be perfect with jeans (skinny and boyfriend) and lounge pants (not really sure what else to call them,)

    3. I am bookmarking oversized knitwear everywhere I go! Can't WAIT to wear them.

  6. Kat, what would you do if you can't wear trainers? Or have I not found the right ones?! I've tried your beloved Stan Smith's (not right), I've tried pumas, adidas, converse... I'm a size 12 but they all just look blurgh with skinnies and me. Ankle boots, them I have. Lots of them. And flip flops/sandals, LOADS. But the inbetween stage... I CANNOT FIND THE RIGHT THING! Any ideas?

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  8. I don't know about the skinny jeans being for everybody. You kinda have to have a model's hip size to leg length ratio.
    straight jeans