And the other option I've neglected...

.. oh hello jumpsuit. 

Where have you been all this season?  Not on my back, that's for sure.  At the beginning of A/W I had high hopes for these, having absolutely loved my jumpsuits all Summer.  I had big plans... and then got completely sidetracked by the skinnies.  The coated, leather and pleather numbers have a lot to answer for.  They have barely been off my legs for dog walks, supermarket, school run, lunches, meetings, dinners and parties.  You name it, I have worn them.

But you need a top to go with them and whilst for during the day, I can say, totally mastered, during the evening - meh... oh it's hard, it's really hard.  

However the beauty of a jumpsuit is that you have to expend half the brain energy on it.  It's literally a one think wonder.  And it would be the perfect slouch around for the Christmas season.  

Hmm.  Left that a bit late, didn't I? 

But let's look at the positive.  It's sale time.  In my book there is no such thing as a dry January.  Are you kidding me?  I am going to impose a one night out a week rule (already in place as I am a complete wuss and simply can't do more than that anymore) but I'm also determined to do more interesting things with my kids (remind me when I come up with some grand plan please, that we're not like a normal family and what works for us, isn't going to work for others.. actually vice versa.  BUT I'm going to try.... and just pray for wine at the end).

However this doesn't stop a new jumpsuit from being an excellent addition to my wardrobe.  

And it was, in fact, when I was looking at dresses the other day and on the Atterley Road site saw that they have 35% off new stock, that made me think - NEW STUFF!  You beauty.  
Lo and behold, there are some gorgeous jumpsuits which would work perfectly for nights out now but are also so so wearable for during the day.  Ankle boots, flats, sneakers and then we can crack out the sandals. 

Honestly, I am kicking myself at not getting a new one earlier in the season as I know I would have worn it so much.  They are going to be the Spring version of my leather leggings... 

Black Kimono Jumpsuit £75 from Atterley Road and 35% off all new season stock with the code XMAS35 until Friday evening.  Would be rude not to have a look no?

Selected Femme Black Sadina Jumpsuit £60 pre 35% discount How fabulous would this one have been for Christmas Day?  Nothing like writing a blog a couple of days late, is there?  But hello New Year's Eve.....

Similar at The Outnet from the wonderful By Malene Birger. 

Draped wrap effect stretch crepe jumpsuit was £195 now £95.52

And in a navy - was £199 now £96

M&S are also spreading some jumpsuit love and this one is all sorts of versatile.

V-neck Crepe Belted Jumpsuit £69

I would defy anyone to know this one was a Marks' number.  For the Summer with heeled gladiator sandals this would be fantastic.  Or for now with heels.. During the day - a pair of flats and you're off.  I would prefer it slightly longer in the leg, this is a tad too short for me in this pic.. it needs to be cropped trousers as opposed to culotte length I think.. But seeing as it comes in different leg lengths, winner winner, chicken dinnner (only had one coffee so far today...) .

Utility Belted Culotte Jumpsuit from M&S in various lengths £55

Topshop - the mecca of all things jumpsuit in the Summer.  Not a fabulous Winter selection but you can still grab a bargain.

Utility Shirt jumpsuit by Boutique at Topshop was £95 now £45

Use your imagination here... not the most flattering pose.  More mugshot than fashion.

Upping the ante although still reduced but we're talking a treat now. 

Vince button front long sleeved jumpsuit at Matches was £335 now £234

Oh but hang on a min... grey.  Grey.  LOVE. 

Peters long sleeved jumpsuit from Isabel Marant Etoile was £290 now £203.  On a scale of 1 to 10 of high hopes for this, I'm about a 15.  Drop waist - check, longgggg legs - check, even the sleeves look long (prays that the model isn't 5ft3).  And hand wash.  You know (well you probably don't as there are few people out there who are as sad as me, I'll wager) when you see something and think YES.  Yes, that's it.... This is going to be my Christmas Eve order.  

Another great reduction at The Outnet from Splendid.

Chelsea Voile Jumpsuit was £225.50 now £112.75

But I have to say, after perusing many, it's still the hush one that wins hands down for me - that's if you're going for black... I am still totally lusting after the grey Marant one.  However who's to say you wouldn't make the most of a black and a grey one?  

hush Jumpsuit £75

I am going to be back in the next couple of days with my thoughts on what we should really be looking for in the sale and into the New Year to gear us up for Spring.  Still not entirely sure what I'm wearing tomorrow...

However this crazy weather at the moment means even yesterday, I wasn't wearing full on Winter clothes and had changed into an outfit that I could easily still be wearing in April.   Changed to go to the panto, dinner and the pub. 


Sequin tee - H&M

Black leather leggings - hush
Grey longline blazer - Me+Em
Grey cashmere scarf - Black
Red Edie shoes - Jemima Vine
Black and gold studded cuff - Coccinelle
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Christmas Eve.  We are off to rehearse for our crib service now (don't ask) and then yes, you've guessed it - more frantic wrapping tonight.  GAH!  But I have definitely broken the back of it, my sister in law is coming over so we will have a couple of drinks and some canapes (I may have bought one or twenty boxes too many of canapes.  Other people love chocolates - for me, a mini pork belly bite or wrapped prawn is pure heaven.  I can literally eat them by the box full and would happily live on nothing else all holiday) whilst I get cramp from sitting on the floor wrapping.... 

And then the big day tomorrow.  I would love to take this opportunity to wish everyone a hugely Happy Christmas and of course I'll be back on Boxing Day!  Thank you to everyone for your support over the past year and I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 

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24 comentarios:

  1. Dear Kat - a very heartfelt THANK YOU for your lovely blog - it's truly one of my happy places! I am so sorry for your recent loss but trust that tomorrow will still be a happy one, surrounded by your family, and wish you every happiness for 2016, With love xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment. We are super looking forward to it!

  2. Said beautifully above, can't add to it just endorse it heartily !! Love a jumpsuit although bought a checked one from asos and have had it referred to as a 'onesie' was very put out!!! Also there's the loo factor!

    1. Thank you xxx A checked one sounds amazing and the loo factor.. meh.. yeah. Tis an issue but.....well at least there are no tights to ladder??!

  3. Try this top tip Kat- use the ironing board to wrap pressies as you can set the height especially as you are tall like me and I find more food can be consumed without stomach cramps!! Love following your blog-Happy Christmas

    1. OOh good idea. I've just done an hour standing at the kitchen island which was much much easier!! Can't believe it didn't occur to me before!

  4. Love reading the blog's my fix!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours drink and be merry and I will be reading on Boxing Day!! :) xxx

    1. Oh thank you xxxx Hope Christmas is good to you xx

  5. Kat, wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas. Your blog has cheered me up on many an occasion, and you've steered me both towards the good stuff and away from what I know deep down won't suit me.

    On a wrapping note I finally got all mine done today (also shopped and wrapped for my sister in law who is a bit ill at the moment) and heading off for the firs big three days of family Christmas dinners. Look forward to shopping from my sofa along with you in the coming weeks.

    1. *First of three days.* typo.

    2. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and hope she's on the mend soon. And well done you - I've just done half of it so have only a tad left to do once the children have gone to bed!

  6. Thank you so much for all your posts this year and for being great online company. I echo all the thoughts already posted and wish you well with the wrapping marathon xx

    1. Well thank you - it's comments like these that make it all worthwhile. xxxx

  7. I am So Not your normal reader in that I am Very Old�� But love your blog for your humour even in tough circumstances as of late. And you are introducing me to many shops and ideas to help me be at least a bit up to date whilst swerving the Mutton problem.
    So many thanks and Seasons Greetings

    1. Thank you so so much and not all the readers are young by any stretch of the imagination!!! xxxxx

  8. Absolutely love your blog Kat (and your Instagram). Great style and humour, two of my favourite things ;) Have a lovely day with your family tomorrow xo

    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment xxx

  9. Kat, you know I love your blog & can't wait to see what's in store next year. I totally admire the way you've pushed on through what must be a bloody awful time for you with your usual wit & humour & I wish you & your family the merriest of Christmases x

  10. Lovely jumpsuits, they do look great as they are dressed up without being too formal. The Maleness Birger ones are particularly lovely. I really like your grey blazer outfit but then I wear loads of grey! I agree it is so mild at the moment.

    Thinking of you with your sad news about your mum at this time of year, something similar has happened to a friend of ours over Christmas.

    1. I LOVE grey! Thank you for your lovely comments and condolences to your friend xxxxx

  11. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx

  12. Any chance you could subtitle your blog headings e.g. Red trainers, Jumpsuits, etc. I like to go back to check out something of the items you flag up but can never find the posting I'm looking for. Many thanks!

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