These boots are made for cosying up in.

And walking.  You can also walk in these.  But to be honest, at the moment, these are my favourite things for just trugging round the house in (I have also been to the supermarket, to the park and the school run.  Not to mention, Beavers, Cubs, Guides, football and playdate pick ups.  And McDonalds.  There has been McDonalds this week) 

I don't think The Husband could have been happier when I admitted that my Uggs had seen better days (it was the toe through the front - that you could actually see and my lack of attention to a pedicure in the Winter and a scrappy half painted toe nail is something no one needs to see - ever. The.  Shame) and they hit the bin. 

So I have been wandering around the house in bare feet.  Actually I've wandering round in the 9yr old's slipper socks.  And a pair of "cosy" but practical boots has been on my radar (aka Christmas list) for a while now but didn't want Uggs... it's not been top of my radar.

I have been very fortunate over the last couple of years to work with some emerging British brands who have supported the growth of my blog and I have been honoured to wear their wares with pride.  It's probably one of the things I am most proud of with the growth of the blog - being able to discover and be an ambassador for emerging brands which offer something that little bit different from the rest of the high street.  Their support has continued through this difficult time - many of them have become friends - and this week I've been sent some lovely items (along with a florist's worth of flowers!).  

And one of these items was a pair of Edie boots from Seven Boot Lane.  These are exactly what I was looking for.  The perfect alternative to my gone (but definitely not forgotten) dead on their feet, Uggs. 

These are a ton more practical.  Perfect for the rain, wipe down from mud (Uggs + mud = tears), warm - oh my lord so so so warm (fur lined soles as well) and for me, the perfect boots to wear around the house.  I will admit, I haven't actually got mine really muddy as I've been wearing my wellies for non pavement dog walks but these have not been off my feet since they arrived on Monday (actually I didn't wear them to London on Wednesday...) and are definitely my "hygge" boots of the season.


Edie Black Leather Winter Boots £185 Biker boots that aren't too heavy, have a hint of moccasin about them (scroll down to the bottom, I think we're onto something here) and are just that little bit different.  They're also offering 15% off any pair of shoes or boots with the code DOESMY15. 

They have a couple of other pairs as well which would work just as well but I have to say, the leather of the Edies (which is leather but soft and buttery - not your usual stiff biker boot style of leather so much wearable for round the house) is a more practical option if you're also planning on wearing these out (and to be able to throw on jeans and a jumper for mooching and then just bombing straight out has been so lovely this week.  I *may* have worn mine over my jamas and done the school run...).

Eliza Charcoal Suede winter boots £165

The Eva in walnut suede is a lower version from Seven Boot Lane - also available in a charcoal and a leopard print £150

The alternative of course, would be the UGG which does have similar options.  I will say, the Seven Boot Lane versions, having worn UGGs for years, are made of a much sturdier fur lined leather and suede as opposed to a sheepskin.

UGG Jasper fur lined boots £220  These look like they would be more of a verging on knee high boot as opposed to a mid calf. 

UGG Palisade fur lined boot £185  These are probably more on a par.

Also available in a brown. 

Another buckle pair from Dune and on offer for this weekend.  Again two choices of colour.  

Dune Remi Shearling Buckle Boot was £135 now £67

For me though - these in the black are amazing.  Absolutely adore these.  Perfect for lounging around at home but ideal for going out in too (not out out but out...)  Practical, warm and I think pretty.  With a sturdier sole perhaps... 

Dune Remi in black was £135 now £67

Another option from Boden.  I know a couple of people who have these and adore them. 

Cosy Zip Boot from Boden was £129 now £90.30 I do love the more unusual navy.

And in the faded fatigue again now £90.30 I'm going to throw it out there that these and mud or rain probably aren't the best idea together.

Similar but back to the biker vibe at M&S. 

Suede Faux Fur Cuff Biker Boot £85

Clearly I have zero need for added height but I know that some people do love a heel and a wedge is a perfect solution.  These aren't leather but they do look cosy and are a great price. 

Chocolate Monico Faux Fur was £39 now £31.20 from Dorothy Perkins

Another faux fur pair of classic looking sheepskin style boots.  Perfect if you want to try them out before investing perhaps in a more expensive pair.  Be warned though - I'm not sure how (if at all) weather proof these are.... But for indoors - hell, these are ideal. 

Faux Fur Strap Ankle Boots from M&S £19.50 

And in the chestnut. 

Finishing with a ringer.  These are not going to be for everyone but I love these.  Bring on the Eskimo vibe.  I can only imagine the eye rolling The Husband would do at these.

Ikkii Classic Sneaker boot from hush £175

Also available in a grey.  Not many boots around in grey.  These are perfect. 

And I've also discovered (clearly ridiculously late to the party and am in no need of this year but earmarked for next year, for sure) Mou boots.  Moumite is probably a better description as I can hear a large proportion of you vomming a little as you read but I know there are going to be a fair few out there who are all over these.  I LOVE.

A slightly more generic pair and on offer at The Outnet.  Shearling Mou Boots were £220 now £110

Or these.  Be still my aching feet. 

Classic Shearling Boots from Mou at The Outnet were £260 now £130.   I think I would have to buy these as they are the perfect sofa to school run boot in a brown.  It's hard to get brown right.. But not in my size.  GAH.

And here I am (again) in mine.  Really not feeling like doing much this week so going for lots of walks and spending lots of time chilling out at home with friends.  These have been a total godsend and I am hugely grateful to Seven Boot Lane for thinking of me.  These have definitely brightened up what's not been a particularly easy week. 

Here I am having got very wet in the rain (it wasn't raining when I left the house and then the heavens opened.   Plus make up has been minimal this week apart from Wednesday.  And what I was wearing got washed off in the rain anyway.  All the class.  Not).  For the time in three years we were on time for swimming.  Obviously it wasn't on as it finished last week.  Obviously. 


Grey Baxter jeans - Topshop
Mint jumper - M&S
Khaki Alan cardigan - Acne Studios
Edie boots - Seven Boot Lane
Faridah bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

So this evening, I've getting the 9yr old from Cubs and then The Husband is coming home to cook me dinner.  I think a movie is in order with the children, footie in the morning and then we have our school Christmas Ball tomorrow night.  I *think* I know what I'm going to wear... (that'll be a black dress... or I may crack out the sequins.  Silver sequin top and black leather leggings or black dress, nude tights and fringe boots... decisions, decisions... any thoughts?) 

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19 comentarios:

  1. I bought the sequins top after you wore it and have worn it out 3 times with my leather leggings. Nobody believes it is H & M!! Glad you are doing OK. Lost my own Mum 11 years ago now and I hate to think of other people going through it all. Brings a lump in my throat and my eyes sting. Glad you are being well minded. Really important.

    1. Oh I'm so pleased you love the top. It's fab isn't it. And like I said to someone the other day, it's a pretty shitty club to be a member of but there are a few of us. I think I'm doing as well as can be expected. You just have to keep going don't you?xxx

    2. Bit late to all this sorry but just feel I need to add.
      A) also got the sequin top and it's going for its first outing tomorrow :)
      B) lost my mum 13 years ago out if the blue just before my wedding , something you never get over but makes you strangely stronger
      C) mum was a very staunch catholic and I'm very lapse so everything you keep saying rings very true and reminds me of the regular catholic guilt I feel

      Drink wine , don't feel guilty, wear navy & black, treasure those close to you and cry whenever is needed. Life is shit at times but with humour and good friends you'll be able to smile again soon xx

    3. Oh dear lord the Catholic guilt! I reckon the more lapse you are, the more the guilt thing kicks in. I remember my mum telling me once that you were born Catholic. It was like being born Irish or English. You just are. You can and live wherever you want , but your roots will always be your roots. And I have strangely found the whole Catholic thing very cathartic. Like I said before, this would please my mum no end!

      And thank you for your lovely lovely comments. They are all more helpful than I think you could know - but actually, having been through the same thing, you probably do all know xxxxx

  2. I've added the Edie's to my Christmas list. They look perfect for slinging on with skinnies or leggings.

    It's 16 years since I lost my mum, and my thoughts are with you and all the other readers who have lost their mum's too. It really is a shitty club.

    BTW I got the Ilse Jacobsen wellies for dog walking and they are bloody fantastic. Thanks for the rec.

    1. It really is a pants club isn't it but I'd rather be that than one who has to bury a child.... I told the 7yr old that I was an orphan.. he asked what that was and I told him. He then turns to the husband (who's father died 15 years ago so only has his mum left).. "well you're almost an orphan..." !! The mother in law was most chuffed to hear he thinks she's almost on her way out (she's only 69 and as fit as an ox!) It's these things that make me smile.

      And I can honestly honestly say you wouldn't be disappointed with the Edies. They are amazing and yes, I have lived in them. Perfect for teaming with chunky knitwear at this time of year. And yes, I LOVE my Ilse J's. So much so that I think I can justify another pair!

    2. You have to love the honesty of children :)

  3. Like those low boots in leopard - have short hobbit legs and many ankle boots cut me off so low ones are great - any discount codes?

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Be kind to yourself.
    Love the boot selection especially the cheap Marks and Sparks ones for inside...i have stone floors so need something cosy. Do look at hush as they have some amazing boots by tan black or grey. They are expensive 175...but fabulous!! So funky and U can wear them with bare feet as with uggs. They are lined with real sheepskin. I got a pair in the black! X

    1. Aren't the ikii boots the ones I put above? I didn't see any others on their site..! They look amazing.

  5. Lovely boots! I have a black, biker sheepskin pair from Celt & Co (another British company), so comfy and cosy. The Mou boots look lovely, they had them on sale at Zalando Lounge, so might have another sale on again sometime soon.

    Take care and look after yourself.

    1. Oh yes, I love Celtic & Co. Definitely worth looking at for sure. xxxx

  6. Gorgeous boots Kat, but I'm afraid this post just made me break out in hives - it's 31 degrees here today in SA, and even looking at photos of fur-lined boots has made me sweat. That being said, I do have a fab pair of Uggs snow boots that my husband brought back from Aus that I wear every winter when we travel to the mountains! Thinking of you in the cold, while I sip my G&T next to the pool!

    1. OMG beyond jealous! How fabulous?! Although on the upside, it's not raining which makes me much much happier!