Inspiration from Bicester

So before life threw a curve ball and back when things were normal (seems random thinking about how unsuspecting you are at how your whole world can change in one phone call but that's life I guess...), I was lucky enough to be able to go to Bicester last Wednesday with one of my best friends.

And I was immensely abstemious.  I had gone with the intention of looking for a new man bag (well, a holdall really, he's not into bags of the clutch variety) and the only one I found that would have been ideal was a small Clipper in Mulberry.  Which would have been ideal.  Had it not been leopard print.  Funnily enough, didn't bother buying.

Also managed to snag a Mac eyeliner (well I bought two actually) in a dark marine blue (which, according to a friend of mine who is a make up artist, is a good shout and won't make me look like Princess Di circa 1984).   For the last couple of months I've been using face paint from Claire's Acessories as my eyeliner - the "Cat make up" pencil we got for Halloween.  All the class.

Oh and some Ojon hair oil. Which I bought out of desperation as my hair becomes more straw like with every wash...

But that's all rather mundane isn't it?  Fear not though, I did not let you down. I have one amazing amazing gem that I am so pleased with.  

A new leather cuff.  As my friend pointed out "are you obsessed with these?  Cuffs and clutch bags..."  Yes I think I might be.  I was very good and didn't cave on any of the gorgeous clutch bags that I saw and could have bought in a heartbeat.  There are only so many clutch bags you can have (yes this is me typing..) and I currently have filled my quota (yes, still me typing...).  Can I just add though that the latter sentence doesn't apply if it has a cross body strap as that makes it eminently wearable during the day as well.  The versatility clause means that you can (within reason...) have as many of these as you like (I will say, within reason...) 

But a cuff though?  Well I wear these pretty much every day.  Best thing about them is they're fabulous for layering too.  My favourite style is a leather version which, I think, looks great with metal bangles or bracelets.  Add more or less depending on your mood. They work so well with jumpers, tees, shirts - anything in fact and are instantly transferable from day to night. 

They also make the perfect present (for yourself of course...) as they're generally not tooo expensive (compared to a bag anyway). 

Especially when you get them from Bicester and you snaffle around in the men's part of the store.  Seemingly men don't wear leather cuffs that often so the reduction there is much better than in the women's section.

Look and behold - the Alexander McQueen leather cuff.  Reduced to... £40.  From £195.

As I said you can never have too many - I have four that I love.  One from Coccinelle (also from Bicester), one from Hultquist which I bought 8 years ago and wear pretty much every week and another that I got about six years ago for a Christmas present from Mulberry.  As you can see, they definitely fit into that department of investment dressing, so get one of these on your Christmas lists. 

Another McQueen option is at Selfridges and this is slightly less in your face than that chunky number I have.  Much more along the lines of my Mulberry one.

Alexander McQueen Double Wrap Cuff £135

They also have a silver version.

Reiss always has some amazing options and this season is no exception.

These I adore.

Black Gino cuff £38 from Reiss

And in the grey. 

A mix now of metal and leather. 

Linx Black Buckle Metal Cuff from Reiss £40

Full on metal now at Made.  This one would be the ideal cuff to take you into the Spring. 

Made White Stone Cuff £35

Plain brushed gold at Topshop £8.50

Gold again and a chain mail style and whilst I would say this is a bracelet as opposed to a cuff (which I would define as a solid shape as opposed to a flexible one), they call it a cuff, so in it goes.  I would be ever so slightly concerned that this fine mesh might catch on thin knitwear but that might just be me being super clumsy..

Mesh Horn Cuff from Banana Republic was £29.50 was £20

Mixing metal with stones now and a more delicate version of a cuff at New Look for a bargain price.

Brown Gemstone Fine Cuff was £14.99 now £6

Another one from New Look but this time with a blue floating stone cuff.  Not reduced but this time on buy one get one free. 

Blue Floating Stone Cuff £6.99

Slightly different now with resin cuffs and yet again, Reiss has an amazing selection. 

Maple Black Chunky Cuff £35 from Reiss

And a brown version £35 again from Reiss

And.. drum roll... just to prove how appropriate my obsession with cuffs is, look what they have at Hobbs.  No this is nothing at all to do with me - purely coincidental.  

Brown Kat Cuff from Hobbs £39 Let the 70s vibe hang out.  This with all black though would be fantastic.  A hint of red - just perfect for Christmas.

If you didn't want a huge statement cuff, there is a genius option at Hobbs (with matching earrings too which would work perfectly) with a much thinner version. 

Beige Tortoiseshell Dana Cuff from Hobbs £39  

I could pretty much wear any of the above on an every day and every night basis, all year round.  For me, a great little addition to your wardrobe - an instant mood lifter and the most marvellous present (or inspiration if someone is looking to buy for you). 

So this is the picture from yesterday.  We all made it Mass last night and the 9yr old even did a stint as an Altar Server (means nothing to you if you're not Catholic but those of you who are will know, especially to your parents, that this is a Big Deal).  My mum would have been beside herself with pride and I can just hear her saying now "I can't believe it took me dying to get you all into Church".  We all made it mum!


Black cashmere jumper - Cocoa Cashmere
Black leather leggings - hush
Camel coat - Zara
Leopard print boots - Boden
Whiskey Medium Marcie Bag - Chloe 
Wine cuff - Alexander McQueen

So we're all set to have a family late afternoon/evening with a Christmas movie and a big roast dinner.  And the week starts afresh tomorrow.  I've cancelled lots of my plans this week as I'm not sure what I'll be needed to do, even through my rather fabulous brother seems to be completely on top of everything and I am surplus to requirements so will be taking a long dog walk first thing with a friend to blow away the cobwebs.  And wrap presents.  I AM going to start wrapping presents.....

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend and thank you so so much for all your lovely comments yesterday.  They do truly mean so much to me. 

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27 comentarios:

  1. So understand your comment about Catholic Alter server well done him. Was going to fit a Bicester trip in this week but may have a rethink , was after a Gucci scarf ?

    1. They had some of the Gucci scarves yes!

  2. I'm Irish so I TOTALLY understand about what we'd call an altar boy over here. Well done on getting through what must have been a difficult few days. Will be thinking of you this week. I too have a difficult relationship with my mother but have taken steps to mend it in recent times. Life's just too short, isn't it! ?! Xx Sarah

    1. Hindsight is a great thing and part of me wishes I had done more. But we never ended a call or a stay on a bad note and we both loved each other greatly even though we both did things to wind each other up. It was the way it was and you can never forget the past and what has happened but I know that we both forgave it. Give your mum a huge hug from me xxx

  3. Oh drool... I love a cuff. I know what you mean about men's stuff being cheaper and often better quality, I have a chunky silver ring that's supposed to be a man's ring, it's a little loose but was only £10 and I've had it years.

    I do like those Boden boots too.

    1. The Boden boots are wonderful aren't they? They're super comfy too. Men's scarves are also another great little snaffle. x

  4. Oh my goodness you are a strong lady, well done on getting to the mass. Love the blog, love that you share the realities of life here and it's not all airbrushed. Stay strong x

    1. Thank you xxx Not sure I know how to do it any other way x

  5. Oh dearest Kat of the lovely words, what terrible news for you all. Sending you courage & bravery at the most difficult of times. How you still write with such warmth and wit at the worst of times is impressive but I hope we can help you with the cathartic journey over the next few days - and beyond.

    1. Thank you. I certainly find writing very cathartic, you've hit the nail on the head and keeping busy is the best way to get through the day, I've found so far xxx

  6. Just read several posts and was so sorry to hear about your mother. Please know you and.your family are in my thoughts.

  7. Oh Kat, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Your strength and beauty shines through in your blogs and you are so well-loved. My best wishes to you and your family.

  8. As usual, more inspiration for things I didn't think I needed! I'm sitting on my deck on my honeymoon avidly reading your blog...! I have already commented on your loss on your IG feed but extra kind words never hurt anyone so further condolences on a terrible loss. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time, it's a hard road ahead as I'm sure you know but grieving is a journey not a destination and each day is different. Stay strong, and thank you for still posting and sharing xx

    1. Thank you so much and I really hope you are having the most wonderful wonderful time. No need for a scarf where you are at the moment, I'm guessing! On the warm side?! Enjoy xxx

  9. Life will never be the same, you're absolutely right. It's the strangest feeling as most of us are anticipating the call at one time but when it happens, the bottom of your world does fall out, if only for an instant. I have to say, I remember being hugely relieved that she hadn't collapsed/in a coma/unconscious/found wandering the streets in her pants (she would have been MORTIFIED!) and had years of being uncomfortable and unwell ahead of her. A quick, painfree passing would have been what she wanted and she's now up there, smiling down, pleased as punch she can see us all the time. And find us parking spaces. She'll be over the moon to be helpful! x

  10. You can never have too many for sure x

  11. I did think on sAturday morning it was strange I hadn't seen one of yr posts for a few days and did find myself wondering if you were ok! I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration. Lovely mass outfit! X

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Mum in July after her gruelling 5 year fight over secondary Cancer. The whole thing felt surreal, but I grieved and worried for her for 5 years and then it was just 'nothingness'. I like you am a Catholic and it made me seriously question my faith. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of Mum but at least I know she is no longer suffering. God bless you x

    1. I have the utmost respect for anyone who goes through that - I honestly can't imagine how hard it must be and how strong you have to be to get through the days, let alone the months and god forbid the years. I have counted my blessings every day that she went quickly, in no pain and didn't suffer. Your mum must be so so proud of you xxxxxx

  13. Thinking of you Kat and sending you my very best wishes. Lisa xxx

  14. Hi Kat
    Have only recently started reading your blog; I'm loving not only your style style, but your writing style too as it never fails to bring a smile. I look forward to reading your posts each day and like other readers, really appreciate you sharing your sad news. Sending best wishes x

    1. Thank you for such lovely words and I hope you continue to enjoy as I continue to spout my ramblings xxxx

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