Returning to the scene of the crime.

Dresses have not worked for me this year.  I think I might have worn one... and then I didn't like it anyway although to be fair, that wasn't the fault of the dress, it was my lack of judgement over what to put on my legs.  

I have a sneaky feeling it's my knees which are the issue.  They've never been my strongest asset (anyone remember the slit knee white skinny Topshop jeans?  apologies if you're eating) and I have to finally admit that I must do some proper exercise again.  Ugh.  But it's only win win - health wise and looks wise.  Anything to stop the avalanche of flobby knee dribbling down my leg.

In the meantime I can of course encase them in opaques but somehow again, I'm just not feeling the love. 

And then.. inspiration comes from the most random of places.  So watching Cinderella the other day with the boys (tis a fabulous and not girly film, by the way.  Well not that girly if you're only 9 or 7.  I would stick my neck out and say a teenage boy might give it zero out of ten) I thought I'd just have a look and see who played Cinders as she was vaguely familiar.  Lily James is her name (for those of you who watch Downtown you may be more aware of who she is I believe?)  It so happened I had no idea who she was but what I did learn is that she has the most amazing stylist (or great personal taste of course). 

Saw this and thought - that's IT.  Midi dress.  


Then it all came flooding back to me.. the exact same thing happened way back in the Summer.  Having had a couple of years loving all things frock related, I just wasn't feeling the dress love.  And then I came across the midi dress - two in fact from & Other Stories which were amazing and I wore them on so many different occasions.  Absolutely loved the fact they had sleeves - you can choose whether you want to blame the bingo wings or the complete reticence to fake tan for my longsleeved preference - and the fact my legs were mostly covered.  I wore during the day with flats and out in the evening with heels. 

HOW has it taken me all season to realise that this is what I need?  

Especially as in my head I am over Christmas/New Year outfits - sequins definitely have a shelf life chez moi and suddenly the Best Before date is perilously close.  I am thinking January.  I am thinking a new midi dress.  

Now (unlike me) I have looked at the two dresses to see if they would work but they are just that little bit too Summery in cheesecloth. 

And obviously I have seen a whole host of these throughout the season and poo poohed them as meh.  Cretin that I am.  I now NEED one of these and can I remember where I've seen them all?  Obviously not.

There are a fair few of them around that knitted and I do know that's not what I'm after (I'm thinking dodgy sausage wrapped in wool.  Err, you're ok thanks).

Starting at Matches as, well, the sale is on and why wouldn't you?  This.  Oh lush on so many levels.  I would happily wear this during the day with sandals (yes, clearly thinking ahead somewhat here..) but with ankle boots for now.  Perfect with a leather jacket.  I am even planning on cracking out the chocolate All Saints one that I love but never get to grips with wearing.  Well, a midi dress, leather jacket and either flat lace up Angelica boots, Caitlyn biker boots or my brown suede Eileen Fisher ones - oh hello brand new, super wearable outfit. 

Heeled ankle boots for the evening right now.  And with strappy sandals for the Summer.  We could count how many times I can mention First Holy Communion.... How fabulous would this be?  And I do know from bitter experience that a) it's so hard to find a dress when you want one in the Spring/Summer and b) it's never that hot in June (which means we will have a massive heatwave this year - don't thank me all at once)

Floral print silk chiffon dress from Rebecca Taylor was £475 now £285  I'm just hoping that this is as long on me... nothing worse than a just below the knee dress as opposed to mid calf.

A similar fabric and in the sale at Atterley Road.. although I still maintain the one above is just a dream dress.  Although the length may well be better for me.

Atterley Road Galaxy Print was £115 now £69

More floral and this is probably a tad too much for me but I love it with the tan suede accessories... 

Karen Millen Pretty Floral Midi Dress in 70s print was £200 now £140

A slightly more palatable price point at M&S. 

Lulu Kennedy Vintage Style Midi Dress £49.50

Similar boho style at ASOS. 

Hazel V Neck Printed Midi Dress was £80 now £60

The Good Life inspiration continues in the sale at FCUK. 

Isla Embroidered Maxi Dress in black and white was £140 now £98

Or in the mercury mist (that'll be grey to you and me) and cream. again £98

And this one at Atterley Road is even called the Margot Dress.  Get in there. 

Atterley Black Margot Silk Velvet Burnout Dress was £145 now £87

However it's at Topshop where I feel ridiculously smug (which is moronic as I'm clearly just "slow"... duh) as the magic comes alive (guess who's seen too many Disney films in the past three days). 

Midi dress heaven.  

And in Tall.  WHOOOOOP.  Tall Leopard Print Shirt Dress £58  Also available in a regular length.

A more substantial version of my Summer one.  Which I LOVED.  Am so tempted to order this to see how long it is...

Midi Shirt Dress £42 from Topshop 

Speaking of length - one thing I did do back in the Summer was to hack off (which is code for "take to the clever lady who can sew and pay her some money to hem it") a maxi dress I had had languishing in my wardrobe from Reiss that I never wore.  Cut it off to midi length and instant new dress which I wore on a number of occasions, during the day and in the evening.  But still.. it's sleeveless. 

And I infuriatingly missed the Mango shirt dresses last Summer which were a complete bargain in the sale and would have made the most amazing midi dresses. 

Well, fear not.  They have come up trumps again this season.  Well - if trumps means you have to take to be altered...

Printed Shirt Dress was £69.99 now £39.99 in petrol blue (apparently..)  A rather full on print!

Buttoned Gown was £59.99 now £29.99 - this cut off to midi with heeled ankle boots...

So I am sold on the idea.  Anyone else feeling the midi love this season?  I feel this one may be a grower... 

Finishing with outfit from last night.  Another party at ours, lots of children (who were all impeccably behaved) and we even had a singsong... it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Black linen and satin top - Sandro
Wide leg cropped trousers - Me+Em
Pony skin leopard print shoe boots - Boden
Burgundy leather cuff - Alexander McQueen

And today for a trip into town with the family and a dog walk home.  Last minute bits picked up.  Including sprouts and chestnuts.  All the glamour.. They're in the Longchamp bag.


Grey cashmere jumper - Me+Em
Grey blazer - Me+Em
Berry leather leggings - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Burgundy leather cuff - Alexander McQueen
Black harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch
Grey shopper - Longchamp (this is older than my marriage!)

Day finished with a trip to the panto and then dinner out with the family.  Quick turnaround at home and I'm now off to the pub for a very swift catch up with friends.  Couldn't get a sitter (all these youngsters having a life.. PAH) and so the husband and I are doing tag team.  It's literally around the corner.  Oh and when I said to the 9yr old that we were doing "tag team", he looked at me in awe and said "WOW. Are you and Dad doing wrestling?".  That'll be a no....

Has everyone else sorted their Christmas Day outfit by the way?  I think I'm going for comfort this year and saving the glamour for New Year's Eve.  

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11 comentarios:

  1. Yes thanks from me, I have been very inspired by your blogs this year. Being just over 5' thought I have to try a midi on to check it's not a maxi on me! BTW any idea of the boots worn in the ASOS one you've featured? Love them and boots on my wish list. We do a big Xmas eve dinner which is dress up (polish partner) and Xmas day just a walk and a slob in harems and an old warehouse sparkly grey sweatshirt - have. Agood one everyone xxxxx

    1. The boots will be just buckle boots - I think they're at ASOS actually - they're a tribute to the Toga Pullas!

      Outfit for Christmas day sounds gorgeous x

  2. Like the idea of that length dress but can only imagine that anyone size 16 upwards is going to look a tad ' Hyacinth Bucket'
    Have enjoyed your posts all year , Thank you

    1. But Adele rocks a midi dress!! I think it's making the most of your curves with the right proportions. Different horses though, of course xxxx

  3. How could you forget midi dresses when you inspired me to buy the Other Stories blue dress over the summer?! My favourite thing I bought ALL year, I love it so much! The Whistles dress is now £80 on their site by the way. Happy Christmas!

    1. I KNOW! Actually I looked last night after finishing this - duh - and they have quite a nice one at &OtherStories which I think I might try... x

  4. You look fab in the pic, lovely outfit. Have a great Christmas and looking forward to your blogs in 2016! Jo

  5. Oh what a lovely lovely comment thank you my love. I've just had to order my mum's flowers for her funeral and was fine until I had to leave a message and lost it. Was almost tempted to order M.U.M as i know she'd think it was hilarious but no a 4ft coffin top instead. This has cheered me right up.

    LOVE the sound of your outfit - I'm going relaxed for sure. Not sure what yet.. still thinking about the Adele jumper back to front with black leather leggings and my red shoes.. or maybe my new BF jumper , black skinnies and golden goose.... Hmm I don't know!

    And yes - all about the clean lines in Spring.!

  6. Your blog is the highlight of my day! Thank you! Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year! p.s. I bought the Whistles dress & love it - with the sleeves folded up you can make it look a bit more casual. xx