It's the age old struggle

Black.  Blasted.  Coat. 

How hard are these to find?  Answer = very.  I'd go so far as to say nigh on impossible. 

I don't in fact have a Coat.  (ok so I have loads but I mean a Black Coat).  I have a coatigan thingy (felty wool job - not the fashionista description clearly) which I completely adore but I've noticed yet another titchy hole in it and as it's about 6 years old and has been dragged out again and again, it's starting to look tired (which is code for "fit for the dog basket").

I have looked for something similar to absolutely zero avail so now I'm going more generic.  Spurred on by my groundbreaking (slightly over egging the pudding there but I'm one gluwein in) discovery yesterday of the Jaeger Outlet. 

I have the best justification ever for splurging on a new black coat and I am definitely looking for something that will be super versatile.

So where better to start than with black coats from there which are the same price as your basic high street store now (ish... gluwein alert) 

Faux Fur Long Length Coat was £399 now £175 - Simply gorgeous and simply classic.  I'm probably looking for something that's a bit less.. bulky... but if I was in the market for a proper winter coat, this would be top of the list. 

This would be a slam dunk if it were the unlined version.  I appreciate the lined version will probably be preferable to most but personally I like the felty unlined ones (ie the Joseph imitation...)

Wool Blend Long Line Wrap Coat was £299 now £125

A slightly oversized three button version in wool was £350 now £199 again from Jaeger  Now this is lovely but to me, it's rather standard classic black coat fare (which is probably what most people are after and what I should probably buy but... I'm looking for something with a bit more of a design detail.  I think...clearly I don't know "what".  Interestingly it looks so much more err interesting in the navy.  Obviously.  As I'm not looking for a navy coat.  There's also THE most amazing navy wrap coat.  Which again, I don't need.  But I love.. I really really love...) 

Oversized again at ASOS but this time with a button detail which I quite like.  

ASOS Coat in Oversized Fit in Patch Pockets £85

A much more reasonable option at M&S and I think the buttons elevate this from dull to far more interesting.  The little details make such a difference.  Also rather loving the puffed sleeve.  I'm hoping that is a design detail and not just rubbish stitching....

Collared Neck Military Coat with wool from M&S £69

Another great longer one at M&S.  Although I simply cannot fathom how people manage to cruise around (for a start I don't cruise around anywhere so this may be the nub of the issue.  I generally pelt.  Or charge.  WIth things falling out of my bag as I run.  And swear.  As I'm late.  There is zero elegant about this image) with their coats draped gracefully over their shoulders.  Tis a fashion/blogger thing I have long been in awe of.  I WILL confess, I did try it.  Got to the car, couldn't find my keys in my bag, lifted bag up to delve amongst crap and coat felt off.  Unrepeatable words were uttered and I wore my coat properly.  Experience over.  

Still in awe and envy of those who manage it. 

Wool Blend Long Military Belted Coat with Cashmere £149 from M&S

However I may have found the perfect option at Jigsaw.  This is the identical shape to the navy dress coat I was talking about yesterday.  Seeing as the navy one cost me £20 from H&M, I think it would be foolish not to try this version.  I wear the navy one so so often during the day that I know how much wear I would get out of this.  I'm just hoping that it's not "too" thick (dear lord I'm truly turning into the Goldilocks of black coats).  I really would love to be able to wear this into the Spring as well.  

Ava Evening Coat from Jigsaw £249

And no it doesn't have lace hanging out of the bottom.  I feared for a moment, "evening" may have insinuated "lace edging".   Thankfully no.  Behold the beauty (it looks rather warm though, doesn't it...?)

Oh but I've got to just show you this, which is navy (and the one I mentioned further up in the post and simply can't stop thinking about.  Navy over a black dress?  Maybe as it's not navy navy.... it's not going to work is it?) 

Someone else buy it PLEASE.  Such a gorgeous coat for such a fab reduction. 

Double Faced Waterfall Coat from Jaeger was £399 now £125

So this is just the tip of the iceberg but I have a whole host of stuff to get done that I haven't been able to do, due to a stream of wonderful wonderful friends coming round to give support (and flowers and presents - I am so unbelievably touched).  This is not the end of the subject of black outerwear (soz).

Very buoyed up though by the thought of the Jigsaw jacket *small skip* as I think that may be pretty darn perfect.  

Outfit from today.   Yes, the camera on my iphone has died.  Totally totally died.  To be rectified v shortly.  Apologies in the meantime.  Jeans are tie dye not snow wash.  Just in case anyone was wondering.


Black jumper - Banana Republic 
Black poncho - Reiss
Black tie dye jeans - Sandro
Black Biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Harker Bag - Anya Hindmarch

Off to London tomorrow for a work lunch that I wasn't going to go to but actually, I'm ok.  There's nothing else I can be doing and I'm certainly going to go easy on the fizz (I can't imagine a shed load of that being surrounded by London at Christmas which my mum loved, is the best idea in the world) but The Husband is then coming to meet me and we're going to look for his Christmas present.  I'm looking forward to it. 

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  1. I have a coat very similar to the Jigsaw one, except it has a collar. Bought it a couple of years ago as my younger (chicer) sister rocked it at Christmas and in my head I looked as good as her when I wore it, a bit Audrey Hepburn. Until we went to the anniversary dinner of some friends when the husband of anniversary couple referred to it as my 'donkey jacket'. Illusion. Blown. And I don't think I've worn it since.
    Totally love the cheaper M&S one there though. Think I may have to check out the fabric of that in-store (now I have a black-coat hole in my wardrobe too)

    1. Oh my lord. You poor poor thing, I completely feel for you and if it's any consolation, we've ALL done stuff like that!

  2. I love the M&S one and will look for it, thanks. Glad you're bearing up. You have a long wait for the funeral - is there any reason for waiting until after Christmas? Xx

    1. They can't fit us in before Christmas! First date we've had was the 29th. To be honest, we have so much on I'd hate for the children to miss their Christmas stuff. xx

  3. Uniqulo have some nice black coats this year, but yes is a minefield. Glad you're having a nice distracting day out in town, love London when it's all dickied up for Christmas.

    1. I will check it out, thank you! Didn't get a chance to see any of them, but we're going again next week. Actually I might even take the children.. (this is bold talk..!)

  4. Word on the Jaeger wrap, I ordered a grey one from the outlet in medium (am 10-12) and it was a bad way. I reckon the XS would have still been roomy enough...x

  5. I have the grey version of the blue Jaegar waterfall coat which was a bargainous £80ish with an extra 40% off (I think it's sold out now). I love it but it's very much a light winter coat (perfect for this weather) and also not that long. Barely knee-length on me at 5'8. Incredible quality for the price.

  6. Enjoy your lunch. I have been searching for a black coat for ages too and got a lovely Jaeger one in TKMaxx - I know it's a total gamble but sometimes it pays off. It's not to heavy but lovely quality and hangs beautifully. Thinking about you all. Jill x

  7. Dear Kat, I have a very 'serious' (code:worthy) job and my secret guilty pleasure is your blog, I devour it like a huge packet of haribo at the end of every day and it sets me up for being 'good' all next day. I thought now might be a nice time to tell you (I was going to be painting my nails gold while waiting for the next phone call in which we plan changing the world, but this feels more constructive). I also saw this on my FB feed and thought it might make you giggle: (hope that's not horribly spammy?)

    1. Oh I LOVE that! Have sent to my husband!! (and thank you for your lovely lovely comments xxx)

  8. So with you on the coat-balancing thing. How does that work? Loving the Jaeger waterfall wrap...

  9. Maybe your Husband will want a navy coat from Jaegar??????????

  10. Hi Kat, I'm really sorry to hear about your Mum's death, your blog has helped me cope with my Mum's illness, thinking about clothes has certainly got me through some difficult times. Just wanted to say thanks for that and to say that you must say whatever you like.

    I have more or less the same coat from Jigsaw and I always feel quite glam when i wear it. I got it as an investment when I was 40 as my Mum is terminally ill and I thought it would be just the thing for her funeral. I totally understand that way of thinking. Mum actually is better at the moment so investment has only been wore on a few occasions, just in case, how crazy is that?!

    Oh and re Alter Serving when my daughter serves at Mass I have to hold my breath that she is not going to set fire to her hair, your Mum would have been proud of you. Take care Lucy xx

    1. Thank you so much for such lovely comments. And so so pleased that your Mum is better. I'm definitely going to get a new something. She would like that.

      And ha! about the altar serving. My 9yr old doesn't have long hair but I am very concerned at his nose picking...!

  11. Thanks my love xxxx I don't think the Jigsaw one is too dressy actually - I reckon it would look fab over jeans and sneakers for every day.. but I'm going to hunt it down in the flesh x

  12. Kat I am so truly sorry for your loss. I have followed your blog for a while now and it really cheers me up at the end of the day. I have just bought two of the Jaeger coats you recommended so " thank you". x

    1. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the bargains! xxx