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Firstly - well Happy Christmas! 

And secondly - I hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me.  Thanks to my 11yr old and one of my best friends, my more than amazing husband came through and Merry Christmas to me, I got the Gucci Disco Hoho bag which was top of my wish list. 

We had a lovely day.  Very laid back and relaxed which is how we love the day itself as we have a chaotic lead up and New Year is a frantic affair .

But enough about the joys of a Hallmark Christmas (although frankly ours is less Disney and  a lot more Royle Family) - sod this, today I am happily writing about the shallow, and the alternative joys of an expensive handbag. 

This isn't the first time I have waxed lyrical about this and I am more than aware that those of you who are able to contemplate buying these, even in the sale, are very lucky.  And no it isn't the be all and end all "obviously" but when things are good, one of these is lovely and when the chips are down, it's the smallest things that give you a lift. 

And the sales is the best time to have a little look at those bags that are normally out of your budget.  

Straight off the bat I will say, these aren't cheap.  They are a treat and they are an investment.  Whether or not you think they're worth it - well, one man's meat and all that.  This is a total treat, throw it all to hell, kids will be on beans for the rest of the month, blog. 

Normality and the best of the rest of the sales will be back tomorrow. 

Starting with a little monochrome number from Marc Jacobs.  I love this.  I am going to be embracing either the small neat bag or the slouchy carry it all around sack, this season (well - Spring/Summer....  This clearly falls into the former.

Lip Lock x Body bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs was £295 now £206

A very different Marc by Marc Jacobs number and if you're planning on neutrals next season, this is the perfect accessory to add that bit of interest. 

Mini Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag was £355 now £213

And a plain black version with a snakeskin strap was £355 now £248

Adore the clean lines and structure of this Sandro one. 

Ashley Leather shoulder bag was £420 now £252

Black again at DKNY and texture with ponyskin.  

DKNY Riverside Triple Zip Cross Body Bag was £200 now £160

Speaking of texture - this leather from Alexander Wang is amazing. 

McQ Alexander McQueen Ruin Shoulder Bag was £375 now £262

And I mentioned big and slouchy... look no further. 

Sutra Crescent Textured Leather Shoulder bag from DVF was £248 now £149

I love a minky/camel/neutral bag and this one from DKNY is a really great price. 

Leather Shoulder bag in mushroom from DKNY was £210 now £105

This is the brown version of my black one which I have used so so much and will do so well into next season.  The perfect added bit of interest in the fringing.  This is from Matches and there's an extra 10% off Sales prices tonight with the code EXTRA10.

Mario Fringed Suede Shoulder bag by Jerome Dreyfuss was £475 now £332

But hang on... call off the dogs.  A grey calf hair version.  This would be my choice. 

Mario calf hair and suede was £625 now £437 again from Matches.

Speaking of Jerome Dreyfuss - adore this grey flannel one.  Looks very formal but also has a long cross body strap which makes it automatically school runnable.

Edouard flannel cross body bag was £545 now £381  That'll be Matches..

Then there's blue.. I've never mastered the navy bag.  Maybe this year?

DVF 440 Gallery mini leather satchel was £208 now £124 Go Matches!

Or there's this an alternative shade of blue at Sophie Hulme in the not going anywhere bucket bag shape. 

Fleetwood small leather bucket bag at Matches was £495 now £396

Now this next one.. I have to say, if I hadn't had the red one for Christmas, then I would have bought this one for my mum's funeral and happily worn navy and black with this to tie it all together.  Actually I may even have bought the All Saints ink and black coat as well.  There's still time.. 

Sugar leather shoulder bag from Lanvin was £1400 now £980  10% off at Matches mind you.. *does maths.. still weeps*.

And then of course, I have The Red Bag collection.  I am so excited to use my new one, I very nearly wore it for a dog walk this morning.  Then came to my senses, obviously.  But I may have to leave the house in the next day or so as I NEED to use my bag. 

Red bags rock.  You will never get tired of one, I promise.  I will be using mine so regularly, I cannot wait.  A whole new chapter for me (yes, that will be one and a half glasses of wine in...) 

Leather Shoulder bag from See by Chloe was £311 now £217

Really love this more raspberry tone to the See by Chloe bag. 

See by Chloe Mini Delia Cross body bag in Cherry was £365 now £219

Or a little red leather number from Lanvin.

Sugar Stitch panel leather Shoulder bag was £1650 now £1555.. with 10% off at Matches though.. (snort)

And here is my bag of beauty.  I can't wait to use it.


Outfits from the last two days.  Am embracing the red it seems... 


Charcoal Adele jumper - hush
Black leather leggings - hush
Leopard coat - M&S
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 

Finally the outfit from Christmas Day.  Casual was the name of the game.  After a very swift successions of Bucks Fizz.  If you don't want the room to spin after three, don't (DO!) add Cointreau.


Red 1970 Jumper - Bella Freud
Black coated skinnies - New Look 
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

I did attempt to drag all three children for a walk today.  Oh FAT chance.  The moaning - dear lord the moaning and whinging and whining.  As we only had my sister in law and two cousins pop in for tea and cake this afternoon (all coming over for lunch tomorrow) and I capitulated (ie wept and gave in) and let them wear their jamas all day.  I did tell you more Royle Family and not a hint of Hallmark.

I spent a  lovely 30 mins on my own in the fresh air - ya boo sucks to them, I now have wine and carpaccio and a fridge of canapes to wade through this evening with the husband and a movie.  Christmas bliss. 

(I've told them are they are coming for a walk tomorrow on pain of death.  If I have to drag them out in wellies, jamas and coats, I will.  Alternatively I can threaten to throw the xbox into the bin... I did once when they were really small - and I could be found rocking in a corner most days - cut the plug off the tv in the playroom.  Literally.  Turned it off.  Scissors.  Snip.  HA.  Joke was on me of course when I had to rewire the sodding thing... )

Hope Santa was good to everyone else.  I will be back tomorrow with my favourite picks of the last season and their sales equivalents (I think....). 

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26 comentarios:

  1. All outfits look the bag...merry Christmas...enjoy the hols xxx

  2. Haha!! Brilliant cutting the wire on the X box. Looking lovely and I love the bag, and how comfy are those NL coated jeggings . Happy Boxing Day to you Kat X

    1. They are amazing aren't they? I have lived in mine!

  3. Love your red bag and the cherry red Chloe one...

    1. I've finally updated my identity on here so I can comment in the same name as IG!

  4. Snap! My husband also bought me the Red Gucci disco bag, it's so pretty! I'm really looking forward to seeing your future outfits with your new bag. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break x

    1. I LOVE it! Great minds think alike. Enjoy yours and I will be wearing mine often so hopefully there will be outfits galore. x

  5. *happy sigh* such a fabulous bag! I've been eyeing up a Chloé Marcie after lusting after my friend's back in September. Sadly, out of my price range so if you have an alternative?? X

    1. Did you see the saddle bags at Mango earlier in the season? They're very similar.. worth looking to see if there are any left in the sale xx

  6. Whoop! You will use this so so much, it's the perfect size x (I should say, this is Toosh/Tash rather than some random commenting!!)

  7. Just curious: when you called it a Gucci Disco "Hoho" bag, is that a typo or a seasonal pun? Love it either way!

    1. Oh LORD No, total typo - should be Soho!

  8. Love your bag - it is so perfect! Lorraine x

  9. Love the bag Kat. My husband bought me the LKBennett Mariel camera bag in orange that you featured a couple of weeks ago. I also can't wait to use - love it.
    Have loved your blog this year Kat. Always look forward to sitting down in the evening after work for a good read, a chuckle and to add the next item/items to my wish list! My wardrobe is bursting at the seams since I discovered it. Thanks for all your great tips and all the amusement you have provided.
    Take care of yourself over the coming weeks- it will be a roller coaster ride. Hope the funeral goes as well as it can. I'm sure you'll do your mum proud. I felt a real sense of pride that we'd sent my mum off with a fitting service just perfect for the beautiful lady she was.
    Look forward to what you have in the pipeline for us all in 2016 xxx

    1. Gorgeous bag. Perfect for the transition into Spring and then S/S - ideal!

      And thank you for your lovely lovely words.xxxx

  10. Merry Christmas! Fab bag just divine! Santa was good here too a LV Neverfull GM with my initials delighted is not the word!! Now plenty of opportunities to get matching accessories! 😜

    1. Oh I love them! Has been on my wishlist forever!

  11. Kat may I ask what size toga pulls boot you went for? Thanks

    1. I went for the 40. I"m usually a 39/39.5 or 40 and the 40 is perfect. x

  12. Thank you Kat and best wishes for tomorrow. x

  13. Hi Kat, I am keen to buy a Bella Freud jumper. I remember when you bought yours you said you bought a large but it was quite a small fit. I am a stock standard size 12 and was wondering whether you think a large is big enough? Many thanks

    1. Hi! I would say the large is a 12 although I think if you are well endowed of bust, you *might* struggle. But average boobage should be perfectly fine with a 12. They're not supposed to be oversized although you probably wouldn't want it vacuum pack fit.