How have I not discovered these before?

Evening flats.  I know - this is hardly rocket science, I am just immensely slow to the party. 

And party is what these are perfect for.  Especially house parties.  At this time of year.  When we are all absolutely shattered (that can't be just me..) and are desperate for comfortable feet.  I really struggle (old gimmer alert) to stand all night and chat - let alone dance... 

These are the absolute, ideal solution.  Just like wearing slippers.  That aren't slippers.  As well as parties, how about Christmas Day?  Has always seemed a tad incongruous flinging on heels when you're lounging around, surgically attached to a tub of Quality Street.  Although I have to say my snack drug of choice comes in the form of a cashew nut.  I made the mistake of opening the Balsamic Cashews from M&S yesterday.  There is zero chance of them making Christmas Eve, let alone Christmas Day.  I literally inhale them. 

But as obvious as a party flat is, I've ever embraced them.  I don't even own a pair.  So when the lovely Jemima Vine wrote me the most moving email after my mum passed away, asking if they could send me a pair of shoes "to spread a little festive cheer", I suddenly realised what I'd been missing. 

Flats from Jemima Vine are gorgeous and I am blown away by my seasonally appropriate red pair.  It was lovely to be dressed up but still being so comfortable.  Made the outfit seem slightly more relaxed than a pair of heels, which is really want you when you're having a party at home, especially if you're doing the entertaining.  Although I have to say the husband and, in fact the men yesterday, did superbly well at finishing and serving the food.  20 kids and 15 adults is no mean feat to feed.  Clearly, as you can see from the photo at the end of the night, I spent the time that I would usually have wasted finishing the cooking and serving, with my face in a vat of champagne and didn't take it out till 11.30pm. 

That is the downside to wearing flats... there is no gravity to let you know you've had enough.  Tis impossible to totter in a pair of these. 

I was sent the red ones which are now on special offer.  Wore them with all black yesterday but am really looking forward to wearing them during the day as well, into the Spring/Summer.  Oh hello grey jeans...

Edie Red Pumps from Jemima Vine were £149 now £99

Clearly once I started looking, saw lots of other options everywhere.

Metallic at Clarks now.  To be honest, I look at these and with one glance I think oh my lord, they are simply divine.  And then I look back and think BOAK.  But no, I'm plumping for definitely cool.

Gino Fizz in champagne £55

Camille pointed flat from Jigsaw in bronze metallic.  Love this shade (you know I was talking yesterday about what goes really well with grey...?!) £89

And more metallic at Boden. 

Ballerina flats were £59 now £34.30

Perfect for the Spring and the ideal loafer if you're looking for a burgundy accent.  Making the most of the Boden Sale with 50% off.

Pointed Loafer from Boden was £129 now £64.50

Embellished Slipper were £99 now £49.50

How about the Darcey in black glitter was £99 now £62.30

And more in the sale at Clarks - Corabeth Abbey (seriously what are they smoking when they think up these names? were £55 now £27.50

Black loafers at Next now £32.00

And to continue the festive theme - more red. 

Patent Bow Points from Next £26

Let your feet do the talking with embellished slippers.

Black Jewel Lace Slippers from Next £35

Here's how I wore mine - ideal with peg leg trousers although I think I might go for coated ones tomorrow.  Up and at em at the crack of dawn for the supermarket as we have another party tomorrow night (I am SO wearing flats again) but then have promised the 11yr old a morning at Bluewater.  This seems like a good idea right now.... 


Black polo neck jumper - Jigsaw
Black pleather peg leg trousers - Zara
Black and gold stud cuff - Coccinelle
Red Edie pumps - Jemima Vine

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holidays.  The husband is at work so I've now got a date with three children and the remains of the cashew nuts.  I mean, a third of a tub is no use to man nor beast, is it and so I'm doing everyone a favour by finishing them.  And surely nuts are good for you anyway?

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16 comentarios:

  1. Good look!! Top shop have 50% off lots of their shoes and lots of slipper styles for evening so just ordered some. V chic.
    V sorry about your mum - I lost mine 3 years ago - not great (understatement) but the kids kept me going and now am just grateful I had her for as long as I did ACxx

    1. Great tip thank you. It really is a special (albeit sad) club of those who have lost a mum, isn't it? The most eerie feeling that I defy anyone to describe. But, like you, I am focusing on the positive and am grateful that she didn't suffer and we can remember her as she always was, if you see what I mean. Doesn't stop it being ridiculously difficult at Christmas though (even though she wasn't going to spend it with us and drove me BONKERS!!) Just not being able to speak to her or hear her wax lyrical about her favourite programmes and favourite foods is just surreal.x

    2. I know EXACTLY what you mean, (including the bonkers bit). It does ease. I like to think of mum looking down tutting about too many shoes and the Christmas Bake off Masterclass (HOW nutty do I sound?!) Take care ACxx

    3. oh hell yes, she's moaning "you haven't bought any pannettone.. " That's because none of us like it!!! xxx

  2. ooh that outfits sounds gorgeous. Yes, I am going to be living in these for sure. Christmas Day outfit, I think it already sorted! Leather leggings, charcoal Adele jumper from hush and these... Or maybe another jumper.. hmmmm. Red jumper and red shoes too much?!

  3. The flats look great on you Kat.
    It really must be especially tough to lose your mum at this time of year. I know there is never an easy time but I'm sure you know what I mean. Take care xxx.

    1. Thank you. On the upside though, there's so much else going on and Christmas is all about the children so in a way, it's a great distraction! I can't imagine that there is ever a good time xxx

  4. M&S do balsamic cashews... mmm. I love cashew nuts too, I made a jar of spicy cashews for Christmas, that seem to have been eaten. I'm kidding myself that nuts are good for you (probably not a whole jar, though).

    Gorgeous red shoes, they look great with those peg leg trousers. I had a gorgeous pair of red, suede ballet flats, years ago that I literally wore to pieces. A great way to lift a black outfit.

    1. Honestly - they say that the balsamic nuts are coated with a balsamic/black pepper coating. Well that's a lie as clearly it's crack as once you start you simply cannot stop eating them! They ARE good for you, i'm sure....

    2. Those nuts sound good!, nuts are what all the #eatclean gang eat aren't they. So they must be good for us!.. She says eating a fishfinger butty. Tesco finest though 👍

    3. Alas I'm not sure they're supposed to be fried and doused in salt and sugar. Spoilsports.

    4. That is so true, I brought about 5 tins of the Balsamic Cashews over the Christmas I finished the last one earlier this week... brought a tear to my eye as I cannot find them in M&S any more :(

  5. I'm sure they are calorie free too x

  6. I love a party flat I'm now thinking that a new red pair could be just the ticket for NYE! Love the outfit Kat xx

    1. I wore them again today and they have just been much admired in the pub. LOVE them.