Why I'm not waiting for the sales

Sorry - I've just realised that may have sounded slightly prophetic, but you should know me better than that.  Basically why would you wait?  Well - at Mango that is anyway.  Do you remember a couple of years ago (actually it may well have been only last year) they did a couple of weekends of 30 or 40% off everything? (obviously there were some massively irritating exceptions).

It's back.  And... dare I say this is ridiculously cheeky, but they've extended their returns policy until mid Jan so surely the sensible thing is to buy now and then return and rebuy if it's reduced further in the sale.  I'm not sure why there's any reason you can't do this?  I was going to say it's not exactly ethical but then hang on a min - why not?  (I'm not saying wear it and then return it but you could always return the new item on the old receipt... again, I'm sure morally there is some reason why you shouldn't do this and for a small company I'd say it's not exactly fair but a company the size of Mango?  I think I'm ok with it *cue 100 comments telling me how dishonest I am*).

So I have spent a rather lovely hour or so (when I should have been wrapping presents.  They're actually starting to haunt me.  So what have I done instead?  Oh, yes, order more.  MORE?  But... I think I've nearly done it all.  Whoop.  WHOOP!)  having a catch up on the X Factor final with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake (made by the 11yr old yesterday - gluten free lemon & almond cake.  Amazing) and scrolling through to see if there are any bargains to be had at Mango. 

Obviously new season isn't included but that doesn't mean there aren't some gems that we can wear now and also wear into Spring.  I don't actually know why I'm even thinking about Spring as we haven't really had a Winter yet.  Does anyone else feel like they haven't really got into their Winter Wardrobe properly yet?  As bonkers as that sounds, I feel like I've not had a chance to get into mine...maybe it's because my winter wardrobe is really suited to very cold crisp dry weather and we've had damp, windy yet randomly mild ugh for weather.  Hmm didn't think this one through, did I?!  Need to analyse this another day. 

But in the meantime, I am obviously thinking ahead and firstly, I do not need a new coat (info on my hugely successful coat purchasing antics at the bottom of the post).  If I did however, I am loving this one.  Absolutely loving it.  Especially with 40% off (it's 40% off your items if you buy two or more and 30% off if you just buy one.  Which makes that a bit of a no brainer).  Code is 6MANGO10.

Premium long wool coat £169.99

Oh how I love a bit of military.  And yes, I am going to continue to bang on about Spring.  You have been warned... This is a coat.  But it's a pea coat.  And I had intended on doing a whole schmog about these but I'm flinging this one in as a sneaky preview.  This works so well now over a polo neck, shirt and jumper or a sweartshirt.  Come the warmer weather (although to be fair, we haven't had any proper cold weather yet really, have we?), I'd wear with just a shirt, long sleeve tee or a beloved breton. 

Double breasted wool coat £119.99

Now there is something ever so slightly Captain Birdseye about this pic, I will admit but it doesn't stop me loving it. 

This strikes me as possibly being one of those ridiculously impractical things to wear but boy do I love this pic.  I'm completely torn between weather I'd wear it loads or whether it would be a bread machine.  (in our house, anything that in normal's people houses is termed a white elephant, in ours, is a bread machine.  Wedding present that I insisted on adding to the list, much to the incredulity of the husband which was then used about 10 times.  Over 10 years.  And I don't think we ever finished one loaf of bread.  Which each cost about £2.50 to make.  And could have felled a bird at 20 paces.  Lead bread.... not the best.  And yes I did try lots - some - different recipes.  We eventually sent it to breadmaker heaven).

Double breasted gilet £79.99  I love this look.  I'm just hoping that it's not proper coat fabric otherwise to wear, as a mere mortal, as a top, would look completely random.  In my head, it's more waistcoat fabric?  Which would work beautifully over a jumper with a shirt underneath.. or over a longsleeved (or dare I say short sleeved..) tee.  A match made in Breton heaven?  I may have to scratch the itch.  Loving it with these trousers.  Also think it would work super well with wide leg crops.  

This is a more subtle version.  Obviously, subtle isn't a part of my vocabulary so I'm all in for the full on number above.  But this one is probably much more practical.

Long Boyfriend Gilet £49.99

This is ideal for adding interest to an otherwise dull outfit.  Perfect for into the Spring, even into the Summer.  I'd wear this over a tee as a throw on.

Adjustable cord gilet £59.99

And this has turned into the Gilet thread... oh how I love the tufty shoulders.  Actually this is probably more useful than the "formal coat that looks like you couldn't afford sleeves" version above...

Jacquard cotton gilet £69.99

What better to wear under a gilet or just the perfect top for the holiday season - my beloved chunky knit.  Love this colour - over coated skinnies with some heeled ankle boots or ballet flats (I'm starting a flat obsession, you have again been warned) this is perfect for looking dressed up whilst being super comfy. 

Side cords sweater £39.99

Or a thinner knit which could be easily dressed up for a smarter occasion.  Fine enough to wear under a blazer into the Spring as well - not to mention a gilet... (or a long cardigan - see below.)  Now apparently this is blue but personally it looks like grey to me.  I would go so far to say that on no analysis is this blue (don't order it wanting grey though because we all know it will turn up bluer than a blue thing).

Metallic finish sweater £34.99

Now this isn't going to be for everyone but I am so in love with my long grey cardigan that I got from Zara earlier in the season.  Having said that, I may actually prefer this one. 

Pocket Long Cardigan £49.99

Or a sand version (although apparently this one is a coat.  Which is listed under cardigans.  That'll because it's a cardigan).

Flecked cotton-blend coat £59.99 (it's so a cardigan).

On to bags now and Mango have had some lovely bags this season.  I'm going to look at reasonably (and not reasonably) priced black bags shortly but in the meantime, how about a new bag for Spring.  Something to wear with all your greys, navys and blacks to just give a hint of sunshine to Winter's outfits. 

Suede cross body bag £69.99 in ochre.  I think this looks so much expensive.  Love the ring detail on the handle.  Do not wear against dark denim jeans though as I think the colour will probably (definitely) run onto the suede. 

Not leather now but much cheaper especially with the 40% off. 

Studded bucket bag £34.99

However this one.. oh this one..  Don't forget the leopard print coats from the other day from Mango which also now may have 40% off

Leopard Leather Bucket Bag £89.99

And finishing with something that I rarely look at but I think I've found some that might work.  Gloves.  Proper leather gloves.  I have hands like Skeletor at the end of an orang-utan's arms.  Stupidly long fingers and arms that Mr Tickle would be envious of.  Therefore gloves are normally useless.  They barely cover my great big paws.  And if I look at men's gloves, they make me look like I'm sporting catcher's mitts.  Just all wrong diddly. 

Whereas these may just fit the bill.  Extra long so they'll cover my arms (yay) and in two sizes - large should be fine.  And a great price.  I wouldn't pay too much for leather gloves as although I know it's probably worth it, the chances of me losing them are high.  Very high in fact, as I wouldn't be able to drive in them and I know I'd put them on my lap.  And then get out of the car, forgetting they were there and into the gutter they'd go.  Doesn't happen with wrist warmers as I can drive in them.  

Leather long gloves £34.99 

And it seems it doesn't rain but it pours.  Lo and behold the Matches Sale has also started today.  And Whistles starts tomorrow... is there any point at all in waiting for Boxing Day any more? 

I will be back with my pick of Matches as it is the one site I love love love perusing and the husband is out most nights this week.  I'm out tomorrow night too.  Seeing Santa and Ice Skating.  Get in there. 

But in the meantime, seeing as I have my new (bagged in the Black Friday sale.  WHOOP) Golden Goose on, I'll just give you a sneak preview of my Matches picks.  If you are after a pair of these, do not hang around as they will not be around long at all.  The addiction is catching on everywhere.

Superstar Uma Low top trainers were £315 now £189 - with ponyskin panels.  Swoon. Just swoon.

Finishing with outfit from today and I have done nothing exciting at all but the school run and get to grips with some more Christmas shopping.  From the comfort of my sofa.  But I put on one of my favourite outfits.  And feel so so much better.


Black polo neck - Cocoa Cashmere
Black peg leg pleather trousers - Zara
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Grey long cardigan - Zara
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

In sightly less exciting news, my Maje coat arrived (well two of them arrived as I ordered two sizes as usually French clothes are tiny.  Which they are.  I always have to size up in them.  Thanks for that).  And it looks gorgeous.  It also looks exactly like a dressing gown. 

Which alas, was confirmed to me when the 11yr old said, as I took it out of the box, "Oh wow mum, your new dressing gown is epic".  As epic as it may be, it does genuinely look like a dressing gown on me.  Straight back in the box. 

And French women must have have really really skinny arms as my appendages looked like they'd been vacuum packed into the sleeves.  Not entirely the look I was going for.  Am going to order the ASOS one tonight.  Which I have high hopes for.  Foolishly clearly...

Coming up shortly, I have gone into obsessive mode about two items of footwear (there is method in my madness and you'll be pleased to hear that a) it's not sneaker based in the slightest and b) it's practical.. ish).  As well as feeling all the trouser love.  Lots to think about.  Not to mention sales lists... (which clearly I need to start making really really quickly.  Help me out here, what have you got on yours?!)

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23 comentarios:

  1. I'm still waiting for my Shoescribe order to arrive from Black Friday!! Am finding the new season styles so tempting not sure i will end up keeping any of them-unless I can find some way of justifying 2 pairs in the space of a couple of weeks!!
    Love the first Mango coat, the early sales are so tempting even though I need nowt! Glad you're feeling better about today's outfit. You look great.

    1. Oh they're just all GORGEOUS. I don't want to take mine off. Ever.!

  2. FYI Irish peeps, the code for us is 6MANGO30 :) - the one quoted above seems to be UK only but they sent me a text today with this other code. Not that I need to place another Mango order. I love their scarves and accessories but over 50% of the clothes I order go back as they fit weirdly (too big, too small, too wide) and their returns system must be the slowest around.
    But their flat leopard print shoes - *drool*

    1. Leopard ANYTHING. Yes, sizing is insane, delivery is crap and quality can be iffy (but I find generally better than Zara!) Their shoes have indeed improved although I am a Zara shoe fiend, it has to be said!

    2. Do you find their shoes true to size?

    3. Zara? Absolutely. I am a 40 there in every single shoe and they are all exactly the same "size". Mango?PAH! All completely different. Alas.

    4. Erk, it was Mango I was ordering from. Ah I think I will take the plunge and risk ordering my usual 40 in the leopard zip flats. Too cute to pass up at 40% off.

    5. I just remember trying on some sandals in the summer and they were randomly big but then I wanted their navy leather stan smith a likes which were TITCHY! But i'm sure they were just anomalies and fingers crossed the flats fit. They look amazing!

  3. I have the leopard print bucket bag from mango.... Got it earlier in the season and I love it for everyday, perfect size! Gutted I paid full price for it though, love today's outfit btw, especially the red golden goose!

    1. But if you've used it every day, then of course it was worth it!

    2. I guess so... I haven't used it as much as I planned to as my lovely husband came home with a fab Michael Kors bag in a very useable black! So I've been alternating. Think the leopard one will come into its own in Spring ... And it's pony skin with a suede back so well worth the £££

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one looking at the sales! I seem to have bought myself a few things in the sales as well as Christmas shopping... not just mango has a sale, though. Plumo and Toast have some good reductions at the moment, I have accidentally ordered myself a boiled wool tunic from Toast as an investment piece ;) -as well as replaced an old and tatty grey scarf with two from Becksondergaard! I may need to stop soon.

    1. Anything from Plumo would be lovely - waiting for that arctic sweater to have a few bob off.....

    2. *must not look must not look must not look* (rushes off to look!)

  5. Love the Mango coatigan...wish I'd seen it before (only in a S & M, time to step away from the mince pies for me I think...)! Also got my shoescribe GG trainers yesterday & it turns out I'm not keen, they just don't look right on me. I am a little relieved on that one as at least I know now (& they were going on a credit card which sailing a little close to the wind) and so the eternal trainer search continues. Bit gutted though as I think they always look fab on you, just goes to show different strokes and all that!

    1. Honestly I have tried so many things that look great on others and make me look like a tit. GGs hi tops for example, I look like an utter cock in. But yes, just leaves room for more footwear! I have a cunning plan up my sleeve for evening flats... which will then come into their own in the Spring!

  6. Kat, is this your long Zara cardi? Hope so cause I've ordered it!


    1. I think it is... looks slightly different and it definitely wasn't previously called a coat.. but it's very very very similar!

    2. Actually it will be the same, it's probably just a different photo. AND I've just checked the stock number on the label and yes it's the same!

    3. Haha, finally, I've been stalking that thing since you bought it! Thanks for checking x

    4. It's definitely a different pic from first time round and it wasn't called that but yay, it's the same one (with an oatmeal one as well... )

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