It's obsession time again.

Which is never helped by having a look at Pinterest.

It's not a sock, it's not a's a sock boot.  What is a sock boot I hear you cry?  Well. It's not a sock it's not a boot... it's a sock boot.  Seriously though, who the hell knows.  It's semantics which encourage us to buy more boots.  And who the hell cares?  I'm in. 

My definition of these would be an ankle boot that's probably slightly higher up the leg so verging on mid calf and one that is snug to the skin.  No flappy top to my boot thank you very much. Not on my sock boot anyway, as from what I can gather, they're quite often an elasticated fabric part on top of a leather lower boot.  Clear as mud?

Obviously I can only say "often" as sometimes they also seem to be just snugger leather or suede with no fabric (or "sock" in sight).

Are we all singing from the same carol sheet now? (delirium is setting in.  I actually laughed outloud at writing that.  I need more wine.  Immediately.)

These are the perfect solution of what to wear on your feet with a skirt.  A short skirt yes but definitely - most definitely - a midi skirt.  And I know I'm not the only one who has really struggled to find footwear to go with these sorts of skirts (cue a shed load of skirt blogs imminently...)

They are also the ultimate solution for my "promised to be favourite sort of trouser into the Spring" - the cropped wide leg (or flare.  Personally I shall be sporting the wide leg version - I already have the eminently wearable ones from Me+Em which are now in the sale). 

What better way to prove how they simply work than turning to Pinterest.  I thought I was set with my black trousers and hell yes I am but I now officially need a pair of denim ones (see how bad it is for the bank balance and obsession levels?  Although thinking about this after one glass of mulled wine too many, I have some old boot cuts that I turned up for oversized hem but I'm wondering if I can chop and fray for a crop jean.  Yes, we all so know this is a Bad Idea).

Love all of these looks. 

Suffice to say I shall not be exploring in any way, shape or form, the (muffin showing for us of a certain age with a predisposal to prosecco and sod all exercise) side cut out top.

Why do these work?  Well.. they're not going to be for everyone, that's a fact.  They're slightly out there and I think if you're a skinnies fan, you're not going to buy into these at all.  But for balancing out the proportions with a midi skirt or cropped trouser, these to me work perfectly.  A wide finish on your skirt or trousers teamed with a wide topped pair of ankle boots just doesn't work - you can't have flappy on flappy.  A neat, close fitting top to your footwear to set off the wider finish of the garment is what is needed.  

These are the babies you need. 

Top of the shops is Topshop (god I need to get out more)

Majesty Ankle Boots from Topshop £82 which is a squareish toe.

The Magnificent sock boot £79 in black 

And in the chestnut £79

More black in suede this time. 

HEX Sock fit ankle boots from Topshop £72

Or the leopard print.  Just wow (in a good way).

Hex Sock Fit Ankle boots £72

Master Tortoiseshell Heel £85

Magnificent Suede Sock Boots £79 in navy sude - also available in black and tan.

And elsewhere now - they don't specifically coin the (clearly made up) phrase of sock boot and prefer to use the (normal) description of "ankle boot".
s.Oliver Premium ankle boots from Zalando £90

Hogl Heeled ankle boots in grey were £125 now £87.50

And in the black which aren't in the sale.  £125

Grey leather which again don't entirely fit the brief but they do look very snug against the leg.  Which is what you want.

 Sam Edelman Reyes Steel Grey Ankle Boots £165

Slightly lower now and I have to say I am really coming round to the blockier heel.  I have a feeling that these are going to be a lot more prolific in the next season.. they're much more comfortable for a start. 

Tiger of Sweden Violet boots £250

I did used to have loads of these although they were knee high (and no, they weren't ever called Knee High Sock Boots.  Cant imagine why) from LK Bennett.  In fact I'm sure I used to have some ankle ones as well - I used to work opposite their flagship store in Mayfair on Brook Street and so was first through the door for the sales and used to come out armed with bags (and sadly I'm not joking - seriously I used to wait outside like a total saddo.  The Shame.  But the one with the good bargain shoes...) 

And they still come up trumps. 

Kelly Nappa Ankle Boot from LK Bennett £295

Some lower ones again - Shelley Patent Leather Ankle Boots from LK Bennett £295

Love the sole on these. 

Mai nappa Leather ankle boot was £275 now £195 

And then I thought - hang on.  I've got some like this.  Ok so they're not identical and they don't have the fabric sock at the top but they do have a suede, closely fitting top to the boot with the same cleat sole as the ones above (it was that which made me think, hmm, familiar...) and they're from, you've guessed it... LK Bennett. (Bicester now I am no longer privvy to loitering in Brook Street pre sale).  

I bought them about 3 years ago - and wore them on my 40th birthday as it was snowing.  They're suede with a patent toe and again, a stockier straight heel.  I am going to crack these out this weekend as I reckon they will serve the purpose perfectly.  For the first time ever, writing my blog has actually saved me money *small jig and immediately thinks what else I Need*...

Having said that - my bargain of the day I've found at ASOS.  These I think look (in the picture can I please  say... I haven't seen them in the flesh but a friend of mine recently bought a fabulous pair of velvet ones from ASOS which looked amazing - and they may have even been these....) Definitely worth a look. 

ASOS Raise up Pointed Ankle toe in black £38 - not to be worn in the rain.

I am rather taken with the bottom ones - but it does lead me to think about heel heights.  Mid, low or high?  Which would work better for you?  I so rarely wear heels during the day now but maybe I should make of an effort and drag some of my old boots out. 

Finishing with pics from the last couple of days.  Still doing a good impression of someone who is dead on her feet here.  This was before I decided I needed to cake on the mascara at this time of year.  If only to stop people asking me if I'm ok... 


Striped longline tee - Joules
Navy Off Duty Jumper - Boden
Waxed skinnies - Boden
Buckle boots - Toga
Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And yesterday - what a difference some slap and a blow dry makes.  Lovely afternoon in Tunbridge Wells with a lovely friend.  Ooh and heels.  Block heels.  So so comfortable.  And a lovely change.


Navy cashmere jumper dress - Whistles
Berry leather leggings - hush
Patchwork fur coat - Topshop
Khaki/brown suede ankle boots - Eileen Fisher
Brown suede bag - Coccinelle

So I hope everyone has had a fantastic week now that the kids have finally broken up.  Yesterday didn't have time to post as we had our school Carol Concert and got home very late.  The husband was out so I treated myself to some toast (living the dream) and an early night.  Today, I was supposed to go and have brunch with himself in London but he was called into a meeting so I went for a long dogwalk instead with a lovely friend.  And then tidied up which took so much longer than I ever think it's going to. 

Was supposed to be out tonight but the 9yr old, bless him, is so all over the shop and I am so exhausted, I've rain checked.  Just not in the right sort of mood which is exceptionally not like me.  Glass of wine on the sofa watching Cinderella with the children.  My lovely friends are all coming over for New Year's Eve so we'll have a big booze up then. 

Hopefully my party spirit will return by Sunday as we have 17 adults and 23 kids for a party... On the upside, I *think* I know what I'm wearing...!  And cooking.  Big cook off tomorrow in preparation. 

So on the subject of what I'm wearing, I reckon I'm going for something new.  Something slightly (very) away from my usual garb but an item that I'm thinking of adopting for the Spring.  I reckon I'll have few of you agreeing it's a great idea... anyone fancy a guess?!

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25 comentarios:

  1. Good lord - isn't this the look that we all sported late 90s in !ondon?! M&S did the same thing and my housemates and I all bought the exact same pair. Talk about fashion being cyclical..... AC xx

    1. Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing! I had a wardrobe full of boots like these circa '93/4!!!

    2. Hmm I was still at Uni in the early 90s so didn't have anything this ladylike at all! Heels? I didn't know what a heel was until I started work. And even then I can have absolutely no recollection about what I wore on my feet... but I did work for a subsidiary of Next and we had a Next discount shop on site and I used to get everything for peanuts! Literally a suit for £30!! Shoes were a tenner etc - god it was amazing.
      However then I moved to work in London opposite LK Bennett (I actually worked at the bottom of South Molton Street) and it all went very very wrong! And I became obsessed with their boots.. late 90s though. But I don't remember anything like this. How can that be??? Plus mine were mostly kitten heeled.. oh how I love a kitten heel....!

      And gosh fashion is totally cyclical. I think you can pretty much wear anything - ok maybe not the pedal pushers that I had in 1985 that were red and basically looked more like bloomers. My mum, god bless her, said "oh I"m not buying you any of them. Oh no. I can "make" them." Love you mum, but you couldn't. You really couldn't!!!

    3. Yes I was thinking more 98/99 when I started work (I had cloggs from Shelleys at Uni - oh how cool I thought I was) - it was also when LK Bennett sold sandals at their kings road store for about £50 a pair......!!!! Those were the days the inflation of their shoes seems to have gone up in tandem with private school fees!!!!!! AC xx

  2. Kat - I really love that Topshop coat you are wearing, so just did a quick Ebay search to see if any were available. Not sure if it bothers you, but this seller is using your photos: Ebay

    Love the blog.

    1. Thanks! It happens so often, it's irritating but what can you do? I've asked people not to do it and they ignore me. i'm just working on the assumption the karma fairy's a bitch..!

  3. Ooooh I love this look and funnily enough I did exactly what you're thinking of doing and DIY'd a pair of old J Brand Lovestory jeans. It worked a TREAT - you have to get the length just right, that's the trick. Those TopShop boots are delish too Toosh xx

    1. This is where I fear I would go wrong...! Plus didn't you find it really hard to cut a straight line?! (or I am just a complete feckless cretin?) The boots are gorgeous aren't they? But I am going to stick with my LK Bennett ones hopefully.. I also think my Acne Cypress one might do the job too....Should probably get some more wear out of them!

    2. Just do it a bit at a time. I tucked mine up first (and looked at a million pictures!) to make sure I cut them to the right length. The straight line bit is surprisingly easy but the first cut is a bit "waaaaaaaaaaaah, what have I done!!!"

    3. I already wrecked a pair of Rock & Republics - I found it so so hard to cut a straight line (cretin alert...) I will try again. Did you fray yours?

  4. Not for me I'm afraid - with my little legs anything that length would make them look even more hobbittses than they do x

    1. Oops! (you just need really high heels...!)

    2. Ha! If only I could walk in them without looking like Dick Emery (shows my age)

  5. I just ordered a pair of sock boots yesterday morning, so timely (ha!) and of course I agree with you. I almost got the Topshop 'Master' but found it's shorter heeled Topshop sister in the 'Mistic' boot (2 inch heel). I thought it looked more Céline-ish with the shorter block heel. I bought the boots specifically to wear with my cropped flare jeans and black pants. I want to continue wearing them now and had no cold weather options. I am trying to channel Alexa Chung, let's hope it's not an epic fail. But I have high hopes!

    I have short legs and cropped flares work on my frame. The flare has to be a smaller scale flare, nothing bell bottom-ish. It also helps to tuck in your top so your bottom half looks longer than the top half. Fortunately my cropped flares seem to have a higher waist, that helps too.

    1. Oh gosh they're sold out. I LOVE them! High waisted is definitely a good idea for those shorter of leg. x

    2. Nordstrom in the US has them in limited sizes, Kat, and I think they ship internationally. They finally arrived and the Mistic boots are divine! They work perfectly with my cropped flares. If you are still looking for cropped flare jeans with a raw hem, I just ordered these from Banana Republic:

      There's also a darker jean called resin wash. I am now up to 3 pairs of these, eesh. Merry Christmas! xx

  6. Do you know my pair of LK bennett knee high boots are still in my press it must be 15 years later - brown fabric with a kitten heel! My first expensive purchase if I remember rightly!

  7. Hi love this look, can you tell me who on pinterest the first picture is from (if that makes sense) as want to find out what jeans they are. Thanks

    1. Gosh I'm so so sorry, I've gone back through pinterest but I can't find it.

  8. I had a gorgeous pair of these from whistles in a stone colour! I sold them a few weeks ago cause I just didn't wear them!! I knew I'd regret it before the year was out!

  9. Those Topshop leopard ones are now £25 in the sale!

    1. Oh GOD but I just bought the coat... and I already have leopard wedges... What a bargain though!