All very un-me

A Mary Jane. 

As unlike me a shoe as you can get.  But.. I have a hankering.  I have a real sudden need for a shoe with straps.  Why?  

Well, it often just takes one shoe (Rupert Sanderson shoes of beauty below) to turn your head and before you know it, you wonder how you ever lived without them.

This has happened in the past so there is method in my perceived madness.  May I remind you of my hate hate relationship with sneakers that turned into a love affair of epic proportions after I discovered cracked leather Stan Smiths and then Golden Goose?  And the of course there is the leather biker jacket that went from zero to hero in a matter of weeks. 

So I have high hopes for this style of shoes.  It seems (in my head this is...) to pretty much go with everything.  With jeans, with dresses, with cropped wide legs, with culottes, with skirts - see?  Everything. 

I should probably prewarn the potential Mary Jane purists out there that this may make your eyes bleed.  I have taken the concept of Mary Janes and completely bastardised it - I am so so so sorry.  These are definitely variations on a theme - please forgive me....essentially if it's a shoe and it's got a strap somewhere across the foot - it's fair game for this blog.  They're all shoes that I would never have considered before - maybe that should have been the header??

The other shoe that I've never really got to grips with is a patent nude.  Kate Middy ruined them for me but thanks to Rupert Sanderson - they're back in the game too (just with this shoe - other than that, they're still meh to me).

Check out these and tell me this isn't the ultimate in shoe porn. 

Ellen patent leather pumps from Rupert Sanderson at The Outnet was £525 now £246.75

And then of course I started seeing them everywhere.  And whilst the ones above were never a reality, when I saw these from & Other Stories, I did start to think hmmm - maybe.... 

& Other Stories Suede Mary Jane Heels £89  Love these.  Perfection with a Self Portrait dress no?  Black boyfriend jeans, white tee and black blazer?  Actually scrap that - I'd go a striped tee....

And then the floodgates of Mary Jane heaven opened. 

Navy Suede Block Heel Court Shoe from Autograph at M&S £49.50

Bargain black heels at Shoeaholics.   Tip with Shoeaholics.  You always get 15% if you sign up a newsletter.  You basically just need a new email address each time.... Tis worth it....

Carla by Miss KG was £69 now £19

Another bargain in suede at Office.   (Bargain with a capital B).

Teach Mary Jane heels were £65 now £22

Now we come onto the variations on the theme (Mary Jane afficionados, this is the point you may want to look away).  I'm not sure that a Mary Jane could or should be a slingback, but these ROCK.  Adore the colour - perfect for weddings, jeans, work and for just hanging out in (so long as you can entertain heels this high). 

Gale Slingback Shoes from Topshop £69  They also have these in a teal and a black online.

And then we come across another pair that I think - oh hang on... these may be it.  These could work so so well for me with dresses (as I mentioned the other day - the more I have going up my leg the longer dresses look.  The gap between bottom of dress and top of shoe being shorter.  Just humour me... Oh and this does not include those gladiator "cut into your leg and make it look like a rolled shoulder of pork" ties.   A proper strap?  Yes).   As well as cut off jeans and cropped trousers.  I absolutely LOVE these.  Maybe even more so than the  & Other Stories ones?

Black Alicia by Carvela were £120 now £79 

Stretching the definition of a Mary Jane here (as in my book they have a rounded toe) but if we're taking the strap into consideration then these do fit the brief.  LOVE. 

Silver Argent by Carvela was £110 now £69

And another version in black... if I were working in an office, I would buy these in a heartbeat.  These would have been my "big meeting motivation on my feet" shoes. 

Black Babington by Kurt Geiger London were £199 now £119  Fabulous looking and not that high (in the scheme of high heels).

I do also have pointed with a block heel... 

ASOS Switch it on pointed heels £38

You may have noticed that the ones I favour are those of a higher heel.  To do a Mary Jane in a mid heel would be like crossing solar systems for me.  But that's not to say that they don't look amazing on other people and oh how I wish I could wear them and not feel like a transvestite who's raided his Gran's shoe cupboard. 

Sling back Faux Suede Dolly Court Shoes with Insolia from M&S £39.50

Or in a full on snakeprint.  These I think come into their own and make a plain outfit.  All your neutral classics that you've had for years - fling them on and bring them bang up to date with new season granny chic. 

Slingback Dolly Court Shoes from M&S £29.50

Although I have to say I think it would be the pink mix that gets my vote.  For Summer for work with all black?  These would make all the difference to your outfit (and for the weekend with cropped distressed jeans, white tee and little blazer?  I may even be talking myself into these... for less than £30?!)

Pink Mix again £29.50 from M&S

More sling back and pointed now at Topshop. 

Java Croc Sling back shoes £46

And also in a spot print... these I like... 

Lower and gold at ASOS.   These would be super cute with kick flare jeans... Or any sort of jeans actually.  I can think of so many people these would look so amazing on (me not being one of them...) 

Daisy Street Gold Mary Jane Shoes £27.99

But if we're talking metallic then I like a full on metallic version and these from Office are close to winning me over. 

Mindy Mary Jane Block Heel from Office £65 in rose gold

Or a 60s vibe in the off white?  I think these would look amazing with a pale grey/black outfit combo.

Mindy Mary Jane in Off White £65

Whilst we're on the subject of 60's - oh hello Clarks... 

Clarks Swixties Fayre in nude pink patent £80 One DNA strand closer to being Twiggy with these on. 

Or in the black patent combo £80

Topshop though of course come up super trumps in this category.  Whilst I would look like a 70yr old librarian in these (I genuinely have a habit of ruining lovely stuff), I can appreciate on others, these would look amazing. 

Jonno Suede Mary Jane Shoes from Topshop £69

Now as I've said, a mid heel - I do struggle with, so for me - these in the flat are much much more up my street.  Love. 

Miss KG Audrina Silver Patent (they say mid heel but this is flat enough for me to think flat... no?) Mary Jane shoes £50

And the Audrinas again in the black £50.  Just perfect for work and play.  I'm often asked for other shoe options that aren't a loafer or a ballet flat but aren't a heel and these would be the perfect solution in my book. 

And we do have totally flat at Warehouse, in leather, in the sale which = a steal. 

Warehouse Patent Pump was £45 now £31.50

So how late am I exactly to the party?  Has everyone else nailed this style years ago and I'm the last girl on the block to get my act together?  Or is this something that, like me, you've always been quite scared of? 

Well I'm definitely going in with a heeled pair - not least because it means you can wear tights with them!  In fact, they would be ideal just for the next couple of weeks.  Here I am, trying to think about what to wear for a casual party at ours tonight and these would be JUST the ticket.  Harrumph.  I'm in.  Anyone else?


Navy and white breton top - H&M
Black dungarees - H&M
Camel knit blazer - Whistles 
Hazlemere tote bag - Village England
Leopard flats - Air & Grace

So I'm off to get on with the cooking.  Impromptu party for 15 kids and 8 adults.  Massive piece of pork in the oven and just going to throw some salads together.  Hot dogs for the kids.  What could possibly go wrong?  (bar me not having the right shoes to wear... ha ha ha).

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33 comentarios:

  1. Ah heck! I used to wear almond toe Mary Jane's years ago when I worked in an office, and has therefore ever since filed them away in the "work shoes" category. Now years later as full time mama I never thought I would want to wear again, but now that you introduce them with a pointed toe I all of sudden must have!? Ur blog is as dangerous as it is lovely :) x

    1. Apologies!! They're perfect for off duty!

  2. ooh - I LOVE a Mary Jane - I just don't think I can keep a shoe on my foot (in-between sizes I think) without a strap and a nice block heel Mary Jane means I can stop worrying about it - love the Clarks ones, they do a nice vintage style every so often

    1. I knew there would be lots of fans out there!

  3. Bought my first ever pair of MJs last month for an Easter wedding. Like you, thought they might be a bit frumpy but they looked amazing on with a midi dress. As a heel phobic, the height was perfect for me too. They're black & white patent from Next with a double strap.
    Worn them with jeans & 7/8 trousers & skirts since and I love how versatile they are. Total convert.

  4. Really? Please no!! More than Mary Janes I get Mary Poppins in them. Sorry not for me!!! Love you outfit! I so so wish I could pull it off too!!!

  5. Love the mid heel MJ's - the m and s ones are divine!

  6. Soz Kat, can't even humour you with these! Definitely not for me. My dad always says there's a reason why something is reduced so much and I reckon with some of these it's because they're minging..... The first pair are nice but I'll give the others a wide berth!
    Hope you had a great party.

    1. Ha ha ha! And wouldn't it be a dull old world if we all liked the same thing. At least that means you can save your shoe budget for another day...!!

  7. Round toe? Square toe? Strap with a button on it? Clumpy heels? You nearly always have me nervously tapping a credit on my desk as I read your blog. But Mary-Janes? No no no no no. The only ones that could possibly pass muster are the KG Pointy toe killer heels. Come back Kate! DedeWest11. PS> Found some amazing cotton ankle-cuffed cargo joggers in Gap today - £12.99 in the sale + extra 20% off. Black and navy. Find of the year. Now there's a ttrend you successfully turned me on to!

    1. OOOH those joggers sound amazing. Fab fab find! Off to have a look (even though I Do Not Need any new ones at all!)

  8. I'm a push over when it comes to shoes. Will try ANY style ;) My faves here are the first pair , go on scratch the itch Kat! I'm off to pull a black patent out from the back of my wardrobe. . Are you sure you haven't got a pair lurking in the depths of yours?! Sue xx

    1. Now you say that... hmmm no I'm sure I don't. But I think I definitely need an addition!

  9. Love the first pair, only downer is I'd end up with a broken ankle at that height, but shoe porn they definitely are.
    Mary Janes's are definitely okay for me. I have a pair in pewter with wedge heels, I'd say they go with almost everything and are supper comfy. And when they're a no go I put my patent nudes on.
    The flatter styles would get the most wear, and I'd go for straps closer to my toes, so my legs don't end up looking shorter than they are!
    In the shoe department I'm after a pair of nude/ light tan sandals in a nice soft leather and no toe strap thingy (deal breaker for me). As yet I've only seen some high end styles that I couldn't justify!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I think you're right about the lower the strap to the foot, the more flattering for most.

      Do you mean a toe post? Like a thong? How funny - these are my favourite style!! I'm sure we'll be flooded with more sandals very very shortly x

  10. It's a shame people can't say they dislike a style/item without actually taking it a step further and insulting someone else's choice. 'can't even humour you....minging ". Nastiness probably isnt the intention but a simple "not for me" is probably enough. Just a thought.

    Keep up the variety kat.xx

    1. Totally agree. No need. Just rude.
      I like those TopshoP ones
      Emma X

    2. I think you'll find, if you read the article properly, that Kat commented-"come on humour me". No offense intended and I imagine, after reading this blog for a couple of years that none has been taken. Some people need to lighten up and get a life!! It's a pair of shoes!!!

    3. Thank you for thinking of me but honestly, I really don't think Jan (who does comment regularly and is always absolutely lovely) didn't mean anything insulting at all. I did take it as joshing as opposed to being insulting. But thank you - we definitely can't all do all of the trends all of the time!! xxxxx

  11. I always need a shoe with straps otherwise they fall off my feet. Thanks for the selection.

    1. I've never had this problem! But very very pleased to be of service! Hope you found some that you like xxxx

  12. Love love love all.....

  13. Totally agree that they are just shoes. But i guess we are also enjoying kat's time, energy and enthusiasm in bringing us ideas that we all clearly enjoy, even if we might not actually wear. I prefer to focus on the effort she puts in to bringing us things to tempt and entice us. After all, fashion is foreign and strange until it isn't. (Boyfriend jeans anyone? 10 years ago they were just jeans that didn't fit).

  14. I gave in to the Clarks Kendra MJ and will never look back. They were on my plates all day yesterday at work and I kept them on when I got home for a couple of hours cos I felt like a proper grown up - all elegant like!! (They also have a cushioned sole that no one needs to know about!!)

    1. There's a lot to be said about a cushioned sole....

  15. Love the Rupert Sanderson ones! But the M&S ones (all of them) are lovely.
    I can vouch for the money off at Shoeaholics .... I've signed up at least 3 times and with one of my sign ups they sent me an email reminding me to use my code.... I had already used it! I tried it again and it worked! Almost free shoes, they do free returns too and my Kurt Geiger collection is growing (we don't have anywhere that sells KG locally .... Especially at Shoeaholic prices!)

  16. I've actually got the m & s beige snakeskin ones I couldn't believe how cheap they were great for work and dates. Very comfy and stay on your feet