Stripping off for Summer

Fear not - I do not mean literally.  I mean paring it back.  As I've mentioned, I love the boho look.  I would adore to be head to toe in Cecile Copenhagen, Dodo Bar Or and Isabel Marant Etoile but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that you can't do all the trends all of the time. 

One thing I've always been a huge advocate of is knowing your lifestyle.  Well, clearly we all know our lifestyles but sometimes it helps to take a look from the outside in and recognising what trends work for you on a day to day basis. 

If you spend all Summer in the South of France or are naturally a more eclectic dressier than the boho look is made for you. 

Alas - it doesn't exactly translate to school run and the supermarket in semi rural Kent, lunch and meetings in London and holidays in Suffolk, Ireland (oh how we laughed), New York and Disney... 

So with that in mind - I've decided to have a closer look at the brand ASOS White.  Over the years, I've come across it during various searches but lately, it keeps cropping up more and more. 

And I think it would be the perfect place to get some ideas for our pared back Summer look.  What exactly am I thinking about wearing then?  Dare I say I'm thinking Scandi Parisian.  Which I've just realised is randomly is a look that people have described the interior of my house as... 

Let's see if this works.. (absolutely no connection with the people at ASOS at all by the way - have only experience of them as a customer). 

One thing I should say about ASOS is that I've found the quality mixed.  Some things are truly amazing and other things have been truly terrible.  And, not massively positively I guess, I've only ordered one thing from ASOS White - it was a red dress last year and a) the sizing was crazy (MASSIVE) b) the colour wasn't as depicted online (although that could be my computer) and c) the quality was meh. 

But but but I will say that the only reason that's the only thing I've ever ordered is because it's usually sold out.  So I guess it can't all be bad and I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I so want it to all work.  Partly because ordering from ASOS is so offensively easy (if you have the Premium thingy which is £9.95 a year and I think is worth its weight in gold...and returns are very easy too and free.)

I will just add.. a lot of it you have to be very young and very thin and very Hoxton to wear (think a sack with sleeves... that sort of thing). However I still maintain that there are some *unusual* gems that - most importantly to me - are that little bit left of mainstream yet still very wearable.  Twists on classics that you can't find elsewhere. 

Kicking off with updated versions of classic black trousers.  For me - these would all work with heels for evenings out or work and with loafers, sneakers or slides for during the day. 

Ironically - the first up are the look I was trying to recreate with the Topshop Mensy ones in black I bough the other day and sized up in so I could get them baggier. 

ASOS White Ovoid Cropped Trousers £65

And another more fitted pair of black trousers. Surely a year round staple?

ASOS White Bonded Crepe Trousers £65

Not forgetting culottes in white. 

ASOS White Wide Leg Culottes £55

And the matching top... which I have to say would look amazing on its own over black skinnies or even a pair of jeans. 

ASOS White Tunic Top with Square V Neck £55

Grey and white now in a dress - this is perfect for Spring and you only have to tan from mid thigh down... Gorgeous with white sneakers or slides.

ASOS White Colour Block Panel Midi Knitted Dress £70

I really shouldn't like this   Really really shouldn't - but I LOVE it.  I appreciate it's wrong diddly on many levels.

ASOS White Tuck Detail Midi Sweatshirt with Cut Out Dress £55

Blush midi now.   How easy would be this be to just throw on on a super warm day with slides?

ASOS White Double V Neck Midi Dress £75

The monochrome continues.

ASOS White Stripe Wrap Shirt Midi Dress £75

And a full on Summer option.  Love this as it manages to be floaty without a hint of boho.

Organza Trapeze Dress £75

A complete show stopper for an amazing price.

ASOS White Suba Dropped Hem Midi Dress £65

Colour now and this is the most stunning shade of pink (although they call it peach.. I'd go nude or blush personally).  

ASOS White Silk Sweat Top £55 (it does say 100% silk and dry clean but I would so handwash this).  LOVE this with khaki, grey or black... Perfect addition to your wardrobe for a hint of Spring.

Then we have grey... perfect with all the shades above as well as looking stunning with white and navy. 

ASOS White Silk Shirt £65 

And some more grey 

ASOS White Oversized Blouse in Sheer Stripe £31.50

Speaking of grey - I am more than a little in love with this oversized suit jacket (not to mention the matching trousers...).  Super unusual. 

ASOS White Punched Wool Blazer was £75 now £60

Print wise - instead of embroidery, beading and tassels - if we're taking a more minimalist approach to Summer, a geometric pattern is the perfect option - especially in monochrome. 

ASOS White Wide Leg Trouser in Cube Print £65

And I have to say - I quite like the top that you could wear with it... in fact, the more I look at it, the more I really really like it.

ASOS White Off Shoulder Top in Cube Print £55

And I know that's all a bit black and white and grey (well - with one blush treat) but I do have other another shade - dare I say something denim?

This is perfect with a black or navy blazer and sneakers - or even ankle boots - for every day now and when it gets warmer, throw on sandals.

ASOS White Denim Midi Shirt Dress with Panel Detail was £75 now £60 

And as if I needed confirmation of why I won't be doing full on boho... if Cindy can't make it work... 

So thoughts on ASOS White?  It is a big step away from Boho and a lot of it is probably more Spring than Summer but I think it's an excellent place to start.. Would love to hear what sort of look you're planning for the next couple of months?

And here I am today - again channelling all things structured.   I'll admit I probably had one two many layers on...  So tomorrow I'll strip off and be freezing no doubt.  Law of Sod.  I've also realised I am unintentionally head to foot in Me+Em.


Black and bone striped tee - Me+Em
Black trousers with white stripe - Me+Em
Black cashmere hoodie - Me+Em
Black longline blazer - Me+Em
Black Haworth bag - Village England
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

Tomorrow morning I am off to my first Pilates lesson in almost two years.  I need to find my core which has happily spread it's way round my midriff and got some friends along for the ride and things are starting to get tight... EEK  (tight as in both my Self Portrait are too tight and I haven't even blooming worn one of them......*puts down crisps*).  And then off to London.  I may crack out some of my new clothes in the honour of the sun....

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26 comentarios:

  1. Nothing wrong with going head to toe one label, I do it unwittingly all the time, usually means that label has been doing something right for quite a while!
    Love the blush silk sweatshirt, not so sure about the grey blazer (reminds me of one of those strange notice boards with holes in them)! Good on the scandi minimalism style!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I think it probably works best if you mix brands - that's what Iike to do - I can't remember the last time I wore head to toe same brand! To be honest, with hindsight I would have worn a different jacket... was experimenting and not sure it works! Looks a bit formal - I thought the sneakers and the hoodie might de-suitify it a bit, but it's still a bit worky for me!

      Must try harder tomorrow.!

  2. Love the peach silk top and EXACTLY what I need for a dinner on Thursday night. Sadly only size 18 left - bugger!

    1. ACH! You see this is what I mean - it sells out SO quickly! But I do find with ASOS (although sod all help for Thursday probably..) that stuff does come back into stock.. I'm SO so so sorry

  3. I fell in love with the white, square V-neck top - only a size 14 left. Double bugger.

    1. Oh no another - like I said above, it does unfortunately sell out so so quickly. WOrth watching to see if it comes back into stock though. x

  4. To me, it looks very similar to Cos. I think a lot of people are put off Cos, especially if online is the only option, as their styling is a bit avant garde, and in store a lot looks very sacklike on the hanger, but a lot of it looks really great on, and the detailing is fantastic.

    1. It is isn't it? Although I do think their styling is easier to see how things will sit as opposed to Cos. I LOVE Cos but you need to go in and try things on. It's a recipe for disaster to order and pray for the best!

  5. Cos is quite boxy in shape, but the quality is great. It's important to know what shapes suit you and what don't. I've not yet bought on line as I can visit a store fairly easily. I'm still wearing a cashmere sweater I bought in Paris a decade ago. Love their sweaters in a mix of materials like merino wool and silk.
    Not tried their trousers, but as I always have trouble getting them short, I stick to brands I know (Scandinavians don't do petite!)
    COS = Scandi minimalism at it's best!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I have found over the years, the quality of Cos can be hit and miss. But yes, if you get it right it can be amazing.

  6. That's exactly how I feel about ASOS too! Usually I stick to a few brands in there (Weekday, Whistles) and only look at specific ASOS-branded items if recommended. But after reading about ASOS White, I took a look and really like their offerings - seems higher quality and well-curated. I too was tempted by the off-shoulder geometric top and the grey sweatshirt dress with cut-outs!!

    Btw you ROCK Me+Em!! Every time you wear their things, it makes me want to go back and order more! Unfortunately the side-stripe crop trousers from them didn't work for me (material too stiff) but I still want their joggers! Is the side-stripe pair you are wearing made of lighter (crepe?) material?? Or maybe I should forego the stripe and just go for their slouchy joggers (is that in jersey)??

    1. I've ordered the black trousers so I'll let you know!

      The side stripe pair I have are machine washable and they are so so fabulous. Not too stiff at all - much more crepe like. The slouchy joggers are great too. Really love, but I do like the fixed waistaband on the joggers. However I would say they are more trousers than joggers, if that makes sense??

  7. Haha at the picture of Cindy! I think I probably dressed like that when I was a 19yr old student but with dms and opaque tights. I do think the full on boho can look a bit like fancy dress if you are not careful. I think I'm happy to go with pared down and accents of boho, e.g. fringy boots, wrap bracelets or beads.

    The asos white stuff looks lovely, especially the stripy dress outfit and the geometric trousers. Sadly, we haven't got a Cos near us and I agree that the website looks rather confusing. I think I definitely wear a fair amount of nautucal/stripes and blue denim/chambray in spring and summer.

    1. I am SO getting back into my navy and denim...... Watch this space!

  8. That white top!! NEED. I bought the topshop colour block (navy/white) that you featured a while back and it was beautiful but a bit big & unfattering on me, returned it and the next size down in gone, GAH! Could get this instead.. but sizes not there! boo hoo hoo. Great choices. have a great day, Audrey :-)

    1. Oh LORDY what a bummer. SO sorry - but do watch as they do come back into stock.... Yes - that Topshop top you did need to size down in definitely!

  9. I Also LOVE THE Grey sweatshirt dress with cut out elbows - it's not really me but I really want it!!

  10. I love the black trousers. Very tempted. Today I am wearing oversized white shirt with straight jeans turned up to show ankles (yay), dead ringer for Gucci loafers and a camel coat. Definitley my look for chill in the air Spring. Scandi-Parisian totally sums up the look I aspire to so thanks for naming it Kat. PS. Still not sure about the Frances trench. Might be kidding myself that the 10 fits - really need an 8.

    1. I've ordered both pairs so will let you know. That outfit sounds amazing....

  11. Ooo loving the organza dress and the silk top, both look gorgeous. I would definitely be tempted to handwash the top too, but that still takes me approx 3 months in the washbasket until I get around to doing it! xx

    1. ha ha ha! I have to say, it's never my first wash.... !!

  12. Love you in the Me & Em outfit. Perfect for you. And you are tall and can handle the Scandi/Parisian looser look. I'm petite and drapey looks overwhelm. And thanks for the picture of Cindy. Proof that you should never dress out of your daughters closet.

  13. I've ordered the grey silk shirt, and bravely trying the blue satin culottes which I'm hoping will be perfect for a wedding!