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Ok so we've done the statement shoes. 

We're going back (this is the Royal We by the way... oops), I've decided to all things graceful - classic jeans, loafers, granny shoes even.   But that doesn't mean graceful has to be dull.  

I was looking at my wardrobe the other day and the one thing that I wear year in, year out, is a jacket.  A short fitted jacket.  And do you know what - some of them are slightly way out there.  On the random side.  The correct fashion term is, I believe "statement" jacket but let's be frank - often they're just random. 

There is no rhyme nor reason to them - some will love, others will hate.  But there is nothing like a jacket that's that little bit different to turn a boring outfit into your favourite.  And curiously they seem to be timeless.  I think so long as you buy them in a classic shape and you find the print or colours completely aesthetically pleasing, you will have it for years.

They are also the perfect addition to a minimalist wardrobe to give you a different look without having to head down the full on boho route.

And it was an email that I got from JCrew with this picture, slap bang in the middle of it, that made me think - hell yes, now that's got my name all over it.  Surely I can squeeze another one in this season - to add to my collection?

Fringy tweed jacket from JCrew $198 with 30% off using the code SCORE.  Or, if you're in the UK, you could have paid £198 except that it's sold out.  If you could see my face right now... HOW much cheaper stateside?

Actually I've gone in to look again and it's back in stock in the UK... £198.  I have to say I love this and I mean love love love this. 

I'm not going to lie - I wouldn't be teaming it with shorts.  But this style with a black or white tee, pair of beat up jeans and my new gold shoes for a casual night out is my perfect perfect outfit.  

Now it may seem that some of these I've featured have a certain bohemian vibe to them - they're certainly not the first things that spring to mind when you think "minimalist".  But that's not to say they cant' be eminently useful in a more pared back Summer wardrobe.  

And if you still need convincing - happily Net A Porter have done the styling work for me.  This is exactly what I had in mind.  Down to the shoes (which I will come back to - I have minimalist Summer sandals up my sleeve too, fear not).

Etoile Isabel Marant Elmer Reversible jacket £220  The joy of looking at a Marant jacket is that it doesn't make the JCrew one seem quite so expensive... especially if I squint and think it's a Chanel one... (am I convincing anyone?   Suddenly JCrew prices, even the £ conversion seems like a bargain if we can pass it off as Chanel).

However this one is reversible so you know what I'm going to say don't you... mais oui - two jackets for the price of one... kerching.

Adore this look.  Exactly exactly exactly what I had in mind (I even already have a red bag..!)

Tributes at Monsoon (although to be fair to them, they've been churning these out for as long as I can remember... certainly pre Marant, that's for sure) at a lot less.  Although, it's not reversible... 

Waltzing Jacket from Monsoon £89  This with faded denim...

Or the Enya Embroidered Jacket £89

If you are thinking about a bomber jacket but aren't quite there with it, this may work for you... It's not gathered at the bottom so is boxier, which I think is potentially more flattering.  But there's definitely still a hint of a bomber there... For me - this would be the perfect finishing touch to a pair of khakis, white tee and sneakers (or loafers...!).  Or all that talk of jeans... well this is the perfect print and colour palette to go with any shade of blue denim.  Add a black, white, grey, khaki or yellow tee and this jacket will take you through the whole Spring/Summer.  What about over a maxi dress?  I could go on.... 

Jacquard cotton jacket from Mango was £49.99 now £34.99  As if we needed another reason to look at jackets - all short jackets at Mango have 30% off for a period of time.

Print again and this time in a metallic printed linen.  And blazer style... 

Metallic Printed Linen Blazer from Majestic was £216 now £99.36  I would happily wear this look every single day.

Full on colour at Topshop.  They also have a matching skirt to this (well - to the young and lithe of leg it may be a skirt.. to me - it would be a belt.  And to wear together would be plain wrong diddly at 43).  On its own though?  Hell yeah.

Embroidered Jacquard Jacket £55

Mono Quilted Jacket from Warehouse £79  AND - 20% off at everything at Warehouse at the moment with the code TREAT20.

And another monochrome version at New Look.  Again - team with all black or good old jeans and let the jacket do the talking. 

New Look Tassel Trim Edge to Edge Jacket £34.99

So now I have an interesting concept - statement with no colour.  For something to stand out, it doesn't necessarily have to include lots of colours, it can do its talking via texture or embellishment. 

Starting with a twist on denim.  Quilted like the longer Warehouse one above. 

Maddie quilted denim jacket from Monsoon £69.00  Fair play to you Monsoon, this one is pretty darn fabulous.

And more 30% off bargains at Mango.  I was going to keep this for a military blog I was considering but I think it deserves its place here.

Double breasted jacket in black was £79.99 now £59.99  Would buy this in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a gold button version.

And this which is pure perfection.  I think this would be the ideal update on a denim jacket.

Textured cotton blend jacket was £59.99 now £39.99

Boho to wear every day that isn't so boho after all.

Textured Cotton Blend Jacket from Mango was £79.99 now £59.99

And again, how to wear it - a pared look with not a hint of boho.  For me - this is much more Zadig et Voltaire than it is Mango.  Personally, I would prefer my trousers to be slightly looser - well, they'd have to be slightly looser otherwise I would have spillages of my love handles from every angle of the jeans.

Or the red.  Oh simply simply love... 

So today, alas it wasn't so much statement jacket weather (I am looking forward to cracking my old ones out) as full on statement coat.  Random, like I say.  But one of my favourite buys from the Winter, a good old M&S bargain. 


Black and white breton tunic - H&M
Black waxed skinnies - Boden
Leopard fur coat - Per Una at M&S
Red Loafers - Gucci
Haworth bag - Village England

Random jacket fan are you?  I simply love their versatility and, I think, timeless quality to them.  One of mine I bought from Wallis 11 years ago and yup, still wear it every single year.  

Tomorrow I will be discussing the best snow jackets to buy to be prepared this weekend.  Kill.  Me.  Now.

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24 comentarios:

  1. Sorry, not for me I'm afraid. Being big of boobage, a short, boxy, collarless, edge-to-edge jacket is the stuff of nightmares. Although a biker works just fine - I think it's the lack of collar and fastenings that don't help. Bombers look equally tragic on me. Love them on other people though, wish I could pull off the navy Mango textured one!

    1. I see what you mean - and yes, as I was looking through them all, it was weird that ALL the ones that looked good had no collar...and were short (I fear if they're long, you're off into Helena Bonham Carter on a bad day territory...). I wonder if it's because if you start to add a collar and lapels, it just looks like overkill??

      If it's any consolation, I look like Edina from Ab Fab's sad sister.

    2. I love statement jackets! I also have acres of boobage (F cup, and vertically challenged!). I don't go for boxy shapes, and I don't tend to fasten them, the short length suits my (lack of ) height, the fit is everything! Then the trick is to keep everything else simple.
      I started with a fitted navy jacket with cream piping which I'd drooled over for months, but thought it was too expensive, I was lucky enough to get it in the sale for half price and am amazed I've used it soooooo much. Several years and five jackets later I trying to resist buying another one!
      Danish Pastry

    3. They're addictive for sure....

  2. Pssst - Code THANKYOU for 20% off plus free shipping at J Crew UK. Brings the tweed jacket down to £158.40.

    1. OMG OMG OMG. YOU STAR! (I'm off to do a JCrew post...!)

  3. I love all these short little jackets, they are super timeless and I love that you can make them casual or dress them up...so good! XO -Kim

  4. Thank you Kat! I have been after a jacket like the JCrew one for ages (nearly caved on the hush white cropped jacket but the cost of returning from Aus if not right has been putting me off) but have back ordered this one. From Australia we only have a 25% off code so the jacket came in at $230 (£122) but at least it's $7 returns. I also loved your blog about the topshop pleated skirts too, but sadly the navy one was out of stock online in my size. Yesterday I went into the store and thank the shopping gods it had just come in! Will keep looking to see if they stock the gold shoes as once again returns to Topshop are not subsidised.. Hope the weather improves and you get the sunshine back!

    1. That's fantastic!! And yes, if you could send just a smidge of sunshine our way, that would be handy...!

  5. I have a jacket obsession!! I see
    To buy jackets more than anything else

  6. Randomly Kat, I would recommend you checking out Christine and the queens on jools holland tonight and/or any YouTube clips. I reckon you will be a fan, not only does she wear the perfect black trousers and stripped Breton and black jacket and white trainers but she is also French! Enough said!

    1. OMG I can picture it in my head AND I may have the component parts. YOU STAR! Thank you x

  7. Wish I'd not read this 😁😁😁🙈 I bought a Mango jacket last week & it's now £20 cheaper!! I will console myself with the thought that it is so stylish and I am ahead of the game that my size must have sold!

  8. I could and possibly may buy literally every single one of these. Sooo not helpful as I didn't even have a cropped jacket on my imaginary list. And they'd pretty much all go with the pleated cream Wallis skirt you *made* me buy and which I'm wearing today. Oh dear...

    1. Oh sorry... (and did you ever think a pleated skirt would be so useful??!)

  9. I have a couple of short boxy jackets: Sandro tweed with leather trim, amazing navy wool with frayed edges from Zara. Love these but I think the ones you've featured are a bit too ethnic for me - apart from the J crew. And I love the camo blazer. Phew, credit card safe for another day.

    1. Lucky!! (I can't stop thinking about the JCrew one.... would be so so amazing with all my jumpers... completely transform them into Spring outfits!)

  10. Thanks for JCrew code code - just ordered the boxy stripy top with ruffle sleeve !

    1. I have to say that's on my list of things to try on..... SO cute. x