The Must Have Top

Part one.  Obviously this is part of a series called Must Have Tops... because this isn't about a stripey top and if there is any top that's essential in my book, it's a striped one.  Ergo there needs to be a series of blogs (one to include the stripey love of my life).

But to be honest (and I hate to admit it as I won't hear a thing said against any form of Breton... be it real or a mere stripey contender), I think this may win on a "covers all bases" argument. 

I am thinking the Summer version of our must have Winter Black Blouse/Top/Thingy. 

A white one.

Or cream, or off white, or whatever shade of non colour that's opposite to black that you'd like to pick. 

A top that you can throw on with jeans, even with joggers and a biker jacket but that works just as well with a pair of smart black trousers, midi skirt, pencil skirt, culottes - you name the bottom for the smart occasion - this top does the job for you. 

Does it exist?  Err hope so. 

Ok so I'm going to let you into a secret.  People ask me often about how I come up with content for the blog.  Essentially, my brain is full of a big bunch of (what may well be to some) rubbish (but to me is extraordinarily interesting....!).  That pretty much has no filter.  I think about *stuff* all the time (don't we all?) but have a habit (a bad one) of getting fixated on an item that I MUST HAVE.  At that moment in time. 

Sometimes I buy it, sometimes I don't (already moved on to the next thing).  Often I buy it and it sits in a bag in my wardrobe for three weeks and I return it (looking at you Alexa Chung mac which is going back - although I would happily wear the Ada suit every day).  

However I always blog about it.  

And some things I get in my head and I've no idea whether or not I can find exactly what I'm looking for (black Audrey Trews for example).

Other times, I know exactly what I want to buy - the very specific item that has been milling around in my the depths of my madness for weeks and I suddenly have to have it.  And I then write a blog to justify purchase of said item.  Which is normally expensive (law of sod).  However what usually happens is said item is usually sold as I am such a procrastinator and so have to find an alternative. 

TA DAH!!!  And there in lies the fodder for the blog. 

So today - it's the turn of the white top which falls into the category of "I know exactly what I want but don't really want to spend that much money and I bet it's sold out anyway so I need to find another option".

Here is the Perfect Top.  Which - every time I have gone out recently and have got dressed - have thought - *that* top would be ideal with this outfit... 

Self Portrait Flounced Ruffle Sleeve Daisy Top £180 

And guess what... I am obviously part Jedi.  It's SOLD OUT.  Quelle surprise. Ugh. 

But I am not to be deterred (and am now like the proverbial dog with a bone) and since there are loads of tributes to Self Portrait on the high street - surely I'll be able to find something... you'd think... 

I'm going in.

Vaguely similar but as useful at Karen Millen.  Love this.

Floral Lace Jumper £110 Although they do seem to have more sizes at Selfridges

More lace at The White Company and who doesn't love a sale?  This is very very sweet. 

The White Company Collar Detail Floral Lace Blouse was £98 now £39.20

Leaf Lace Top from Warehouse and so far, this is my top option.  And there is currently 20% off with the code TREAT20.  Which makes it a very sensible choice in my book...

Leaf Lace Top £39 pre discount

But there are also some great options in the sale at Warehouse (the 20% is only off full items).

High neck lace top from Warehouse was £45 now £25

I have to say I think it might be better untucked but this gives you an idea of how the arms would work so well in cooler and warmer temperatures.  LOVE this.  Almost rather pleased that the SP one is sold out...

And have just found a better pic on ASOS in fact, where it's not reduced yet (and sold out in most sizes).  This looks like a similar shape to my H&M sequin one which was an amazing outfit teamed over black leather leggings.

But perhaps my favourite from Warehouse is this one.  No it's not the most summery but as it's been snowing this week, I think we can safely say, sod the warm weather and indulge in one of these.  Soft distressed denim, boucle cropped jacket, this and gold granny shoes.  Outfit perfection.  Now I am really pleased the SP one isn't in stock as this for £25 will be in your wardrobe for years. 

Broderie Lace Top was £49 now £25

A punchy styling choice here from Mango.  I'm going to suggest that you perhaps wear a cami underneath.  Just a thought...  However with a cami, I think this could be amazing.  It doesn't have to be a cream cami - I'd probably go for a nude.  Of course you could throw caution to the wind and opt for a colour or even a black... 

Openwork peplum blouse from Mango £49.99

Cotton lace mix from Isabel Marant Etoile. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Mayra Cotton Lace Top £130

Sleeveless at Topshop and not full on lace which would work perfectly with a more pared back look as well as lending itself well to a boho vibe. 

Lace Poet Style Top from Topshop £36

Moving into ruffles.   Now did I say I wasn't going to do ruffles?  Hear that chomping sound?  That'll be me eating my hat.  Ruffle me up with this one.

Ruffled Blouse from Karen Millen £115 Love the idea of this with faded jeans, black stilettos and a blazer.  Or those rather lovely gold granny heels from Topshop? 

And another sale bargain from Warehouse.  Good thing about this one, is that you can undo the top button and tie to give it a slightly looser, more relaxed feel. 

Jacquard Ruffle Front Blouse was £45 now £25

If lace or ruffles aren't your thing, but I've managed to persuade you that a cream top is a must have for your Spring repertoire then these may be more up your street.  I completely appreciate that if you are more endowed in the chest department, then the ones above may not be your bag.  I am definitely going to be looking at a more classic summer blouse shortly but in the meantime, these are incredibly versatile to dress up or dress down.

20% off at All Saints and fear not, I will be doing my round up of my best picks shortly. 

But in the meantime, as off white tops go, this one would work on so many different occasions.  It says dry clean but it's polyester and silk so I would definitely handwash.

Abi Sleeve Top £118

Or a sleeveless version also with 20% off... 

Abi Top in chalk £108

Are you a fan of the classic white blouse/shirt/top thingy (technical term) for Spring/Summer?  I have to say I usually skip straight from jumper to tee and am very light on the blouse front.  Do you have a favourite or do you have one on your wishlist?  I do have a feeling I have a lace one somewhere... maybe in my "not sure if I want to keep them or not" suitcase of clothes in the loft.....

In the meantime, back to freezing temps (literally) and I am layering up again.


White layering shirt - Me+Em
Grey cashmere jumper with rainbow cuffs - Wyse London
Vintage distressed Baxter jeans - Topshop
Navy coat - H&M
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

Interesting day today of achieving pretty much squat, despite the best laid plans.  Car needed four new tyres (sob), cancelled Athletics club meant meltdown but managed to take the two boys swimming outside in a rare hour of sunshine (and it was actually warm...).  Not entirely sure where the day went but tomorrow, looking forward to a long dog walk first thing and then packing for our weekend away.  Which sounds vaguely glamourous.  HA.  A caravan for a rugby weekend.  Still in denial.... If I gloss over it, maybe it will pass in a lightening flash...

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26 comentarios:

  1. LOVE the lace blouses/tops, have one on order from Boden, yes it was sold out and yes I kicked myself for not ordering earlier, but then it came back in stock, or at least pre order for May, so I'm eagerly anticipating.....
    Danish Pastry

    1. I am SURE I've got one somewhere.. i know what's going to happen though. I"m going to unearth it and it will be "ok".. as opposed to perfect. DOH! I would never have thought of looking at Boden but now you mention it, they did have one for winter a couple of years ago...

  2. Kat your Wyse jumper deserves a blog post all on it's own. How cruel not to show it all in it's full glory. Yep I'm a white lace top fan, have several and wear daily. And I could quite happily add any of the above to my collection x

    1. I've got a jumper blog up my sleeve. HA HA HA!

  3. A good white lace top is invaluable! You can dress it down with jeans or wear it with a pencil skirt and it's perfect for summer. I got mine at Anthropologie and have had to ration my wearing of it!

    1. You should probably just get another one...!!

  4. I ordered the self portrait top 2 weeks ago, got the last one but sadly will be going back. The bodice is beautiful but the sleeves unfortunately don't look right on me. I think they are more for a young girl in her 20 ' s hitting a nightclub! I have a lovely one just picked up in Zara at a great price.

    1. Yes I saw that instore and it's SUPER cute. Have you seen the Warehouse one on the blog today? If you like the SP one, you will adore this....

  5. I have the high neck lace top from warehouse and have gotten so much wear out if it. May be time to try to broderie one from warehouse. Or the Abi top. Huge fan of the cream blouse /tops. Will take you anywhere !

  6. Kat, please stop wearing those Golden Goose sneakers....I'm craving them something rotten! How are they size wise, would you say TTS?

    1. Totally true to size. Identical to Stan Smith sizing (if that helps at all...)

  7. Totally off topic, but would you happen to have a cream cardigan/throw blog in the works? I've been craving something like this ever since I pinned it: And that's exactly how I'd like to wear it! But do you think I can find a plain cream, oversized, open front cardi? Not a chance! So any help would be much appreciated...

    1. Don't know where you'd get it in the UK, but Sibin Linnebjerg do a great cream cardy. The model is mary (there is a shorter version too), merino wool mix, great quality, washes really well. Mine are a size small, and I'm usually a UK size 12. They do these cardigans every season.
      Danish Pastry

    2. I got an open front chunky knit but summer weight cardi from Mango having been inspired by The Fashion Lift a few weeks ago

    3. I will definitely have a look! x

  8. Your blog is the best fashion blog ..I am half French love all the French stuff French women are so all the blogs the lace tops will have to wait still in jumpers here brrrrr.

    1. But it's going to get warmer this week...WHHOOOOOOP!! And thank you thank you for your lovely comments xxxx

  9. Oh my!! I bought the Self portrait white too for my friends 50th! A few weeks ago I wanted the one without ruffles but the lovely lady at Selfridges talked me into it! ( sucker....I hear you cry?) love to hear your thoughts on what to where on the bottom... She said tailored trousers - I thought about my black culottes? Fab, fab blog as usual.

    1. On the bottom - well - definitely black culottes. I also love the idea of leather peg leg trousers or joggers. Any sort of tailored trouser would look amazing. But at the same time, I love the idea of a pair of beat up jeans and heels!

  10. Can never say no to a white or cream lacey top... Have several and have just added another to my collection. Dress up, dress down, summer, winter, with jeans, blazer, biker, night out, holiday.... List goes on!

  11. Oh yes, a white lacy top is a great wardrobe staple, smart with black or dress down with navy... I love the first Karen Millen one, I think I had a similar one in the 90s, the warehouse broderie one is gorgeous, oh and the allsaints ones.

    1. Could easily wear all of them, couldn't you?!

  12. I really like the white company blouse - excellent discount too. There's something very fresh about a nice white too - probably because I spent all of winter in navy jumpers!
    Katie x

    1. What could be more perfect than the transition from navy to white?!