How boho do you go?

For lots of people - I appreciate it's not that low.  I think historically it's been something that you either love or hate.  For some, it's their go to Summer style and they wear it with aplomb every year.  And lots of us have eschewed it. 

But it's not going anywhere.  It's a style that stubbornly reinvents itself every year with just the tiniest of changes.  And the best thing about that is that it means most things boho have become pretty timeless.  They have become precious commodities we can invest in and take out year after year.  (she says as total justification to anyone who is eyeing up a top or dress from the post yesterday or the entire new Isabel Marant collection... go forth and "invest").

Not convincing you?  Ok fair enough, the beauty with the growing popularity of this trend means that you can pick up high street versions for a fraction of their designer counterparts. 

And there is so much wearable choice now - it's so easy to just add a piece or two into your usual Summer wardrobe.  A boho top - easy to wear with any sort of jeans or shorts that you have  Or a simple pair of shorts which can be paired with a denim shirt, tee, or silk blouse. 

I do in fact have a number of Boho Bits (technical fashion term), and whilst I wouldn't describe it as my go to Summer look, I definitely do enjoy wearing them for a change from my usual more classic (ie dull) look.

Speaking of Isabel Marant, one of my most worn pieces is a silk shirt from the Marant collection at H&M a couple of years ago.  Works so well with jeans but looks great with shorts. 

And I've found a similar version at La Redoute with a far more purse friendly price tag.

This is fabulously easy to wear and perfect for now.  Gorgeous with skinnies and heels for a night out but throw on over a bikini and shorts when on hols.  Daily dress down perfection with a pair of boyfriend jeans in any colour takes your fancy. 

25% off again at La Redoute with the code Summer.

Anoushka long sleeved ethnic print blouse £55

Also from La Redoute is this from Esprit.  Ethnic Print Blouse £35  I would happily drag out the blue skinnies from retirement for these.  Or white skinnies would look ideal for every day or a BBQ (surely BBQ weather can't be that far away... oh how we laughed...)

More navy again at La Redoute.

Embroidered puff sleeve embroidered blouse £35

Navy again at Monsoon with the Monty top £49

Black and white at Monsoon with the Ida Ivory Embroidered top for £69

Plain white but with the detail in the texture and embroidery. 

Cutwork Embroidered Frill Top from Topshop £36

But my favourite top of the day and it's not high street but it is in the sale and a great price, considering there are practically identical ones at full price on other websites.  That's the great thing about buying Isabel Marant - she brings out pretty much variations on the same pieces each year. 

Tegan Frayed cotton top from Isabel Marant was £410 now £164 - have to say, the matching skirt wouldn't be my choice as an outfit at all.  As much as I love matching, I think this would look a shed load better with a pair of distressed jeans, be them cut offs, flares, boyfriends or straight legs.

And in the black.... again now £164 from 

And a final Outnet bargain from Koza.

Baja fringed herringbone cotton hooded top from Koza was £345 now £138 with an extra 30% off at the check out.

Sleeveless now and this one is gorgeous.  Perfect with shorts or with wide legged flares - just stunning. 

Ethnic embroidered scoop folk blouse from La Redoute £26

Shorts are the perfect option to team with these tops and plain cut offs are probably the easiest option for a simple look... the risk of slipping into National Costume territory is quite high if you were to wear an embroidered short and top ensemble (I reserve the right to wear the Cecilie Copenhagen ones from yesterday though... well, I would if they weren't OOS everywhere.  So whilst they're not everyone's cup of tea, enough people liked them to BUY THEM ALL.  Harrumph).

But the other option if you don't want to do the top half is to have a little detail on the bottoms. 

And I am sticking with the warm weather options.  Shorts.  You've got to appreciate my optimism...

These are fabulous and a complete bargain from The Outnet.  Just in from Isabel Marant. 

Agnes embroidered denim shorts were £140 now £56  Perfect with a plain white tee.  Easy peasy.

Less fitted and slightly beachier at Rag & Bone. 

Beach woven cotton shorts were £160 now £80

A slightly girlier look now at Topshop.  More of a skirt jist to it...

Broidery flippy shorts from Topshop £28

But saving the best till last... these are the absolute bargain of the day.  I have seen these in store and they are amazing.  With a loose white tee over the top, these would be completely gorgeous - a nod to the boho theme, without being overly try hard.  Or a grey crew neck jumper for chillier evenings.  

White Stripe Shorts from New Look £15.99 in linen.  They genuinely feel like they should cost about five times as much and I am going to order them asap.  I couldn't try them on in the store as I had truculent children with me...

Also found a couple of others which I didn't see instore but look like they could be excellent as Summer extras.  

Plus in a khaki which I adore.  They also do them in a white... I'm going to throw my neck on the line and say at 43 - white jersey shorts are perchance a step too far... But khaki is a complete goer. 

Now I would love to be able to say.. and here I am in my favourite boho get up.  Yeah right.  I'm going to blame general malaise chez nous and not the w word which I can't even bring myself to mention, I am So. Over. It.  (apparently it might snow this weekend.  SNOW??!)  Middle child not well at all - I was up most of the night with him and a really high temperature and was complaining of a headache which he never ever ever has.  I can't remember the last time he has Calpol - he is just never ill.  So when he is, we always mildly panic that it's something very serious - one thing that goes hand in hand with his Autism is a ridiculously high pain threshold.  Ho hum.  To say I feel like I've been hit like a truck today is a total understatement.  He of course has bounced back this afternoon and has been the proverbial Duracell bunny whilst I look and feel like I've been dug up.  

Zero glamour.  100% comfort.


Grey Everyday jumper - Boden
Black boyfriend jeans - hush
Grey boucle cardigan - Zara
White Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

So we've got lots planned for tomorrow after a day of mooching - my back actually hurts from sitting on the sofa all day.  The.  Shame.  The husband is out at a leaving do tonight, so we've just put on a Jurassic Park marathon.  I predict we don't make the end of the first one.... 

Is this sort of boho something that is more appealing?  Or are you just a no no no??! 

Tomorrow I have a plan for something new.  Something that I've never tried but I have a hankering for...

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27 comentarios:

  1. Yep, Kat, definitely more appealing this evening! May have to press the button on those New Look ones ;) Sue xx

    1. They are honestly the best pair of shorts I've seen in years. You would NEVER guess they were New Look!

  2. Always love this look on others but whenever I try it I just feel or think I look a little daft!! Even took the plunge and ordered the Isabel marant etoile gauzy cotton shirt from net a porter early season which Instagram championed. Was unsure but willing to give it a chance but was met by my 7 year old daughter saying that really doesn't suit you mummy and is not you!! Can always rely on them to tell you how it is!! However may try again with the lower end options...thank you so much I love your blog and inspiration x

    1. I don't rely on anything my children say....!! If I did, welllll....!!! The mind boggles! It's a hard one to master and I'm not going to lie - I only have three tops and always feel a tad meh in them... unless it's SUPER sunny and I can team a straw hat with them! But it's not often. Having said that - trying to think of what is my signature Summer look and err failing !

  3. Ooooooh. So divine. This look is so beautiful and relaxed. I know it needs sunshine but maybe slap on some faux glow and pretend.?(i bet you look much better than you think you do too) And the comfort...... ooooh. Keep in mind though that I am from a hot climate and only own 1 coat ☺

    1. It's POURING with rain here today. *weeps* Boho is shelved chez moi for another week.. at least...!

  4. I caved on the Bardot dress yesterday (just before I went to bed - I couldn't drive it out of my mind) and actually do need shorts, so the New Look ones may be just the ticket. I was in Spain for a wedding last September and one of the (young, beautiful, stylish) guests came down to breakfast one morning in a gauzy cream sleeveless short dress trimmed at the neck and arms with pompoms. I have been trying ever since to find something like it but to no avail. Holler if your boho investigations turn something like this up please - I've worn out Google.

    1. Which one which one which one??!! Hmm now I tell you who did something like that a couple of years ago - Accessorize but I don't think they have anything similar this season. SOrry. Will keep my eyes peeled.

    2. Thanks - it has become something of an obsession now.

      I got the Pampleone Bardot dress in cream/red. It has arrived today and looks good, but I haven't tried it on yet on account of just having come in from dog walking/feeding horses and am slightly minging.

    3. And Kat, you are a genius. Just went on ebay and searched 'Accessorize Cream Dress' - guess what was first on the list? And in my size too! £4 later and it's winging its way to me - virtual flowers for you!

  5. How have your hush jeans fitted ? I have the 10 in the blue and after a few wears have gone a little sagging for my liking on the bum... Washing hasn't fixed it and I love them! Love the shorts by the way

    1. Ah - now I like them slightly looser... they've given but not by that much. I definitely prefer them with a slouchier fit... as i think that's how they're supposed to be worn.. but that doesn't really help you, does it? Sorry xx

  6. My gut reaction was no, I don't do Boho!
    Then I thought about it, and the answer is yes, in small amounts. Individual pieces that mix in with the rest of my classic items. When I really thought about it I remembered I wore a Boho top in navy, with navy velvet trousers for my wedding. The trousers have gone, but the blouse is there yet, it is lightweight enough to be worn in the summer too.
    Maybe it's time to add another Boho item.....
    Danish Pastry

    1. AHA!!! There's boho and there's boho.....

  7. I love Boho 😍 but I am an old hippy at heart 😂

  8. I love Boho 😍 but I am an old hippy at heart 😂

  9. Not sure about boho on me, think it might be 'taxi for the old bird' - wandering round warsaw h and m yesterday thinking they might have something different and bumped into the Coachinella collection. Had such mum thoughts looking at it ' that'll crease, that'll take lots of ironing, won't wash well' etc. so for me maybe a carefully chosen not too frilly top might be a good addition.

    1. Now.. I do have THE most amazing cheesecloth red dress from H&M that I snagged at the beginning of the season and is now sold out everywhere. But that's as far as I'm going. x

  10. I can't wear tops like this with my boobs. I look like I'm bringing the cows in for milking. ��

    1. oh NOO!!! You could always do the shorts and then a normal top?!

  11. Well funny you should say that, as I did order the most random cold shoulder jumpsuit from Topshop last night in a whimsy... Last one in stock so it's either super old or super popular....

    I would honestly say unless you love love the hush jacket, then send it back. I'm like you - I want to LOVE it which is obviously why I got it but I do struggle to wear it. HAving said that, I struggled to wear my biker jacket and now have to force myself to put something different on...

    The only way I think it might work is in place of a denim jacket.. and actually that may well work. I can't for the life of me remember what I actually wore last year.... duh. Oh gosh, I'm not really helping, am I?!

    If it makes you feel any better, I've got 15 children and 10 adults for supper tonight!

  12. Carol, I have the Hush khaki jacket and initially didn't feel it but now adore it. Wear with jumpsuits, dungarees, and wide cropped pants mainly. Super useful to throw on for casual look.

  13. You see this is what I think. It has the potential to be like my biker. DIdn't get it for years and now can't live without it.... I think maybe for me it's the shape? But it can't be as I love a loose longline blazer.... I LOVE it on other people but Carol - I'm with you - not quite feeling the love. I do have a blog on loose trench coats coming up which may float your boat more??

  14. I have that red h&m dress and currently on my lounger watching at least 2 other women wear it in this resort!! Think will shelf mine for couple years then bring it out!!