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So I'd said to myself I wasn't going to mention the weather as it really is an inordinately dull subject of one talks about it all the time. 

But seeing as it's pretty much responsible for what we wear every day and seeing as I'm on holiday and frankly it's just RUDE to be this cold in May and now JUNE, coupled with the fact I'm half English, I reckon it's the law to moan about meteorological things. 

Seriously, how can it be so cold in "the summer"? And in half term too? That's just cruel. Weather, you are mean. 

I have a stack (OK two) of gorgeous dresses that it doesn't have to be Kefalpnian style sunshine for me to wear but it needs not to be verging on gale force winds and November temperatures. Not to mention my new summer tops which I, clearly ambitiously, bought with me, just to wear with jeans and cropped harems on those vaguely warmer days I had been anticipating.  When I say "vaguely warmer", nudging double figures would have been nice.  In. My. Dreams.

The husband and 11yr old went home for 24 hours and I was tempted to tell them to raid the wardrobe for more cashmere to bring back. (hence we had no car and are in a little village which is two miles from anywhere else.  Normally walkable.  In gale force winds on the coast?  Not so walkable.  We are not related to Bear Grylls, that much has become apparent).

However I didn't and I shall valiantly layer up and thank the packing gods for my foresight in bringing a leather jacket, sweatshirts, jeans and scarves (gold loafers were slightly ambitious.  Gold leather and rain is not a match made in heaven..).  I will be doing a packing blog before the end of week hopefully, to see how (un)successful my packing has been. 

It has got to me to thinking ahead to the rest of "the summer". What if it doesn't get any warmer? 

Let's not all panic at once (hyperventilating with panic here, I will confess) as I've had an idea.  It can't be "this" cold till October, it really can't and looking forward to next week it already looks like the sun is back, albeit the temperatures are still hovering around 20 degrees..

And I keep coming across an item that I think we should all perhaps be investing in this season or lack of it.

Chambray.  A lighter denim. Perfectly cool to wear in warm temperatures but a fabric that is generally made into garments that give more coverage for those days when it's not tropical. It also works well as a great cover up for holidays (of the super sunny kind.  It would be a chocolate teapot sort of cover up against the lashing wind and rain on our break).  

And it also lasts the test of time. I have a pair of chambray wide leg jeans trousers that I've had for nine years and will still happily wear. So long as it's not pouring with rain...

Starting with a very similar pair to the ones I have and will be wearing next week for sure (yes, freaking weather permitting.  I can't lie to you - these are not wet weather appropriate.  Soggy hems are up there with one of life's super unpleasant things).

ASOS Chambray Trousers with rope belt £30

More wide leg trousers (and these do have a matching top below..).  With their detailing they could be actually on the smart side - throw on a tee and they're perfect for every day. 

Soft Denim Trousers £39.99 from Mango 

Jeans in chambray form now from Somedays £58  Personally I would wear these a tad longer as above - the thing about wide legs and loose is that for me, they work best when they puddle on the floor - hence you not being able to wear them when there are actual puddles....

This fabric also works perfectly in culotte form with its drape. 

Soft Denim Trousers £39.99 from Mango 

And some straight leg from 8.  Adore this look.  Effortlessly chic and summery but with total coverage.  Perfect for the British Summer (obviously you will need jacket, scarf, wooly hat etc...Seriously there is not enough eye rolling I can do at the current weather situation).

Chambray Straight leg pants from 8 £91

For me, I love a longer dress and this with the splits offers the perfect compromise for the warmer weather - but ideal for cooler days ie what we need in this country.

Soft Denim Dress from Mango £69.99

Not a style of dress for everyone now but I LOVE.  The best thing about this sort of frock for me is that the volume distracts from your knees so actually you can wear something that's on the shorter side.  Clear as mud?

ASOS White Ovoid Wrap Dress in Chambray Denim £75

One for the proper Summer but worth buying now.. yes for the more diminutive amongst us.  In my wardrobe, this would be classed as a tee at that length.

Kathy Chambray Mini Dress £130 now £65

Shirt style now but only part button up. 

Soft Denim Dress from Mango £39.99

Best of both worlds with this shirt which would easily double up as a dress being so long.  Perfect with a biker jacket and ankle boots.   It's normally difficult to get them this long so I'm tempted to snap this up whilst I can.

Denim Soft Shirt £35.99

Shorter shirt - definitely shirt shirt and not a hint of dress about it.  Love it paired with the trousers (they're the ones from above).

Denim Soft Shirt from Mango £39.99

Short sleeved boxy in a slightly lighter colour with no extra detailing at Marks & Spencer for £22.50

Tie Detail Shirt from ASOS £30.  I definitely have a blog to do on pussy bow shirts as they are going to be one of my must have Autumn purchases, I already know..  This would happily take you into Sep/Oct with a blazer and wide leg jeans. 

Classic shirt style now at The Outnet. 

Nessa Chambray Shirt W118 by Walter Baker was £115 now £57.50

Jackets of the sleeveless variety.  These might seem on the random side, but actually - when you don't want a full on coat but do want something to wear over layered tees or thin jumpers, these can come into their own.  One for the layering crew for sure. 

Soft Fabric Vest (their words not mine...) from Mango £49.99

And finally... yes a jumpsuit.  I will admit, I have forgotten about mine this season and must remedy that as soon as I get back. 

Kaelyn Chambray Jumpsuit from Tart Collections was £160 now £80

Anyone else a fan of chambray?  I'm sure others will confirm it's one of those classic Summer items you have in your wardrobe that you drag out every year.  Definitely worth considering.

Finishing with my outfit from yesterday, when I started writing this post.  And was blighted by a five hour power cut followed by a day of non existent wifi.  From this I have learnt that terrestrial television sucks and as much as I would love to say a day being holed up inside with no car and sideways wind and rain playing top trumps and boggle (only games we have) is a heartening family experience, it's not.   A couple of hours yes.  From 7am to bedtime - no.  Sorry but I am a mummy of the modern era.  You can keep the 70s and 80s.  I love technology as do my children and frankly - it's just better.  There. I've said it.  

Having said that, we did have a lovely half hour on the beach - before we froze to death. 

Black lyocell tee - & Other Stories
Khaki sweatshirt - hush
Onyx leather biker jacket - hush
Cream boyfriend jeans - All Saints
Embroidered Sarong as scarf - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black grab bag - Gucci

Today the weather is... still crap.  There is still no wifi... the kids are starting to climb the walls.. But fear not - activities are at hand.  We are off the Circus this afternoon.  I think it's one of those circuses which consists of five people - who do everything from sell tickets, then the popcorn in the interval whilst eating fire and doing the odd back flip.  LOVE! 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, I really feel your pain as the weather looks positively dismal. We had a very long Indian summer with days at 27 degrees celsius up until last week (ie one week before winter). Just a very busybody question, why do you not go to Spain like all the other Brits for a summer holiday - or perhaps have I answered my own question. I really love the ASOS light blue chambray shirt and have it in my basket. Y

    1. Not all Brits go to Spain on holiday..!! And it's not "Summer holidays" in England yet. It's only half term! I used to live in Spain and we have been in the past - adore the country (I did a degree in Spanish!). We've also been to France and Italy but with an Autistic son - frankly, it can be too painful and is just too much of a risk - with 5, the cost of a (crap) holiday can be horrific in school holidays.. Suffolk works for us which is why we come twice a year at least, as well as going to family in Ireland. The kids love it - I asked my 11yr old would she rather we were going to Dubai or Suffolk and she said Suffolk! It's like their second home.

      However we are going to the USA in OCtober as he's getting older so it *should* be better...!!

  2. Oh, I really love chambray. I have a long chambray shirt from won hundred, which I wear loads. Layered up in colder weather and also in warmer weather. I love the first trousers, perfect not tropical summer wear! I have ordered a pair of navy, linen harems, which should arrive this week. Not sure it is anywhere near warm enough to wear them yet *eyes up merino jumper and scarf*...

  3. I got a gorgeous chambray dress that I'm getting great wear out of. Hate to tell you.... there's a heatwave in Ireland!!

    1. Meant to say I got it in COS.

    2. Don't even talk to me about the weather in Ireland. We want our weather BACK PLEASE! That's where we've been for the past couple of years at half term - I obviously forgot to send them the memo that we've gone to Suffolk this year instead!!

  4. There's a heat wave in Denmark too (29°), the dog was panting before we'd gone 100 meters! I am so glad I've only got hair on my head (well nearly)!
    Am tempted by the 8 trousers, not so tempted by the dry clean label. Just out of curiosity, if one half is English, what's the other half?
    Danish Pastry

  5. Love the straight leg trousers from 8 Kat. Sorry to hear about the weather. It's El Scorchio in Belfast! can't quite believe it and it's to last to Sunday. Tops off everywhere lol!

  6. I got these from M&S (completely IGNORE their styling?! They are so worth double the money!)$PDP_PROD_IMAGE$ and these from Warehouse - both of which I am LOVING and have worn to death already! SOOOOOO worth the money! X

    1. Those M&S pants are wonderful. Great for the beach as well but sadly all sold out in my size. Enjoy wearing them.

    2. Oh those links don't work! BUM!!

  7. I once wore double denim back in the early 90's and somebody shouted across the road at me "Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it's denim woman." I kid you not! And although it still makes me chuckle, I still can't bring myself to wear a denim shirt with jeans! 😝

    1. The husband insists I was wearing a "canadian tuxedo" the first time I met him.... He still thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever. As you can imagine, there is not enough eye rolling I can do at this....!!