The coat that works with everything

Which is not something that you can write about every coat.  

I feel rather biased in writing this as it's possibly my favourite coat (NB..coat not jacket..!).  I am always being asked - what sort of coat can I wear with maxi and midi skirts and dresses?

We all know that a biker jacket is the ideal match for all things long and floaty in the Spring and Autumn but do we want something a bit longer for going into the cooler months?  

Or do you want to just ring the changes if you've been wearing a biker on repeat for months and months? (Nods to self in mirror).  

It also works perfectly with all sorts of trousers.  It's ideal for throwing over chunkier knitwear as they're generally not as close fitting as a biker.  Or a blazer which is my other jacket of choice when the temperatures are toe curlingly chilly.

It's all about The Trench.  And it's not your more traditional Burberry style fitted, shorter trench we're talking about.  A classic trench is always in style but if you're looking for a more modern take on the traditional, look for ones which are longer, more fluid and less stiff.   Oversized is my shape of choice, and whilst camel is THE trench colour, last Summer (in the sale), I invested in black and green.  Yes, I'm starting a collection (I have an epic camel one from Zara last year) and yes I will probably stop at three.  Expect to see these on repeat all Autumn and Winter (and into Spring).

I'm going to start with my favourite from the ones I've found.  This is the most like I have and it's so useful.  

Monki Heritage Trench Coat £65

And another one.  I would happily have this too... I'll also say this one looks a lot more expensive than it is. 

ASOS Mac with Contrast Belt £75

Actually they're like buses at ASOS. 

ASOS White Moulded Pocket Mac £110

Double Breasted Trench were £89.99 now £59.99

Beige Deconstructed Long Sleeve Trench Coat £85 from River Island

Traditional with an edge to it at M&S.  Stylish and practical.  This is the sort of coat I was GAGGING for when I had a buggy.  IT HAS A HOOD.  These are like rocking horse poo.  Snap it up immediately.  I would definitely if I didn't have a tan and black one already (and have enough free hands to use a brolly these days...).

Cotton Rich Trench Coat from M&S £99

And in the black again £99

Another black option at La Redoute.

La Redoute Draping Trench Coat £89

Alternatives are a wool version from ASOS. 

ASOS Wool Trench £85

Or.. and be still my beating heart as I blooming LOVE this one.  All the trends nailed in one coat.  Check.  Trench.  Check check.   So I was saying that I was done with my collection of three... could I be tempted by a check version? 

Selected Heritage Check Trench Coat £210

And another one from Religion. 

Religion Longline Trench Coat in Prince of Wales Check £145

Would love to know what you think of trenches - especially the new looser style.  I will acquiesce that some of the above aren't the most practical, with regards to being entirely (i.e remotely) waterproof.  However they are superbly stylish, very versatile and an all round perfect Autumnal coat option for me (feel free to layer to wear into the Winter...).

Here I am in my green one from yesterday.  

I actually did wear it the day before as well but NO PHOTO!  HUGE apologies as was ridiculously busy and had a sleepover.  In John Lewis.  YES - actually, in John Lewis, the department store on Oxford Street.  I was invited by my lovely friends Annabel and Emilie from The Midult for the launch of The Lying Down Club.  I will be back on 8th November to tell you more, but if you are in London, you NEED to look out for this...


Navy Premier Cru sweatshirt - FWP-by Rae
Navy wide leg crop trousers - Alexa Chung at M&S
Trainers - Ted Baker
Trench - Acne
Half Moon Bag - APC
Earrings - Zara
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

Then last night, I went to the Premier of Murder on The Orient Express as a guest of Max Factor.  OMG.  At the Royal Albert Hall.  I was so ridiculously star struck and in awe of the whole spectacle.  What on earth do you wear for a red carpet?  Well in the end, I went with the one dress I have with a real vintage vibe. 


Dress - H&M
Velvet jacket - Vera Moda
Personalised Clutch - I Know The Queen
Boots - Balenciaga
Earrings - Mango

Today it was back to reality with my autistic course, dog walk and school run (and we did walk... via our favourite cafe Otto's - if you're ever in the area, best green juice and sausage rolls EVER). 

Tomorrow though - off to Ascot - and nothing to do with my work!  Clients of the husband.  Have to say I am looking forward to the fireworks.. but what to wear?  I have bought some over the knee boots from Zara.  I haven't tried them on as I'm scared I'm going to look like a complete knobjockey.  I did order them before and I didn't love them.. so what makes me think they're going to transform all my outfits?  Errr - that'll be naivety and pure, blind hope.  It's going to be chilly, isn't it?  (and wet.. EEK).  I should decide what to wear tonight.  We all know I'll leave it till tomorrow morning which could be a good idea.  Or a supremely bad one - which it normally is.. just me who does this??  In my head an outfit looks awesome - in reality I look like a potato!  I will be back....

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13 comentarios:

  1. I love my bargain Next trench, it’s has bracelet sleeves(?) so I love it over chunky knits with lots of cuff hanging out. That sounded less weird in my head! The husband still refers to it as my “flasher mac” - in your dreams mate!
    Sarah x

  2. Read the title of this post as "The Goat That Works With Everything"! Was waiting for details of a "wear with everything", all rounder of a goatskin garment!

    ChinaTree 2020

  3. I love a trench but being overly blessed up top I don't seem to be able to carry them off. But can't find anything a good alternative either :-(

    1. Have you seen this one? Made for us with boobage.
      I'm lucky as I can get away with a regular size, despite being 32F, my problem is finding one in petite, M&S have a shorter one, but I'd like to try a longer length.
      I may, when funds allow, try a Burberry one, as they do loads of different styles.

    2. Thanks for b three tip u nfortun a tell being 5'9 I'm taller than their target so it was too short every where. Three search goes on 😊

    3. That's a shame, I have the opposite problem!
      Coats and jackets can be too wide across the shoulders, so even though sleeves sometimes can be turned up (mostly if they don't have buttons etc on the cuff), I tend to go for a petite fit. Oh to have a proper tailor locally, who doesn't charge the earth, and could make a trench to fit from scratch!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I always thought of trench coats as way too Pink Panther. But now in my 40s I LOVE a trench. Bought a navy and a sand coloured cotton trench from M & S last year and I LOVE them. So happy that they are back in fash. Rachel Hunter went to France and bought one. She wore it riding her bike and she looked so amazing. I thought I'm going to buy me a trench. (Well you did ask us what we think about them and that is my trench story). Your green one is my fave.

  6. Fab coats. Now I just need some great boots to wear with the selected heritage one I just ordered (reading your blog is so dangerous! ��) Please Please Please do a post about the best flat black wear-with-anything boots of the season. I’m getting desperate- school run in the mud every day, they’re the most hard working items I own.

  7. Oh boy, I really don’t need mother coat but I could maybe make a little room in my wardrobe for one of the checked ones! Love your green trench too!

  8. have you tried biker over trench? It’s odd but it does work! Saw it on a catwalk one time and tried it and was quite pleased with the result. It would have to be a loose biker though.

  9. Wishing that the M&S trench with a hood was a tad shorter, at 5'4" its nearly floor length. Looser fit appeals hugely, the stiff straighter cut trenches are not terribly flattering x