I'm going in...

...it's the first post dedicated to COATS.  I feel I'm justified in writing this seeing as last night it was verging on monsoon conditions here and was pitch black at 7.15pm.

Plus with our random seasonal purchasing ways in having to buy things when you don't actually need them (sandals in March anyone?), you NEED to buy your coat now as by the time it's cold enough to wear them, the shops are full of kaftans and swimmers.   Slight exaggeration but it's definitely the law of sod that if you don't buy the one you love when you see it, it won't be there when you finally get round to making your mind up.

Today I'm looking at the neutral ones.  No brainer buys that aren't scary and are much more classic in their styling and their colour palette. 

But ringing the changes ever so slightly with some seasonal favourites as opposed to the typical black or navy (fear not, I have included some of them too).

Style wise, we're definitely talking coats, as opposed to a coatigan (that's especially for the husband who thinks it's the most ridiculous word ever), a trench or a jacket.  These can be layered over cardigans, bikers and blazers for when it's really cold - if you've managed to master the coathanger shoulder wearing style then you're a better fashionista than I am - but are still perfectly wearable now with just a jumper, hoodie - or top of your choice.

Starting with a super versatile - colour of the season - wine.  Or maroon, or burgundy or whatever description of dark red takes your fancy.  

Weekday Cocoon Coat in Wine £135

This is definitely not an "in your face red".  It's the most neutral red - dark and classic. 

Wool Blend Coat from Autograph £119

How could I not include a khaki?

YAS Double Breasted Khaki Coat £120

Classic grey. 

Weekday Wool Coat £90

But then I do need to talk about the ones that most people probably favour - the darks.  The navys and the blacks.  So in the last blog, I mentioned how hard it is to find a good black coat.  I have looked and I have round this absolute gem from & Other Stories.  I think it's the combination of fabrics that makes it look less funereal than some.

Lapel Long Coat in Black from & Other Stories £195

Texture is another differentiator that really adds interest and lifts a flat black coat.

Loose Alpaca Blend Coat from & Other Stories £165

Wool blend with a military twist and a very amenable price tag at Autograph at M&S.

Wool Blend Coat £99

Ringing the changes again with a different shape.

Longline Funnel Coat from Warehouse £99

Shorter style also with a funnel neck in black from Mango £139.99

And the same in grey.

Investment time now and we're all about the navy.  Texture again at Parka London.

Parka London Wool Duster Coat £270

Let the navy fest continue in earnest.  

Noisy May Longline Belted Coat £62

Lapels wool coat from Mango £119.99 in navy 

But my absolute fave is from Modern Rarity - Eudon Choi Wrap Front Navy Coat from John Lewis £400

That last navy one I absolutely love.  That has my name all over it.  I am off to try it on this week for sure.  I also adore the wide leg trousers. I think that it would work as well with cropped as well as full length.  I am ON IT.  

In the meantime, I need to make my apologies for not having been around this week.  I managed to squeeze a blog in on Wednesday but since then, I've also been very busy with meetings and a lovely stay in simply the most special hotel, which I will report back on tomorrow. 

A couple of outfits that I've been wearing. 

The maxi skirt that just keeps on giving. 


Skirt - La Double J
ROAR sequin tee - Quattro Rish 
Blazer - Mos Mosh
Earrings - Mango

And my dress of the season - the maxi.  These are also perfect Summer dresses - this will be coming on holiday with me in a couple of weeks.


Burgundy leather bomber jacket - Gerard Darel
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu (15% off with the code KAT15)
Bag - Hill & Friends 
Earrings - H&M

Last night out for drinks with the girls. 


Phoebe Jeans - MiH 
Serravezza Burgundy Boots - Oliver Sweeney
Burgundy cuff - Alexander McQueen at Bicester
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Earrings - Zara

I will definitely be back tomorrow - my list of things I want to explore is growing by the day.  We've got coats with attitude (full on colour), furry coats, biker jackets and trousers to take us into the Autumn.  Not to mention the requests that come in - can I look at white trainers and more midi skirts?  Anything else on the agenda that you'd like me to look at?  And I haven't even BEGUN to think about the chunkster knitwear. *hyperventilating at how much we've got to look forward to....*

Speaking of looking forward to things, we're going to pick up my 10yr old from his residential trip this afternoon.  Simply cannot wait.  In this postcard that he said, he said he was really missing us.  And couldn't wait to see us.. and his electronics.  So I can imagine it will be one hug and then straight onto the XBox.  But that's fine.  I simply cannot wait to give him a squeeze! 

Tonight, it's X Factor and Strictly (as I said last week - a prescription for a heavenly evening in my book!) and I shall be perusing... hmmm maybe midi skirts (as I have one on today).  Or maybe I'll go straight for the trousers.   Let me surprise you tomorrow.  

In the meantime, I'd love to know how you tackle the subject of coats for Winter?  Do you buy one, do you invest or do you buy a couple of more reasonable numbers.  Jazz hands outerwear?  Tell me, tell me....

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22 comentarios:

  1. I find coats more difficult than jeans, may be because I know what I want and can't find it!
    Blue, maybe navy, maybe not, petite sizing, nipped in waist and probably thigh length, although I'd give a longer length one a go.
    I have a grey wool coat from about five years ago, double breasted, military detailing, but I really want to add a blue coat. I did manage a Ilse Jacobsen rain coat this year though, does need the sleeves turning up as usual!

    1. Oh my, I could buy a different coat to wear every day. Just LOVE them. Love love love them!

  2. I am excited about buying a new coat, as haven't for a couple of years. This is the one I have my eye on, esp in leopard (or red) and will be checking it out 'in the flesh' on a trip to London on Monday. No & Other Stories in Scotland, alas....

    1. Love that. Could have one in every colour!

  3. Ohh didn't know you took requests!? Could I possibly add chunky coats that keep you warm when standing in a field watching small people play football??? Also love the coats above, good for the less muddy events in life!

    1. Yes definitely - I have that very prospect to endure this morning..... GAAAAAAAAAAH

  4. Love the grey jumper in the first photo..struggling to find good plain jumpers this season...Plain jumper post Kat?

  5. I’ve gone a bit coat crazy this year. I picked up a bargain oversize trench from Next. I got an absolutely gorgeous dark plum wool coat in New Look for the amazing sum of eight whole British pounds! It looks at least ten time more expensive.
    I’ve also just gotten a practical albeit yellow coat for the school run. It’s showerproof and has a hood so is very practical for waiting around in the ten minute gap between the kids’ school doors opening. x

    1. Another coat fiend. Love it!! The thing is - we have to wear them so often in this country, it's so easy to justify lots... (she says loftily.!!)

  6. Omg the flashes of electric blue of the jumper under the black mango coat!

    1. Now you see - interestingly I can leave electric blue. It's one of those colours that I can leave. (watch this space and watch me head to toe in electric blue within weeks....)

    2. Electric blue and navy. Just saying...

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Still doesn't work for me!!!

  7. Could I ask for a late summer/autumn holiday wardrobe edit. I'm away for some October sun in the canaries next week and am struggling to find outfit inspiration. Ideas for evening cover ups/jackets to wear over dresses and maxi skirts would be tremendous. I adore your blog and now am wishing my hols away so I can get back and purchase a winter coat!

    1. Well luckily, I'm off on holiday - the smallest has merrily told me it's in 19 days. NINETEEN FREAKING DAYS to tone up and find a summer wardrobe. Dang it. So coming up!!!

  8. JW Anderson x Uniqlo has produced some perfect long slouchy tweedy coats. (Which will not be warm enough for our winter but will do till January when I'll break out the big guns.) Bought one in last week's 38C heatwave, felt like a madwoman but no way would they be there when I actually need a coat two weeks from now!

  9. I would love it if you could include what shape suits what body type. Maybe asking for the moon on a stick, but worth a shot! Coats either swamp me or make me look like a baked potato (the curse of the waistless). Any advice would be fab in future posts.

    1. The problem is that it can also depend on how you want to look. So one person will "feel swamped" but another will love the oversized on trend look. (you might think they look like a potato but they will feel like they've been papped by Refinery 29.. if you see what I mean??) It might not be flattering but it's "in fashion"...

      However if you want to go for something that suits your shape, then that's easier. If you prefer to look classic as opposed to on trend (which isn't always the most flattering as I said!). I think if you start with how you want to look, it's easier to narrow down what will work for you.

      Clear as mud?!!

  10. Any uk 10-12s looking for an ink/navy coat, this is the bargain of the year. Mine just arrived and it’s lovely. Sadly I bought at the weekend and it wasn’t reduced this much, but wow £30! Under£50 with postage (and check out the wool Tees and knits too) http://www.sportscraft.com.au/on/demandware.store/Sites-Sportscraft-Site/default/Product-Variation?pid=112142&dwvar_112142_size=10&dwvar_112142_color=INK&source=detail