A foray into the world of your daughter...

...no I'm not going to bring you cropped tops and oversized denim jackets ("you do realise this is what I wore when I was your age?" Cue all the eye rolling.. ).

However when you're doing an online order for your 13yr old and she takes soooooooooooo long, it would be rude not to have a little peruse, in the interests of research. 

And since you're doing an online order anyway and you'll have to return half of it, why don't you just throw a couple of things in... "in the interests of research".   

Actually I did used to really like Forever 21 when we had one in Bluewater.  I have definitely had some fantastic sandals from there (that are still going four years on...  I kid you not) and I bought some more last year from Oxford Street.  And regret not getting a denim jacket that had a rather awesome tiger on the back. 

It's always worth a look.  As is Boohoo, as is Missguided.  I have had a couple of great things (I have ordered some rocking shocking howlers too) and what's not to love about next day delivery and free returns.  Apart from no next day delivery from Forever 21 which is an arse as that's where I found the most gems (the other two do make you want to poke forks in your eyes after a while, that I will admit).

But speaking of earrings - let's start there at Forever 21 (which won't be coming with me on my holidays as the delivery is an age.  DARN IT!).

Tassel Drop Earrings £8.00

Fringe Duster Earrings in Red £6 

or Black.. again £6

Tassel Chandelier earrings in black were £9 now £6.30

Moving onto the clothes.  This is a LOT for Forever 21 so I would expect really quite good quality.  "expect".... can I just point that bit out?

Satin Floral Print Maxi Dress £52

THIS is my absolute find of the day.  This I have ridiculously high hopes for.  For a start, the perfect holiday dress that at this price, you wouldn't mind getting sun cream all over.  Secondly for those boiling hot days (all three of them) that we get in the UK.  When you want to wear your pants and bra.  But you're slightly concerned about getting arrested.  THIS!  This is what you need.

Gauzy Smocked Maxi Dress £22

Red again and yes, this is slightly Margarita Prakatan but I actually quite like it.. it does scream summer.. dare I say Etro/Erdem inspired?  If you squint?

Floral Pleated Maxi Dress £52

Ruffled Maxi Skirt £13

So there seems to be a common thread of red here...  However all is forgiven when they look like very like a Ganni skirt for a lot less.  Obviously it's not the same at all but there's definitely a nod to the theme. 

Wrap front maxi skirt £22

Ditto this one... again £22

Then how about a blouse to go with the skirt?  Or to chuck on with jeans, leopard heels and a boucle jacket for my "pub outfit?...

Woven Pussycat Bow Top £41 (again, that's a LOT from Forever21 so I can only imagine that the quality is lovely.  She says ambitiously...).  I'm also wondering how it would look with the skirt above to make a dress.. hmmmm that I'm liking the sound of.   I will point out that the leather shorts didn't get a look in.

Floral Ruffle Top £18.  This is the sort of thing that's missing from my wardrobe.  I mentioned Pub Outfits and that's not to say I spend a lot of time in the pub (anyone in real life will tell you I really REALLY don't like pubs that much... bar ones in Suffolk to go to with the children).  But I digress.. I guess I mean out out tops.  THIS is what I need with jeans, skinny black coated trousers and heels.  TA DAH!  Loose to cover the muffin.

Then I wandered over to Boohoo - mainly because a) they do next day delivery for £1 (maybe £1.50..) and b) I got an amazing maxi dress from there last year (cheesecloth white and blue.  Admittedly on the snatch flashing side if you're not careful about the split but it looks a lot more expensive and is perfect for holiday).

And oh hello!  OK so these aren't going to be for everyone.  They are very Laura Ingalls Wilder on a date with Margo Leadbetter with a hint of on form Helena Bonham Carter thrown in for good measure. 

Kate Ruffle Hem and Sleeve Dress £25 in black or white.  All you need is a big belt to add unprissy it and you're done.

Finishing with Missguided (as I'll be honest - my eyes were starting to bleed looking at Boohoo) and the only reason I can cope with this is because I've just gone to look for the one thing I've bought from there.  Which though, I have to say, is all sorts of awesome and if you watch my instastories, you will notice I throw on a lot as casual wear in the mornings over jamas and over gym kit. 

LA Tigers Oversized Sweatshirt £22   I have the M/L.

And then a floral buckle one which I have to say, over a black dress or a leopard print dress or any other floral frock actually, would look amazing.  For £12.  

Black Square Buckle Floral Belt £12

So there we have an exceedingly random selection but if you do happen to be dong an order and you know you're going to be returning half of it as "they're teenagers", you may as well throw some stuff in so you've got something to look forward to.

Here I am today in a random outfit - something I haven't worn in absolutely eons - a shirt.  I'm going to throw it out there, I'm not sure I love it.  I feel like me, circa 1998....Meh.  I don't hate it but I don't feel like me anymore.  Weird I know.  Coat, yes, jeans, yes, shoes yes, vintage bag, yes yes yes.  Shirt - nope, needs to go back in the wardrobe until I'm feeling it. 

Jumper - Orwell + Austen (gift aw17)
Jeans - MiH from Quattro Rish (ss17)
Trainers - Ishikawa from Quattro Rish (current)
Trench - Zara (aw16)
Bag - Gucci from Lovely's Emporium (vintage but bought by me ss17)
Shirt - Me+Em (3yrs ago)
Earrings - Atterley (ss17)

How are you coping with the holidays?  Are you winning the battle of the Fortnite?  I am.  With much shouting.  The weather is not on my side as it's done nothing but pee with rain bar for the this afternoon where the boys have watched tv and half heartedly helped me with a puzzle.  I was going to bake with them but having spent an hour cleaning the kitchen this morning, that was not on the cards.  Tomorrow is another day and then we go away with no PS4 in sight.  BLISS!  And... I've been going running *punches air*.  How are we all getting on with it?  I am so so looking forward to running on the beach next week.  THIS is why I wanted to do it.  Perhaps more excited than I should be!

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  1. Margarita Prakatan! Finally another person who gets that reference. (I can’t tell you how many blank looks I’ve got from people when referencing her.)

    Lof fab picks there, Kat. Will defo have to have a peek in Forever 21. :)

    1. Oh I LOVED her!!!! And I fear I may be turning into her... EEK!

  2. *Lots of fab picks