It's all about the Makeup.

The Insta Live Makeover, in partnership with Max Factor.  Actually we should probably call it a Marathon as that's what it was.  We thought it would last about 15 mins.  One section of a 15 min vid before we realised the wifi kept dropping so we had to upload to "premium wifi" and then another 45 mins (including poltergeist moment of phone flinging itself off tripod and nearly giving us all a heart attack.  Kudos to the lovely Polly who then had to hold it for the next 30 mins!).  AND we could have kept on going. 

Just so much to talk about, so much information to learn from the simply incredible Caroline Barnes and a real eye opener to how in the dark I am when it and (judging by all the message I've had) so many of you are when it comes to makeup.

Plus we just started with a natural day look.  Nothing complicated but a total revelation to me. 

So we're going to start with me giving you as much information as I can here about what we went through last night and then put out heads together to think about what else we can do improve ALL our knowledge.

The GOOD news is, you can still see this over on Facebook (simply search Does My Bum Look 40).  The entire video (well - the both of them.. well... actually one of them as I'm having trouble getting the second super long one to load.  Any technical suggestions greatly received!).

Let's start with the base.

I had so many questions on foundation generally but lots were to discuss how to cover things that suddenly appear with our progressing years. I like to think of them as "fun medals"... sound so much better than age spots, thread veins or the attack of the peri menopausal spots.  

The bad news is that these really need to be addressed in a skin care regime.  The ideal is to work on reducing them so you have a better base to work with, which will mean your foundation will sit much better on your skin.  When you put it like that, it doesn't sound like rocket science, does it?  But it's that thought process which I'm missing. 

So I want you to leave that bit with me and I'll work on finding some solutions for our fun medals and ensure we all have a better base to work with.

The main thing I took away though, was to make sure you moisturise really well.  Almost so your face feels tacky, whereas I would usually start with a very dry face.  Think dewy.. (which sounds so much better than tacky..!).  This is explained over on the video as it does sound like I'm making it up!

One area of issue which I do have an answer for, is that of enlarged pores.  Primer.  As Caroline said, if you're plastering a wall, you don't do it over lots of holes, you fill the cracks (in the nicest sense of the word) first.  So primer in this instant will be your friend.

Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer £10.99 (on 3 for 2)

Then up, it's foundation.  Now.  Where do we start.  Ok so the first point is, only put it where you need it.  AND BLEND.   This is Caroline's favourite foundation from the Max Factor range (even though it's not their top selling) as it's light whilst still giving good coverage. 

Mac Factor Miracle Touch Foundation £13.99 in Warm Almond and Bronze 

Fingers are your friend when it comes to blending although you can use a blush if you prefer (but who has time to wash them... that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.  If someone knows a super easy way, please do educate me!).  Caroline used a darker shade to match and tie in with my chest around the edge of my face and down my neck and then a lighter shade as a concealer around the areas that needed it on my face. 

She then used a powder to highlight certain areas (this is all clear over on the video!) but only in certain areas - mainly down the bridge of my nose and between my eyebrows.

Max Factor Facefinity in Crystal Beige £11.99

Then we moved onto eyes. 

Starting with eyebrows.  Revelation here for me - always use a shade lighter than your natural brow.  That's a first - I thought you matched it.  Which is why I've always done it too dark.  Which makes me look like a wannabe Kardashian which has never been the plan. 

In fact, she said that for most light brown and dark blond people - the shade Brown 02 will work (she used it on me and uses it on herself).  And you need to brush them first.  Swipe the brush up and out towards your hairline.

Max Factor Brow Shaper Pencil in 02 Brown £7.99

Next up - the dreaded eyeshadow.  Essentially for a day time look - less is more (clearly where I've been going v wrong...).  And for those of us with hooded eyes, it's all about not putting too much dark into the creases but moving it to the edge of the eyes to lift them.  TA DAH!  Sounds simple?  Actually it probably doesn't when I write it down so best to head over to the video as it makes much more sense if you see it. 

This is the perfect neutral shade - it's not a brown and it's not a grey, it's a taupe.  With a hint of warmth to it though.  Plus.. it's a cream eyeshadow (new to me...).  Feels lovely and light with a swathe of warm colour and not too overwhelming (Alice Cooper be gone).

Bourjois Satin Edition Liquid Eyeshadow in Mauve Your Body £4.85 (out of stock but Sur Prunez  Moi is v similar).

And I think that might be sold out... a great alternative would apparently be this. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eye Shadow £6.99

How is it so hard to get eyeliner right?  Apparently it's not.  Take one soft kohl pencil in brown (we should probably keep the black for night or unless you're looking for a stronger daytime look - make up should be pared to your outfit - which sounds obvious but was a slight revelation to me - to be explored in more detail hopefully at a later date) and very lightly draw along the top eyelid, as close as you can get to the eyelashes.  Slightly heavier on the outer lashes and also down towards the inner eye (again, something I've not done before).

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Pencil in 003 Brown £2.75 

I think that might be sold out but this is very similar (although not waterproof...). 

Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil £2.99

And for day time, you're done with the liner.  Step away from the tightlining for the day if you've followed those instructions (or at least give it a go.. I'm going to, who wants to hold my hand?).

To make the look last.. (something I struggle with), dot between your lashes with this GENIUS liquid eyeliner.  More like a flat marker pen (all the lingo going on here...not).

Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Liner £8.99 in chocolate or charcoal

Mascara.  Now actually, this is something I was fully on board with (well I thought I was.  Clearly way too confident in this statement!).  With regards to it shedding, which is what a lot of people asked - it could be because your mascara isn't fresh enough (and so does go flakey as it's dried out a bit).  Or the formula doesn't work for your lashes.  Or that your lashes are flatter against your face and so they rub on your skin.  Maybe try waterproof mascara?

The revelation I had was to not put it evenly through your lashes - achieved by using two mascaras  Put more on the base and less at the tips (who knew?) AND put it on the bottom lashes as well.  This is a game changer for me - I always felt a bit Baby Jane with them on but I'm going to give it a go. 

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara £9.99 - use this to run through all your lashes. 

Max Factor Lash Crown Mascara £10.99  - use this to add extra volume at the roots (only on the top lashes).

To soften the look on the bottom lashes you can also smudge the roots with a light taupe (I'm assuming this is to match the top shadow) powder shadow (not liquid - fear not, I did ask).  Apply with either the applicator you get (the pointy spongey one) or a cotton bud (you can now buy paper ones which are much more environmentally friendly) and push the powder up against the bottom lashes for a softer, slightly smudgy look.

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette 02 Golden Nudes £14.99

Moving up to blush and it's all about the cream blush.  Except if you have used powder on your cheeks and then you should stick to a powder blush.  I fear a cement mixing related nightmare if you don't...  However for those of us who have very little or just foundation on our cheeks, a slick of the neutral (Caroline says it works for everyone) cream blush here will work to give a sun kissed effect and add to that dewy look we're all striving for.  

The place to apply it is where your sunglasses hit your cheeks - I would say it's almost along your middle of your cheekbone, from the start of it and up out to the level of the edge of your outer eye. 

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher in Soft Copper £6.99

It probably hasn't escaped your notice if you watch my Insta Stories that I love a bit of highlighter.  Cheekbones you can see from space is my goal.  Although there is a fine line between looking chiselled and looking like Skeletor.... 

So a swipe of cream highlighter over the top will just enhance them - definitely to be swept only over the top of your cheekbone.

Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo Highlighter in Light £10.99

Onto lips.  Oh where to start?  How long is a piece of string would be a good place?  SO - we came up with an awesome colour to work as an inbetween for those who want more than a nude but less than a full on rouge.  It's a browny, pinky, mauvey, beefier nude.  Clear as mud? 

It's this one and I'm wearing it in the picture below.  

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel £7.99

I am so so keen to look at more different shades - we were going to try a coral but went with this one - would we like more lipstick info?  

On a practical note - how to keep it on.  Make sure your lips are well moisturised and apply a liner over the whole lip.  Then apply your lippie. 

The usual way to do it, as I've mentioned before, is to apply lipstick and then finish and perfect with a lipliner.  Mind.  Blown (well, the first time I found out from Caroline!).

This is the liner she used and she did say it's pretty universal for most nude/brown/pinky/mauve shades (obvs don't use it with a bright red or a burgundy) and you don't have to match your liner to your lipstick EXACTLY (I had always thought you did...). 

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner £7.99

The other alternative is to use a clear liner.  What is this genius of which we speak?  This....

Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Lip Liner £4.99

For those of you who have issues with lipstick that bleeds, this is your friend.  Keeps lipstick in.   You are all welcome x

And here is the finished result!

I was honestly living my best life last night.  You can probably see from the video how totally giddy I was and just in awe of how much I actually know! 

We moved on to chat about other things afterwards and just realised there is so much more I need to find out about.  A really good Out Out look.  Or how about a strong daytime look that doesn't need to be as much as a NIGHT look but for a Wedding/Christening/Ascot/First Holy Communion, you need your makeup to be bolder but not club level.  How do you achieve that? 

And matching your makeup to your clothes?  Ok not matching maybe, but Caroline says you can completely change your outfit by making your makeup work with the colours and print.  A complete revelation.  I have become a 45yr old sponge and need more info..

So help me with this quest.  Is it just me or are there more of you that would like more makeup help?  What looks are you dying to master?  What occasion has you totally stumped when it comes to makeup?   Answers on a postcard (also known as, please just leave a comment...!). 

This post was written as part of a paid partnership with Max Factor but has been written unedited.

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  1. Ace. Turns out my daytime routine is on fleek ;-) Pity I also use it for every other occasion so I'm excited for the next installment of this! Going to look at that foundation though. Would save me about £20 a pop from the posh brands I can't tear myself away from despite the fact I chuck most of it in the bin as I'm such an occasional make up wearer! xx

    1. Oh I'm so pleased you like it! I think that's the thing - most of us have ONE makeup look which we do. And try and make it work for everything. The foundation is really really good. Definitely worth giving a go at that price especially if you don't use it that often and need to replace it. I also found yesterday it's a really good concealer too... double bubble!

  2. Kat, I’ve just watched the video on FB and wonder if you can name the highlighter concealer you talk about? It’s not listed here and I need it!! Thanks, great post and would love to see a ‘special day occasional’ make up post. Off to see the queen for some tea in a couple of weeks! Thanks.

    1. AHA! Right, it's Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer £7.99 - Hope that works!

      And yes yes yes, special occasion day face. Where do you even start? Day - we've got sussed. I'm confident in an Out out look (think ageing rockstar but meh, it works as it's usually dark and everyone's pissed). But special day.. No. Idea!!!

  3. Thank you for this article. I'm so stuck in a rut with my makeup so am going to try some of the above. I missed the second part of you instalive video. Would you be able to post that one too? Xx

    1. We're just trying to get it loaded online as it's sooo long (44 mins!!) We thought we'd only been talking for 15!!!! I will let you know as soon as I get it up and post the link xxx

  4. Loved this! Thank you. The Bourjois eyeshadow reminds me of a similar (but long-departed) creamy eyeshadow/wand that I used to buy years ago. So pleased to see a dupe! I found the 'mauve your body's shade in my local Superdrug today. Looks great! Thanks for the tip :)

  5. Wow. Amazing and interesting blog. Great reviews too
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