When just a good night's sleep isn't enough

Oh to scroll back to those days when 12 solid hours of dreaming was enough to make you wake up looking like you didn't have a care in the word.  Alas these days it takes a little bit of help to get me looking my best. 

And that's where a night cream with a difference can truly become your bedtime saviour.  I have used ELEMIS for years as a product range and was thrilled to be asked if I'd like to work with them and try their new Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix Cream.  

Especially, as I've mentioned before, I'm at that stage of my life where more help than before is needed.  The skin routines and products that have always served me well, suddenly aren't having the same effect they were.  

And here's the interesting thing that I've learnt about ELEMIS.  It isn't necessarily an age thing.  As a brand, they don't categorise their product ranges as age related.  They believe that, whilst age definitely plays a part in how your skin changes over the years, lifestyle, location and circumstance are also factors in what your skin at what time in your life.  When you think of it like that - surely that's obvious?  I would also say genes are hugely responsible for what your skin needs and that will be at different ages for different people. 

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix Cream is a new product in the range that targets the ares of the face where stress shows most.  Modern living means our skin is subjected to pollution, stress, dehydration and lack of sleep which can lead to dull, tired, crumpled and grey skin.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix Cream £145  

Receive a 30ml Pro-Collagen Marine Cream worth £52 (this is one of my staple face creams) when you purchase a Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix from ELEMIS.com using the code KATFARMER at checkout to redeem (see below for *terms)

Here's the technical bit...

"Harnessing a powerful blend of Padina Pavonica, NEW Drone Peptide Technology, Microalgae and Wild Indigo Oligosaccharides, this revolutionary formula works throughout the night to help restore the natural balance to the skin, creating a protective matrix to help seal in hydration"

I've been trying this for the past couple of weeks.  Texture wise, I was personally expecting it to be a heavier night cream.  To my mind (and spot the non beauty expert here), if a cream is going to give heavy duty results, one would assume it would have a heavy duty texture.  And that's why I'm an amateur in this.  As it's not heavy at all.  It's a light gel texture that does feel rich and luxurious without having that claggy or sticky feel that some night creams can have.  Plus, a little can go a long way.

When it comes to scent - one of the reasons I've always loved ELEMIS products is the spa like fragrance they have.  I wouldn't even call it a perfume - it's a therapeutic, olfactory experience (trust me.. if you've used them, you'll know exactly what I mean).  There is definitely an immediate difference you can see to the skin.

Fine lines are less visible, the skin doesn't have that crumpled look - it genuinely does look like you've had the best night's sleep.  Brighter, smoother - would you know what I mean if I said creamier?  One thing I have noticed is that whilst I don't usually wear foundation on a daily basis, I will use a touch here and a touch there.  However after using the Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, the tone of my skin is much more uniform with fewer grey or patchy areas.  Like I say - it looks like creamier.  The perfect base to apply make up. 

And it's been commented on as well, which is obviously the ultimate positive review.  I have had so many people message me after watching my instastories, asking if I've been using something new as my skin is looking so bright and healthy.  

Well all is now revealed.  

This blog post has been written as part of a paid partnership with ELEMIS.  The views are all my own, unedited.

*Terms: You must purchase one or more Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix in order to qualify for 1 free Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 30ml.  Offer valud while supplies last and not valid on prior orders.  Not applicable on gift vouchers, travel sizes, sales items or in conjunction with any other offer.  Free gifts may be changed or removed at any time.  Where a free item is received as part of an offer and all or part of an order is refunded or cancelled, the free item(s) must be returned with the product or your refund will be total due less the RRP of the item.  Offer valid until stocks last or valid until 15th May 2018, whichever comes first.

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