.. I *get* the denim jacket.  I've always loved the look on other people, I've so wanted to love it on me but have always felt ever so slightly Rita, Sue and Bob Too with one on.  And this was even a fitted one - don't get me started on an oversized one.  Suffice to say, haven't got on board with that one but the small fitted versions (which aren't necessarily the on trend versions) are suddenly making all the sense. 

Historically I've always felt they were very High Summer (which is a vaguely fashion way of saying "really warm") which meant that we had the sum total of about three days to wear them in the UK. 

However suddenly - a scarf goes with them.  I've got to grips with them over sweatshirts and jumpers.  With wide leg trousers, with skirts, with dresses.  Am I going to brave enough to don the Canadian Tuxedo aka double denim?!  I will admit, the jury is out on that score but that's not to say a denim maxi hasn't crossed my mind as being a very nice thing to have... topped with a little cropped denim jacket?  Suddenly, doesn't seem so utterly bonkers... (to my mind anyway).

So where have I had the most success with my denim jackets?  One is from Red Herring at Debenhams that I bought 13yrs ago.  And the other is one I got from Tu at Sainsburys last year.  I know, right?!

I'm going to start with one that is a classic shape but a more faded finish... 

Denim Jacket from hush £59

Classic at M&S £35

Cropped in darker denim at JBrand at The Outnet was £232 now £104

Starting with the slightly left field ones now... 

This I wish I could shoehorn my self into an XS.  The one I have from Red Herring is a similar shape and I am tempted to cut off the top of the collar and the hem to fray it?  Should I?  It owes me genuinely nothing now...

7 for All Mankind Jacket was £210 now £98 from The Outnet

Frayed again at Marques Almeida which makes me think - I could so customise mine?

Frayed denim jacket from The Outnet was £360 now £180

So THIS is almost identical to the one that I have got - mine's a slightly more distressed finish though (as above.. just saying...!).

Denim jacket with stand up collar from La Redoute £59 pre 25% off with the code SAVE25.

Epaulette detail at La Redoute - 25% off with the code SAVE25.

Fitted Cropped Denim Jacket £59

And in the bleached - again pre £59 off

Two tone at Dorothy Perkins with a Nosiy May Jacket now on offer.  Was £45 now £25.31 (still full price everywhere else I've seen it for sale).

And again, as oversized as I could possibly go.  This one is much more Toast to my mind than La Redoute.  I think it looks very expensive!

Denim Jacket with patch pockets from La Redoute £49 (SAVE25% for 25% off).

Gingham pelmet on the hem at Anthropologie. 

Pilcro Eyelet Denim Jacket £115

Jewel detail at Mango £39.99

Oui Studded Denim Jacket at John Lewis £199

But I have to say, I am rather partial to the ruffles on this one.. 

Ruffled Denim Jacket from La Redoute £55 with 25% off using the code SAVE25

So here I am... randomly not in my denim jackets (the weather has somewhat taken a turn for the worse...) in my biker jacket for two days.  When content and real life don't quite coincide.. BUT I am confident in saying these will be the jacket of the season. 

Leather biker - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Sweatshirt - Topshop (ss17)
Skirt - Free People from ASOS (ss17)
Trainers - Ishikawa from Quattro RIsh (current)
Scarf - Lily & Lionel (gift aw16)
Bag - Jerome Dreyfuss (3yrs ago)

And last night for.. HARRY STYLES!  Yes, despite being on holiday, thanks to the wonderful Columbia UK for giving me two tickets, the 13yr old and I did a 6hour round trip to the O2 to see the man himself in concert.  Earning all the brownie points.. Top tip I discovered, if you're ever going to park at the O2, if you arrive before 7pm, the station carpark of North Greenwich Tube which is NEARER than most of the stadium carparks is £11, as opposed to £34.  It's the same distance from the venue as carpark 2 and miles nearer than the rest.  Loads of spaces (always apparently) and no need to prebook.  TA DAH! 

Tee - MKT Studio (gift current)
Skirt - Ganni (current)
Biker - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)
Boots - Maje from Bicester Village (aw16)

And so it was our last day!  *weeps*.  Back to reality tomorrow although I have one of my best friend's birthday dinner tomorrow night which I am so looking forward to... and I have a vintage dress I may well crack out for the occasion (that I bought here!).  Tomorrow morning though, do come back as I have a skincare revelation.. so many people have asked me what I've been using on my skin for the past couple of weeks and is it something different and it is.  It's a night cream I've been asked to review - results tomorrow. x

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10 comentarios:

  1. I’ve had success with Levis boyfriend trucker jackets - slightly oversized but not massively so, which means you can actually do the buttons up if it gets chilly! I’ve got a faded black one and a light blue one, both get worn loads in summer especially. And I wear them both with jeans of all colours!

  2. I like a denim jacket and have a lovely fitted one, but it does feel like it's cutting the circulation off a bit and I'm loooong past being able to do it up. Got a great alternative Levis one from (of all places) Wal Mart in America which still has the slightly shrunken look without the discomfort of not being able to move when wearing it.

    1. Levi's is looking popular...! And yes, I think it definitely needs to be slightly shrunken....

  3. Carol CorneliusFriday, 13 April, 2018

    Fabulous post as always Kat but feel like you are missing a trick on the denim and camouflage jacket front... I’ve bought both from mrs_lang1 (instagram) not sure if she is on Twitter.... thrilled with both as well as leather coat.... Right up your gorgeous individual street!

    1. I have checked her out and followed her! I agree - camo AND denim together.. AMAZING!

  4. Yeees!
    The la redoute ones are ticking all the boxes, I just can't see if they'll deliver to Denmark though, I keep getting redirected to the Swedish site which isn't helpful. Liking the one from the outnet too.

    1. Hmmm I'm not sure if they do.. good luck!

  5. Love a cropped denim jacket and totally think you could customise yours!! Lets see it when you do!!