If it was good enough for Joseph..

...yes we're talking technicoloured coats (and yes, I do know all the words still to pretty much every song.  I LOVE this musical...).  But I digress.  We're talking jackets actually, not coats.  And it's a topic I could wax lyrical on for hours and hours. 

So I'm going to ease you in gently today but just to warn you, I'm on a jacket mission.  And ones that are in your face and unashamedly bright.  I might end on a more sombre note later in the week with some toned down blazers (what do we think?  Do we need a blog post on them?) but today and over the next couple of days we are talking jewelled tones - happy, smiley numbers. 

And today it's my favourite - leather versions.  They're not going to be ALL super brightly coloured but I'm not going to include any black ones. 

First up one that's been on my radar - BLUE.  It's not navy but it could be seen as a twist on navy (she says thinking actually that's the most ridiculous thing I've said in a while..).

Quilted panels leather jacket at Mango was £119.99 now £89.99

Mango really is the place to go for coloured leather. 

Green?  OH HELLO! Leather Biker Jacket £119

They do the same jacket in a lot of different colours.. some of which I'm not as sure of... lavender?  Hmmm I have to say the jury is out here. 

Leather biker jacket in lavender £119.99

Red at Mango.  I will say though, the only issue I have with red (and I was obsessed with them last year if you remember) is I can't look at one now and not think Thriller.  I wish I could unthink it, but I can't.  That's my problem and not anyone else's so crack on if you love red - I wish I could!

Leather Biker Jacket in Red £119.99

They also do it in a more subtle red.. THIS.  This is much, much more my cup of tea.

Again £119.99

This is another very wearable shade of red in my opinion. 

YAS Leather Biker Jacket £140

My favourite hush Onyx jacket in blush £295

Collarless at Mango in yellow was £119.99 now £89.99 (which they also do in black..).

Suede at All Saints where there is currently a promotion on - up to 30% off.  These have 20% off. 

All Saints Suede Balfern Jacket in pale pink was £318 now £254.40

Or in the mint green suede.. rgnrhm5jj,l/hmh,gmmgeqå€#cv

I will give you a navy one as my nod to the subtle with one at La Redoute.  I'll start by saying that I did a paid promotion for them over on Instastories yesterday but this is not part of that at all.  Absolutely no commercial agreement to mention them on the blog - it's just that it's such a good deal (and one I have historically always mentioned actually.  As what's not to love...)  They currently have 40% off EVERYTHING and that also includes things in the sale as well as branded items.  Code BIG40.

Navy Leather Biker Jacket from La Redoute was £199 now £119.40

And another subtle number, again at La Redoute.

Leather zip up jacket was £198 now £119.40 and then an extra 40% off.

I will tell you they also do it in black... although I do think it looks better in the tan.

Absolutely love this style like above.  Very much a take on a traditional leather jacket.  Above in leather and now in suede. 

Stich leather jacket from Mango £89.99

Or in the sky blue again £89.99

Similar shape at ASOS - I LOVE this one. 

ASOS Western Pocket Leather Look Jacket in Orange £45

For my project that I did with La Redoute yesterday, I was asked to pick four items and one of them was this green leather jacket which I absolutely love.

Leather Bomber Jacket in Green £219 pre 40% off with the code BIG40.

Faux leather at La Redoute in blue £39 (pre discount).

Faux leather in baby blue at La Redoute was £49 now £34.30

And here I am yesterday in a new dress and new trainers that I treated myself to from my favourite local boutique - Quattro Rish in Reigate.  I went on Thursday and got the dress.  And then went back on Saturday morning to get the trainers, more of which I'll bring you shortly...

Dress - Lolly's Laundry from Quattro Rish (current)
Trainers - Ishikawa from Quattro Rish (current)
Jacket - Zara (3 yrs ago)
Earrings - Alice's Wonders (gift current)
Belt - Topshop (ss17)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)

So there are the leather versions, what other jackets do you wear?  Blazers? (check).  More eclectic versions? (for sure - have got them coming).  And I also think military... coming up shortly.  

Hope everyone has had an amazing weekend - I have a Monday Must Have coming up tomorrow and then we have two days before we go away on a mini cruise.  I've been invited on a Press Trip for the biggest cruise ship in the world - The Symphony of the Seas and can take the whole family with me.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do a cruise - I'm gutted it's only two days.  Can't.  Wait! 

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7 comentarios:

  1. I bought the green jacket from Mango the other day in Spain. It was much cheaper there than in the UK or Ireland (why? why?) and it was actually a lighter shade than in the photos. I had had it in my Mango basket for a while but was glad to see it and try it on first as I ended up with a smaller size than I would have thought. The other colours were a bit meh to be honest. Love the green though!

    1. I would say the green is definitely the best of the bunch. And don't even get me started on the difference in price of Mango and Zara in Spain (and portugal I believe) compared to here. Although to be fair, it's also more expensive in Italy I'm sure... although not as spenney as here. WEEPS.

    2. And I should say also, the reason I think the green is the best is that I've had a hankering for a green jacket for a while now... I think it's perfect for over any florals (green goes with any colour that a flower can be... I LOVE this theory - my mum used to say and it's so so so true. If it works in nature, it works in any colour palette!) of which I seem to have a few...

    3. I was going to message you tonight as I saw the green leather in Mango today and knew you were after one. Does look lovely IRL. Not my colour sadly.
      Also I bought a silky pleated ‘kilt’ like midi skirt from Zara today...panelled spots, floral and checks. Lovely but not sure what to wear on feet...Help!

  2. That sky blue one from mango floats my boat! (Keep saying to myself "It's a no buy april!").
    As for the prices, the EU is bringing in rules that the prices have to be the same, whatever the country (can't remember if that before VAT), whether they will come in to effect before Brexit or not....

    1. Suffice to say we've stuffed ourselves on that one...

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