One sniff of sunshine..

...and no I'm not writing about swimsuits (although they will be coming v shortly...).

It's SANDALS.  Get those toes out (I actually now have to de-fuzz mine - seriously, I have hair on the top of my toes.  I am a whisker off being a hobbit *weeps*).  

And today, it's sandals of the clogs variety.  I know, I know, that's weird but there is method in my madness.  I spied a girl the other day on the train with THE most awesome shoes ever.  I did try and ask her where they were from but she was plugged into her headphones and try as I might, I couldn't get her attention.  Much to the amusement of the rest of the carriage... (and then I turned into my mum by having a lovely conversation with some of them!). 

I also think I have been looking for these for years.  And never found them.  Well - apart from the D&G pair that I harp on about every year that I bought from Bicester and then totally lost.  Literally lost them.  Disappeared in a puff of smoke. One day they were in the wardrobe, went to look for them a while later and gone they were. (clearly I've turned into Yoda...).

So here is what I've come up with.... there are MUCH more than I thought there would be, I am embracing the '70s big style.  I could have more than a couple of these pairs.  

Donut Two Part Clogs £29

Tan Valerie 2 Cross Strap Sandals £46

Beige again at House of Fraser where they have an amazing sale on Swedish Hasbeens. 

Swedish Hasbeens Pia were £159 now £112

ASOS DESIGN Tinker Leather Clogs £40

Woven Leather Clogs from Free People £148

ASOS DESIGN Tio Leather clogs £40

Laila Sandals in Green at Swedish Hasbeens were £169 now £119

Then I made the mistake of looking at Matches.  FOOL!  These are perfect in every respect (bar the price...). 

Quinty Leather Clogs from Chloe £560

However fear not - I have found the bargain of the day... 

Swedish Hasbeens Laila sandals were £169 now £50.70

Champagne pair at Penelope Chilvers £159

I'm also quite liking these... 

Swedish Hasbeens T-strap sandal £159

And the Donuts in the black £29

Black again at House of Fraser with their Swedish Hasbeens.

Velcra Sandals were £169 now £118

White Clogs at Dune in the sale were £65 now £32

However - put the brakes on.. THESE.. Blue.  Oh how I love love love this blue.  Greece in a sandal.  Instant holiday mode with those on your tootsies.

Donut Two Part Clogs from Topshop £29

But finishing with the perfect compromise from Penelope Chilvers which I saw at Collen & Clare in Aldeburgh when I went there at Easter. 

Jude Sandals in Gold £159

Or in the tan - again £159

So have I managed to persuade you?  Or are you already a fan?  I am predicting a lot of queries around comfort... wooden sole not very flexible?  I'm all up for being a guinea pig, so you are ALL welcome!  Thoughts?!

Now I am off today to.. CYPRUS.  A press trip (yes another one.. tis the season... they're like buses) with two companies - Jigsaw X Chic Retreats.  Essentially this means I get to look at some amazing clothes in an amazing setting.  I would hate me too.  

So I'm throwing in an outfit from Friday night which was a birthday dinner for one of my best friends.  

I threw in the query on Instagram as to whether I could handwash the Rixo dresses.  On a silk cold wash in the machine?  Well, the resounding answer was YES.  Expect therefore to see a lot more of this dress (and the other one which is the same in a different style) as I blooming love it - so easy to wear but I thought dry clean only.  YEE HA! 

Dress - Rixo London (aw17)
Boots - Topshop (ss17)
Bag - I know the Queen (gift aw17)
Earrings - M&S (gift current)

So I will see you on the other side... actually I'll be working whilst I'm away - maybe with some summery things seeing as it seems we bypassed Spring and went straight to Summer!  However it looks like usual meteorological service will be resuming this week so maybe some Spring jackets might be a good idea.   Anything else you think your wardrobe might be in need of?   

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8 comentarios:

  1. Despite being Scandinavian I used to hate the Swedish style clog until this year when I all of the sudden had to have a pair!! I got the Hasbeens in Black in the sky high and I love them. I also ordered a silver pair from Lottas from Stockholm to compare you know all in the interest of research;) Love your blog/insta. Enjoy ur press trip x

  2. Try their clogs, the finish is great any comfort amazing

  3. Living in Denmark and working in a hospital I don't see clogs as a fashion/ style statement (Sorry Kat). Agricultural workers are big on clogs too. I do have a pair (not sandals) that are ideal when I'm standing on a ladder painting the ceiling, so they're nicely covered in paint splatters! I have worn them for gardening too, they are great for digging!
    I would like a pair of chunky-ish heeled sandals suitable for day wear, but have yet to find a pair that I love.

  4. Ooohh, I LOVE!! I have got a thing about clogs but they don't look as good on my chubba chubba feet as the models unfortunately. Have you ever heard of Lotta from Stockholm?? Gorgeous!

  5. My Swedush Hasbeens were a great investment - easily 10 years ago now and they look better as they age. Bit stiff at first but then they soften up. No problems with the wooden sole either. Cyprus? Nice! Jo

  6. I bought some orange leather open-toed clogs from Zara last year. I've never worn them, so listed them on ebay this weekend. Now wondering if I should de-list them...?

  7. I love clogs of all kinds. Throwback to my hippy childhood in the wilds of Scotland spent either in clogs or wellies. Have a look at Lotta from Stockholm they have lots of wonderful styles including ones with faux wood with comfy soles.

  8. I have a couple of pairs of these and they're really comfortable too: