Seeing as the week of Spring we had is over...

...we need to think about jackets again. 

And whilst we've looked at denim jackets, there is another alternative. 

Safari.  Utility.  Army.  It's not the same but it sort of is.  Ok so it's not at all but we're talking in a category of their own.  The "very hard to pinpoint and get right" Spring Jacket.  

I have two options (although with my current newfound fondness of a denim number, we could stretch that to three) - the biker and the blazer. 

However there is another player out there which other people rock - that of the safari/utility/army variety.  

I have tried and I have failed.  I think it's the length?  Maybe it's because they look better with jeans and I only have spates of wearing jeans as opposed to them being an every day occurrence in my wardrobe.  And even then, I'll only wear them with blazers.  A biker and jeans - I feel like an extra in The Outsiders (amazing '80's film if you haven't seen it, eye candy-tastic - seriously, every single lust throb from that era that you can think of... you know it if you've seen it...).  Or The Fonz.  Just doesn't quite work for me. 

BUT that's not to say that a utility (for the interests of speed I've decided that's what they are) jacket can't work instead.  And most other people look superb in them. 

Will there be one out there that can have me ditching the blazer?

Starting with the traditional khaki.  Whilst we're here - should mention, it is THE most neutral colour out there that also has a bit of an edge.  Love it.

Belted Army Jacket £89

Boxy Khaki Shacket £49 from Topshop

Raw Hem Crop Shacket £36 Topshop 

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy... all sing along, you know you want to... 

Rhinestone Embellished Jacket from Topshop £79

Embroidered at ASOS with Maison Scotch was £180 now £125

Utility at Jack Wills £79.95

Similar at Mango but it does look slightly lighter weight. 

Military style overshirt from Mango £49.99

The classic Military Jacket in khaki from hush £69

Off piste now in blush. 

Military Jacket in rose £69

Neutral Longline Denim Work Jacket from Whistles £119

But there is one that has turned my head.  This.  OH how I love it.  I may have totally impulse purchased it last week - will do a trying on session tomorrow, will be over on Instastories so you can see what you think. 

Leopard Print Jacket £89 & Other Stories 

Speaking of Insta Stories - I have just got back from London after my Insta Live Marathon with the amazing Caroline Barnes and Max Factor.  Over on Instagram... and all the highlights will be written up for a blog post tomorrow. 

This is what I wore... 

Tee - FWP by Rae (gift aw17)
Blazer - Zara (ss17)
Jeans - MiH at Fenwicks (sale aw16)
Shoes - Jigsaw (gift current)
Bag - Chloe at Bicester (ss17)
Belt - so old I can't remember but I'd just had my first baby so 13yrs ago!

Actually I did change the tee for a silk shirt as I was pretty darn freezing.  It was a LOT colder than it looked!  

Hope you enjoy the Insta Live if you get a chance to have a flick at it.  Can't believe tomorrow is Friday!

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2 comentarios:

  1. Perfect timing, as I am just looking to replace my old Hush khaki jacket, that I literally loved to bits. Could we have some summer dresses for hot hot climates that will suit the big boobed among us? I have a hankering for dresses like the Hush Alanis, which would be lovely and cool, but I have a fear of the whole ship in full sail look...

    1. That's super interesting - I know exactly what you mean. I reckon a wrap dress is what you need.. Or a v neck that goes into a waisted dress. Anything A line like that dress is absolutely going to make you look like the brow of a ship... Leave it with me. I'm on bardot today so if you can get a really good strapless bra...?? (I know that's only something that women with no boobs say....). I'm on it!