Continuing with the eclectic.. it possibly has not escaped your notice that, in my progressing years, I am becoming a colour and print obsessed magpie. 

I should also just say a huge SORRY for not having been around for the past three days - I've been away on a Press Trip with Royal Caribbean on their new cruise ship - Symphony of the Seas.  All will be revealed in a couple of days but for the minute I am back with something I wear year in year out - a slightly bonkers jacket. 

Ok so maybe it's not actually slightly bonkers... but they are definitely statement.  In an outfit - it's your jacket that will do the talking with these.  I tend to buy a new one each season - as they're so "out there", they're not necessarily on trend and so, in my experience, they do last the test of time.  They also transform the most simple of outfits into something that you will feel amazing in.  Genuinely, just throw on over a tee, jeans and heels and it's the perfect Out out outfit.  Alternatively, any plain maxi dress, any plain dress at all actually and magically you have a whole new look.

Or you can mix it up - go stripes and print.  Floral on floral.  Stars and stripes.  Plain is so yesterday... (she says knowing full well that she loves it with a plain tee or even a logo tee... hmmm now we're talking).

Striped Cotton Jacket from Sandro was £315 now £189

Seeing stars.  So this was the one that made me abandon the planned blog post and turn all my attention to jackets with attitude.  Oh my LORD I love this.  So much.  So so so so so much.  It's so randomly wrong it's EPIC.  

Jacquard cotton blend jacket from Sandro £189 was £315 

Macrame-trimmed ruffle denim jacket from Ganni was £225 now £112  This with leopard print... oh oh oh oh oh.....

Print at Anthropologie.  Waverly Quilted Jacket £118

Another cropped little style for a complete bargain from New Look. 

New Look Frill Jacket £27.99 I would say more Marant than New Look?

Then we have bomber style.  This isn't for me.  I'll throw this out there, I personally can't do a bomber BUT I love the look on other people. 

Floral Embroidered Jacket from Mango £89.99

Embellished Bomber at Anthropologie £168

Floral mesh bomber at Anthropologie £168  This epitomises the perfect jacket.  You could wear this for a wedding, you'll wear it for years over jeans. 

Quilted Reversible from Mango £79.99

Another printed quilt style at & Other Stories £110

Then there are the blazer styles...

Pyjama Style Blazer from Maison Scotch £120

Blazer style again at Anthropologie £98

Or just out there with a take on a utility jacket.

ASOS Design Pearl Jacket £50

Variation on the theme again at ASOS. 

Blank NYC Ribbon Back Jacket £90

Military?  I think that topic might deserve a whole thread of its own... 

Sacred Hawk Military Jacket £60

And I'm just going to throw this one in.  I hadn't planned to include anything like this.  But I am asked SO often about what jackets do I wear over maxi skirts and dresses?  The biker is an obvious choice but it's still not everyone's favourite.  This however.  It's a denim style faux leather, suedette jacket, with a bit of fringing thrown in for good measure.  Which sounds blooming awful, let's be frank. 

But.  But but but.  My mind is a whirring because of this.  

Studded mixed jacket from Mango £79.99

Now the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed there are no camo style jackets or denim ones.  They deserve blog posts all to themselves and as soon as the weather starts warming up (or I lost patience with it...), then they'll be with you.  I say starts to warm up... ok so I broke my denim jacket cherry this week.  ALL the cruise pics coming up early next week and in the meantime - here I am at another sea - this time in Suffolk! 

Dress - Ridley London (gift ss17)
Denim Jacket - Tu at Sainsburys (ss17)
Basket - Rae Feather (gift ss17)
Trainers - Quattro Rish (current)
Scarf - Louis Vuitton (10yrs ago)

Back to home from home in Aldeburgh.  We have been coming here for 13yrs - it is truly out happy place as a family.  I packed VERY quickly so expect a host of the slightly more random outfits this week... hope everyone has had a fabulous couple of days.  And I apologise in advance for the jacket onslaught that I've got planned.

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9 comentarios:

  1. You are making my "no buy april" very difficult! There are a couple from anthropologie I like the look of...
    But what I'm really looking for is an alternative to a standard denim jacket. I did order a linen one from Finery, but while it was gorgeous, it was just too boxy for me (and I sized down). Something indigo possibly in linen...please!

    1. oooh I am going to be doing denim but denim with a bit of a difference. Is it not the denim aspect that you want? How about utility style??

    2. Utility would be great, as long there is a bit of shape. I'm thinking could be denim, but mid to dark rather than light in shade. It'll either be "I'll know it when I see it", or be rocking horse poo (you know that indefinable something that only exists in my head!).

    3. There are lots of utility jackets around at the moment that have a waist pully in thing (clearly not the technical term...). But they are longer. I wish they did more jackets that are cropped like bikers - more fitted but that weren't denim or leather!

    4. Definately shorter rather than longer, and yes to biker sort of shape, and yes to not denim or leather.😊
      I've seen this one, but somehow it's not quite right:
      That's the Danish link, but you get the picture!

    5. Ok that's too long for me but yes, I get what you mean!!! You would think they'd be easier to find, wouldn't you?!

  2. I actually love that Sandro jacket with the red stars! It's giving me shades of late '70s Wonder Woman (incidentally my Halloween costume of choice between the ages of like three to five). The Anthro red paisley is good too, I saw it in-store last week, it has a unique sort of top-stitching all throughout that's not as visible in the photo. Also comes in a pretty yellow floral. And I completely agree about how useful these statement jackets are, especially over the most boring, nothing outfit. Add a dash of Pat Butcher in terms of jewelry and presto!... outfit made.

    1. YES YES YES! That red and blue one is screaming BUY ME. It's just too cool.. hmmmmmmmm it's the shape as well - I know I wear that shape loads. I just think maybe the colours aren't so versatile for me. ARGGHH!

  3. Love a statement jacket - have an ancient topshop one that’s black with orange print paisley and currently loving a very Henley Regatta style stripe blazer from H&M of all places