A classic wardrobe must have

It's a plain blouse. I can now say that word without being a tiny bit sick in my mouth which means I've either a) indoctrinated myself to it or b) I am truly every bit of my 41 years. 

But this is an absolute must for everyone.  Yes, the reason I'm having a look at them now is that I have my new print trousers and these are the perfect foil for them.  They really are the acme of all round perfectness.  Great for dress down with jeans and any sort of jacket - be it a blazer or a biker.  Even with a coat.  Hell, let's go for a print jacket whilst we're there (I'd stick to plain bottoms there if I'm honest)  They work with literally everything.   Tuck them in with a looser jean or trouser or wear them out over something more fitted and for a more casual look. 

Perfect for skirts too.  The ultimate top to take you from work, out to dinner and then bombing around at the weekend with skinnies and sneakers. 

I have to say, I only realised this after I'd done my compilation, that I am really drawn to ones that are collarless or have a tiny collar.  I'll admit I haven't thought about it in great detail but these seem to work when we're thinking about covering all bases.  

You can spend a lot on these or you can some high street bargains (and combined with the offer from DPs for example, listed below, you can get some proper bargains)

So I think that's enough justification for today. I have a couple of these which would pass muster for the occasions mentioned but that's not to say that for March this won't be up there on my list of new must haves. 

Wishbone Gracie Blouse in tan £80  Starting with a great neutral colour and a lovely shape. 

In off white again at £80 

In navy here, tucked in - love this shade - more of a marine than a navy I would say. 

Vila Collarless Simple Blouse - £22  A much more economical version available at ASOS

Jaeger Silk Tunic Blouse in Ivory - now reduced to £80 from £160 It may be silk BUT it's machine washable.  Oh hello my lovely.  I'm not sure either you need to do all the buttons up - I think it would look much better with them undone.  This would work equally as well thrown over a swimsuit with a pair of cut off shorts in the summer (yes one can dream...)   I love a longer line shirt tunic (I have one this exact same shape although not in a lovely fabric like this - mine is a much more casual linen mix) and I adore the look with a shorter blazer and skinnies.  I think it gives such a flattering silhouette. 

ASOS Blouse with pintuck detail in nude £32  This is on the sheer side, of that there is no denying, but I love the detail across the front.  Again could easily be unbuttoned (and quite a way as I'm thinking you may want to wear a vest or cami of some description under this. Just maybe.  But I love the shade of nude.  So versatile, would go with everything. 

Now we're moving on to this season's updated version of the classic blouse - the colourblock blouse.  Two neutral tones essentially, bang on trend, you could throw this into your wardrobe and so many outfits would instantly be bought right up to date.  

I love additions like this that make old favourites suddenly super wearable again. 

Warehouse Zip long sleeve blouse in Cream £36

They also do the same in what they call Mink but to me it's more of a mouse grey (getting my animals right...) 

And in black - Zip front blouse £36

And if a zip isn't your thing, Warehouse also have a Colourblock Sleeve Blouse for £40

However Queen of the Colourblock shirts is Dotty herself.  Yes, good old Dorothy Perkins.   The following are all variations on a theme but I love the simplicity of them - the perfect foil to a pair of print trousers and a plain blazer. 

Plus at the moment, Dorothy Perkins appear to have this Fashion Fate discount offer on where you click on the link and it gives you a percentage off from 10 to 50%. I got 30% which would make these blouses a really really good buy.  (pretty sure that that's what everyone would get?!) Offer is on until Sunday 9 Feb. 

Ivory/Navy Contrast Placket £25

The reverse in navy and white  also £25

A Pink and black version - this probably isn't my colourway but lots of people are fans of pink.  I would definitely have worn this to work to give a new lease of life to an old faithful black suit though, for only £25.

And I love this one - to me it looks much more expensive than it's £28 price tag. 

Black colourblock shirt £28

Same style but in a blush and grey colourway.  This is beautiful and springlike. 

Grey Colourblock shirt from Dorothy Perkins £28

On a similar design, this is the one from RIver Island that I think I actually papped before Christmas.  It really is a beauty. 

Cream Colour Block Blouse £32 from River Island 

Colourblock collar shirt £38 from Oasis  Vying to be my favourite with the River Island one is this from Oasis (a shop I have very mixed views on - this has to be up there for a reccy I'd say).  I love the shape of this and the slight hint to a colourblock.   Super subtle so that you'd have it for years and years. 

So do you have a selection of neutral blouses in your wardrobe?  Do you have any work ones that you now think you could wear with more casual outfits?  Have I mentioned the B word one too many times?

Finishing with my outfits - this from yesterday.  Now no mention of the rain but..... I wore this super dress down outfit for a load of chores yesterday, knowing I was going in and out of the car and wanting to be very comfortable (hospital appt with middle child, coffee morning, gym, supermarket, school runs - oh the glamour).  

However last night I was off out to a comedy night with The Husband.  And the weather was so utterly ghastly and I knew the carpark wasn't exactly 20 paces away from the theatre, so... I wore this.  I know, I know, normally I would have at least made an iota of an effort but the weather was so so hideous, we're having such an *interesting* time with poor middle child (ADHD god help all of us), that it was as much as I could do to drag myself out rather than splat on the sofa drinking wine.  

Bu I am so pleased I did brave the storms as we had a really great night.  There is nothing like three hours of riotous laughing to lift the soul!


Olive vest  - H&M
Thin knit stone jumper - H&M
Khaki linen cargo trousers - Topshop
Hot air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel
Gunmetal Virgin hitops - Ash
Brown Daria leather jacket - All Saints
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

And today when I was supposed to be going for lunch with The Husband in London, but small slightly ill (up all night with croup & having a bad time with his ADHD bless him) boy meant we had a home day.  On the upside it didn't rain and it was lovely to spend some quality time with my middle one.  (this is code for taking an hour to persuade him to do three lines of homework this afternoon when he appeared to be definitely on the mend....)   Rewarded with two donuts (him not me - mine is a large glass of red).  Everyone's a winner. 

I was sure it was going to pour with rain today and as we were having a slobtastic time of it, it was super casual all round.  Happily though, no rain at pick up and the usual rounds of activities after school.  Which made a very pleasant change. 


White longsleeved ribbed top - H&M
Leopard print sweatshirt - Zara
Black Lola sweat pants - Whistles
Double breasted jersey washed black blazer - James Perse
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Still need to let you into the secret of my number 2 purchase for Feb - which is patiently sat in the bag waiting an airing.....How is everyone else going with their purchases?  Is everyone being more frugal/careful/considered about what they buy?  I'd love to hear how you're managing.  It's going much better here than expected - I can wait till March for my lust list but I'm just so worried they'll sell out.  Dilemmas... (and yes, ridiculously middle class problems, I appreciate.  We all have to have a little bit of levity somewhere) xxxx

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  1. Sunglasses??????????

    1. Yes because it was super sunny?????????!!!

    2. Some people, good Lord! I had my Tom Ford sunnies on today as the sun was blinding ...I live in Kent too sistah so can vouch for today's daytime weather! Keep up the good work xx

      Anonymous also but Kentonian :) x

    3. * Anon but different anon one from the sarcastic one, shall have to call myself Kentonian in future! xx

  2. Surely because of the sunshine u bring to your readers every time you blog x

  3. Loving the blouses Kat. I've just treated myself to two... (It's 6.30am & I'm awake because of the wind outside!) from DP. I got 20% off, thanks for the heads up! I got the Navy/Ivory contrast placket & the Black cokourblock

  4. Shirt (dunno what happened there!). So I'm delighted with both. Hope they arrive before next weekend!! My spending this month may be rather like yours - I've peaked. Got a sneaky leather jacket and top from Zara last week and now these two pieces... Gah! I'm supposed to be looking for a dress for the Holy Communion...!!!!!

  5. I have two plain blouses, cream and pale pink, and I've completely forgotten about them. While reading your post two outfit ideas w/patterned pants came to mind. Thank you!
    I'm thinking of trying to join your 3 purchases a month challenge. It would be a challenge for me because I love little bargains and can go nuts in H&M when they're having a sale...

  6. Dear Kat,

    I am slightly drunk in Dubai, without kids, and love your chat. If you tell me that you like Carly Simon then the deal is sealed. Mwah.

  7. I have 3 already so I'm either completely dull or ahead of the times! Lol! Soz to hear about your boy & hope things get better! A good giggle is always the best medicine! Ax