Return of the Ninja Turtle

We are talking February Item Number 2.  Which is still sat in the Zara bag it came in as I'm not sure.  Well, I am sure, I absolutely rooting tooting love it. 
But I'll be completely frank with you - I'm reaching saturation point.  I think the rain has finally seeped into my brain and everything feels water logged and sluggish.  It's put me on go slow and I am very very close (in a completely overtheatrical and ridiculously pathetic and not really at all way) to letting it break me.  When it comes to talking about/thinking about/writing about clothes.

This is about as practical a purchase this month as a freaking bikini.  Actually no - a bikini would be more useful as at least I could wear that to go to a swimming pool (this is, of course, completely theoretical as it would take me a month and a set of heavy duty garden shears to get my white, pasty and hairy, body fit for the public's eyes)  

But I digress.  I love this second attempt at mine to don a green coat and escape the joyous cries of the 5 year old that I look like a Ninja Turtle.  (I haven't shown him yet - I can't face the disappointment).  Mine not his).  It's gorgeous.  I very very nearly bought the mustard version from last September which sold out very quickly, as I had my Goat one in the same colour, so when I saw the green one - well, it was meant to be. 

However all I can think of at the moment is staying in from the rain, not getting my feet wet and slob a bob bob clothes - hence my pic from today is one of minus zero glamour or class.  Like I said - verging on a broken fashion woman. 

There are also four other things which are on my list of contenders for those precious Feb places.  However two are from Whistles and I'm playing chicken with them, hoping a discount code will materialise before either I cave or they sell out.  

And the other item - a mac from Gap where I did have a pigging code for, HAS sold out.  They bring it out in a) the tall range and b) finally with a proper buckle on the belt which they didn't have last season and it's SOLD OUT.  You GITS GAP.  There are also a pair of jeans which I think I love but I need to try more on.  And at the moment I am about as much in a jeans shopping mood as I am in a going to the dentist for root canal mood.  Plus Gap have their 30% off emails all the time (except for now when I finally want to buy something that isn't a 7year old's pair of skinny jeans.  You can guarantee there won't be one for the rest of the season.  I apologise now) 

The item I have bought is... a coatigan.  Yes, I appreciate this is the ponciest word on the planet but it does what it says on the tin.  It's not a coat and it's not a cardigan.  It's a knitted coat of sorts.  It is (supposedly) the perfect transitional piece of outwear from Winter to Spring.  Seeing as we're stuck in the monsoon season, it's about as much use as a chocolate teapot but it doesn't stop me still loving them. 

And I need to get with the programme and gee up and think that this rain simply cannot last forever.  It also does mean that I have been spending my time doing research for the house.  I was ok at the weekend with fridges, freezers were bearable, dishwashers were close to very dull but it was nearly a case of forks in the eyes all round when it came to washing machines and tumble driers. 

Suddenly the thought of knitted coaty things was a far more exciting prospect.  So whilst I dither about whether or not to keep this - and truth be told, I do love it and want to keep it - it's just trying to juggle what will go out of stock first......- I also managed to find some others that are out there as these really are one of my favourite items of clothing.  When it's not raining. 

Wool Coat £69.99 from Zara

They do also do it in a navy but it's really not as nice as the green in my humble opinion.  Speaking of navy though, this I've had my eye on for a couple of seasons now - they do bring it back every year in a slightly different fabric/colourway I believe.   I don't think anyone would guess this was from Phase Eight.  To me, it has All Saints written all over it but this is at a fraction of the cost. 

Phase Eight Bellona Knitted cardigan £99

Silver Bellona Waterfall Jacket £89   Just gorgeous. 

Zena Zigzag coat from Phase Eight now £69 was £110  A very different style  - more of a crombie shape.

Grey Double Breasted Coatigan from Mint Velvet now reduced to £69 from £89  I absolutely love my two military coatigans I have - one in navy and one in grey.  Both have lasted me for years and I shall be dragging them out again once this rain stops, that's for sure. 

Another grey version from Jigsaw, again in the sale. 

Grey Textured Coat now only £82 from £165

This is a shorter version and could probably come under the heading of knitted jacket as opposed to coat but my navy one I use so much (need to sew some buttons on.. grrr)  It's not cheap but a) there is always a White Company code hanging around and b) this is a complete and utter classic and you will have it for years and years.  The perfect jacket for both smart and casual occasions. 

Knitted Peacoat from The White Company £165

Ok now take a deep breath.  We are moving from the sublime to the possibly faintly ridiculous.  I full expect a number of you to start singing songs from the Joseph musical and you'd be more than entitled to.  But there is something about this which I think is just fabulous.  I love the colours with denim, I love the idea of wearing it with boots like here and also dressing down with sneakers.  There may be a slight hint of dressing gown about this (The Husband would have a field day with this - don't know about yours?) but I would still definitely wear it. 

ASOS longline coatigan in jacquard £48

We're now pushing the boundaries of coatigan here as this is probably slightly thicker than I would normally think came under the heading but it is so absolutely fantastic and honestly, if I hadn't bought a camel coat this season, I would be buying this in a heartbeat.  It is the most amazing bargain - but besides that, I just think it's beautiful. 

Wool Longline Textured Coat now £95 from £225  Topshop Boutique.

Now bear with me - this is off piste and we have M&S style hideous photos, courtesy of Debenhams (which I'll totally admit is a store I have a hate hate relationship with).  But taking the model away and looking at the navy animal print coat on its own, this would be fab.  The photos DO NOT do it justice dressed like this.  Think cream sweatshirt, distressed skinnies and sneakers and this would be amazing.  Navy polo neck, boyfriend jeans and loafers.  I think this really could work. 

Betty Jackson.Black Designer textured navy animal print cardigan £79

I have to say though, staying with the navy, this is definitely my favourite from Monsoon.  Very very reminiscent of a fabulous Paul & Joe Sister coat that a very good friend of mine has.  I think this looks so much more expensive than £79! 

Monsoon Annabella Blanket Coat £79

And that's all folks.  There really aren't the hugest amount of them out there this season.  Or that could be yet... I should probably get cracking on another trench thread, shouldn't I?  I'm just slightly trenched out... 

So how is everyone else coping with this hideous weather?  As flippant as my tongue in cheek comments were at the beginning, my heart absolutely goes out to all those poor poor people who have had to leave their homes or have had them devastated because of the weather.  I do hope you get the help you need and that things don't get any worse. 

Finishing with what I wore today.  I am so so sorry that I don't have my outfit from Saturday with my new Kenzo top.  It was such a rush going out (as per usual) that I didn't have time to coerce a small child into papping me.  But I absolutely loved the top - wore it with black skinnies and Sam Edelman boots and it will be an outfit that will be dragged out on a regular basis.

Today - as I mentioned above, this weather is finally starting to drag me down and I appear to have dressed accordingly.  A day of research, dodging the rain showers.  Randomly when the sun did come out, it was rather pleasant.  For all of about an hour.  And then it became biblical again.  



Navy and white longsleeved top with pink writing - Maison Scotch
Lola black joggers - Whistles 
Petrol blue pleather jacket - Primark
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Blush and Fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

So tomorrow I fear I may have to brave Ikea.  Please god let there be a clothes shop nearby to take away the pain.....

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20 comentarios:

  1. I am with you....just bought the navy coatigan from zara granted I sooo was tempted by the green one but my conservativity (no such word?!) got the better of me!! I sooo nearly bought the mustard at the end of summer but chickened out as a) it was too thin and b) it was a bit bright....since then I have spent my life trying to track one down on ebay as c) I adore it!! Pah! Anyway now have navy and am happy! Bring on the spring! X

    1. I toyed for ages between green and navy but really can't justify another navy jacket. Am hopign the green will be super useful!

  2. Love reading your posts and think the Zara coatigan is fab but would probably go for the navy. Could you let me know what the sizing is like many thanks

    1. Oh thank you! I would the sizing is average to small - I wanted it oversized as I'm tall so I went for a large but I could have got away with a medium. Hope that helps xx

  3. Keep it! You'll kick yourself if you don't ... and this rain can't last forever. It can't! No! It really can't! :(

  4. The Zara coatigan is fabulous but if it's still in the bag and there is a doubt then don' they say!! If I'm not sure about something I hang on the wardrobe door for a couple of days, then I can tell whether it's a keeper as I don't tire of looking at it!! Hold out for the other bits that you are hankering after!! xx

  5. Love the Phase Eight one and bet better quality than Zara which although always seem to get the style right do skim on quality. With you on the rain, have you seen any stylish coats with hoods (do they exist?) for the school run?

  6. I think its gorgeous Kat & I bet it looks fabulous on you! We all need a burst of colour with this weather dragging us down! I love the Bellona waterfall one too! I have a grey ASOS one that's been hanging around waiting for a dry day! Ax

  7. Just bought the Zara one in orange :)

  8. It looks great, I love green. Maybe snap us a pic and we can help you decide ;)
    I have a red Anthro coatigan from 2010 that I don't wear often but it's good for when you go to the shops and don't want to lug a massive winter coat around!

  9. Coatigan - that has to be one of my favourite words for an item of clothing! I have NO IDEA why it makes me laugh!
    The P8 one is good ... very good indeed


  10. Ooh, love the green zara coat! Could you possibly advise on sizing? Thanks so much!

    1. I would say average? I went for Large as I'm tall & wanted it oversized but could have worn a medium. Hope that helps xx

  11. LOVE the green coatigan - you'll look fab in it.
    I'm coping admirably with the rain by being in denial (see what I did there), floral trousers , DVF orchard silk dress, aldo block heel shoes etc., be do do.....singin' and dancin' in the rain.

  12. Love the green Zara coat - would love to know if it has long enough arms for tall (monkey arm) proportions - I've made so many mistakes when I've fallen for an item of clothing but end up being really bothered by the 5 inches of wrist/forearm peeking out of the sleeves!!? Love the blog.,,

    1. hmmm tbh I can't remember. I"m so used to short arms though that I have to say I"ve got used to them!

  13. Love the Phase Eight belladonna cardigan. Keep seeing it in the shop. They also have some oversized All Saints-esque knits too.

  14. Love the blog Kat! Started reading just before Christmas and I'm already hooked. I'd also love some advice on a stylish hooded school run coat. Does such a thing even exist?! Unicorn search maybe...

  15. Loved the Zara coat - bought it in tangerine and sized up for sleeve length.

  16. I bought the zara coat in tangerine but find the wool a bit itchy. does anyone else experience this? does it get better as you wear it?