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And in this blog I'm looking at the collarless coat.  Yes, rather specific here but pretty much every coat that I see and think, yes please, is a collarless number.  To whittle it down further, a cocoon one at that.

I think these double up as the best cover up for smart and casual.  With the right coat, you can wear it over jeans, over baggies and trainers, for work or for a wedding.  Seriously, there is only one coat you need this season and that is this beauty.  I have been asked numerous ideas for Occasion outfits and one option would definitely be a coat like this with a plain (or patterned, depending on your coat of course) simple dress underneath (which I appreciate is also a total pain in the behind to find - I may have some ideas on that coming up)

Now I already have a navy one which I bought right at the end of last summer and so didn't get the hugest amount of wear out of but I can see it totally coming into it's own very shortly.  I have outfits a plenty planned for it - minor turn of absolutely abysmal weather for the next couple of days sort of ruining my plans somewhat, but now is the perfect time to buy them before they all disappear from the stores and we're left with the tiny jacket (which definitely am massive fan of but there is also room for a coat as well) 

Starting with Hobbs who have three beautiful ones - all of which I would wear in a heartbeat and we have colourways to suit all palettes - grey, navy or black.  And as if by magic, there is 15% off at the moment (you need to go and do something slightly fancy on their website).  To be fair they have really upped their game this season, I was very very pleasantly surprised at my little soiree in there the other day (admittedly this was their flagship Covent Garden store but I think it's all available online.  Amazing stuff, you would never think was Hobbs.  Definitely need to do a try on and see, I reckon.)

Blue Elise Coat  £269

Grey Susannah Coat £299

Black Amara Coat £269

Staying with the black and white theme, I absolutely love the detailing on this.  Reminds me slightly of my grey 3.1 Phillip Lim one which I must have had for 6 years and still wear all the time.  Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, meetings and the school run.  Best coat I've ever bought. 

Gerard Darel Tweed Coat in Black - £260

This I go into LK Bennett, just to stroke it and salivate over it as it is simply beyond delicious. 

Liman Textured Coat now £300 20% off at the moment I believe.

Now I also ventured into Karen Millen which, I'm not going to lie, was an interesting experience.  They definitely have a very specific theme - which is basically "sheer" but there are some really gorgeous things as well, this one being one of them.  In real life, this looks even better than it does here. 
Karen Millen Tweed Coat with Tipping Detail £250

If you don't want black but want all white then FCUK have a great option. 

French Connection Cottage Ovoid Coat in cotton £160

Couldn't possibly not include my current love of navy.  And moving onto texture is this Lace Overlay Coat from Topshop £135

The pic above to me looks very formal but to show how easy it is to then dress this down - hey presto.  And thank you Topshop. 

A navy mix jacquard coat is available from Autograph at M&S.  This is the epitome of Wedding to Jeans for me.  Easily one of the best value (I would love this with the navy dress which still isn't online... Yawn) 

Textured Duster Coat from Autograph £99

ASOS Bonded Coat with Exposed Seams £85  More Navy and slightly more dress down from ASOS.

Swinging into full on colour - how stunning is this from LK Bennett?

Daytona Cocoon Coat in Mandarin currently £276

I also saw these in store on Wed at Jigsaw and oh my lord they are too too stunning.  

From Jigsaw in pink Audrey Coat £189

They also do do this in a navy which is beautiful and they had styled in the Jigsaw window with a white shirt and boyfriend jeans.  Looked completely amazing.  And appears to be totally sold out online everywhere but they definitely had it instore in Covent Garden on Wednesday.

If you're still after a pale pink one then look no further than this total gem (I LOVE boucle) which is from Matalan and costs an utterly amazing £40.

Collarless Boucle Coat £40

Now I cannot take credit for finding this coat and I can't vouch for its quality, but it looks amazing and I learnt about it from the lovely Mostly Yummy Mummy

However my bargain of the day has to be this from Fenn Wright Manson.  I first saw this at their Press Launch last year and have been mooning over it all season.  I am literally having to sit on my hands right now and trying desperately not to justify to myself why I have to have it.  March is literally around the corner....... I love love love LOVE this. 

Fenn Wright Manson Isobel Coat was £225 now £95

Hopefully these will be useful, certainly I have another massive thing for my wishlist.  GAH.  Do I hold out or do I cave?  Can I really justify another coat?  Even if it means another perfect Wedding/First Holy Communion/Christening outfit extra in the wardrobe, do I really need it....?  But it's my favourite leopard print (which brings me on to another point I will sit on for next time.  Watch this space)

Today I am doing more jaunty head angles with hat on.  This is proving perfect for the odd shower - ditto, armour like bargain like wool coat from Zara. 


Camel Trilby - M&S
Striped top - Whistles
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Navy peacoat - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow - and this will make you all laugh - I was due to go on a bike ride for one of my very good friend's birthday (yes, this is how much I love her).  An hour and half to the pub for lunch and an hour and a half back.  This doesn't sound like a huge deal apart from taking into consideration that a) we live in a rather hilly area of the country where very good - Very Good - cyclists come to train on the inclines and b) I haven't been on a bike (bar in spin and even that I want to throw up in) for the best part of 30 years.  I may also have never passed my cycling proficiency test. 

The Husband was going to lend his mountain bike and I was even going to go out for a practise today (I had a lesson on gears at the crack of dawn this morning and everything.  He may have explained, I may not have understood) but alas, the bike ride has been called off due to appalling weather conditions tomorrow. 

We are still going for lunch however and so you shall be spared my cycling outfit and instead I am looking forward to donning a lunch outfit.  Phew. 

Off to have dinner and try not to think about that FWM coat....

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9 comentarios:

  1. The FWM coat def has your name on it. Go on - you know you want to.

  2. Lucky escape with the bike ride! Love love love the first coat, actually most of them. Excellent picks. Your hat looks great by the way. X

  3. I bought and returned the pink matalan looked like an old ladies dressing gown on me!...:( Mel x

  4. I absolutely love the topshop cost - may have to get it - thank you!
    Abbi x

  5. Love love love your outfit the hat looks awesome on you! So many gorgeous choices and it would be a crime if you didn't make that FWM coat yours! Thanks so much for the lovely mention x

  6. Fab outfit and love love love the asos coat!

  7. you look fantastic in that trilby, i always feel self conscious in hats, which is ridiculous since i am a giant most people wouldn't really notice it. LOVE these coats, they do the opposite, a coat jacket makes me feel covered and less obtrusive, I bought two this week in the most AMAZING sample sale that I have just posted about, it's on next week and so worth a visit!

  8. Thanks for the tip off. These are great 'in between' pieces and I adore them. I will be purchasing the Matalan cheapy as a) I am now being a tight arse and b) I really wanted a pink coat but of a light variety. I have bought the bright orange coat from Topshop because no one actually ever died of embarrassment and I love the look of sheer horror on some of the other Mum's faces ( at my ever so rural school. ) Have a wonderful time at the meet up in London. H xx

  9. Yay! I have my collarless ASOS coatigan which will get more wear now its not so Artic out there! This is such a lovely pic of you Kat! Your eyes look so bright! Ax