In need of comfort

It's a hard one, isn't it?  When the shops are full of sunny, brightly coloured, flimsy and whimsical little tops, dresses and cropped trousers.  And yet we're all hunkering down, away from the gailforce winds, watching the hail lashing at the windows, clutching mugs of coffee (or vats of red wine - whichever your poison may be.  If I'm housebound in this weather, I shall at least be housebound happy)

Unless you of course are one of those incredibly lucky people who is swanning off to sunnier climes this half term.  In which case, you lucky thing, but guess what - that amazing tan you're busily accruing, is going to be buried under three layers of cotton, cashmere and cagoule when you return next weekend.  

But fear not, I have a cunning plan.  We should be going jumper shopping.  Whilst I am having a love in with The Sweatshirt, that's not to say there isn't room aplenty for a variation on a theme and throwing in a knitted version aka a jumper. 

It appears I have monochrome on the brain as all the jumpers I selected, after getting home and looking through the pics I'd papped last week are of either a black and white or navy and white variety.  Seemingly full on colour just isn't happening for me just yet (let's give it till next week - I shall try harder, I promise)

It was actually on a smash and grab (gluten free breaded chicken breast if I'm honest - a million times nicer than any normal breaded chicken.  Ditto their GF fish in breadcrumbs) I happened to spy, yet again, a number of knitted beauties in M&S (oh and I was also on my way to try on skate shoes.  Still haven't caved btw.) 

I had actually seen these already in Vogue but, as modelled on the models in M&S  - you'd be hard pressed to see that they were the same items.  Handily, for the more sceptical amongst us, they have adorned the rails with AS SEEN IN VOGUE.

And fair play, as per usual there are some really great pieces, for great prices.  Hidden in a sea of mostly tat. 

M&S also have a gift of making their jumpers all look really fitted.  They're not.  They're a lovely, flattering, looseish style rather than the skin tight versions their pictures depict.  Go figure.

As an extra incentive there is also 20% of knitwear till the 24th (I believe...) of Feb.  Hurrah.

I am loving all of these either teamed with navy (if navy..) or with black (if black...).  Keeping the monochrome theme all the way through (I'm not going to mention the black and white skate shoes as that would be totally yawnsome but...) or adding to faded denim for that perfect transitional wardrobe addition.  Ideal to wear with boots and a coat/scarf now, layering with perhaps a shirt or longsleeved, longline tee.  And then ideal when it gets a bit warmer on its own with rolled up jeans and ballet flats (or any sort of sneaker that takes your fancy!)

M&S Collection Waffle Stay Pure now £28 was £35  This is navy. 


Limited Edition Cotton Rich Horizontal Ribbed Jumper £31.60 was £39.50  A black and white jumper - again - this isn't skin tight *rolls eyes*


Autograph grid checked jumper £28 was £35  Your JCrew lass Jenna layers her shirt sleeve knitwear with a shirt underneath as well as a polo neck.  Just an idea.  Love the simplicity of this but such a great change from a plain cream or black top. 


Autograph Pure Cashmere Checked Jumper now £111.20 was £139  Now I haven't seen this one but actually the pic doesn't look too bad so we can safely assume that this will be utterly gorgeous in the flesh!

Limited Edition Checked Jumper £28 was £35  This though, would probably pip it for me - I love the extra reverse detailing on the sleeve.  As you can see from the pic I papped, this looks amazing teamed with coblat blue.


Moving on, I'm very taken with this half breton version from Boden.  Just perfect for all year round. 

Polperro Jumper  £69 from Boden.  

Another neutral number is from Reiss.  I love this, dare I say it more than the M&S one.. (clearly I don't like the price more but hey ho).  This one is black and neutral as opposed to the navy M&S one so theoretically completely different (ie you could of *course* justify both)

The more I think about this, having looked at the jumpers on the blog today, this is actually my favourite.  An amazing way to wear monochrome without looking too black and white.  I know what I mean when I say that, I hope it makes sense outside of my rather befuddled brain...

Elsie Neutral Textured Jumper Neutral £110

Another lovely option from Reiss in my currently all consuming black and neutral is the Anika Black/Cream jumper £95. 

Another black and white version is this slightly thinner number from Jigsaw.  The perfect alternative to a cotton tee - this to me is a much more chic way to wear a monochrome breton. 

Jigsaw Cashmere Blend Stripe Jumper £49

I took a photo so you can see that it's a lovely fine knit but definitely a knit and not a tee.


On a total monochrome stripe roll is this gorgeous number from Whistles.  Again, I think this bears more than a striking resemblance to the M&S one.

Whistles Alice Monochrome Stripe Jumper £115 

Staying with stripes but flinging back to navy and white, I've always loved the slouchy, easy to wear appeal of this style jumper from Phase Eight.  Perfect to layer for now but just as useful to throw over a vest with shorts in the Summer. 

Phase Eight Bella Breton Stripe Jumper £65

A hint of colour here (I do mean literally a hint...) with the dye dipped hem version.  

Phase Eight Demi Dip Dye Jumper in navy and cream £65

Finishing with another from Whistles - this time a variation on a theme.  I have to say I was very drawn to the dark green version of this print they did but perhaps the black number would have more longevity.  I will admit there is something vaguely 80s about this that I'm not sure if I'm drawn to or abhor.  Chances are I won't be buying but I do keep coming back to it. 

Whistles Mystic Mountain jacquard jumper £125

So there we have yet more black and white - I will try and do colour soon.  Certainly on Tuesday hopefully I'll be bringing you some fab pics of the Hush new season stock which is colourtastic.  

And having said all of that we did actually manage a day in the sunshine.  For us this meant a trip to the Lego movie as The Husband had to work. (oh my good god, I am clearly missing some sort of normal gene as I know everyone raves about it, but I'm mortified to say I just didn't get it.  The shame.  The kids loved it - properly loved it.  I ended up having a small snooze). 

However tomorrow is the start of half term, the boys are playing football with the fabulous Charlton Football Club every day, I get to spend time with my big girl, The Husband is cooking me dinner when the kids are in bed and I may sneak in a small glass of red wine.  Times are good. 

Made even better by my outfit today which even The Husband says is his favourite outfit in ages (I did check to see if he was being sarcastic but apparently not).  Jeans, I have butchered a pair of old faithful Rock & Republic boot cuts (which had better not come back into fashion next year...) in an attempt to recreate the MiH Phoebes.   I think I'm liking the big turn ups - they're certainly not going to be for everyone mind you.  (I may even up my absolutely appalling wonky cutting.  Ignore) 


Navy Horsing around sweatshirt - JCrew
Jeans - Rock & Republic
Emerald green boiled wool coat - Zara
New Balance Trainers 
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So as much as I'm loving all things monochrome and shall be embracing more black, I cranked up the colour edge today and loved it.  I do think it will be the perfect foil to an all black and white outfit but I am totally loving it with the navy.  Which brings me to my third item that I've got my eye on for February which I'll be bringing you tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a fab weekend. xxx

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9 comentarios:

  1. OMG that Autograph checked top looks awful on the model doesn't it. I bobbed into M&S last week and picked out lots of gorgeous stuff. Sadly not in the internet though. Love your new coat. Brill colour x

    1. It's so frustrating when they do that, isn't it? And the best thing is that it may well be there but you cant' bloody find it as it looks so different! I am loving the coat it has to be said! Thank you x

  2. This is my favourite way you have worn your NB's the green goes great with the Navy. I have to check on the sarcasm with my hubby...... Xx

    1. So pleased it's not just mine. I LOVE the NBs with the green. Just perfect, aren't they!

  3. Love your green coat. And it's great how you provide us with alternative (i.e. decent) pics of all the fab M&S finds - an important public service!! Like the look of the Jigsaw knit too.

    Have you caved and bought your skater shoes yet? Saw some on net-a-porter styled with another Kenzo top, and shorts, and thought of you - would really work for you come spring?? See - frugality - sort of..... x

    1. I get sooo frustrated with M&S when there really are some such amazing things that people miss out on. I may have to do it on a regular basis till they change their photos! I haven't bought them yet.... Luckily the weather isn't exactly lending themselves to it but I can't say that I won't cave eventually. They would look great with shorts, you're so right.

  4. Pics of knits are a real public service, generally I find them the most disappointing of online purchases! You look great in the green, it is lovely on you.

    1. Thank you - I am so so pleased I kept it. I clearly just needed to wait for the right shade of green! Knits can look so so different can't they? These ones look SO much better in the flesh. Got more on the blog today which again, are like different things in real life photos.

  5. ILove that green zara coat, I have it in mustard, although it is very bright in daylight!