I may have peaked early for February.

And I'd been doing so well in January as well.  My three items, carefully selected, scrutinised in fact and purchased - Black Zara top, New Balance trainers (love) and Kenzo shell top (first outing this weekend). 

Then it all went a bit Pete Tong on Saturday.  The 1st Feb.  On the upside, February is a short month - it's half term for a quarter of it which means kidstastic which means no chance of shopping (i can do research for March...I shall gloss over the fact I can clearly order online and mostly do in the half term as a reward for making it through with all three intact).  I bought two things.  EEK.  Both from Zara - which I said I wasn't going to do as a) they now have the most ubiquitous clothes in the world and as someone who has shopped there for 21 years, it pisses me off - in an irrational "I should stop being such an undeserving diva" sort of way (hence I do still buy there) and b) the quality for the most part is dire.  Like I said - totally and utterly irrational and a load of old crud actually as I still buy loads.  *rolls eyes at self*

So clearly *more eye rolling* I bought two things from there which brings my grand total of things I've bought this year from there to 3.  50% of my purchases.  Stick to my guns why don't I.  Absolutely pathetic.

Even more woeful is that the fact that I loved these trousers but was totally swayed by a gorgeous (obviously) lady in the changing room who told me they looked amazing on.  Who wouldn't buy them? 

Now they're not going to be for everyone but I completely love them.  They are a rather random fabric - if we're being kind we'd probably call it a neoprene like fabric.   If we're being honest we'd go straight for pure nylon.  They are definitely not for all.  And I haven't even got started on the print. 

I love this print.  I love the colours (even though there's lilac in there - genuinely my most loathed colour Ever) and I love the style.  They're not fitted fitted, they're tight though the leg (but not sausage skin inducing) and slightly flared on the crop.  They are going to be ideal for now with blouses and stilettos for nights out, for during the day with a shirt/sweatshirt and trainer or loafer combo and for in the Spring/Summer dressed up or dressed down with a linen tee, navy blazer and heels or flat footwear.  

The upside of them being such a hideously manmade fabric (as well as them not creasing at all) is that they go in the machine and will dry in about 20 seconds flat.  What is not to love?

So here are the ones that I ended up buying.  Like I said, these won't be everyone's cup of tea but they are definitely my number one February item. 

Zara Technical Print Fabric £29.99

There are lots about though that are clearly much better quality - floral is definitely a huge theme this Spring and I think that actually a pair of trousers is a lovely way to wear them.  As I said, I do think they're perfect to dress up and down (and I think most of these go in the washing machine as well - yee ha) and you can start wearing them now.  Ok so not now now as we've officially entered Ark Building season (aren't you impressed that I haven't griped about the rain....) although if you are just making a mad dash to the car with no need for hanging around, there's no reason why you couldn't wear these with loafers or, hell, even ankle boots.  

Statement Ankle Skimmer trouser from Boden £79 (although there is always an offer kicking about),  Am loving these because of the side zip.  Although I do have my eye set on the navy version... these are rather too similar to my Zara ones. 

Other blue versions can be found at Great Plains (new season stuff now online - can't wait to get the catalogue plopping on the door mat - that'll be me sorted for 20 mins with a cuppa)

Forget-me-not Trousers in navy £50

Going back to Boden for their well know capri pants at a fraction of the price of the JCrew ones.  This print is also available in shorts (I simply can't go there just yet) and a blazer.   We're now moving onto the super summery florals.  Surely everyone needs some colour in their lives right now? (as I sit here typing, waiting for the trampoline to come flinging its way through the patio doors at any second...)

Bistro Crop Trouser in Floral £59

A more subtle floral print is the Bistro Crop from Boden in Natural Bud £59  Perfect if you're not up to an in your face print.  I would have worn these to work.  A lot.  Fab with ballet flats or brogues during the day, changing into a killer heel for drinks in the evening. 

LOVE this styling. 

Moroccan Tile Cigarette trousers £38 from Topshop  These are  little bit out there but I think I can still squeeze them in with the floral theme.  I love the detail of the cuffs at the bottom.  And adore the colourway.  The perfect transitional colours from Winter to Spring.  

ASOS Premium Trousers in Bright Floral Print £40  Taking a step into FLORAL now.  Bright and definitely one for warmer days - I'm not sure I'd team with black although I'm clearly not nearly as fashion forward as those at ASOS.  However for Spring days - a gorgeously fresh palette.

Autograph Luxury Cotton Cropped Trousers in a navy mix  £79  Call.  Off.  The.  Dogs. So one day, just one day after my rant, what appears, as if to prove me a liar and a cheat -  a pretty darn decent photo from M&S.  I have seen this a lot in the press about what M&S have up their sleeves for their big Spring reveal and have to say, I have high high hopes.  Admittedly the crop top isn't *quite* doing it for me (ie over my dead body) but I simply love this print. 

They are out there that's for sure.... 

Jaeger Floral Trousers Multi mix  was £140 now £60  Again a floral that I think would work now and into the new season (can you even imagine Spring at the moment?  Struggling here, it has to be said) 

These are definitely up there as a contender for my fave I think though (the Zara ones which work better for my chosen colour palette but....) - the ones from Warehouse that I featured the other day. 

Warehouse Winter Floral Trousers  £45 

But if you're going for full on Summer, these are beyond gorgeous.  Utterly stunning in real life - great fabric, beautiful print and colour. 

Pink Floral Print Cigarette Pants £35 from River Island 

If you are after something more subtle, these would work as well for work and play.  

Black and white floral print cigarette pants £38 from River Island again.

I think it's lovely to be able to buy something that you can both wear now and wear into the coming months.  Certainly mine will be on my legs a fair few times for sure.  First outing is out next Saturday night for a friend's birthday (yes I am that sad and plan my going out outfits in advance) 

However, to be fair, I'm not sure what I shall be wearing up top (I can safely say it won't be cropped though) and one thing I have spotted whilst on my travels are plain blouses.  Colourblocking ones to be fair but no print at all.  These with print trousers or even plain jeans - a crucial part of anyone's Spring wardrobe, of that I am sure.  

Are you a print trousers person?  I can see how some people are going to be barfarama at these but wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same thing.  You can all swan about in your cropped tops - I shan't say a thing. 

Outfits from the last couple of days.  Dragging out the old faithfuls here from Tuesday.  BUT with a new lease of life with my (now beloved even though I'm too scared to wear them in this weather but Tuesday was a total exception, hence the sunnies and the new shoos)


Navy and white striped longline jersey top - Joules
Indigo Jeggings - Zara
Cream swing cardigan - Goat Library
New Balance 410 trainers
Leather studded cuff - Warehouse
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Whisky Marcie Medium satchel - Chloe

And yesterday for school run, gym, lunch with friends, supermarket, school pick up and various after school activities.  Rain dodging.  Not always successfully.  Rain flood, check, small child very wet from having got caught in rain and not wanting to take photo hence blurry, check.  You simply can't get the staff these days.  She's now making me pay her.  Which is fair enough I guess. 

Untitled Untitled

Chambray Shirt - Primark 
Navy zip back turtle neck - Zara
Paint splattered jeans - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Checked coat - Zara
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

Now I haven't mentioned my second item.... This is because I may or may not return it.  I think it will be useful but there are two other things that are vying for those valuable February places and I only have room for one if I keep it.   The trick is, which of the three will still be around in March... All will be revealed v shortly. 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, love the blog. Could you do a piece on swing cardigans soon. Love the looks you put together with your Goat ones and can't find comparable at the moment for love nor money! Louisa

  2. Hello! I love em! But I did have to smile... Over 40 and now enjoying "fun fabrics"!....they will look great on you cos you have long legs which I think can take print. Mel x

  3. Wow there are some stunning and great trousers in this post I really like the first 2 pair; the pattern is so cool, and I also love all the bright floral patterns. The Boden bristo floral pattern pair are just stunning - they are a work of art!!

  4. Love the outfits esp the first one. The trainers and bag go so well together. I am tempted to get a pair myself but not sure if I am cool enough.

  5. Seriously love those m&s trousers, just gorgeous, love the shape and the crop! Your trousers from zara will look fab on too, I am partial to a pair of crazy trews every once in a while! X

  6. I just can't get over thinking these print trousers look like people have gone out in their pyjamas…..! I guess if one is super long and slender of leg can look ok, but slight marmite item and I am in the bleuh camp.

  7. Hmmm flowery trews not for me though after reading this blog last night I dreamt about buying some!

  8. I love floral trousers, had a gorgeous pair from
    Hobbs, am buying the Boden ones for sure. Thanks for the topshop pic, hadn't seen those. Now then Kat - go for it!! Ditch the skinnies!

  9. The boots and the bag go so well together... I love your way of wearing the shirt, very French (I am French). Best.

  10. My cousin has floral trousers. We call them her wheelybin sticker trousers.

  11. I love the Topshop & M&S ones! I may be going in for the trend & getting a pair soon as I'm on a work wardrobe mission & I just can't do stiff bootcuts like most of the office workers around here! I may stick out like a sore thumb but I will wear with a smile! You can so work this trend! Ax