Bleached of colour.

So I've tried to get with the summer programme.  But this weather has finally got to me and I can't actually even contemplate considering anything super summery which would include anything in a bright colour.

However in an attempt not to wallow in the weather and end up doing a blog on duvets I have dug deep and come up with a compromise.  

Whilst I can't jolly myself up with colour, I haven't looked at dresses in ages (which for me is admittedly about a fortnight) and so the perfect compromise that I came up with was looking at monochrome dresses. 

We're talking black and white.  The best thing about black and white is that it is the perfect transitional combo from Winter into Spring/Summer and back out the other side into Autumn.  Should you be fortunate enough to have some dressy nights out in the next month or so, then the huge volume of brightly coloured dresses around may be just a tad too much.  Certainly I'm at a 40th next week and I shall be wearing a black dress.  I shall be head to toe in black.  But I'm dragging out my Sandro dress again so am not yet purchasing anything new. 

However there is one dress in particular which I keep seeing around and I keep thinking LOVE.  Seeing as it's in black and white it's the perfect dress to kick off the onslaught of lack of colour with. 

This is not a remotely "me" dress.  If I'm completely honest, it bears more than a striking resemblance to the stair runner and rug we're ordering for the new house (I fear I may have finally have succumbed to my worlds colliding.  Funnily enough, I did try on a dress the other day that made me look remarkably like a fridge.  A floral fridge at that but a Spongebob shaped fridge nevertheless.)

I am obviously going to have to scratch the itch and try it on and I'm 99% sure I'll look like a plum in it - I think I'll make it look prim beyond prim but I LOVE it. 

I also fear that my subliminal may be playing tricks on me too...... Clearly from the blog I did yesterday on skate shoes  - I am now every so slightly - "ever so" slightly obsessed with them.  In black and white.  I have the navy angle covered with my New Balance but just a cheeky pair of the black ponyskin M&S ones I thought could maybe tie in with my (just remembered....)  French monochrome look that I shall be attempting to channel this Spring. 

And why not team a pair with a little black and/or white dress.  Jolly it up with a coloured cross body bag if you fancy or keep it classic with a black bag.

I'm not entirely sure I could pull the look of with this dress, but there are definitely some further down the blog that I think it would possibly work with. (desperately trying to justify the purchase of this dress and failing miserably) 

White Amaya Dress £169 from Hobbs. 

Oui Windowpane Check Dress £111  This I also think would be perfect for right now.  And also ideal with the little black and white skate shoes for a dress down day, she says thinking about how long bare legs are away.... you never know......  At the moment, I'd say probably with a pair of thick opaques.

Mint Velvet Billie Print Zip front dress £99  If we're talking about a monochrome print, then thiswould be lovely for dressing up and down in all seasons.  Lovely zip detail under a tie.

Warehouse Bluebird Lily Print Dress in Black £46 A slight variation on a true monochrome but again the perfect dress for taking you right through to a summer holiday with a pair of flipflops for the day or strappy sandals for the evening. 

Mango Combo Print Dress £44.99   One of my favourite prints.  Out of all the print dresses, I think this looks the most expensive.  Really love this. (and yes, would work a treat for a casual day look with skate I said - obsessed)

Jaeger Ermine Printed Dress - was £225 now £120   A tiny hint of pink. 

Fit and Flair dress from F&F at Tesco £22  Staying with true black.  Add colour as needed.(they do also do this in a bright fuchsia which may appeal to those who are feeling in a more colourful mood)

F&F Limited Edition Oval Spot Print Dress £35   A much dressier option but for sub £40, if you do have the need for an occasion dress later in the year (or now with a little black or cream fitted blazer) this would be a steal.

Hobbs Sascha Dress £160  Much more in my comfort zone is this, again from Hobbs.   And again, yes, I have the skate shoes in my sight...

Italian Wool Shift Dress from Me+Em £148 Love the option of layering this up for now or having it as a simple dress for pretty much any occasion. 

Another option which could easily be layered - probably on a more casual basis due to the fabric, would be the ASOS Sleeveless Swing Dress £18.  These always sell out so quickly so it's worth 

Damsel in a Dress Luna Dress £59 down from £119  A completely classic black dress.  If you don't have one, then I think this would be worth a try.  We all know that LBDs are like the proverbial rocking horse poo so it's definitely worth snapping them up when you see them. 

Reiss Jacquard Cream and black dress £169  Couldn't have a black and white blog without a hint of animal print.

A much cheaper version is from Mango at £34.99

Whistle & Wolf Pleated Dress £55   I love the style of this, I really do.  Probably better suited to someone of a more diminutive stature.  In my experience, anything waisted like this always those who aren't members of the Gulliver clan.

Finishing however with my two favourites.  As much as I do love the first dress and I'll definitely go and try it on when it comes into stock at the end of Feb (just to prove myself right that I look a tool in it) these are so much more me.

Jaeger Crepe Shift Dress £160

Another collar dress is from Coast - absolutely love this.  Buttons can also be undone for a less formal look.  Handwash as well so machine here we come. 

Mono Blaire Dress £75 

So there we have a selection of dresses that work perfectly for now even when we're feeling the need to hunker down and hibernate.  Black and white - classic glamour, guaranteed to make even the most duvet hungry amongst us want to get dressed up.

How is everyone else coping with the weather.  To be honest, we have been exceptionally lucky where we are compared to some - my heart truly goes out to those who have been flooded and displaced from their homes.  Praying the misery comes to an end soon. 

Finally outfits from the last couple of days. 

Untitled Untitled

Cream blouse - Tesco
Distressed Real Straight jeans - Gap
Tan leather belt - Primark
Navy boucle blazer with gold buttons - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Dune monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

And out for date night with The Husband to a fab new pub that's opened locally. 


Navy floral top - Kenzo
Paint splattered skinny jeans - Zara
Margo boots - Sam Edelman

And yesterday for a jaunt to London to see the wonderful Hush and get a sneak peak of their S/S14 range which is being launched on Tuesday.  Watch this space - review coming on Tuesday.  Have those credit cards ready though, my wish list is ridiculous.  Had to fly home to pick the kids up which was unfortunate as I was due to have another meeting but have postponed that till after half term - more exciting things to report hopefully...

I did have an umbrella so I didn't get wet wet but clearly my hair has decided enough is enough. 


Grey jumper with zip back - Zara
Paint splattered skinny jeans - Zara
Checked coat - Zara
New Balance trainers.
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow I shall be back with something warming.  I feel the need for jumpers.......

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12 comentarios:

  1. Let's see what you bought from Peter Pilotto! Cos I bet you did! Mel

    1. I bought a hideous dress which is going back. I will try and remember to pap tomorrow so you can see how awful it looked on me! I was v restrained....

  2. Hi there, I'd the Tesco blouse a recent purchase? I have a girl's weekend coming up and I'm looking for an inexpensive update! Thanks x

    1. oh booo I bought it last season actually. Sorry about that, but may be worth looking to see what they have in stock? It definitely went into the sale. xxx

    2. I've actually rediscovered a cream Zara blouse from last year - so got it covered now (always good to save money - nearly) Thought I'd escaped then found the leather cuffed Zara blouse for £19! Impulse, not even tried on purchase - and it's fab! So my 3 purchases (required for w/e away) zara coatigan in navy, black blouse & pony skin, leather print slippers from Dune

  3. The Kenzo is lovely - but, dare I say it, surprisingly shorter than your usual?!

    1. I guess it is - it cuts just below the waistband (no midriff on show, dear god!) but it's very swingy which you can't really see from the pics. Much looser than most of my other shell tops.

  4. Hi Kat great article on the sneakers - I had just ordered the pilotto ones and was getting a little nervous!! Also there are lots of bomber jackets around - I'm not about to chuck my trusty whistles leather biker but what do you think about bombers - bit too muttonsville or passable?!!!!

    1. Hmmm I'm personally not a massive fan - they're just not on my radar but then I thought the exact same thing about boyfriend style looser cocoonish coats and now I love them. I will have a look and I may do a "things I'm not going to wear but...." blog (like the bloody skate shoes one which I ended up loving them! GAH!!) I still love my biker style jackets though if that helps at all?!

  5. I love black and white, and have two black and white dogs, it is become a mainstay of my wardrobe, but they say that every owner turns into their four legged friends.

    1. Too funny! Randomly my house is turning into a black and white house so whilst I don't have pets, my house is turning into me!