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Good old insomnia again and last night it was dresses.  Which is bonkers as I don't need a dress.  How can that  be?  I seem to have peaked too early in the year with my super dressy occasions and there is nothing on the horizon for months and months and months.  The diary is barren.

But now of course is the time when the beautiful dresses start filtering through.  Loads of them - just winking at me, willing me to have a social life to wear them to.  I don't even think I've got a dressy dinner on the cards.  This is truly pants, isn't it?

However I have been asked on numerous occasions, when I am going to do a dress thread.  And so started at stupid o'clock this morning, I managed to rustle a couple up and then discover than there is 15% off dresses at Atterley Road at the moment and 20% off them at M&S.  It's as if it was meant to be. 

However before I'd realised this, I had done some scouting about and found some random beauties that I had to chat about.  There are so so many out there, this is only the first and not the last dress thread fear not.  

Phase Eight Penelope Dress £99 I'll be honest with you - I have no idea when really I'd wear this.  Were I to even go to one smart meeting, I would purchase it just because I love it.  I do think actually it would be very cool worn with tan loafers or brogues or even dressed down with some tennis plimsolls.  If you are of that cool ilk (which, as I mentioned yesterday, is a gene that I unfortunately swerved)  Style wise no me this would look not particularly right for my every day life.  Which I'm slightly gutted about. 

(eta - I wrote that above blurb at 2am this morning and in the cold light of day, I reckon I could easily wear this on a night out.  I would need some killer navy heels - hmmm - and in the day with navy opaques, navy loafers and green coat, I think this would rock. Orrrrrrrr with bare legs and a pair of cobalt blue block heel pointed ones for dinner...)

And here we have another example of a dress that would be perfect for a Spring work wardrobe.  Also ideal if you have a wedding, Christening or other such special occasion. 

Collection by John Lewis Gabrielle Tweed Dress £99

However if it's a super special occasion you may want to up the budget and I would just love to try this beauty on.  Love the black edged sleeves - suddenly all your old black accessories would work perfectly, so in essence, you've only bought a dress so saved yourself a fortune. (I won't mention the jacket "just" yet...).  I almost wish the 7 year old was having this First Holy Communion this year (I will break it gently to you now that I have two in a row next year and the year after.   Imagine the outfit panic)

LK Bennett Jacquard Madrid Dress in Orange £245

The thing about this dress that is the most amazing is the jacket that goes with it.  Ok so that's not really anything specifically to do with the dress but you simply have to get the outfit.  It makes so so much sense:-

  • It's a total homage to Jackie O.  Class guaranteed
  • You can wear as an outfit together
  • You can wear the dress on its own in warmer weather for both work and dinner
  • You could layer a shirt under the dress with a black jacket/coat over.
  • The jacket would look completely amazing with jeans to dress down
  • The jacket would also work over a plain black dress so you have another smart outfit without even trying 
  • Both would work all year round 

It's impossible to resist now, isn't it?  Actually sod all that - I'd just like the jacket to wear with jeans and be done with it.  That's the only reason I'd need to buy it.

LK Bennett Jacquard Madrid Jacket in Orange £245

If however I haven't done a good enough job of persuading you (really?  I will only take orange not being your colour as a good reason)  then fear not, there are other options. 

This is perhaps a more versatile option as I do think it could be dressed down for a casual day out (my obsession clearly - multi functional dressing as opposed to casual days out.  Those I like but I love being able to wear things on numerous occasions with a tweak here and there) 

Pockets and my favourite shoes!

I discovered this morning that at Atterley Road there is 15% off dresses - use the code DRESS15 - so this is the perfect opportunity to explore some beauties that they have there. (there are also the most stunning jackets there which I will have to devote a whole blog too - sadly it will be another vicarious one, darn it.  I just can't thoyle another jacket - she says....) 

Twist and Tango Paloma Dress in Khaki £90  This may look like a slightly dull colour choice for the Spring but last year for the 9yr old's First Holy Communion, I resurrected a chocolate silk jersey dress and wore with cream jacket with a gold lurex thread (eons old from Zara and snakeskin shoes and bag. Big gold necklace. Nothing new at all - reusing things I'd had but I couldn't have been more pleased with the outfit if it had been bought the week before.)  This dress I think would have a similar longevity. 

Samsoe and Samsoe Celis Dress £150 Love the print on this.  This would work as well with thick opaques in the winter as it would with bare legs in the Spring.  Ditto with heels or flats.  It also covers all bases for me with my beloved dark palette but some seasonal pastel shades featuring too.  You know there are some prints that you are just drawn to?  For me, this is one of them.  Makes a change to leopard print - for which I am normally the proverbial drunk, small, Bet Lynch shaped moth. 

I think this does look on the shorter side so is ideal if a) you love getting your legs out if you're tall or b) if you're of a more diminutive stature and are fed up of tunic dresses drowning you. 

Staying with an ovoid patten that isn't leopard print, is black, yellow and white version from FCUK.  Now on looking at this over and over (like a small child with one of those magic eye pics - why would I do that?) I couldn't work out if I was finally reaching gimmer status and my eye sight was going or if the print is slightly blurred on some of the dress.  To be honest, I'm still not sure but in the interests of making myself feel better, I'm going with the latter. 

Now this one is in the sale still but it's such a perfect colour for Spring I couldn't not put it in.  Plus it will hide a multitude of sins without looking like it's hanging like an old sack.  I love this cocoon style shape - also great for into the Summer as you don't get too warm in it. 

Elba Plain Coral Artist Dress now £39

There is also 20% off at M&S and whilst the Autograph dress that I mentioned the other day would be perfect to throw in here, it still doesn't appear to be on their site (Irish site yes, UK site nay) I did actually try it on the other day and I'm gutted to say it's not quite me but I would have bought in a heartbeat if the back hadn't hung ever so slightly oddly.  Maybe I'll try it again..... As soon as I find it online I will post. 

However staying with the cocoon theme there is another great dress - yet again, back to my favourite shade of blue. 

Pleated Neckline Tunic Dress now £36 at M&S.  This shape is very reminiscent of the Whistles ones I had from last year and lived in - but with sleeves. 

They also have it in red (and black online) 

Now this isn't what you could call an occasion occasion dress but I absolutely love it and it's got 20% off, it's a dress, so I couldn't not throw it in.   Although to be fair, if it's not a dressy Christening or you're looking for a dress to have in your wardrobe for dinner, then this could definitely serve a purpose.

Zipped Pockets Shift Dress From Limited Edition now £31.60

On the other hand this is my gem of the day.  It screams Victoria Beckham to me (her line not her herself which is a good thing) and I am definitely going to go and try this on this week.  Would be amazing with black accessories or team with other colours for a different vibe (I'm thinking cobalt....) 

Shift Dress M&S Limited Edition now £28

Moving into super summery now but the colours on this are just gorgeous.  I also love the neckline - again, it's all very Jackie O - perfect for a wedding or a Summer occasion.   Buy now as this will sell out. 

Floral Shift Dress from Limited Edition now £31.60  Would look beautiful with silver or pewter shoes (I'm still salivating over the block heel pointy ones which I think would work so well with pretty much all of these dresses - the high heels not the mid heels)

Now M&S seem to have done oodles and oodles of the twisted waist jersey printed bodycon dresses.  Seriously there are like 30 of them online.  And I do know that they are super flattering, especially if you have curves.  If you don't, then they work to give you curves, especially round the middle.  I'm not going to lie - the style isn't particularly me - I feel too hmmm, grown up?  Which sounds totally insane coming from a 41 year old but it just isn't something I feel comfortable in.  

However I haven't tried one on so I could well be talking firmly out of my backside.  I feel the need to prove my point so I will head to M&S and see what they're like this week. 

In the meantime, I think this is my favourite out of all the prints online.  More than a hint of the DVFs to this. 

Twist Waist Ikat Print Shift Dress now £31.60

So there we have a pretty good start to get our teeth into.  Any there that float your boat?  I will continue looking for more, fear not and definitely be keeping my eye out for that amazing M&S one. 

My photo from Friday night appears not to have come out at all - which is a shame as it was my Sandro black dress which has turned out to be a total storming success.  

However today - I am full of the joys of new things.  Just ahead of the rain this week when it will be back to the winter warmers. GAH. 


Navy and white stripe top - Whistles
Green boiled wool coat - Zara
Indigo straight legs turned up - Earl
Stone Maxi Zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

Tomorrow, kids are back to school, I am having the rest of my kitchen wall removed but starting with the traditional breakfast with the girls.  I have actually had a totally lovely time with the kids and shall miss them hugely.  I shall also be very grateful at 9.01am tomorrow for the peace and quiet!

Back tomorrow with some more print I think.  I have a birthday present to report. 

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15 comentarios:

  1. love the LK Bennett dress and jacket, plus as you state it can be mixed up. price per wear etc as i have droned on to my husband many times to justify my purchases. Just not sure I can carry off the orange. also like the phase eight Penelope dress, reminds me of the Jaeger shirt dress which is a tad more expensive. sadly its a style that doesn't suit me. The French Connection open palette dress would look great with my new ochre shoes. Just as well your my guilty secret and my husband has no idea that this is where my temptations come from. Not that I mind as I love your blog and the humour.

    1. You're so right about the FCUK dress! And yes, the Phase 8 one is a great navy version of the Jaeger one, isn't it! I think you'd need to try the LK Bennett one on as it's more of a coral than an orange. I think it would look lovely on me.. HA HA HA HA! (and thank you for being so lovely about my blog. Very much appreciated xxxxX)

  2. That Victoria Beckham-esque M&S dress is beyond divine. I may have to go searching. I wonder if it's as lovely in real life?? And I have to say, I'm madly envious of your Zara coat ... utterly gorgeous! Not sure I'd get away with wearing that colour in this country (the auld green sod and all that!) ... but really loving it on you! I warn you .. if you wear it next week, I will definitely be trying it on :)

    1. I may or I may not be wearing it on Saturday..... And if I do you are MORE than welcome to try it on. Didn't you try my 3.1 Phillip Lim on last year?! That VBesque one is pretty darn good actually - a lovely texture to it. Can't wait till Saturday xxxx

  3. Love the outfit with gree coat and oxfords, looks great.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I am very pleased with it and them! xx

  4. I haven't been into M&S for years, but decided to go and have a look off the back of your other posts about their new season. I have been into two different stores in the last week and have picked up the twist waist dress both times! The fabric isn't great (it does feel a bit like something you'd pick up in Primark), but the print is lovely.

    1. oh no really? That's such a shame as usually M&S jersey is pretty good quality. I'm going to go and have a try on next week and see how it looks. Hope you saw something else you liked! xx

  5. Love the Black m&s dress just such a fab style, your green Zara coat looks lovely on you, fab with the stripes x

    1. Fab isn't it and thank you! Can't wait to see you on Saturday xx

  6. Ooh that LK Bennet jacket is just GORGEOUS! With the risk of orange overload, I could weep over these Kurt Geiger orange and black kitten heels

    1. Aren't they beyond gorgeous. I keep seeing them on the top of the ad and salivating over them! I am going to HAVE to go and try that jacket on x

  7. Cant wait for you to find the M&S dress, it screams me, and I have been looking every day for it, but to no avail.
    Love your blog and thanx to you I now have the perfect fitting real straight jeans from Gap,(3pairs actually) and I also use Dior addict lip balm every day, love it.
    See how you help us all!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look forward to your blog every day
    Thanks :)

    1. oh what a LOVELY thing to read. I've actually tweeted them to see where it is online as I'm totally stumped if I can find it. Will let you know as soon as I do xxx

  8. I'm an Image Consultant based in Oman (bet you can't guess where that is?!) and recently discovered your Blog/page - some great inspiration for my over-30 Clients, just wish we had the same choice of stores over here! We have a Zara, a GAP, a Promod, Mango, and er.......not much else! I like the dresses you have featured but the necklines this season are hopeless for anyone over an 'A' cup! Those of us with more curves 'up top' look so much better in scoop or V necks. Envious of you rocking jeans/boots/jackets/scarves.....our average daytime temps in winter are around 25 degrees so my winter wardrobe from the UK is collecting dust and will no doubt be vintage soon...............!