My favourite transitional thingymajig

A scarf.  I've never been shy about my love of scarves although I will admit that I haven't worn them as often this A/W as I have in the past.  I think it's probably my rekindled love of a polo neck and my new found obsession with coats that has meant, basically, I've not been that cold. 

But as we've had two days of sun in a row this means it's clearly nearly Spring (going to just gloss over the fact it appears it may snow on Friday or Saturday) and we can don all things new season. 

Except that whilst it may be slightly sunnier, it's still pretty darn parky.  The perfect solution to this problem is two fold.  One = layering (I shall be coming back to this in the upcoming weeks).  Two = a scarf. 

The perfect wardrobe addition to make use of all last years Summer things that you are over the moon to see as you've been head to food in wool since October and will be sick to death of come May when all the new new season stuff is far more exciting. 

So the best way to get good wear out of last year's (and older in my book and I'm sure many of yours) gems is to whack them on now and don a new scarf to make it all seem so Spring 2014.

Also, adding a splash of new season colour is great for giving new leases of life to those slightly more jaded items - even the Winter ones which you are frankly sick of wearing (just me?)  I am desperate to get out my blazers and jackets and by throwing on a scarf with some layers underneath, it doesn't actually seem like such a foolhardy idea.  (I will be eating my words come Friday but for the moment - let's go with it.  PMA and all that...) 

Starting with one of my absolute favourites from Matches - but what a veritable bargain.  These will not be around long at all, so don't hesitate.

Amedea Scarf - Weekend by MaxMara £55

In tonal blue and cream again £55

Two tone themes are also in vogue at Reiss.  For anyone who isn't as brave/foolish as me to buy a whole coat in emerald green, this is the ideal solution to get that Ninja Turtle vibe (I'm kidding - it's not nearly khaki enough for true turtle power) 

Reiss Degrading Colour scarf in green £45 (this is huge, 200x90cm)

They also do it in a red shade they call Paprika

Staying with pink themes, I absolutely love this one from Becksondergaard. 

From the same Danish brand I simply love this Bahera Silk Mix Scarf £69  These just oozes Scandi style for me.  Having a total love in with black and off white - mainly in my home decor that we're redoing but that's not to say I shan't be having a monochrome, with a hint of colour, moment in my wardrobe as well. 

Whistles Mystic Floral Print Scarf in orange £55  More monochrome with a tangerine twist.

One of my absolute favourite scarves is my Lily & Lionel Hot Air Balloon one from Whistles which I got last year, and this year they also have a great selection.  This is my current favourite - it would go with literally everything. (err except maybe emerald green - although I'd like to try, I think I can see more than a hint of green hidden in there) 

Lily & Lionel Blossom Print £100

Despite that above perhaps not being the best with green, this one below would be just absolutely perfect.  The most stunning shade of blue - would look amazing against emerald.  Or yellow.  Or white, or black.... Love this. 

Tootsie Blue Animal oversized scarf from Reiss £89

Every year, one of my go to places for scarves is definitely Mint Velvet.  They really do represent excellent quality for the prices and are always that little bit different. 

Putty & Ivory Tassel Scarf from Mint Velvet £39 This is very similar to an apricot one I have from a couple of years ago which gets dragged out every year.  Looks amazing with blush, grey or white tones.  Actually I also wear mine with beiges. 

Love the texture and detail of this Pearl Eyelet one also from Mint Velvet £39

One of the my favourite things I saw when I went to visit Hush Homewear was this scarf from their new range of scarves which are now designed inhouse.  The colours on this are exquisite - look amazing with grey, navy and all summery neutral shades. 

Spanish Dancer Scarf £45 in natural pink 

And finally if you're looking for a nifty little treat to brighten up your outfits without spending a fortune (even though, like I say I always always advocate spending money on scarves), is this selection from Warehouse. 

Pixelated Snake Print Scarf £20

Dial Print Scarf in Lime £20  Love the colours of these - the perfect transition item to team with black whilst it's still a bit chilly but would look just as good with limes, yellows, whites and pale denim in the Spring/Summer. 

Mirrored Butterfly scarf £18

Cloudy Mix Print Scarf £22 - this has more than a Lily & Lionel look about it for me. 

And I could go on and on and on.  In fact there are so many gorgeous ones out there (which I Do Not Need) that I may have to return to this in a week or two.  When, undoubtedly, there will be even more to ogle at. 

So speaking of sunshine (although yes, there were a few showers today which I managed to dodge), here is my nod to Spring with me practising what I preach. 


Black silk wool top - Cos
Grey Linen tee - H&M
Charcoal Baxters - Topshop
Quilted print biker jacket - Zara
Linen scarf - Zara
Charelle Grey bag - Whistles 
Gunmetal hi tops - Ash 

Hopefully be back tomorrow, I have so much I need to get through - blinded by all things new season.  And still thinking about March wishlist... Anything exciting on yours?

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15 comentarios:

  1. Some lovely scarf choices - love your outfit too. Job tomorrow - dig out all my scarves and get some wear out of them.

  2. So pleased you like them and thank you! I bet you find loads of gems! xxx

  3. Love my scarves I have tons of them in fact there is not one I do not like that you have pictured. Also thanks for blogging re the occasion dresses a few bookmarked to order for wedding in May. I really admire you a busy family life a house renovation and you still have the get up and go to do all your blogging you have inspired me after being a SAHM for the last 6 years its time to get out there and do something! x

  4. God no, not more scarves, I must have at least 40, promised I would buy no more, now I want at least two from here...have to find a way to stop thinking about them. I can't fit anymore, I've so many I can't store them in such a way I can see what I have so they all get a turn...

  5. Oh I have this jacket and love how you've put a stripy scarf with it. Will be taking inspiration, cheers :)

  6. Why are they so expensive? Many have no work in them to speak of.. Appreciate some more bargainous ones please :)

  7. Nice scarves! Any chance you could show us how to tie them? I've got two rather massive ones (zara and day birger) and I've no idea what to do with them. Accessories aren't really my forte!

  8. Hi Kat, Kate had that one from warehouse when we met up in London (well one very similar) it really is gorgeous. And what about Plumo they have some fab ones on there (praying for a discount code). Fiona xx

  9. Love the blue animal print one from Reiss. Any idea what size it is? (And why do many places not put the dimensions of scarfs on their sites!?!)

  10. I like the Blossom print, do you think I could buy loads and make a dress for the wedding?

  11. Love scarves! Some really gorgeous ones here. Have you discovered front row society yet? I have a multicoloured watercolour effect one that is perfect for spring! Love the reiss, warehouse and becksondergaard scarves too.

  12. Hi Kat - thought you would like this one for all your cobalt/navy/green things

  13. I keep looking at the Whistles grey and orange one, it's gorgeous and would fit really well into my wardrobe. Darn you woman, I'm suppose to be on a spending ban x

  14. Beany. Apologies for link to my blog but here is a scarf tying video I found years ago.


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