I'm having a navy love in.

This is clearly nothing new for me.  I have never hidden my all consuming obsession with navy, although to be fair I do sometimes try and hide it under a black bushel but it still comes steaming to the forefront every season. 

Two reasons for my current *episode*.  One, my new floral trousers from Zara have a very heavy navy bias to them and I was going to wear out on Saturday night, only I didn't have a top to go with them (I wanted dark as opposed to super summery light cream).  I did resort to putting my black Zara top on with them as black definitely does work but the pigging button loop on the back has broken again (no, I am no master sewer it seems) and I refuse to do it for a second time.  Hence the search for a navy top has begun.  

Secondly, my new green coat which I love.  And looks so so good with navy.  I do have *some* of course but actually I never buy as much of it as I should. 

So armed with two excellent reasons and one item left to buy in February (still haven't caved on the skate shoes), this has been top of my list since I saw it back in January with the launch of the new S/S Whistles collection. 

I don't actually have that many stripy tops.  I do have some.  Ok so I do have quite a few.  But I wear them loads.  My old faithful Zara jumper is like a 15 year old Labrador - I can almost hear it crying when I drag it out of the cupboard, the seams creaking like the bones of a pensioner.  I wear it fearing that come lunchtime it will just have disintegrated off my shoulders.  This isn't necessarily a substitute - I actually think it's a lot more chic.  She says, not having even tried it on (I can't track the darn thing down in anything less than a small and I don't want it to be Speedo tight on me).  

I have high high hopes for it and think it will look fantabulous with the green coat.  I also like the idea of mixing it up with the print trousers, my H&M navy Spring coat (total bargain from last year) and my navy and cream ballet flats from The British Flat Shoe Company

AND it appears that there is a discount code now with 20% off full price stock till the 23rd Feb.  Code 20FAB.  Go forth and shop

However it doesn't solve the issue of what to wear on a night out with the print trousers.  It comes down to a sculptured top me thinks.  Whistles don't have any navy ones at the mo but I've managed to find a couple more. 

I didn't particularly want to spend £88 on one but I am tempted to go and see this one at JCrew (I can't BELIEVE I haven't been in to the shop yet.  Well, I can as it's criminally overpriced here as opposed to the US.) 

It does look gorgeous though and they do Petite and Tall versions which are often well worth paying for.

Matte Crepe Tee from JCrew £88

This caught my eye at Jigsaw, different - a cover all bases casual to smart top.  (handwash too - yes of course I checked)

Jigsaw Trompe L'Oeil Silk top in navy now £49 was £98

Now I know i've mentioned these before but they're nearly in stock and I still love them as much as I did at the beginning of the year. 

Statement Ankle Skimmer in Raven Floral £79

Whilst we're on the subject of navy printed bottoms, I love these from the new Great Plains range which is simply gorgeous. (must explore in more detail)

Get Spotted Slim Jeans from Great Plains £60

And absolutely love it styled as above which would mean also having a closer look at the jumper which would be so useful.  Absolutely love the shape - the looseness of it but still having a bit of edge without being complete slobsville. 

Tilly Roll Sleeved Jumper £60

Now a lovely friend of mine on Twitter, when I mentioned that I was doing a blog on navy today, pointed out a new jumper that she had got from White Stuff.  I absolutely love it.  Here it is and tomorrow, I have a sneaky hour when the 9 year old and her friend are going to a Roller Disco.  We have a White Stuff locally so I shall be going in for a little looky. 

Doris Jumper £47.50  This has a detachable collar. How useful is that?

I saw this on a trip last week.  It looks so much better in the flesh - I'd probably size up unless you want it this fitted.  It really didn't look like it should be so snug...

Cable Knit Cotton Sweater from Mango £34.99


There's also this one that I found when looking online at Mango for the above jumper - I think I might prefer this one.  Maybe it's the fact it looks looser. 

Cable Knit Cotton Sweater £29.99

I also found another great navy jumper on my travels last week at Kin at John Lewis.  Now I don't know much about this collection but I'm assuming it had a Scandinavian influence - lots of clean lines and very little fuss.  Some of it is a bit too nautical and clinical for me (a bit too Crew and a little less Marni than I would like) but there is definitely the odd gem. 

This looks a lot better in the flesh as hopefully you can see from my photo.  It's a lovely slouchy knit that looks much more Toast than anything else.  Much more expensive looking than sub £50.

Kin by John Lewis reverse seam jumper in navy £49


Next - something that isn't remotely on my wishlist and I fear I have absolutely no need at all for anything like this, as I have cover ups of this ilk (blazer, coat etc etc) coming out of my ears, but I absolutely LOVE it.  *makes mental note to start work on justifying mission*..... Bear with me.  I shall be back. 

In the meantime though, feast your eyes on this from Jigsaw.  Again, much more All Saints in my book but in navy which is a very unAll Saints shade usually. 

Jigsaw Rice Stitch Tab Drape Cardigan £119


Speaking about things I don't need, I clearly don't need a navy coat and I certainly don't need another check coat which is an absolute crying shame as this has to be the bargain of the season so far.  As seen in Vogue at M&S.  Which you can obviously tell from this pic. 

It is completely stunning.  

M&S Textured Coat with Wool £99


However I do need a new mac and this in navy is the most swoonish mac I've seen in forever.  If it's anything as good as the quality of the stone one then I am beyond tempted by this. 

Navy Blue Classic Mac from River Island £75

Another option which I've just come across could be a check mac from M&S - and actually the pic isn't too bad!   

M&S Collection Shower & Crease Resistant Belted Mac £49.50

Staying with coats I love the loose casual vibe of this Navy Blue Oversized Coat from RIver Island for £50.  A cross between a coat and a blazer in my book but perfect for when you need to throw something on but don't want anything too heavy. 

Also loving the Boucle Version for £65

Another boucle number. 

I'm positive this wasn't there last week when I did my Coatigan blog but this would have fitted the mould perfectly.  I love this slightly smarter fitted cardigan for every day with a thin knit jumper/shirt combo now and boyfriend or skinny jeans and my newly found sneaker love.  The smart with the slightly more off piste footwear = the perfect juxtoposition of just right.

East Milano Knitted Cardigan in navy £100 currently it has 20% off. 

Now I'm just going to throw these in here - no I haven't lost my mind on the first day of half term (although the thought of red wine for dinner as opposed to stir fry is more appealing than I should probably admit).  I'm going to fling in a pair of shorts. 

I am determined to get my legs out, dare I say it, even more so than I did last summer.  The one thing you can guarantee about buying shorts from Boden is that they're going to be flattering.   They're not going to allow the world a glimpse of a cheek and they even come in long lengths so I can be sure my dignity will be intact swanning round the supermarket. 

On the Press Day last year, I did see an amazing pair of Broderie Anglaise ones which I can't find online yet. 

But on looking for them, I did see these, which I could definitely fit very very neatly into my Spring/Summer wardrobe. As bonkers as it sounds these often sell out quickly which is hugely irritating - rather like buying kids' summer shoes in March.  You have to do it otherwise come the first hot spell, there's nothing left. 

Bistro Short in navy paisley £45

In for a penny, in for a pound and finishing with a gorgeous tee-shirt that I found in Oasis.  This definitely is one of those shops that I generally swerve but am sure that I'm missing a trick and some pretty lovely things.  Another one on my list of shops I need to go and have a look at (not tomorrow though as we don't have one locally).  Spied this last week bombing through the concession in John Lewis. 

If this is anything to go by, there hopefully will be some gorgeous pieces.  A lovely slubby linen type fabric with just enough extra detail to make it that little bit more dressy than a dull old t-shirt.  Even the slightly faded shade of dark denim navy was that little bit different.  One thing I would say was that it did look like it came up rather large so I'd probably size down unless you do want it very oversized.  Perfect for wearing (hopefully) soon with a longline vest layered underneath it. 

Cotton Mix Tail back t-shirt £15  I thought £15 was a great price for it actually.


I could go on and on and on but Must. Stop.  Actually I've managed to accrue a nice little selection of bags that deserve a blog all of their own.  We haven't had a bag blog for eons - one definitely overdue. 

So today was the first day of half term.  Two boys were off to football camp.  Littlest clearly excited as he was up at FIVE AM.  Fully dressed with his small eager face shoved in mine, asking me if it was nearly time to go.  An excellent start to the morning. 

Had a lovely day with the 9 year old on a trip to Ikea.  As bonkers as that sounds, we really had a great time looking at sofas and wardrobes (what's not to love with the latter?!).  Then off to Feather and Black to look at beds and a hurtle back round the M25 to pick up the male smelly things.  Playdate here, tea and they're ensconced in front of a movie before bed  Back on it like a rocket tomorrow - have tried to persuade 5 year old that he needs to wait till it's light before he gets up......

No rain means I can wear my suede boots again - love this outfit actually. 


Blush vest - By Malene Birger
Cream jumper - Zara
Khaki zip detail skinnies - By Malene Birger
Alice suede boots - Seven Boot Lane
Leopard scarf - Louis Vuitton
Camel coat - Zara
Stone Maxi Zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

See you tomorrow - hope all those who also are on half term have survived the first day! 

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16 comentarios:

  1. Thank you! That navy sweater from Kin looks exactly what I am looking for - the same sort of shape as this Gap sale breton bargain which I am wearing almost every day (and must wash ...): http://www.gap.co.uk/browse/product.do?cid=60762&vid=1&pid=000918146002 Glad you are surviving half term.

    1. oh yay! It's honestly so so much nicer in real life. Hope it works for you xxx

  2. I am with you on the Navy love-in, love, love it, not sure if it is the rainy weather but it just seems right to wear at the moment. I am loving it teamed with pale blue....gorgeous! I love the Mango sweaters, they are fab and the River Island coats are gorge! x

    1. Gorgeous with pale blue definitely. I don't have much pale blue but am loving it teamed with chambray and all sorts of faded denims. The Mango sweaters for cotton are great value and yes, River Island is turning into my all time fave shop at the mo!

  3. Stop it! I'm suppose to be good this month and you're throwing out all these lush navy pieces. I'm fancying a few pairs of city shorts this summer and definitely a navy pair. J Crew may be the place to go. I love your outfit too x

    1. ha ha ha! Sorry. Boden also do longer length shorts which it would be worth a look at. Also try Banana Repbulic. I'm kicking myself for not getting their Milly collaboration shorts from last year. But yes, JCrew would be ideal too. Thanks about the outfit - most of it rather old but I do love this colour palette. xx

  4. Love those Boden shorts will be ordering those for my hols, thanks this is like having free personal shopping since I found your blog! also loving navy bought a navy wool pea coat from Zara but now I have seen that M&S coat oh my absolutely gorg. Loving todays outfit also now wanting a camel jacket oh dear!

    1. What lovely lovely comments to read, thank you so much - definitely makes it all worthwhile! That navy coat is gorgeous, isn't it. I got the £30 Zara one which has served me well but if I managed to get hold of the M&S one in the slae or something.....

  5. I avoided Navy for years having had to wear it for school every day but this year finding myself drawn to it. have a bit of a hate relationship with Next but have to admit I've just found a lovely navy top in there along with a pair of suede Ochre shoes which so weren't on my list of needs or wants but I love then and also an Ochre top. Decided I need to be a bit more open minded about places

    1. This is definitely definitely true. Yes and totally with you on the love hate relationship with Next. Every now and again there is a total gem in there but it's getting as hard to navigate as M&S. On the upside, their next day delivery is amazing. Oh and I LOVE ochre.

  6. Some great finds again today - I loved two of the jumpers you mentioned yesterday from Phase Eight. They always seem to have a sale on so I usually wait until the discounts start. I need to start thinking about shorts too. So can't wait for you to blog on your finds. Bags - yes please. Spring scarves too.

    1. That's an excellent idea & there's normally a code knocking about somewhere as well. Bag blog underway as we speak. And yes scarves - good idea! x

  7. Gosh we're all on the same wavelength! So funny!! SchoolRunStyle just blogged about navy and blue too - and I never normally buy navy - but I just bought a sequin J.Crew skirt and new Newbury boots - both navy - oh yes and I now have a navy bag - I managed to nab a Rocco off the Outnet!

    1. Great minds think alike! I think it is just such a perfect spring colour - seems somehow more summery than black.... there's a lot about of it this year. I've always been obsessed with it but have assumed that black was more classic and navy more furmpy. However now i'm old I just see that actually it's much more flattering against a lot of skin tones than black is! I have total BAG ENVY!!

  8. I am surgically attached to my boden wool navy jumper! I will need a cotton one for spring/summer, obviously. I have shamelessly copied you and turned a pair of distressed (tatty) bootcuts into boyfriend jeans with turn ups. Thanks, Kat!

  9. I just had to comment following my delivery today of the Hush boyfriend jeans and shorts. After reading your blog yesterday I ordered them straight away as they were just what I was after. I had been pondering the Current Elliot and MiH ones but couldn't get my head around paying £200!! The Hush ones are fantastic and an excellent alternative, the fit is perfect and the quality of the denim is really good as some jeans in the summer can too thin. So thankyou for highlighting these as I wouldn't have thought to look there... am also going to order some of there tees with the 10% and free postage. Thanks again.