If Miss Marple went pole dancing....

.... then these would be the shoes she would wear.  A Block Heel pointed court shoe.  Now I've already done the low heel version from M&S which I am still salivating about although haven't purchased yet (we do of course know that by the time I make my mind up they will be sold out - I just don't know which colour to get.... Still erring on the white with black heel..... anyone else caved yet?  I know the floral one was really popular.)

But when I saw the high heeled versions - oh be still my beating heart.  The first ones I saw were in Zara and I love them but, dear lord, they are high.  Vertiginous is the not word, I would actually be able to feel snow if I wore these out.  And I'd be lying if I said they were comfortable.  As much as these do have a practical and sturdy "look" about them, they sum up the phrase "appearances can be deceptive".  These have Taxi Shoes written all over them. 

Leather Asymmetric Block heel shoe from Zara £69.99

So I was therefore half overjoyed to find these on my travels this week in Whistles.  And in my beloved black and navy..... I say half, as I adore them but they are nearly £200.  Ouch.  However I am pretty sure there must be a voucher for Whistles soon knocking around somewhere.  As much as these are expensive, they really aren't "that" high and could easily be worn during the day as opposed to just being dragged out for that odd night out.  So cost per wear, these are in fact, a better buy.  As soon as that voucher lands on my matt, these shall be mine.  (another reason to hold off buying my third item and not wearing the second item....) 

Whistles Loni Block Heel shoe in navy and black £185

They also do them in a black and white version. 

Whistles Loni Court Shoe £185

But fear not if you don't want to spend that much but would like to give Red Light Miss Marple a go, I have come up with a triumph.  A total triumph, even though I say so myself. 

KG by Kurt Geiger Calista from Shoeaholics (basically the discount site of all brands under the Kurt Geiger umbrella - of which there are many...)

These are now £25. For leather shoes.  Yes, reduced from £120.  

Properly sobbing here that the gold ones aren't in my size *contemplates chopping off a toe to see if she could squeeze into the 38......*

Calista in gold by Kurt Geiger - £45 from £120

Actually no, call off the dogs, I have found Ex Display ones for £45 in other sizes..... hmmm ex display, do I risk it?  Still £45. I would for £25, but £45?  Will ponder on this over lunch.   I think I'll get more wear out of the navy and black ones..... 

In orange for £25  (you may have worked out that the different colours are different prices..) 

In classic black suede - these are ex display for £39 

However I have to say I am Very taken with these monochrome ones.  These are also £39 from Shoeaholics.  Further sizes in Ex-Display still £39

These are very much a "Pimp my Miss Marple shoe" version from Clarks.  Yes, you read that right, Clarks.  Love the rivet and buckle detail.  Complete with metallic lined heel.

Azizi Mimi £79.99 from Clarks

Now if a big heel isn't your thing, then there are the Marks ones - I didn't put the floral ones on last time, so here they are. 

Limited Edition Metal Heel Court Shoes £29.50

But also some at John Lewis.
Collection by John Lewis Fair Lady court shoes in cream and black £85  I love this colour combo - to me it's more of a nudey blush cream as opposed to a whitey cream and teamed with the black and super pointed toe, it gives it gives it just the right amount of edge. 

And in navy and silver (although this does look more like black to me - apparently it's navy....) 

If you're looking for something with not quite such a pointy toe and more of an almond version then these from Dotty P's look great.  Personally I do think the beauty of these shoes is the juxtaposition of the super pointy toe with the sturdier block heel.  But appreciate that these are not for everyone.

Black block heel court - £29 from Dorothy Perkins 

And in red, £29 (but get your discount from the Homepage!) 

And there are loads and loads more out there.  Along with the "fugly" sandals that are everywhere (a blog to come on them which I simply cannot contemplate doing as I stare out at a hailstorm...), I think these are the shoes of the season.  Do they float your boat?  They're only a chunky heel away from a stiletto but somehow seem so much more different. (is that even English??)

Now, if I thought yesterday was dress down then today is positively one baby step up from jamas.  This is because I am just bombing around this morning doing chores and then off out for lunch with the girls.  A belated Birthday lunch which really can't be bad (Kenzo purchase getting its first outing - I am pathetically excited) 

I currently have a house full of plumbers, window fitters and builders so it wasn't a huge surprise when I went to pick up the 9yr old from a sleepover to drop her off at Drama and on the way, drove to the football pitches and sat in the car park waiting for the boys to get out.  Which would be fine except that they weren't going to football today and were sat at home watching tv.  What a plonker. 

Anyway, The Husband kindly papped me whilst playing swingball with the 7yr old (him not me) in the couple of hours of lovely weather we had first thing. 

As you can see, there is casual and then there is me today....


White ribbed longsleeved top - H&M
Black Lola joggers - Whistles
Marine blue dolman sweater - Hush
Hot Air Balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel.

I am now off to lunch but will be back tomorrow! 

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13 comentarios:

  1. What a great post title, I HAD to read this, I am a huge Miss M fan, it made me giggle.

  2. Oh my! You have opened my eyes to a whole new shoe love. WANT

  3. loving the orange and gold KG's, not so sure about the really narrow back on the Whistles one. I am already picturing the blisters, but shock horror really loving the Clark's shoe. My Mum used to have to drag me in to Clark's kicking and screaming as I knew it mean't frumpy school shoes, might have to have a look next time I'm in town.

  4. I have the white Limited Edition shoes with black heels - I think they are fab - I actually love wearing white shoes as a neutral and with jeans they look great or even with a black dress - trust me they are super! I just wish it was warm enough here to wear courts!

  5. LOVL @ the title! Now I can't get a pole dancing Miss Marple out of my head! I can't believe the KG blue ones are only £25 & they would be perfect with my fold over clutch! I like the pointed toes ones but not sure on the round toed ones! Ax

  6. I remember falling in love with those KG heels in blue and orange when they were new in and I still like them. I would worry the ex display may be sun faded though. Also love the John Lewis option, much more comfy x

  7. Think I'm in love with the Whistles Loni courts x

  8. oooo look at the cutaway instep on the Zara block heels - How nice is that !!
    The Clarks azizi are super nice too _ the seem to be very popular, and I can see why.
    I love the look of the Limited edition metal heel courts; the heel is like a Carl Escher drawing - I take it, it is slightly triangular and stuck on back to front? - that looks really great in a weird sort of way

  9. Loving the KG heels Kat in royal blue & at £25 it would be rude not to surely?!!! Jane xx

  10. I've started to come round to these, although it has to be the high version. Can't see me in the in the lower ones at all!

  11. No surprises but I love the Clarks but also the KG cobalt blue shoes and the black and white whistles ones too xxx

  12. I saw the whistles courts in south Molton street. Couldn't stop had to get to a meeting. Then yesterday in Covent garden pleasure rather than business trip this time. They are really really five lay shoes but I bought a pair of block heels in the house of Fraser sale. So I would be doubling up

    However spotted your aside comment on fugly sandals and have to say I am drawn to the whistles gladiator sandal. Especially In navy. I'm worried they will sell out before the discount code is in grazia this year