A list of unadulterated lust.

Haven't done one of these for ages.  Stuff I love.  Stuff I've bookmarked to blog about.  Or just buy.. although I have to say the purchasing this year (I know it might not look it) has been curtailed hugely by the introduction of my new rules. 

I am a total magpie. I constantly see things which I love and which I could wear.  Alas, money and wardrobe space, not to mention the fact I only tend to wear one outfit in a day, means that there is much I love that I neither buy nor wear. 

However the fabulous thing about writing a blog is that I no longer just have to try and persuade friends to buy them so I can shop vicariously (as some things are just too gorgeous to leave in the shop) or bore The Husband to tears with these amazing shoes I saw that I can't justify purchasing (obviously his ears always do prick up at the last bit)  There are things that I find that I either 

  1. Intend to put on a blog but never get round to it.
  2. Are just a one off that I find
  3. Forget to put on a blog 
  4. Want to share before they sell out
So after a couple of weeks with the small things where my downtime has involved window shopping and online wishing, here I have a list of loveliness that I hope you enjoy.  All come highly recommended. 

Trim Textured jacket £49.99   From Mango - there are so many gems in Mango at the moment, I may need to do a dedicated Mango blog but in the meantime, following on from yesterday, I think I may actually prefer this jacket.  Much more useful in your wardrobe as it would go with so so many other things. 


Now I'm just going to throw in here pale grey jeans.... This I will be back to. 

Super slim fit Elektra Jeans £39.99 also from Mango 

Scarf - I love my Hot air balloon scarf from Lily & Lionel which I got last year.  This one, I have to say I love as much - could easily be your nod to all things pastel with the pale blue. 

Parisian Print Scarf - Lily & Lionel at Matches 

Shoes - now I have my heart set on gold mid heel courts (yawn, I know, I shall cave this week hopefully) but in the meantime, I keep coming across gorgeous flats. 

These I love so much.  Totally infatuated with. Not sure if they'd work in my wardrobe as they're a departure for me and I'm not sure why I like them, but like them I do.  (I may have dreamt about this last night and it's a really good job I'm busy today as otherwise I'd be on my way to a Hobbs to pick these up) 

NW3 Delphine Pump £129 from Hobbs

And yes I am still on the sliders front - shoe wise, I reckon I can justify those above (seeing as it's not exactly sandal weather for the majority of the year) but these an excellent toe in the water of slider land. 

Before I show you what I've found, I will interject that I am mighty hopeful of seeing The Duchess of Cambridge in a pair of these shortly.  Apparently she's been told by The Queen she needs to look more regal... Well.....Taken in 1961.  If they were good enough for Liz.....

ASOS Federal Leather sliders £20

Also love this colourway - pale blue and tan 

Totally on a sandal roll now with these from Sol Sana Minimalist Flat Sandals £71

Clearly it wouldn't be a lust list without at least one dress and whilst I was perusing Atterley Road the other night, I was reminded of how useful a breton dress would be.  They assure me on something else I read that this is a good length.  I also would consider dressing this up with my gold pegasus necklace, black and blue snakeskin sandals and black clutch bag.  I may be onto something here....  As it would look just as fab with any of the above sandals.  Or even the black stripey shoes and the little black blazer....  ooooh.

Ichi Lucu Dress £42

Or, no doubt a better quality at obviously an inflated price tag, a black and white number from By Malene Birger.  Which I would consider, if it weren't dry clean only.  Hissy, hissy, hissy fit. 

By Malene Birger Rashmika Dress £215

I toyed for ages at the end of the Winter over an amazing Kenzo dress that would have been way too short for me, hence I didn't cave but on having a good old nosey round Atterley Road I found this and think for the summer it could be lovely - not that I'm actually trying to find a dress to go with those shoes.... 

Jackets - I've made no secret of the fact that I am mildly obsessed with all things jacket.  I love my quilted cream one from Zara last year and this one is just as perfect from - yes, M&S of all places. 

Textured Jacket with wool £79.99

Staying with all things cream, this is gorgeous at M&S.  Looks and feels like silk.

V-Neck Long sleeve Blouse £27.50

Hopefully you can get an idea of how silk like it is from this pic - it's a much more interesting top in the flesh that they've lead us to believe in this photo. 


At River Island there were a couple of lovely things that caught my eye.  I have totally zero need for this coat but it's a lot more D&G than River Island (in an exceptionally good way...) 

Whilst we're talking yellow, this is a gorgeous jacket.  There is a matching skirt but it's very Very short with a rather nasty bow on the front so I ignored that.  But the jacket is just fab. 

Vicarious shopping here as I do not need the coat but practically had to ask someone to take it off me whilst I ran out of the shop sobbing as I love it.  It's is perhaps the most un M&S coat I've seen in forever especially from Per Una.  Linen with tapestry edge.  I love this shape and I think the wide lapels give you that opportunity for a couple of different looks. 

And now you can see why I need pale grey jeans (well I don't really, seeing as I'm not buying it...) 

M&S Jacquard Trim Coat with wool £99   Don't look at how they've styled it on the M&S website.  It will make you want to cry. (perhaps with laughter).  They "say" in their blurb that it's reminiscent of Dries Van Noten (I swear to god they actually say that)  And then they put their pic.  DVN would be so flattered.  Or maybe not. 

image image

Finishing finally with something I haven't really tackled this season - knitwear.  The other day the catalogue from Me+Em arrived on my doormat and all I can say is damn them.  I could officially wear virtually all of it.   Although I am not impressed that the majority of their dresses are dry clean only.  For a day dress for your normal person that is just plain irritating.  Apart from their jersey maxis which are all to die for and wash in the machine.  Except that I'm not after a maxi - darn it. 

But I was probably most taken with one of their classics which I've ummed and ahhed over for ages.  The main fly in the ointment being that it costs a lot.  A lot a lot.  And I have a bad habit of doing awful things to good cashmere. 

However it doesn't stop me lusting.   I am loving the idea of a knit hoody under a looser blazer, coat or trench.  Or just in the summer over a thin tee or vest and a pair of turned up jeans.  I feel the opportunities would be endless and shall be bookmarking this idea. 

So there we have my list of goodies.  Unbought.  All of them.  At the moment.... What do you think I'll cave on first.  


French Navy shirt - Hawes & Curtis
Breton tee - H&M
Ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company
Trench coat - Banana Republic
Boyfriend Jeans - Hush
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Whisky Medium Marcie - Chloe

Tomorrow I have item number 3 coming for April coming up.  A purchase has been made.  Do we think it's anything on my lust list?  Any guesses....  Would love to hear about any purchases you've made this month (cos I need more inspiration..!) 

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22 comentarios:

  1. I think you'll cave on the mango jacket - totally gorgeous. Can't believe the queen wore sliders - hilarious! I've been really naughty in April and have bought 2 neoprene sweatshirts, 2 of the waterfall biker jackets from new look (you have got to stop showing me things I di not need!), amazing blue and black gladiator high heels from Zara which I'm surprised you haven't blogged about as they are right up your street and black peg trousers for work. Eating into May quota and already have a list! Please do a dress for attending weddings - one in July and am currently bidding on a damsel in a dress lilac mermaid number that I know will be too big for me - the craziness of eBay! Have a good day.

    1. WOW that's some spendathon! I've done a couple of dress threads - loads of perfect dresses on there for weddings. Did you not see anything? Put the ebay DOWN!

    2. Oh no, I'm definitely in need of help if you think I've got a spending issue!!!! And do you know, I even forgot another top I bought early in April - a bright yellow silk crop kimono top from Zara. But, the jackets were so cheap from New Look that I'm classing that as 1 purchase and the sweatshirts were both half price (both Mango) so that's only 1 too, yes? See, I'm nearly as good as you at fashion maths. Ooh, and the black trousers were mandatory as my old ones were bobbling so that doesn't count either! For May, could you please do a post on summer jackets, preferably fitted, but with a hood in a funky Rick Owens vibe (nothing sport like)? Now, that is asking for rocking horse poo!

  2. I've had those NW3 shoes in and out of the bag so many times recently, but I think I'll wait until they reduce them. Fingers crossed I don't miss out!

    1. Oh well you can wait till I buy them as as soon as I do they'll reduce them!

  3. grey jeans-Dorothy Perkins - Bailey.

    1. Are they called Bailey or are you Bailey?! I will go and have a look thank you very much. Just doing the research now xxxx

    2. They are called Bailey!!! I got them initially in the grey & loved the fit, and now also have them in the black

  4. The Mango jacket is lovely but they never have my size in store and they don't online either so I guess it's not meant to be. And I agree - it's a lot more understated than the other boho jacket offerings out there and for that reason, it's top of my list too.

    Love the NW3 shoes. I missed out on the Zara ones last season and the current ones are not strappy enough I don't think and I'm not sure about the quality of the Office ones so I think I might have to go and have a nosey at them in RL.

    And how on earth did you dig out that picture of the Queen in a pair of slides?

    1. It's so so much better in real life that Mango jacket, isn't it? And I have become obsessed with those shoes. I've looked at the Office Kaos ones and I'm not sure there's that much difference - I shall go and do a pic test on Friday. You're right, current Zara ones are pants.

      Found the pic of the Queen on ASOS - it was zero hard work on my part!

  5. Office have some shoes just like the Hobbs ones called Kaos multi buckle. They are only £65 compared to £129 which makes them more purse friendly.

    1. Thank you so much - I will go and check those out on Friday xxxx

  6. It's all just too gorgeous isn't it. It's just occurred to me that I NEED a pair of pale grey jeans I have no idea how I've lived without them. What's that all about?! Will have a look in Gap thank you chicken xxxx

  7. Love the Mango jacket, but it appears a lot of people do as it's more or less sold out online. The scarf is great too. I would be caving on those two for definite.

  8. Would it be wrong to say that I'm currently awaiting delivery of that grey Mango jacket ;-0 I just couldn't resist & I have a grey jacket hole in my wardrobe.....so hoping it's not what I want but sooo knowing it's going to be!!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  9. I too have tried on that Per Una coat and I too have run away quietly sobbing as I can't justify it. That Mango jacket is also gorgeous. I tried on a similar one in Mango in Zurich last week, but it was a beige colour with beading. Completely lush, but I was highly suspicious that everything in Zurich was madly overpriced, so I left it on the rails. May have to go searching for it online though, as I've been thinking about it ever since!

  10. The "Dries" M&S coat looks super on you (I didn't click through to see their model shot) but I'd definitely not give it a second glance if I scrolled past it online. Great find!

  11. I have a darker shade of grey skinny jeans, they are really versatile. I'm loving the jackets and coats in this post, as always. I'm chuckling over the Queen's pantyhose in her sandals, although I know she won't ever go bare legged in public. What a great pic.

  12. Mango, Mango, Mango - what are they doing to me!? I LOVE everything I see on there right now - and now I want that jacket - pah!

  13. Love the mango jacket. I have bought two whistles sweatshirts this month and want the zoe bat with leather shoulders!! Have you seen it in mauve? If so does it look good? Undecided between black and mauve!! Also bought a couple of jaeger boutique items with Easter 25% discount!! Need to stop the spending!

  14. Hello Kat - long time lurker here. I love your blog. Re. the M&S coat - love it; would you advise going a size larger when ordering it online?

  15. Too late - I nipped into city and bought it!