Why it pays to keep the classics

I did have a good sort out of my wardrobe at the beginning of the season.  Can I please point that I am not that organised that I actually got around to doing anything with the things I thought I didn't want - they merely got thrown into the attic - job half done is my name. 

However my procrastination paid off as it became recently clear to me that one of the things in my wardrobe I couldn't do without were a tailored blazer.  I have always been a blazer girl - love a bit of formal wear for daytime me, but the pink blazer that I had bought on a whim.....meh - I wasn't really a pink lass.

Scroll forward and I now can't live without it.  Yes it's my nod to all things pastel for the season but it's the perfect shape to just complete so many of my outfits at the moment.  For the last couple of years I've definitely been more about the boxy jacket for sure.  But I suddenly feel the need for something more fitted (god forbid I should ever do it up although I did the other day on my black one when I was cold.  On occasions I do act every minute of my 41 plus years) 

Out of the bag the pink jacket came and it has held court in my wardrobe ever since.  I'm off out tonight with The Husband and I think we're going to go out for dinner in London (woop woop! Although I NEED mid heeled shoes to wear that I haven't bought yet. GAH) and it's touch and go as to whether the pink jacket will make yet another appearance. 

I also am totally loving my Topshop tux one which must be four years old now, if not five.  I haven't worn it so much in the last couple of years but I have never got rid of it as I remember the traumatic experience it was to try and find one.  

The quest had been to find a blazer that didn't look like I was missing half a suit.  Clear as mud? 

Anyway, seeing as I think they are such a staple part of my wardrobe and I can't extoll their virtues highly enough, I thought I would have a look to see if there are any goodies on the High Street this season.  

Firstly I went into Zara and almost lost the will to live.  I love Zara I really do but 

  1. It's mobbed. It's always so so busy and as a result is taking on a Primark/H&M style look of chaos - shoes mismatched, clothes all over the floor/tables.
  2. There are always massive queues for the changing rooms.  Which are tiny anyway.
  3. They never have the size in what you want.
  4. It's actually impossible to know your size as their sizing is so inconsistent.
  5. The quality is so dire, things can fall apart before you've even bought them. 
  6. You see something online only to never be able to discover it in store.
I appreciate that there are lots of shops which are guilty of some of these but Zara is the only one I can think of that is a repeat offender on all counts.  But yes, do they have some lovely stuff and yes, I am such a mug I do still shop there but it's definitely less and less.  Partly because so much of what you see the entire world ends up wearing.  

So moving onto their Spanish sibling who are having a storming season (more of that to come another day) - Mango.  I know a number of people have been raving about their white tuxedo style blazers (which I had to get my head around to be fair - I have to say I do think Staying Alive when I think white blazer....not to mention small chocolatey fingers.) 

This is the one I found. This is in a medium.  It's a lovely fit to be fair but I did think the fabric may be a bit on the creasetastic side (always more noticeable in a pale fabric)


Mango Satin Edge Blazer £34.99

They do also do this in a pink which I didn't see instore. 

And then their jersey blazer.  I tried on the small as that was the only size they had (yes it happens everywhere).  This is a gorgeous fit and ideal for every day to look smart casual.  Perfect. 


Jersey Blazer £39.99 from Mango.  They also do this in a grey shade.

Others which looked fab but they didn't have in my size or colour choice were 

The Engraved Button Blazer £39.99

And in an off white if you're after a white blazer although I have to say I can live without the sleeves rolled up. 

This Stone one looked great but again, wasn't in my size. (lining isn't too offensive at all - tis a very smart scarf style print with not a hint of fun about it)

Printed Lining Blazer £39.99


I'm going to throw it out there as I did go and do the trying on - I think the M&S versions are better.  Not if you're looking for a jersey one but if you are after a collarless tux style blazer then the M&S ones, for me, are better quality (a stretchy less creasy fabric) AND they go in the washing machine.   The only Mango one that does is the Jersey one (which is probably one of my faves of the day for easy day to day casual wear)

I know that already my Zara one is so need of a dry clean (it is lined so there is no way I would even consider washing it).  Pale blazers are going to be much more in need of regular cleaning that their dark counterparts.

Here is the blazer in black from M&S - the same style as the above first Mango one.

They call it a Shawl Collar Jacket at M&S and it doesn't look that fab at all in these pics but honestly it is!   More flattering, more fitted, just much better.  This is a 10 but I think a 12 might be more suitable for me. 

Shawl Collar Jacket at M&S £35 


Here it is in their pic 

This comes in a number of other colours as well.  I would swear they had one in a white instore (only the one mind you) and not in my size obviously.  Do you think I can find it online?  Can I heck as like.

Now M&S, just to make life more confusing, do a couple of other jacket which are both very similar, both go in the washing machine, both are lightwight, slight stretch, non creasy fabric, both cost £35 and both appear to have no collar.  But obviously they're different jackets.  

The only good thing is that both are pretty darn fab and so it doesn't matter if you mix them up as they are both great.   If you want to look online then you need to look for either Inset Collar Jacket or Open Jacket.


They also do the exceptionally similar version called Open Front Jacket in navy £35

And in the white which I did see instore and it did look really really lovely - but again, not in my size.  Can you guess my levels of irritation by the end of the day?  The review on this does say that it is unlined and therefore see through.  Errr ok well, it's not a black out jacket but it's by no means sheer. 

If you are blessed with bosom then these two jackets you should try as whilst they are a great fit across the shoulders, waist and arms, they are clearly designed for the more generous of cleavage than myself and there was a lot of excess fabric on me where there should be breasts. 

I did attempt to take photos of these but suffice to say you can't remotely see what I mean and they are about as effective as a chocolate teapot.  Trust me these are for the larger busted.

Peak Lapel 1 Button Angle Seamed Blazer £49.50 in black 

And this in navy - great price, great fabric, great collar, great detail on the pockets. rubbish for pancake boobs. 

Notch Lapel Double Welt pockets jacket £49.50 Yes it's actually called that. 

You can actually see on this rather pants photo where do they look like two dish rags (apologies M&S - oh the irony in that), that there is extra room over the chest. 


Finishing up at TopShop, by which point, I'll be frank, I had lost the will to live. 

But I had had such fab wear out of my jacket from there, I thought it would be good to see if they still had a modern take on a classic.  Once I'd sifted through the, frankly hilarious for a 41 year old, rails of clothes, I did find a lovely nude one also available in a pale sage colour. 

Skinny Tailored Blazer in nude £48 (alas dry clean only)   I do love the way this sits at the back - more similar to my black one.  


Slim Tailored Blazer in Taupe from TopShop £48 (apparently this one is slim and the one above is skinny.  Which is interesting as they are completely identical bar the colour....) 


There are obviously loads of other places you can get blazers from but if you're looking for ones that aren't suity suity then I can recommend any of the ones I tried on above - depending on your boobage. 

Hope that helps!  To prove how much I am addicted to them, I wore my old TopShop yesterday to compare and contrast.  Ankle boots replaced my skater shoes that I had to chisel off my feet - my poor tootsies needed some heels to make them feel better. 


White v neck tee - Hush
Khaki zip trousers - By Malene Birger
Black tux blazer - Topshop
Black Ohio Boots - Pied a Terre
Gold mini antelope charm necklace - Bill Skinner
Stone long pendant - Kenneth J Lane

So this is from yesterday - should have been posted last night but I was so exhausted, I fell asleep at 8.30pm.  Rock and roll.  Am off out now up to London for a night on the town with The Husband so must go and get the glad rags on. Hope everyone is set for a great Easter weekend.

Ooh I also tried on the silver skirt (well skirts actually as I managed to hunt down the Warehouse one as well)  I shall report back.  There are pics.  Be afraid, be very afraid....

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15 comentarios:

  1. Love this. If I had not got a pale pink blazer from Next last year that I only actually wore once (oops) I might have been really tempted by the M&S one. I really will have to give my blazer some love this year!!

    Claire http://polkadotsandrainbowdrops.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. That is so weird, how come that link got dropped in there for the ugly Debenhams blazer???

    2. Do it! I am so so loving mine I can't tell you but yes, if I hadn't had the Zara one I would definitely get the M&S one. Amazing buy x

  2. Love the Zara blazer on you.
    Im on the look out for a real nice navy one, still looking though xx

    1. I do love my navy jacket from Zara but it's much more of a jacket than a blazer. I also have a couple of other navy jackets so another one really isn't on the cards for me. Randomly I'm getting more wear out of my black one!

  3. Can't wait to see the silver skirt pics. Post them soon. I have succumbed to purchasing the topshop blazer in nude I love the stretch twill of the material which makes it look more expensive than it

    1. The TS blazer is gorgeous. The silver skirt pics are mixed.....

  4. You really suit that pale pink! Thanks for a great edit-nice to see that navy m&s one on as I've mentioned it on the blog tomorrow but wasn't able to get in to check it out in real life. Ax

    1. Who would have ever thought I'd wear pale pink! You'll be seeing me in lilac next.... That jacket is fab but as I say - much better for proper boobs as opposed to fried eggs. I was surprised at how few navy blazers there were actually.

  5. You look amazing in the pale pink & I love that pendant too! Happy Easter Darl! xx

  6. I feel your pain with Zara Kat, I used to love going into store but now have ended up ordering on line from them (fab service) and I actually quite like that I'm getting a few pieces not seen in store. I have a very very old New Look blazer that has washed and worn so well. All made with cheaper fabrics now but the fit is great. Gap's also a good place to try. Hope you had a nice date night! x

  7. Sweet merciful...DO NOT get me started on Zara. I gave that store £35 for a cardi. I've worn it 3 times and it's unravelled and I have to have it repaired! The quality of Zara's clothing is just appalling and I will never give them another dime. I've bought maybe 4 items from that store over a 10 year period and every single one of the items has fallen apart within 2 or 3 wears. I will avoid them like the plaque. Ugh!

    I have a few blazers from H&M. They are great.

  8. I must admit I am a dressy girl at heart and need to feel some sort of 'polished' with what I wear, so I do love a blazer as well.

    You always look fab in yours with skinny jeans - I LOVE the Marksie's one in the nude colour.

    Zara is a funny one - I don't risk ordering online very much because their sizes are odd on me. I am little, but even the small sizes are minute sometimes, especially the trousers and jeans. A bit like TK Maxx, I prefer to brave it first thing in the morning when I am on my own and on a mission, and before it resembles a jumble sale x

  9. M&S one is fab for sure. Hope you liked the midi pics...! xx