If I'm going down on this quest, I'm dragging you all with me.

So every year I have something that I find ridiculously elusive.  Ok I'll be honest it's usually more than one thing.  It's always more than one thing but normally only one thing at at time (cos that makes it better...). 

This season tis the dreaded sandal.  This whole fugly escapade has thrown me.  I hated them, I really did.  I swore I wouldn't wear them - hell they were so not me, but as I've already confessed I am pathetically fickle and after seeing them everywhere, they became so normal that I developed a bit of an affiliation with them. 

Now that affiliation hasn't yet turned into a full on love affair (yes please note I did say "yet" - we all know where this is heading) but before I dive in head on (and truth be told I would have tried more on but my feet are in such desperate desperate need of a pedicure which I haven't managed to fit in yet) I think I have found a middle ground that we can explore. 

The illusion of chunky but without the oversized, fugly element.   No to flatform, yes to minimalist on a daintier scale.  And I think I've found some options which are a nod to looking on the sturdier, utilitarian side but without the weighty edged sole.

Slightly more palatable?

The ones that made me first think - solid looking but not sporty sole were these from See by Chloe.  An eyewatering £240 but thankfully they're not going to work for me as they have a canvas strap across in pale beige (yes, canvas for nearly 250 squid - really?) and as I am a fake tan afficionado, these would be trashed within a week.   But I love the look of them. 

See by Chloe metal plate ankle strap sandals £240

I've seen these in my catalogue but also a couple of times on various Pinterest boards and on Twitter and they do look a lot better than you may think on first sight.

Serrana Sandal £59 in gold

They do have tan which would match my handbag but I have to say I'm not sure I love love love them.... hmmmmmm I prefer the gold.  Although randomly I think I do prefer them to the Russell & Bromley ones.  Which is good as they would be half the price! 

Tan Serrano Sandal £59

But back to the metallics and I have to say silver seems to be rearing its rather pretty head at me at every juncture.   And I don't have a silver bag to match - I know it's ludicrously pedantic but even the hardware on all my bags is gold. 

And in silver glitter £59

More double strap sandals from Ancient Greek. 

Clio calf-hair sandals £125

Simple Clios from Ancient Greek again in plain leather £105

And silver £105

A Magenta pair at Anthropologie 

Magenta Shine Sandals £75

From Carvela - Kall flat leather sandals £75

And in tan (again totally randomly this would be perfect for my handbag) 

Other double strap ones from Dune in tan  Now these shouldn't really sneak under the radar as they do have a slight edge to their sole which to me does flip them over into verging on full on fugly but the fact they're a not a flatform means I'm letting them in.  However for me, I think you either need to give yourself over to the full on chunkmeister sole or go thin.  No inbetweeny for me on this.  However I appreciate that some may prefer a nod to the theme. 

Dune Jocelyn Sandals in tan £55

And in pink 

Similar with double buckle from Ancient Greek again. 

Irini Leather Sandals from Ancient Greek in burgundy at Matches £135

Love these Soller Sandals from Hudson  £80.  I am rather partial to an ankle strap it has to be said.  And these look like they have excellent skeletor toe coverage.

A similar style - very like the Solillas which I featured on my tan sandal blog - are the Varca ones. 

From Toast you can get Coral for £44

Also like the Cerise Pink 

And in a blue/grey shade they call Denim £44

Although they do have a gorgeous selection of different coloured Solillas at Office - these Gold glitter sandal ones definitely caught my eye. £48

A similar but slightly dressier pair from Dune London. 

Leticia Dune Black Ladies Sandal £89

And in snakeskin 

More coverage at the front from these at Ancient Greek (yes yes yes I am loving these sandals these season and they're not cheap but, if like me, you wear sandals a lot then you want good quality ones and these should last you at least a couple of seasons.  I'm not saying that cheaper ones won't but in my experience, it's the more expensive sandals that have lasted the test of time in my wardrobe.)   Certainly my leather sandals from Florence & Fred last year are absolutely trashed and my leather ones from M&S which were still nearly £30 also lasted only one season (I appreciate there are always exceptions to the rule!) 

Maria Leather Sandals in White from Ancient Greek £135

Although there is a very similar pair at Office in cracked white leather for a slightly more easy on the pocket £40

Hush Cross Strap Sandals 

And they also have them in tan for £40 as well. 

Totally ladylike pair of sliders - it might be a cork sole but it's as thin a cork sole as you'll find.  A bit of bling - Gina eat your heart out. 

Dune Jling Leather Sandals in nude £69

More minimalist sliders. 

Filia Leather sandals from Ancient Greek £115

Ever so slightly Birkie looking but not. 

Staying with sliders with thin soles I love these from Ancient Greek. 

Ancient Greek Thais Ponyskin Sandals £145

So which sandal fence are you sitting on at the moment?  Will you be going full on sporty fugly, a daintier but still sturdy looking minimalist sandal, thin strap thong a la Gigi, classic Birkie or Gladiator style?   Out of all the ones above, I like the Kall ones from Carvela and pretty much any of the Ancient Greek ones (not that I'm a total sucker for branding At All.... much......)  Jury is still out there which way I'll jump though.  Decisions, decisions..... Oh and forgot the Varca/Solillas style ones too  Or maybe the gold Boden ones.  Oh god only knows.  I'm going to think about something else. 

Which is probably not a totally foolish idea seeing as it's been peeing with rain here all day yesterday.  Sandals?  What a joke.  It was freezing and pretty darn nasty.  We spent the afternoon out for lunch as a family, lunch, magic show and Easter Egg hunt (which thankfully it did stop raining for) and back home for a movie. 


Khaki vest - Zara
Lace top - Zara
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Ponyskin leopard print wedge boots - M&S
Camel Coat - Zara
Hat - M&S
Whisky Marcie medium Satchel - Chloe

Last day off today and then back to school tomorrow for the kids.  Back to the gym for me after two weeks off.   That won't be difficult at all then.....

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17 comentarios:

  1. It would be the Carvela's for me Kat, really really like these and they look very expensive and classy. I think you have found the balance with your picks here, for those who don't want to do fugly.

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? I haven't seen them before - going to see if I can find them this week xxx

  2. have to be honest I'm not a fan of any of those or the previous fugly ones. remind me of my childhood and having to wear those sort of "sandals" I'm more of a thin thong sort or gladiator style. although I did scoff at the Granny chic post, thinking done that the first time round, high school late 1970's, only to find halfway down the pewter block heel point courts which I own and have worn frequently, also been asked many times where i brought them from and people have been surprised when I tell them Dotty P's as was I when I found them in there. So i could find myself trotting out in a pair of fuglys some time soon, have resisted the skate shoes so far. x

    1. could be tempted with the Carvelas as less strappy than others, if that makes any sense

    2. ha ha ha!! Yes, the Carvelas are definitely my fave - will check them out this week xxx

  3. I like the Boden ones in gold best. I'm wearing my favourite sandals at the moment though I know their completely not your bag - low braided clogs. Very scandi ;-) F xx PS thanks for the comment on the maxi dress

    1. hmm I have done the clog thing in the past but I've just found them so so uncomfortable! And you're welcome re Maxi xxxx (am waiting for Thursday for 25% off the shoes at Boden and will order them then. Just to *try*)

  4. No Kat don't do it! You'll be a fully paid up member of the fugly brigade soon.

  5. I'm totally in love with the Menorcan sandals - I buy the Arvacas Pons here and they are SUPER comfy. For other sandals I still prefer a thong and I am completely smitten with my Ancient Greeks xx

    1. I will have a look at them but yes I have to say the Ancient Greek ones look fab. You have the wings ones don't you?!! Gorgeous x

  6. The silver Ancient Greeks are doing it for me! I like the sliders too & have seen a few pairs that I quite like! I sent Hubby up in the attic today to get all my sandals down & I do need a new black pair......when it stops raining! :( xx

    1. Yes, there is the slight issue with the copious amounts of rain.... Sandals my arse!

  7. This is a good range. I like quite a few of them but, of course, my favourites are the first ones! Thanks. H x

  8. That's exactly what they're like! But the more you look at them, the more you like them, I promise. My jury is well and truly out on Birkies... but... Oh I'm so so fickle! xx

  9. Ooooo I like the pink & orange Dune ones! I am waiting for a discount code to order the stone & yellow New Look ones you highlighted a few posts ago. I always opt for low profile dainty sandals or flip flops but I keep mulling those ones over which must be a sign!